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At checkout, we’ll automatically set up your future deliveries.

We'll send an email reminder before each delivery. You can skip, change or cancel your delivery schedule at any time.

For extra savings, shop our bonus brands. On each future autoship delivery you’ll receive an extra discount off our already low prices.

Learn more about the Stay Lucky Autoship program, and how you can self-manage your subscriptions with our Stay Lucky FAQs.

20% Off Bonus Brands


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Vita Coco
Daiwa Health
Stuart Consumer Product Labs
Pure Planet
Extreme Health USA
Nature's Lab
Doctor's Best
Pacific Herbs
Rockin Green
Peter Lamas
Seven Sundays
Sprout Living
Immuno Gum
Via Nature
Paleo People
Sun and Earth
Tom's of Maine
Fire Cider
Bundle Organics
Laughing Giraffe
Simple Squares
Earthling Organics
Salazon Chocolate
Blubonnet Nutrition
Kay's Naturals
EO Products
The Wolfe Clinic
Chews 4 Health
Nature's Vision
Biggs & Featherbelle
Good Night
Four Sigma Foods
Soothing Touch
Molly's Suds
Santa Barbara Bar
Babo Botanicals
Dixie Botanicals
New Zealand Jerky
Peace Cereal
New Grounds Food
Buddha Teas
Primal Kitchen
Love Beets
Titan Tea
Mori-Nu / Morinaga
Enjoy Life Foods
I Heart Keenwah
I and Love and You
Premier Protein
Frontier Bites
Pur Gum
Eco Clean
Sun Warrior
Traditional Medicinals
Soom Foods
Lucky Roots
Safe Catch
Angry Supplements
New Chapter
Top Secret
Scitec Nutrition
Uncle Lee's Teas
Lono Life
Peak Life
Vital Planet
Love Bug
Mavuno Harvest
Pure Polar
Trail Nuggets
Crofter's Organic
Lenny & Larry's
USN Supplements
Musclegen Research
Crio Bru
Guru Energy
Piper Wai
All Beauty Water
Jarrow Formulas
Pure Protein
Osteo Bi-Flex
Brain Forza
Snack Less
Foods Alive
Surf Sweets
Rhythm Superfoods
Good State
Ancient Nutrition
Body Fortress
Pro Supps
Reviva Labs
Six Star Pro Nutrition
Purely Inspired
Miracle Tree
Fusion Diet Systems
Kate Farms

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Mill Creek Botanicals
Kiss My Face
Stella & Chewy's
Via Nature

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stay Lucky Autoship?

Stay Lucky Autoship is the most convenient way for you to get the health products you want delivered to you on a regular schedule. We automatically send your favorite products based upon your chosen frequency. The service is easy to use and customizable, so you can make changes online whenever you need. Just tell us how often you want your products delivered, and we'll take it from there. Experience great savings and convenience with every order!

You always have complete control over your Stay Lucky Autoship orders, and we send an email reminder 10 days before each order ships. You can change your delivery frequency, next order date, or quantity anytime by visiting ‘Manage Stay Lucky Autoship’ located within the ‘MyLucky Account’ section. You can make changes to your orders or cancel at any time. Please allow up to 24 hours for modifications or cancellations to be processed.


How do I join Stay Lucky Autoship?

Joining Stay Lucky Autoship is easy; it can be done while browsing on a product page or while reviewing items in the shopping cart. To subscribe, simply select the Autoship option for your desired product, select your preferred shipment frequency, and then check out as normal.


What will happen after I join Stay Lucky Autoship?

After you join Stay Lucky Autoship, you will receive an email confirming your subscription. This email will include a link to access ‘Manage Stay Lucky Autoship’ where you can manage your future orders, Autoship items and Autoship account information.

We will place your Autoship orders automatically according to your selected frequency, and you will only be billed on the day the order is shipped. Prior to each subscription order, we will send you an email reminder. You will also receive email notifications regarding other important information related to your Stay Lucky Autoship account, such as if your product is discontinued, out of stock, if you cancel your subscription, or confirmation when an order is placed successfully.


How do I make changes to my Stay Lucky Autoship deliveries?

Once you’ve joined, Stay Lucky Autoship is easy to manage. You can change your next order date, skip an order, change your selected frequency, or cancel a subscription by visiting ‘Manage Stay Lucky Autoship’ located in the ‘MyLucky Account’ section. Please allow up to 24 hours for modifications or cancellations to be processed.

Change an order date:

  • To change your next order date, please visit the ‘My Next Order’ tab under ‘Manage Stay Lucky Autoship’ and click the ‘Edit Date’ link near the next order date then select a new date for your order. This will change the order date for the entire order.
  • If an Autoship order contains multiple items, and you would only like to change the order date of a single item, please visit the ‘My Subscriptions' tab and identify the individual item you would like to modify. Please click the ‘Edit’ link and click ‘Change Order Date.’

