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    The Spirit of Water - Pearl of Wisdom Courage In Action - 30 Re-useable Decals -

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    The Spirit of Water - Pearl of Wisdom Courage In Action - 30 Re-useable Decals -

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    The Spirit of Water Pearls of Wisdom Courage In Action

    Empower your life with wisdom quotes from great thinkers. The purpose of these mindfully selected wisdom quotes is to inspire and empower you to move daily towards your goals, visions and dreams.

    A peral takes a long time to develop. In same way, each of the quotes represents a lifetime of experiences from some of the most wise and enlightened people. Surrounding yourself with such powerful wisdom will empower you to follow in their footsteps yet in you own, unique way.

    Inside Package:

    • 30 Clear Reusable Quote Decals
    • 2 Bonus Gifts - Inspirational Print & Bookmark

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    • Wise Women
    • Miracles of Gratitude
    • Secrets to Success
    Blessings for you and all loved ones, too

    At The Spirit of Water, they believes that the power of intention transforms the human conditions that challenge us. The Spirit of Water believes that prayerful intention not only transforms experience, but also transforms cells and generates the energy to physically and emotionally heal. And they also believe that praying or blessing the water we touch or use in our daily lives is an important way to carry messages of intention into our cellular universe through to our physical reality.

    The Law of Attraction, which has been known by mystics, muses and sages, throughout the ages, and by the most powerful people in human history, shows us that when we give attention to the things we want OR the things we don't want - when we give attention to anything at all, we attract that energy to our human experience.

    The Law of Attraction (LOA) is the most powerful force in the universe. The simplest definition of this law is "like attracts like." Other definitions include:

    All forms of matter and energy are attracted to that which is of a like vibration.

    You are a living magnet.

    What you sow, you reap

    What you put out you get back

    What comes around goes around

    The Law of Attraction is important to remember when you offer blessings. What you bless for others, you bless for yourself. Whatever blessing you send into the water, comes back to you precisely as if you blessed yourself. The Law of Attraction and Water Blessings are an inportant co--creation to use in envisioning your future.

    The Spirit of Water labels and their thoughts can transform the water you give your plants, your pets, the water you bathe in, and the water that passes through the office water cooler. Wherever you experience water, you have an opportunity to offer a blessing. Share the blessings with someone you care about, and encourage them to label their drinking water too, with a silent inspirational reminder as simple as a word on a glass or bottle. Share this knowledge with as many as you can. Whether you use Spirit of Water labels or simply felt-pen your word across your bottle, each time the eyes see the drinking glass or water bottle, the blessing or prayer is being reinforced with positive energy.

    The Spirit of Water hope you like the blessings we have created for your use. When you use Water Blessing Labels you put "Water in Action" you are exercising the Law of Attraction. And the entire world benefits!

    Use On: Fridges, Mirrors, Windows, Cars, Gifts, Calendars, Journals, Planner, Water Bottles, Cups, Glasses, Cell Phones, Computers, & MP3 Players

    P.O. Box 1162
    Ashland, OR,
    Visit website

    About The Spirit of Water

    The Spirit of Water Mission ... to provide inspired communication for personal growth, using Water Blessing Labels as our medium for global outreach to heal and transform. It is thier passion to help spread blessings and prayers worldwide, offering unconditional hope and encouragement to millions of people who face challenges in their lives. The Spirit of Water supports the theory that water has a consciousness like every other living thing. Water, for us, is a holy element and they vow to help raise awareness about the unique physical and spiritual properties of the Earth's water. For water, the sacred matrix of life, we offer our deepest gratitude. Through their awakened consciousness they bless, protect and encourage the wise and mindful use of water so all beings may have access to safe and abundant drinking water to sustain their lives and nourish their wellbeing.

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