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Paper Mate
2 Pack
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    Papermate Biodegradable Retractable Blue Ball Medium Point 1.0mm Blue- 2 Pack

    Only from Paper Mate, their trusted quality biodegradable lineup - made from corn-based material - leaves little behind but great writing. Paper Mate Retractable Blue Ballpoint Pen, with a majority of its components biodegradable in your own backyard. Paper Mate Biodegradable Retractable Blue Ballpoint Pen a smooth writing and comfortable soft touch grip. High quality and durable pen barrel.

    • 2 Ballpoint Pens
    • Blue Ink
    • Medium Point
    • Refillable

    The Process of Biodegradation
    Biodegradation is the breakdown of material through a natural process. Some materials require disposal at municipal compost center while others degrade in soil, water or other composting environment. The biodegradable compinents in Paper Mater Biodegradable products are intended to be diposed of in soil or home compost.

    Renewable Resource
    Paper Mate Biodegradable pens are made from more than 50% of renewable vegetal material, which can be grown over and over.

    Innovative Process
    Biodegradable components of the pen are made from Miral a unique biobased material (made from renewable vegetal material) offering the same qualities of traditional plastic.

    Smooth Writing
    With its' smooth ink system, which delivers super smooth writing with extra bold vivid colors, you will experience the writing qualities that you love and trust from Paper Mate.

    Disassemble you pen and bury the biodegradable parts (the majority of the pen), in soil or compost and throw the other parts in the trash. Disassembly instruction on package.

    Biodegradable Component
    Paper Mate uses an exclusive biodegrable material Mirel made from nature and combining a renewable resource and an innovation technology. The biodegradable components break down into the soil to produce less waste, and more compost.

    How to compost
    Getting started...

    Turn the soil in the location where the composter will be.

    After placing the composter, cover the floor of it with a layer of small branches. This will allow for air movement and drainage.

    Alternate wet (e.g. kitchen scraps) and dry (e.g. yard material) waste.

    If available, add some "finished" compost, garden soil or a compost starter (available at most garden centres) to the pile. This helps speed up the start of the composting process.

    Clues on Composting
    The composting process works best when the organic pieces are small. Weeds and trimmings should be shredded.

    Don't add thick layers of any one kind of waste. Grass should not be more than 6 cm deep, leaves up to 15 cm deep (cut or chop or dry and crumble them). If you can, let grass dry first or mix it with dry, coarse material such as leaves to prevent compacting.

    Turn or mix the compost every couple of weeks or each time you add new material. This keeps the compost well aerated.

    Some items that can be composted are: the new Paper Mate™ Biodegradable* pen and pencil (follow directions on the back of packaging)

    Put Compost to Good Use
    Composting can benefit your soil and plants in many ways. It increases the soil's organic matter content and its moisture-holding capacity. Composting enhances plant and flower growth and helps plants develop a sound root structure.

    Use it on your lawn, in your garden, around trees or combine it with potting soil for your plants.

    Green FAQs
    Quality Assurance

    Is the Paper Mate Biodegradable pen as durable as regular plastic pens?
    Yes, all of Paper Mate Biodegradable products meet the same quality standards they set for their other pens.

    How durable is the packaging? Is the packaging recyclable?
    Packaging is tested under ISTA standard - a global standard that confirms high quality packaging throughout the transportation process. The ISTA standard encompasses a drop test, vibration test and environment test. Yes, the packaging is 100% recyclable.

    Can these products biodegrade during normal use? What happens if my hand sweats or I lick the pen?
    (Pens are not meant for chewing or licking) Paper Mate biodegradable pens are made out of Mirel to be heat and moisture resistant, so they're as durable and safe in your hand or on your desk as other pen products. They biodegrade only when buried in soil or home compost.

    Mirel™ Material

    What are the differences between Mirel™ and other bioplastics?
    By definition, a "bioplastic" is a material that is biobased, biodegradable or both. Some bioplastics, such as PLA and Ecoflex, exhibit limited biodegradability. These are not biodegradable in ambient temperatures, and thus require high heat and moisture of an industrial composting facility. Mirel™ is both biobased, [as noted in the Renewable Resource explanation above], and biodegradable in a wide range of ambient temperature environments including natural soil and water environments, and in home composting systems.

    Mirel™ is a PHA polymer that is produced directly in the microorganism. Polymers are found in nature in a wide range of organisms, such as microbes, plants, and animals. Polyhydroxyalkanoates, or PHAs, also naturally occur within certain organisms, including microbes. These microbes use PHA to store energy, consuming it for food when needed. It is this characteristic that gives Mirel™ its biodegradability in ambient temperature environments including natural soil and water environments, and in home composting systems.

    How does the increase in corn use for ethanol affect the food supply?
    According to Telles™, the manufacturer of the Mirel™ bioplastic used by Sanford in the Paper Mate™ products at issue here, the primary raw material for Mirel ™ bioplastic is corn sugar (dextrose) derived from a corn wet milling process. The dextrose is derived from U.S. field corn, an abundant renewable agricultural resource.


    How do I know these products will biodegrade in my backyard or home compost?
    Paper Mate Biodegradable products have been tested according to internationally recognized standards ISO 17556 and ISO 20200. Tests confirmed that, under normal temperature conditions found in soil/home compost, the product's biodegradable components biograde in about a year.

    Why can't I just bury the whole pen?
    Unfortunately, some parts, such as the grip and refill, can't be made biodegradable yet. These parts should be properly disposed in the trash. See packaging for disassembly details.

    Is bioplastic the same as biodegradable?
    No. Products made from bioplastic are not biodegradable unless they say specifically so.

    What is the difference between biodegradable and renewable, recycled and recyclable?
    Paper Mate™ Biodegradable* products are made from renewable materials that can biodegrade. Paper Mate™ Write Bros. Recycled™, Flex Grip Ultra™ Recycled, Earth Write™ and Liquid Paper™ DryLine™ Grip Recycled are made from recycled materials.

    • Biodegradable materials return to nature
    • Renewable materials are derived from replenishable resources
    • Recycled materials are made from discarded items or supplies
    • Recyclable materials can be reused instead of discarded


    Click to write notes or do homework! When your all out of ink compost biodegradable components.


    Paper Mate

    Paper Mate, with its recognizable two hearts logo, has been providing progressive, performance-driven pens, pencils and correction products for more than 50 years. Paper Mate is part of the family of brands owned by Sanford, a leading manufacturer and marketer of writing instruments and art materials.

    Today, Paper Mate is introducing a wide range of leading edge, new products that meet the demands of today’s consumers. From students to professionals, Paper Mate continues its love affair with the American public and the world.

    Paper Mate's Mission
    As one of the world’s most recognized and trusted brands, Paper Mate touches virtually every stage of your life - from your first day of school to jotting down a quick note to the grandkids.

    Paper Mate's Mission is to provide the broadest range of contemporary writing and correction products that assist in your communication and self-expression.


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