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Wellness Consultants

Wellness Consultants

Our Natural Product Experts Offer Personalized Service to Help on Your Journey to Happy Wellness

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What Are Wellness Consultants?

Wellness Consultants are our natural product experts. They're nutritionists, dietitians, herbalists, health coaches and other professionals who have a passion for living a holistic lifestyle. Whether you're just getting started on your health journey or well along yourway, our Wellness Consultants share their expertise and provide support.

How Can We Help You?

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I Need Product Advice

If you have a one-time question, Wellness Consultants offer free expert support & guidance to help you find the right products.

For general order questions contact
Customer Service

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I Need Ongoing Support

Become an LV+ Member and we'll match you to a dedicated Wellness Consultant who will provide ongoing 1:1 support to achieve your long-term wellness goals.

Plus enjoy other LV+ Membership perks.
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Choose The Right Support For You

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Product Question

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LV+ Ongoing Support

Email with a qualified expert for product and ingredient questions. (Response time 24-48 hours)


Product expertise to help you find the right product for your specific needs.


Customized matching to the most qualified Wellness Consultant based on your Wellness Profile.


Dedicated expert access when you need them.


Personalized support for your health regimen including dietary planning, nutritional consultation, fitness coaching, healthy life improvements, and more!


Ongoing coaching and check-ins to ensure you're staying on track.


Other LV+ member benefits: 10% discount on all orders, free shipping on $25+, and more!


What Members Are Saying

Open Quote MarkI don't have the answer to everything, so it's nice to have a Wellness Consultant on hand who is knowledgeable in healthy living, diet, and nutrition and is committed to helping me reach and stay ontrack with my health goals.Close Quote Mark

- Tasheena, CT

Open Quote MarkThe call with my Wellness Consultant was personal, helpful, and beneficial. I was told I could call at any time to talk about different health concerns or questions with him, he emailed me articles regarding my health goals to read and get educated, and gave me some additional recommendations after looking at the items I had already purchased. I felt valued, heard, and understood as we talked together.Close Quote Mark

- Stephanie, PA

Open Quote MarkI highly recommend speaking with a Wellness Consultant, especially if you are just starting out on a healthy lifestyle journey and could use some one-on-one guidance!Close Quote Mark

- Jessica, IL

Open Quote MarkI love that the LV+ Membership comes with access to a personal certified wellness consultant. To get started, all I had to do is sign into my LV+ account, book a time that worked for me, and my personal consultant called me back!Close Quote Mark

- Kate, NC

Is the Wellness Consultant Program better than a health coach?

Our Wellness Consultants provide a higher level of care and support for a much more affordable fee.  Both health coaches and Wellness Consultants offer workout advice, meal plans, recipes, and expert direction towards wellness goals. However, most coaches charge $50-$100 per session only twice a month for a limited time frame, often 3-6 months. That equates to about $600-$1200 cost per program. That equates to about $600 cost per program.

Why not benefit from one of our Wellness Consultants and enjoy ongoing support for only $49.95 per year? Plus, you'll get all the added benefits of LV+!

How do I connect with a Wellness Consultant?

Once you join as a LV+ member, you'll receive an email with a link on how to schedule your first phone consultation with your Wellness Consultant. Alternatively, you may access this online by logging into your membership account and visiting Manage Membership.

Can my Wellness Consultant provide medical advice?

No, Wellness Consultants are not able to treat, diagnose or give medical advice. If you have questions regarding your health care needs, speak with your doctor or health care provider.

After my initial call how do I connect with a Wellness Consultant?

After your initial call, your personalized Wellness Consultant will provide you their direct email address and phone numbers for follow up questions.

Will my Wellness Consultant be contacting me?

Yes. Your Wellness Consultant will check in with you from time to time to make sure you are succeeding on your journey towards Happy Wellness. 

Are Wellness Consultants available 24/7

No, sorry, Wellness Consultants are currently only available M-F 9am-5pm Eastern Standard Time. However, feel free to email or call them 24/7 and they will getback to you ASAP.

Can my Wellness Consultant answer questions about order status or help with damaged products and returns?

Yes. Our Wellness Consultants are able to help with general customer service related questions. However, we also have a team of highly trained Customer Service agents who can assist if your Wellness Consultant is not available. Learn more about our Customer Service team here -

Can Wellness Consultants answer questions regarding medications I am currently taking and my supplements?

No, sorry. These questions involve medical advice that should be addressed with your health care provider who is more knowledgeable about your health status.

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