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DROPPED: Trillium Organics - Organic Body Polish Warming Cinnamon Clove - 24 oz. CLEARANCE PRICED
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Trillium Organics - Organic Body Polish Warming Cinnamon Clove - 24 oz.

Circulation & Sensuality
Item #: 101483
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Trillium Organics - Organic Body Polish Warming Cinnamon Clove - 24 oz.

  • Item# :101483
    UPC# :608426333230
  • Brand:Trillium Organics
  • Size/Form:24  oz.
  • Ship Weight:1.75
  • Flavor:Warming Cinnamon Clove

Trillium Organics - Organic Body Polish Warming Cinnamon Clove - 24 oz. (680 g)

Trillium Organics Organic Warming Cinnamon Clove Body Polish was the first Salt Scrub formulated for home use. Originally a spa treatment, offered only in luxury spas, Organic Body Polish liberates us from the damaging cycle of soap and lotion. Exfoliate, Moisturize and Protect with Trillium Organics Organic Body Polish. Organic Body Polish is an alternative system of Whole Body Skin Care that is the perfect, one step skin maintenance system. Known in the Spa world as a Salt Glow, or in the beauty world as a Salt Scrub, Trillium's Organic Body Polish is so much more. It moisturizes more than a lotion, cleanses more profoundly than any soap, and promotes healthy skin in balance with nature, and in balance with the body it protects. Healthy skin may be habit forming!

Soap, or anything that bubbles, isolates and removes molecules of oil from the skin. Conventional wisdom would have us replace that oil with lotion. The trouble with that approach is that all lotions are preserved with something, the only two real options are parabens or alcohol. Parabens are bio-accumulative toxins implicated in the formation of breast cancer and alcohol ultimately dries the skin. Non-GMO Soy lipids lock in the hydration and moisture for days. You are left with exquisitely smooth, silky soft skin.

  • Warming Cinnamon Clove - Refreshing & Juicy
  • 97 % Organic Ingredients
  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • Paraben & Phthalate Free
  • Sodium L Sulfate & Synthetic Free
  • Sustainably Handcrafted in the U.S.A

I take heart medication, can I still use your Warming Cinnamon Clove Products?
YES! The caution about eating Warming Cinnamon Clove when taking certain medications is not applicable when the grapefruit is applied to the skin. It is an inter- action in the stomach, not through the blood stream that they are concerned with.

Perfect Your Skin with Organic Body Polish
Brilliant feeling and fabulous looking you! Exfoliating scrubs remove the dry dead cells at the surface of the skin and stimulate cellular regeneration, leaving you moisturized, radiant, and smooth. Used weekly, Organic Body Polish Natural Body Scrubs improve the skin’s healthy function. This one step treatment rivals the hour-long therapeutic salt glow experiences that cost big money in luxury spas. Organic Body Polish out-performs all other sea salt scrubs hands down. Our ultra purified salt crystals are perfect cubes, with no sharp edges so they do not scratch the skin like other salt scrubs. They exfoliate gently yet effectively. Our fresh organic oil blend is fast to absorb, and rinses clean, unlike other salt scrubs which leave a greasy film on you and on the shower floor.

