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Mini Naturals Dog Treats Peanut Butter & Oats Recipe - 6 oz.Zuke's

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Zuke's - Mini Naturals Dog Treats Peanut Butter & Oats Recipe - 6 oz.
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    Zuke's - Mini Naturals Dog Treats Peanut Butter & Oats Recipe 6 oz. (170 g)

    Zuke's Jerky Mini Naturals Dog Treats Fresh Peanut Butter Formula are healthy moist miniature dog treats with added vitamins and minerals. Take your dog's training to a tasty new level. One delicious little Mini and your dog will be ready and willing to learn all kinds of new tricks. The naturally delicious formula makes all the difference - quality protein, whole food antioxidants, and a mouthwatering taste your dog will love. A well-behaved, attentive dog is the sign of an owner who cares. With tasty Mini Naturals, your dog will be focused and ready to learn. The naturally delicious formula makes all the difference - quality protein, whole food antioxidants, and a mouthwatering taste your dog will adore. So show your pup what a good boy he is and make your time together a healthy adventure.

    Mini Naturals Recipe:

    • Less Than 3 Calories Per Treat
    • A+ Training Treat
    • Free of Corn, Wheat & Soy
    • Made in the USA 

    What are the crystals on Hip Action?
    The "tiny shiny fragments" that you are seeing is actually the Glucosamine that they add to the Hip Action treats to make them work so well for your pets. As they use fresh ingredients, sometimes there are inconsistencies in the batches, but the product is not bad. Sometimes, the Glucosamine rises to the surface of the treat, appearing as tiny, shiny flakes.

    What is the serving size for each treat?
    Servings vary depending on your pet's size, weight and activity level. When treating your dog or cat, consider the total calories he or she should eat in a day, and make sure to include Zuke's in that calorie count.

    What is in Power Bones to give dogs energy?
    Power Bones have a new formula which utilizes protein (beef, chicken or peanut butter), complex carbohydrates (rice, oats, barley, apples and sweet potatoes) and simple carbohydrates (natural sugars from beets and maple syrup) to give dogs the energy they need.

    Is garlic safe for dogs?
    Yes, garlic is safe for dogs unless they consume more than one clove per ten pounds of body weight per day. Zuke's products contain only a small amount of garlic, which is included for its high antioxidant value.

    Where does the Salmon from?
    Zuke's uses ocean-caught salmon when available in all their dog and cat treats.

    What is in the treats to preserve them?
    All of Zuke's treats are naturally preserved with salt, phosphoric acid and sorbic acid.

    Is it safe to feed the dog treats to cats or vice versa?
    Zuke's recommends that you feed dog treats to dogs, and cat treats to cats.

    Can I freeze Zuke's treats?
    Yes, but to protect teeth completely, thaw treats before feeding. Please pay careful attention to condensation buildup that can result in mold formation.

    My dog ate a Cherry Z-Bone and his urine is red! What's going on?
    Don't be alarmed. If you notice a change in urine color to pink or red it is an indication that your dog is digesting the bone well and excess, anti-oxidant Cherry is being secreted normally. It is like when a human takes a Multi Vitamin and his/her urine turns darker yellow.

    Why can't I feed a Z-Bone bone to a dog under 6 months of age?
    Your dog's safety is the most important thing to Zuke's. Because of how small the digestive system is in a young puppy, the mini Z-Bone is more volume that they feel a dog of that size can safely eat.

    Why can't I feed a Z-Bone bone to a dog under 5 pounds?
    Your dog's safety is the most important thing. Because of how small the digestive system is in a five pound dog, the small Z-Bone is more volume than they feel a dog of that size can safely eat.

    Can all Zuke's treats be fed to puppies?
    Most of Zuke's products are great for puppies, especially Mini Naturals. Z-Bones are not meant for dogs under 6 months of age.

    What is the source of Glucosamine & Chondroitin in Hip Action?
    Glucosamine HCl is derived from shells. Chondroitin Sulfate is from bovine cartilage.

    Help! My dog/cat ate a whole bag of treats.
    Don't worry - your pet may have an upset stomach and he could have diarrhea or gas, as can happen when pets eat too much of anything. If you're still feeling concerned, or if you feel your pet is overly distressed, they recommend that you seek advice from your veterinarian.

    I know some companies use animal testing for dog treats/food - does yours?
    Because of the high quality ingredients they use in all of Zuke's treats, they do not perform animal testing for safety or nutritional purposes. They have all of these treats analyzed in a lab to verify the contents and the amounts of protein, fat, fiber, potassium, calcium and sodium, among other things. They also test the "tastiness" of the treats by feeding them to their own pets, and sending them out to veterinary hospitals, humane societies and others who fill out a survey asking about how the dogs responded to the treats. In short, they really don't do any kind of animal testing in the conventional sense. Just feeding to willing participants to make sure they like the taste of their treats.

    My dog is diabetic. Are your treats free of sugars and corn syrups and are they safe for diabetics?
    While they do not make a treat specifically for diabetic pets, several of the treats do not contain sugar. Mini Naturals (in Chicken, Peanut Butter and Salmon flavors) are only 3 calories per treat, and contain no added sugars or sweeteners. Several of the treats have maple syrup or molasses as sweeteners and may not be advisable for your dog.