Skip a delivery:

  • To skip a subscription order, please visit the ‘My Next Order’ tab under 'Manage Stay Lucky Autoship’ and click the ‘Skip Delivery’ link near the next order date to skip the entire order.

Change shipment frequency:

  • To modify the delivery frequency for a subscription item, please visit the ‘My Subscriptions' tab. On this tab, the current delivery frequency is displayed next to each subscription item in a drop down menu. To change the delivery frequency for an individual subscription item, simply click the arrows of the frequency drop down next to the subscription item you would like to modify and select your next desired frequency from the pull down menu.

Cancel subscription:

  • To cancel a subscription item, please visit the ‘My Subscriptions’ tab and simply click the ‘Edit’ link next to the subscription details and click ‘Stop Auto-Delivery.’ You’ll be prompted to confirm this action and indicate your reason for cancelling. Once you’ve chosen ‘Cancel Now,’ your subscription will be cancelled and no future orders will be placed. You will also receive an email notification confirming this.

How do I make changes to my Stay Lucky Autoship account information?

To review or modify your Stay Lucky Autoship account information, visit ‘Manage Stay Lucky Autoship’ located within the ‘MyLucky Account’ section on our site. You can change your shipping address for an individual order or at the subscription item level, which is the default option and will affect all future orders. You can also change the email reminder timing or the delivery frequency.

To change your shipping address for an order, please visit the ‘My Next Order’ tab and click the ‘Edit’ link located directly to the right of the current shipping address. Select a previous shipping address from the dropdown menu or create a new one to add to your account. This address will apply to all subscriptions and future orders unless otherwise noted. To change your shipping address for a subscription, please visit the ‘My Subscriptions’ tab, click the ‘Edit’ link next to the subscription details and then click ‘Change Address.’

Please remember to press OK and verify that your updated information saved successfully. We kindly ask that you allow up to 24 hours for modifications or cancellations to be processed.


What is a Bonus Brand and how do I save?

Stay Lucky Autoship bonus brands are companies we teamed up with to deliver you extra savings when you place their products on autoship. All products within a bonus brand qualify for the bonus brand discount. To receive the discount, set up a subscription for an item participating in the bonus brand program. Once you place that item on autoship, all recurring reorders will receive the bonus brand discount. Please note that bonus brand discounts are subject to change at any time.


What is the difference between the 'My Next Order' & 'My Subscriptions' tabs?

The ‘My Next Order’ tab shows the details for your next scheduled order. An order may contain more than one individual item scheduled for Autoship if the items have the same order date, shipping address, billing address, and payment information.

The ‘My Subscriptions’ tab displays individual subscription items and all associated details for that individual subscription including next order date, delivery frequency, quantity and shipping address.


How do I view my future deliveries?

You can view your future orders in the ‘My Next Order’ tab in the ‘Manage Stay Lucky Autoship’ section of ‘MyLucky Account.’ Your very next scheduled order will be displayed. To see additional deliveries, click on the down arrow beside the next scheduled order date.


How do I combine items to be in the same order?

Stay Lucky Autoship items that have the same order date, shipping address, billing address and payment method will ship as one order.

If you have more than one Stay Lucky Autoship item and want them to ship in the same order, simply visit the ‘My Subscriptions’ tab in the ‘Manage Stay Lucky Autoship’ section of ‘MyLucky Account’ and change the next order dates to be the same. Also, confirm the orders are going to the same shipping address and have the same billing address and payment method.


Can I add items to my next order with an existing subscription?

Yes! To do so, you must be logged into your account. Visit the item’s page you wish to add to your order, and find the ‘Add to Next Autoship Order’ button. When you click this button, you will have the option to add the item as one time only or as a subscription. You can also find these instructions in the ‘My Subscriptions’ tab in the ‘Manage Stay Lucky Autoship’ section of ‘MyLucky Account’.


What types of payment are accepted for Stay Lucky Autoship?

All Stay Lucky Autoship subscriptions require a credit or debit card payment. Alternative payment forms, such as PayPal, money orders and cashier checks cannot be accepted at this time.


What are the shipping costs for Stay Lucky Autoship?

When you first order an item on autoship, delivery costs will be calculated based on the shipping rate you select at checkout. For all of your automatic autoship reorders, the costs of delivery are as follows:


  • Delivery to the Continental US = Free shipping for orders over $49, or $5.95 for orders under $49
  • Delivery to the Non-continental US = Flat shipping rate of $9.95
  • Delivery to Canada = Flat shipping rate of $20


To maintain free shipping for Continental US orders, make sure the subtotal for your next delivery adds up to over $49 after any brand incentive discounts. You may check this anytime by visiting 'Manage Stay Lucky Autoship' located within the 'MyLucky Account' section of our website. Please note that shipping surcharges for specific items will be added to the cost of the items.