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Relaxing Sleep Formula Essential Oil Patch Lavender - 1 Patch(es) Formerly NaturopatchNatural Patches of Vermont

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DROPPED: Natural Patches of Vermont - Relaxing Sleep Formula Essential Oil Patch Lavender - 1 Patch(es) Formerly Naturopatch
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Natural Patches of Vermont
1 Patch(es)
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    Natural Patches of Vermont - Relaxing Sleep Formula Essential Oil Patch Lavender - 1 Easy-to-Apply Patch

    Natural Patches of Vermont Relaxing Sleep Formula Essential Oil Patch Lavender is aromatically relaxing, calming and normalizing. In this blend, Lavender, Chamomile and Jasmine act in concert to help clear your thoughts and quiet the mind so that you fall asleep naturally. Natural Patches of Vermont Essential Oil Patches offer numerous advantages over many other traditional and aromatherapeutic products in the marketplace. Arguably the most significant advantage to the patch delivery system is that it allows the use of essential oils and aromatherapy, in a user-friendly and approachable format.

    • Latex Free
    • Preservative Free
    • Natural Ingredients
    • Does Not Contain Animal Products
    • Not Tested on Animals

    More About Natural Patches of Vermont Essential Oil Patches

    Easy to use:
    Simply remove the patch from its packaging, remove its protective liner, and place it on the body at the site specified on the packaging. Following application, body heat will activate the essential oils, releasing their aromatherapeutic benefits, which may last up to 24 hours and in some cases longer.

    Not only are Natural Patches of Vermont Essential Oil Body Patches easy to use, the packaging has been specifically designed with portability in mind. Both the 10-Patch Tins and individually wrapped patches fit easily into a pocket or purse, for Aromatherapy-on-the-Go. They are especially convenient for air travel. Pack them in a carry-on or checked bag, because there is no liquid that could cause damage to other items in your baggage or cause delays in the screening process.

    Unlike pain rubs, by using a proprietary process by which the essential oil blends are encapsulated in an adhesive layer, Natural Patches of Vermont Essential Oil Body Patches provide the targeted benefits of essential oils without feeling greasy or oily. Leaving no oily residue on the skin, either during use or upon removal, the patches require no clean-up and can be worn day or night, without fear of damaging clothing or bedding.
    Natural Patches of Vermont Essential Oil Body Patches do not possess the over-powering smell exhibited by most pain rubs and balms. So discreet is the aroma, that no one around you will be aware that you are even wearing the patch, unless, of course, you want them to. The aromatherapeutic benefits of Natural Patches of Vermont Essential Oil Body Patches can be enjoyed even in the closest of quarters, with confidence that you will not draw attention to yourself or irritate or offend those around you, whether they be strangers, friends, spouses or co-workers.

    As the name implies, Natural Patches of Vermont Essential Oil Body Patches do not employ the use of artificial colors and fragrances and, additionally, do not contain latex or pharmaceuticals of any kind, all characteristics that offer advantages over not only rubs and balms, but other patches in the marketplace, as well.

    Many essential oils can be irritating to the skin and therefore must be handled with care and properly diluted before use. In Natural Patches of Vermont Essential Oil Body Patches all of our essential oils are combined with an olive oil carrier and applied to the patches in concentrations designed to provide maximum aromatherapeutic benefits, while minimizing the possibility of adverse skin reactions. To further ensure against adverse skin reactions, the adhesive used in Natural Patches of Vermont Essential Oil Body Patches has been formulated and tested for bio-compatibility (skin-friendliness).

    Essential Oils & Aromatherapy
    Essential oils are the highly concentrated essence of plants and may be extracted from the bark, flowers, foliage, resins, rinds, roots, seeds or wood, through distillation or by cold-pressing. Often referred to as the “blood” or “life force” of a plant, each essential oil is comprised of a unique profile of beneficial properties and constituents, which much like the human immune system, serve to defend the plant from disease and environmental stresses, and dictates how the oil may best be used therapeutically.

    Most essential oils are inherently anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-septic and anti-parasitic, all properties which can be particularly beneficial in addressing various skin conditions and as first aid preparations. Exhibiting high anti-oxidant properties, many oils can also assist in neutralizing the free radicals that assault our bodies at the cellular level. Still others contain estrogen-like constituents, making them particularly beneficial in balancing and regulating hormonal fluctuations.

    Like all living organisms, plants also emit bio-electrical energy and because essential oils retain a high bio-electrical field, they can prove useful in regulating, enhancing and balancing the body’s vibrational frequency, as well as, opening and aligning the chakras.

