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Arbor International - Herbistat's

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Welcome to the new world of herbal washes
one infused with the essence of Eastern Herbal Tradition
Herbistat's natural formulation of Gardenia fruit, Honeysuckle flower buds, Mint leaf and Summer Cypress fruit is blended perfectly for your body. And your mind. Always fresh and soothing, this tried and true botanical blend has been used by millions of women for more than a quarter century.
Traditional blends. Modern life.
Herbistat's refreshing blend and herbal-concentrate packaging make it ideal for regular use or spontaneous and intimate moments. Enjoy the comforts and versatility of Herbistat herbal wash as a douche, a gentle topical wash or spray, and an additive to your relaxing bath. For years, Westerners have enjoyed the comfort of natural living through the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Users, students, and practitioners of TCM recognize the unique value of specific herbal ingredients, and blends thereof, for creating and maintaining the body's balance.
Herbistat's proprietary, herbal blend is formulated to balance your body's pH. This balanced pH is the key to a balanced body. In addition to providing a gentle and effective cleansing, pleasant fragrances from the blend will leave you calmed and refreshed.
Herbistat's natural ingredients, have been used for centuries to achieve this important balance – the natural way.

Douche - simply add water to the herbal concentrate, fill the applicator bottle, and wash as you would with ordinary douches
Sitz bath - add a capful of herbal concentrate directly to your warm-water sitz bath (a little goes a long way - a 10% solution will be sufficient)
Compress - prepare the herbal concentrate as normal, moisten a cotton cosmetic pad with the solution, and apply for immediate comfort and refreshment
Bath additive - add herbal concentrate to your bath water for a gentle 10-20 minute bath

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