Protect Your Body with Organic Body Care
Beautiful skin shouldn’t cost you your overall health. Other skin cleansers, exfoliating scrubs and natural body scrubs (yep, even so-called natural brands) contain a veritable toxic spill of petrochemicals and petrochemically processed ingredients. There are easy to spot synthetics such as DECAMETHYLCYCLOPENTASILOXANE, that the EWG tells us are neurotoxic and bioacculmulative. More hidden dangers lurk in innocent sounding “fragrance” which can contain phthalates that disrupt endocrine function and lower sperm count. Carcinogens, Hormone Impersonators, reproductive toxins can all be avoided. Organic Body Polish is a USDA Certified Organic sea salt scrub, leaving no question about the purity of our ingredients. We know you will be pleased when you experience your skin at its healthy best!
OGbody Polish is the premier salt scrub made today
Trillium formulations have baffled the market since their arrival; sea salts perfectly shaped, moisturizing oils blends that deeply absorbed and quickly vanish into silky smooth skin that, when unimpeded by synthetics or soaps, can last for days.
There is a good reason why OGbody Polish is not too coarse, like other "salt scrubs"
Karen searched far and wide for a clean, non mineral salt that would allow a deep effective scrub. The salt she chose is purified down to pure sodium with only tiny traces of calcium and magnesium remaining. Because the salt is purified and screen sifted each perfect crystalline cube is the same shape and size. This consistency of size and gentle shape makes OGbody Polish salt seem round, but indeed each piece is a perfect crystalline cube that will never scratch the skin. Each edge is a perfect 90 degree angle, so there are no sharp edges to cut the skin. Many salt scrubs use mineral salts, which due to their processing or mineral content can have very sharp edges. Because our salts are properly shaped, a deep invigorating wash is had even on the most sensitive skins of the body, face included.
Organic Body Polish will not leave the shower floor slippery
OGbody Polish is formulated with oils that bond with water, rather than resisting it. These cold pressed certified organic oils are formulated with Organic Lecithin to rinse easily from the bath and shower floor just as they are to rinse clean from the skin. Blended together for their quick absorption capacity they absorb quickly and deeply into the skin, leaving it supple and dewy, not oily and gooey.
OGbody Polish moisturizes skin when it is prepared to accept it
In order to absorb moisturizers we must first remove the dirt and dead skin layer. Applying lotion to dry skin achieves little to nothing. OGbody Polish is a timely and logical skin care method, warm and hydrated in the shower. Our pores are open; our skin is hydrated; the dermis is ready to benefit from moisturizing oils. The oils literally lock the hydration into the skin, as excess oil is washed away.
Trillium does not use sugar in OGbody Polishes for one very good reason
Sugar feeds bacteria and yeast, salt is antiseptic and cleansing. Many people enjoy soaking in baths while Polishing. Soaking in a sugar bath would not be a healthy choice for women, while soaking in salt is a delightfully healthy choice for everyone. We however, understand that Sugar does not sting your legs after shaving, and for that reason many women choose sugar scrubs. We prefer to Polish first, liberating the hair, then rinse with cooler water, which leaves a layer of oils for a moisturizing, gentle shave which does not leave nicks and cuts that would potentially sting.
Soap is different than a Cleanser
“Soap” strips oil from the acid mantle (the outermost layer of the skin), Such removal of all fatty acids and oils is only sometimes necessary. Stripping of oils must always be followed by the application of some kind of moisturizer or else the skin is left unprotected to dehydrate. dry flakey ashey skin is the result of such stripping.
“Cleansers” cleanse without stripping
OGbody Polish is an antibacterial, antimicrobial cleanser that detoxifies the body as it cleanses away dirt, grime and dead skin. Nothing delivers a deeper feeling of clean than the properly shaped crystalline salt and purifying essential oils of OGbody (Organic Body) Polish.
Salt purifies and detoxifies
We really do ‘eat’ what we put on our skin: salt molecules are too large to absorb into our bodies when applied topically (those on a salt restricted diet need not worry) Salt draws toxins from the body and brings skin rejuvenating oxygen to the surface. Perfect for those on detox diets, changing diets, with aging skin, challenged circulation or just wanting to purify in support of their immune systems.
A word about Radiation Detox
If you belive that you have been exposed to radioactive particulate, first, remove all clothing, then take a shower and scrub with OGbody polish, or other abrasive method from head to toe. That is thought to remove 99% of any particulate that may have landed on you. If you believe that you have inhaled or ingested it, there are other ways in which to remove it from your body. Soaking in a hot bath of Baking Soda until it cools is one of the most widely written about.


  • USDA Organic
  • Certified Organic OCIA (Organic Crop Improvement Association)
  • Green America (internal audits of sustainable practices)
  • Campaign for Safe Cosmetics
  • Coming Clean Organic Integrity (fully disclosing every ingredient)
  • Leaping Bunny (no animal testing)

Ingredients Matter
Trillium Organics uses only safe pre-petroleum era inputs. In the modern world where downright dangerous, cancerous, hormone interrupting, or endocrine disrupting ingredients are in so many modern conventional personal care products, whether its on the label or not. Trillium Organics is an oasis of wellness and safety for you and your family. In order to avoid all "petroleum synthesized better living through chemistry " ingredients, they use exclusively ingredients which have an evolutionarily significant history of safe and beneficial use by humans, that is, pre petroleum era inputs.

Trillium's Position on Preservation
At Trillium, they exclusively include ingredients which are both beneficial to the skin and safe  for the health of the whole body. Their products are made as an alternative to conventional personal care which is made from many ingredients which enhance the performance of the product to the detriment of the skin and body. One example in particular of this is preservatives. The modern expectation of personal care is to  last for upwards of seven years. That kind of shelf life is only achieved through using broad spectrum anti microbials such as parabens,  phenoxyethanol, or other alcohols. Parabens have been linked to breast cancer, and phenoxyethanol and other alcohols ultimately dry the skin. All anti-microbials, by design, will kill  micro-flora in the lotion and when applied, kill the micro-flora on the surface of the skin. The acid mantle or outermost layer of  epidermis is host to a plethora of beneficial micro-flora which exist in balance and support the healthy function of the skin. The use of preservatives disturbs that balance.