    A partial listing of some of the other therapeutic properties exhibited by essential oils are:

    • Analgesic
    • Anti-biotic
    • Anti-depressant
    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Anti-spasmodic
    • Aphrodisiac
    • Appetite suppressant and stimulant
    • Astringent
    • Calming
    • Carminative
    • Centering
    • Decongestant
    • Detoxifying
    • Diuretic
    • Energizing
    • Euphoric
    • Focusing
    • Nervine
    • Refreshing
    • Rejuvenating
    • Relaxing
    • Sedative
    • Stimulating and Uplifting

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are essential oils and what are their benefits?
    Essential Oils are the “blood” of the plant, functioning as the plant’s immune defense system. They provide the plant with its aromatic essence and are thought to give the plant its “life force”. Protecting the plant from disease and assisting the plant in its adaptation to the environment, essential oils are inherently anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic, anti microbial, anti-viral and antiseptic. Essential oils are the most potent and concentrated extracts of seeds, fruits, wood, roots, leaves, flowers, and resins. Essential oils, which maintain a high bio-electrical frequency, can help to restore wellness and balance, when applied to the human body.

    Will the patches irritate my skin?
    Every individual responds differently to anything applied to the skin. All of the oils used in Natural Patches of Vermont are listed on the product packaging. Review this information before using the patches, especially if you know that you have sensitivity or allergies to a specific plant or oil. If you are unsure, do a “patch test” before applying the patch. To perform a patch test: Cut a small piece of the patch and apply it to your skin. Wear this test patch for 24 hours and monitor the patch site for any signs of irritation or discomfort. Remove the patch immediately, should you experience either.

    Note: When using the patches on a regular basis, it is recommended that you adjust the placement on the patch daily, so that your skin can breathe.

    Where should I place the patch?
    The majority of these essential oil patches should be placed on the upper broad part of the shoulder or chest, close enough to your face to experience the full aromatic benefits, but discreet enough so that others will not know you are wearing it… unless you want them to. That being said, some of the patches are most effective when placed at the site of the concern for which they have been formulated. (See packaging for specific placement recommendations.)

    How long can I wear a patch?
    The patches are effective for up to 24 hours. It should be noted that the adhesive will not retain its adhesive properties if it encounters moisture of any kind. In addition, should you experience any irritation from the patch, you should remove it immediately.

    Can I wear more than one patch at a time?
    Yes. However, it is suggested that you do not wear patches that negate each other. For instance, wearing a Lavender (Sleep) Patch and Citrus (Energy) Patch at the same time would be counter-productive. On the other hand the Bergamot (Stress) and Rose Geranium (PMS & Menopause) patches worn at the same time could prove highly beneficial.

    Are the patches reusable?
    No. The patches are designed for a single use. For hygienic reasons it is strongly recommended that you do not reuse or share used patches.

    Do I have to use a whole patch?
    No. Some people are more sensitive than others and can reap the benefits while using only half of a patch. Trust your body. It will tell you what it
    needs.. if you listen!

    How do the patches work?
    Natural Patches of Vermont incorporate the age old practice of Aromatherapy and the topical benefits of essential oils to help restore balance and wellness. The practice of Aromatherapy utilizes various aromas to affect the body’s response. Inhalation of essential oils evokes an immediate olfactory response. As we breathe in, warm moist air carries tiny molecules of the essential oils through the nasal passages stimulating olfactory cells, which send impulses to the olfactory nerve and in turn to the limbic portion of the brain. The limbic portion of the brain is responsible for our sense of smell, but also controls hunger, moods, memories and emotions.

    Since ancient times, Essential Oils and Aromatherapy have been used to enhance well-being and promote balance of the physical and emotional self, by the controlled introduction of specific scents to the body and its surroundings. The use of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy may bring about a positive reaction to many common complaints including, but not limited to; Aches and Pains, Lack of Energy, Stress, Sleeplessness, Nasal Congestion…etc. and is a wonderful holistic approach to balancing the mind, body and spirit on many levels.

    What are the patches made of?
    The patches are made of a cloth layer that is coated with an adhesive, which is bio-compatible (skin friendly) and formulated from medical and food grade ingredients. The adhesive layer is infused with a combination of essential oils and extra virgin olive oil. The patches are both latex and preservative free. They contain no animal products and are not tested on animals.

    How do I apply the Patch?
    Patches should be placed on clean, dry skin. (The placement of each patch depends on the variety being used. Please refer to the instructions on the packaging.)

    Step 1: Wash and dry the area where the patch will be applied to remove any excess oils or lotions that could prevent the patch from adhering properly. (The area where the patch is being applied should be relatively hairless to facilitate better adhesion and lessen discomfort upon removal.) Do not apply any patch to burned, broken or severely irritated skin.

    Step 2: Remove the patch from its protective packaging only when you are ready to apply it. (Once removed from its packaging and exposed to the air, the essential oils will begin to dissipate.)

