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    OraHealth CankerMelts All-Natural Canker Sore Solution - 18 Time-Release Adhering Discs

    OraHealth's CankerMelts All-Natural Canker Sore Solution is the best treatment for canker sores. Recent clinical trials at the University of Washingon’s School of Dentistry, consistently considered one of the nation’s premier centers of dental research and education, suggest that OraHealth's CankerMelts All-Natural Canker Sore Solution is more effective than any other non-prescription treatments and equally effective as prescription treatments in relieving pain and accelerating healing. Use OraHealth's CankerMelts All-Natural Canker Sore Solution today for freedom from your painful mouth sores including temporary relief of irritation and protection of canker sores (mouth ulcers), sores from braces or dentures, minor cuts or abrasions, and viral sores.

    • Relieves pain in minutes
    • Lasts for hours
    • Heals sores in 1-5 days
    • Works well with braces & dentures
    • Time releases soothing collagen and natural medication, not numbing chemicals

    All New - A slow-dissolving medicated adhering disc:

    • Pinpoints treatment only to the sore
    • 2-6 hours pain relief per disc
    • Mild flavor ... No medicine taste
    • Includes Licorice Root Extract

    The Science of CankerMelts

    What is a Canker Sore?
    Aphthous ulcers (more commonly known as canker sores) are an ulceration of the mucosal membrane in the mouth. Modern science has yet to pinpoint the exact cause but studies have linked stress, genetics and (for some people) triggering foods and/or chemicals. Often confused with cold sores (which are related to herpes and form on the lips or face) canker sores are not viral or contagious and form only inside the mouth.

    Women are more likely than men to develop recurring aphthous ulcers and young adults suffer more frequently than older adults. Lacerations such as cuts from braces or accidental biting of the lip or cheek can also lead to canker sores. About 20% of people get recurring aphthous ulcers and more than 60% of people will develop a canker sore at least once in their lifetime. Canker sores typically form on the floor of the mouth, the cheeks, the tongue, or on the soft palate and last 1-2 weeks.

    What Can You Do To Prevent Them?

    • Minimize stress: take time off to relax, eat right and get plenty of sleep.
    • Take care of your mouth: Be careful when eating dry, crunchy foods. Any sharp, hard edges in your mouth can cause cuts that lead to canker sores. Also, excessive dryness of the mouth can lead to canker sores. For some people, triggering foods like nuts, spices, or food high in acidic content can lead to sores. Use Avamin Melts (topical bioactive vitamin B12).

    What Makes CankerMelts Work So Well?
    Glycyrrhiza (licorice root) extract and active ingredient collagen (a protein) have a soothing and coating effect on the painful canker sore. The all-natural patch of hydrophilic gums slowly dissolves in the mouth, releasing the ingredients over 2-6 hours precisely in the afflicted area. The absence of any chemical adhesives ensures that there will be no damage to the mucosal lining of the mouth that could potentially cause more painful sores.

    About OraHealth
    OraHealth is the world leader in the breakthrough technology of “oral adhering discs”, which time-release a therapeutic level of medication precisely where it’s needed. When you choose OraHealth products, you know you’re getting high-quality, innovative oral care solutions that are solidly backed by careful research based on medical science.

    Jeff Haley had to deal with painful recurring canker sores his entire life. Medically termed aphthous ulcers, these painful sores were a constant problem for which there was no effective solution. Gels, mouthwashes, pastes and everything else in the drugstore ended in frustration and wasted dollars. Finally, Haley decided there must be a better way and resolved to find it.

    Years of careful research, testing and over 250 different formulas led to CankerMelts: the most rapid healing and pain relief for canker sores. Having invented a new treatment for canker sores, Haley founded OraHealth in 2002 to share his discovery with his fellow canker sore sufferers.

    Today, OraHealth prepares to lead a new era in treatments and prevention of diseases of the mouth. Each product is designed, in the tradition of CankerMelts, to be the best of its kind: effective, easy to use and as safe as possible for their customers.


    Using your finger, place either side of a dry disc on the sore.  The dry disc will immediately adhere to the first wet surface it touches.  Once a disc is no longer dry it needs to be held in place for about a minute to stick.  Keep a disc in place until 8 hours after the last symptom. 


    Orahealth - Cankermelts Mild Flavor - 18 Disc(s) Formerly Gx
    Supplement Facts
    Serving Size: 1 Disc
    Servings Per Container: 18
    Active Ingredient:
    Gelatin (Collagen) 45% Relieves irritation and soothes
    InActive Ingredient:
    Glycyrrhiza (licorice root) extract and natural Hydrophilic Gums. N/A


    Keep out of reach of children under 6 due to risk of choking.



    Formed in 2002, Orahealth is committed to providing the most effective medical treatments for healing and preventing canker sores and other mouth ulcers. Orahealth has already begun to deliver on its promise, with the introduction of Cankermelts Natural-GX, the first and only OTC medication that heals most canker sores and other ordinary mouth ulcers in 1 to 5 days.


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