At Trillium they make products aimed at restoring and maintaining healthy balanced skin function. While all of their  products have a shelf life of no less than 3 years,  none of them include broad spectrum anti-microbials. How do they do that?  Instead of mixing up oils with water (lotion) which readily bloom and adding a large dose of preservatives to kill bacteria,  Trillium believes in blending inherently stable oil based formulations.  They then focus on educating people to use  them properly. Their oil based formulas, when applied to freshly washed skin, moisturize, nourish and protect the skin far better than any  SLS body wash,  synthetically preserved lotion or cream, or foam shaving cream.

About Trillium Organics
Karen Ciesar is committed to making healthy organic products for her family, and yours.
Trillium Organics was founded in 1994 by Karen, when she traded up advocating for women's rights as an attorney to educating and providing women with safe, non-toxic personal care options.  After watching both of her grandmothers fall prey to cancer, she hoped that her own children could enjoy a healthier life from making healthier choices. One small problem, in 1994, Organic personal care was an unheard of concept, and the toxic dangers of conventional personal care were not very well understood.
Starting with Calendula infused, Baby Bottom Balm, she set out on the quest to create a clean safe product that would replace toxic body wash and lotion.  It took three years of bathing in everything organic from coffeegrounds to oatmeal that resulted in Organic Body Polish.  That first product that 'does it all", remains the cornerstone of the company.
Today, Trillium Organics is still a small company of dedicated women, still making each product in small batches and pouring them each by hand. Yet now, their products are sold all across America, in China, Malaysia, Brunei(soon), Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, India, England, Colombia (soon). They are thrilled with the globally growing enthusiasm about living healthier lives.  It is a dream come true to create and provide products that help people realize the joy and beauty of healthy skin.

The Trillium Organics Vision
They dream of a world in which Organics and sustainable agriculture and production is the norm, and conventional petrochemical farming and formulation is remembered as an ignorant mistake. They dream of a world where children can safely eat any food they are offered, without fear of sickness from additives, pesticides and GMO's. A world in which taking a bath is a delightful, healthy, life affirming treat rather than a toxic dip in hormone impersonators, endocrine disruptors and carcinogens.
The Trillium Organics Mission
To educate people about the importance of making healthier personal care choices for themselves and their children. To create Certified Organic and authentically pure formulations that leave people feeling fantastic and vital, confident that thier glowing skin didn't come at the cost of thier life long health.  To help people to experience welcome relief from challenges like the rash from chemical sensitivity, psoriasis, eczema, acne or dermatitis.

To Use: Rub Polish into skin with bare hands, rinse away salt and pat dry.

To Shave: Polish, rinse, then shave.

Crystalline Salt (Sodium chloride), OG Sunflower Oil (Helianthus annuus), OG Safflower Oil (Carthamus tinctorius), OG Pink Grapefruit Oil (Citrus paradisi), OG Lecithin (Lecithin), Non-GMO Vitamin E (Tocopherol), OG Orange Oil (Citrus sinensis), OG Lavender Oil (Lavandula andustifolia), OG Cinnamon Oil (Cinnamomum zeylanicum), OG Clove Oil (Eugenia caryophyllus), OG Patchouli Oil (Pogostemon canlini), OG Ginger Oil (Zingiber officinale), Contains Limonene, Eugenol, 0% Parabens, 0% Petroleum, 0% Phthalates

Keep Out of Eyes: If contact occurs, rinse with water.

Ster Carefully: Oils may make surfaces slippery.

185 E. Walnut St.
Sturgeon Bay, WI,
Phone: 920-746-5207 Fax: 920-746-7649 Email: Click here Visit website

About Trillium Organics

Trillium Organics believe that the process is the most influential contribution to the therapeutic value of any natural substance. In their quest to find the most therapeutic and impeccable ingredients, they have discovered that the process by which each ingredient is created leaves it's mark . Trillium Organics works exclusively with the best quality, certified organic cold pressed oils, therapeutic grade essential oils and certified organic botanicals. It is their chosen mission to devise effective ways to get authentically organic, therapeutically potent ingredients onto the skin and into body without adding anything synthetic, standardized or otherwise compromised. Trillium Organics puts each new formulation through rigorous challenge testing with real human testers. Their testers are those lucky staffers, friends and family who are honest enough to give us real in depth feedback. Trillium Organics emerge with innovative products that are green, healthy and effective.

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