    Step 3: Remove the protective liner from the patch, trying to avoid touching the adhesive. Discard the liner so that it is out of reach of children or pets. Recycle if possible in your area.

    Step 4: Apply the patch to the prepared patch site. Press the patch firmly into place with the heel of your hand for at least 10 – 15 seconds. Make sure that it sticks well, especially around the edges.

    Wear the patch for up to 24 hours. After 24 hours remove the patch, fold it in half with the adhesive side in and dispose of it out of reach of children and pets.

    What is the best way to remove the patch?
    Because the adhesive is very aggressive, we do not recommend pulling the patch off your skin quickly, as this could irritate the skin.

    Some suggestions for removal are:

    • Let the patch fall off in the shower or bath.
    • Wet the patch with a damp cloth and remove it slowly.
    • Rub the patch briskly with your hand to warm the adhesive and then peel it off slowly.

    Company History
    Founded in 2000, Natural Patches of Vermont, formerly Naturopatch of Vermont, is the brainchild of visionary and entrepreneur Hurley Blakeney, who, following a drag racing accident in 1999, sought solace from the discomfort that he was suffering, as the result of his injuries. To this end, Hurley tried numerous over-the-counter ointments and lotions, but was discouraged by the overpowering smell and greasy residue on his skin and clothing.

    As CEO and founder of Vermont Medical, an industry leader in the manufacture and development of electrodes used for medical monitoring, Hurley began work on manufacturing patches made using natural ingredients. Essential oils offered a myriad of aromatherapeutic benefits and their liquid consistency lent to their ease of incorporation in the manufacturing process. He engaged the assistance of a very talented and dedicated researcher, who developed a unique bio-compatible (skin-friendly) adhesive, specifically for use in the natural essential oil body patches.

    After numerous tests on friends and family, in early 2000, Vermont Medical began manufacturing essential oil body patches under the name, Vermont Essentials/Naturopatch of Vermont. In 2010, to better identify the company’s mission to offer an aromatherapeutic experience using their unique essential oil body patch delivery system, the name of the company was changed to Natural Patches of Vermont.

    On August 28, 2011 Tropical Storm Irene roared through Vermont, carving out a path of destruction, which included the Natural Patches manufacturing facility. Not willing to accept defeat, however, and dedicated to the mission of providing a natural wellness alternative, with the aid of dedicated employees, family members and friends, they salvaged what they could and moved to the present manufacturing facility in Bellows Falls, Vermont. Thanks to the loyalty and patience of their customers they persevered and despite the adversity wrought by the storm, in November of that year, they were able to launch five new formulas to further address the want and needs of customers.

    Since its inception and throughout its history, Natural Patches of Vermont has continued to fulfill a niche with holistically minded professionals and individuals.



    • Clean and dry the skin at patch site
    • Remove patch from packaging
    • Remove clear backing from patch
    • Apply patch to the prepared site and press firmly into place

    Patch may be cut to fit. Patch may be worn for up to 24 hours. Dispose of patch after each use. Latex free. Preservative free.


    Extra virgin olive oil, lavender, chamomile, and jasmine essential oils.


    For external use only. Do not apply to broken or irritated skin. If rash occurs, discontinue use. If rash persists, consult your physician.


    Natural Patches of Vermont

    Founded in 2000, Natural Patches of Vermont, formerly Naturopatch of Vermont, is the brainchild of visionary and entrepreneur Hurley Blakeney, who, following a drag racing accident in 1999, sought solace from the discomfort that he was suffering, as the result of his injuries. To this end, Hurley tried numerous over-the-counter ointments and lotions, but was discouraged by the overpowering smell and greasy residue on his skin and clothing.

    Natural Patches of Vermont body patches harness the power of pure essential oils and aromatherapy to help open the pathways to vibrant health and well-being. The patches contain no artificial colors or fragrances and are both latex and preservative free. Natural Patches of Vermont body patches could not be easier to use. You simply place the patches on your upper chest or at the site of the concern. Your body heat will activate the essential oils and they release therapeutic benefits for up to 24 hours.

    Since its inception and throughout its history, Natural Patches of Vermont has continued to fulfill a niche with holistically minded professionals and individuals.

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    71% 5 of 7 reviewers would recommend this product to a friend.

    By (Kentland, IN)

    The only reason I say not good is because I didn't get to use it all. The first night, I cut it into 4ths, and I still woke up in the middle of the night with a migraine - but maybe it's just me.

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    By (New Smyrna Beach, FL)


    Was this review helpful?

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    By (Lamar, MO)

    Bought one patch. Tried it during a week of insomnia. No benefits that I could perceive.

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    By (Manhattan, KS)

    Achieved results. Will order again.

    Was this review helpful?

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    By (Sunland, CA)

    Just OK did not help me sleep.

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