    Your products are labeled "soy free" but contain Lecithin. Isn't Lecithin soy?
    Zuke's lecithin is derived from soy and sunflower oils. However, it should not be an issue or thought of as an allergen is because it is extracted from the oils or fats of the soybean. Fats are not the cause of allergies, proteins are the actual culprits. Lecithin is used as an emulsifier, which helps breakdown proteins and fats to make them easier to proves, and to prevent sticking, for example, non-stick cooking spray. Lecithin is not known to cause any adverse reactions in people or canines with soy allergies, and is not considered soy even though derived from soy - thus, these products can be labeled soy free. If you have any concerns, or your dog is highly allergic to soy, you may want to verify with your vet that it will not cause a reaction.

    What's the "shelf life" of these treats?
    Zuke's treats have a 2-year shelf life. A "Best By" date is printed on the bottom of the pouches, on the back of the boxed products. If left unopened, they should be good up to that date, if not longer.

    Do these treats need to be refrigerated?
    Zuke's Treats do not need to be refrigerated. Because condensation can build up in the bags of refrigerated treats, they can actually mold or spoil more quickly if refrigerated. These semi-moist treats keep best in a cool and dry area where they are well protected from exposure to the elements.

    Why do you use salt in your treats? I've heard that salt is not good for dogs to eat.
    Salt is used as a natural substitute for harsh chemical preservatives. Without some form or preservative, the treats would get moldy and/or get very hard before they get used. While they do use as little as possible, it is necessary to have some amount of salt in several of the treats. Small amounts of salt are not harmful, and are actually part of a balanced diet, so it is no problem for the dogs or cats eating the treats.

    Can you confirm that your products are made in the USA and also tell me where the meat comes from? I don't want to feed my dogs any products from China and I am finding that many of the jerky type treats are all manufactured in China.
    Yes, all Zuke products are guaranteed made in the USA and all of the meat, fruit and veggies are sourced from the USA as well - with the exception of the Rabbit and the Venison, which comes from New Zealand.

    Nutrition fuels your pet's healthy life and outdoor adventures, so it's only fitting that you give them treats that support their fun-loving attitude. This is why all Zuke's products are crafted with the health and nutrition of your pet in mind.

    Be Healthy, Feel Alive
    Zuke's is of the belief that what's good for humans is good for pets. And their dogs have taught them that when you get healthier, you feel happier. Living that healthy life together is what keeps everyone going. When Zuke's thinks about the products that pets need, they start by considering the healthy lives they lead with their pets. With this as their guide, treats are created for your healthy and active dog. Zuke's uses only the safest all-natural ingredients to power your dog's pursuits.

    How They Live What They Believe
    Living a healthy life comes naturally to the pets and people of Zuke's. In Colorado, nature inspires their outside adventures and healthy pursuits. In the summer, they love visiting the local Farmer's Market with their dogs and all year round, they make it it a priority to support organic grocers and restaurants with locally sourced menus. Based in Durango, Colorado, they're passionate not only about pets but also about the outdoors - those big, wide-open spaces where dogs and their people can go to feel alive. But you don't need mountains in your backyard to stay active with your dog, you can find adventure anywhere.

    Adventure Together
    Tapping into your dog's perky personality starts by grabbing the leash and just heading outside. The happiest, most energetic pets are the ones who regularly explore the outdoors. You can find adventure anywhere. Your active life is your pet's active life. Adventures in life and love are all around, just follow your dog's lead and open your eyes to opportunities. The best adventures are the ones that start as nothing, like when a jog in the park turns into an all-out frolic in the creek.

    How Zuke's Lives What They Believe
    Getting out and being active with your pets doesn't always mean hiking a mountain. Whether it's small adventures around town or big adventures in the great outdoors, everyone can find a way to stay active. For some, being active means surf-fishing with their dogs. Others get active with their pup by heading to the local park and running the trails. Either way, no matter where you live, adventures can be found anywhere.

    Your dog is your devoted companion. Being as loyal to your pet as they are to you is a tall order, but it sure does make life better. From shop dogs to seeing eye dogs, having your best friend at your side is as good as it gets. It's this passion for pets that shapes everything they do at Zuke's.

    Loyal Companions
    Whether you're making a quick trip to the grocery store or gone for a full day of work, your faithful, four-legged friends are always there to meet you at the back door. They love unconditionally. Sure, you're there to care, feed, nurture, and love your pets. It's no one-way street. But at Zuke's, they aspire to be as devoted to pets as they are to you.

    Dogs remind you to cherish life's simple pleasures. Dogs remind you what's important: life's simple pleasures. They know the sound of your car pulling into the driveway, they sleep at your feet (or sometimes on your pillow), they sense when you're sad, they act goofy and make you smile. This devotion to living life for and with each other is what motivates you to be the best company you can be. If not, you risk letting down your most loyal supporters.

    Living your life with dogs in tow is the Zuke's lifestyle. Zuke's lets dogs tag along at the office, buckle them up in the car, plan their vacations around whether they can come along and treat them as the furry little children they are. While having your loyal companion at your heels all day, every day may be overwhelming to some, for Zuke's it's a way to give back some of the love and devotion dogs show.

    Their adventures with their dogs take them on mountain hikes, chilly lake swims and endless walks on the beach. These outdoor moments remind them how much they love Planet Earth. That's why they work hard to think and act green each and every day, so they can create the kind of world that their pets deserve, and that they want to live in.

    Sustainability That's Second Nature
    Whether it's the air you breathe or the green space where your pets play, protecting the earth can mean taking on big initiatives or making small changes to your daily habits. This starts at the office, where they pay their employees to leave their cars at home and ride their bikes or scooters to work instead. They continue their commitment by powering the office with 100% green electricity and volunteering to clean up roadside trash on US HWY 160, just west of Durango.

    They consider the bigger manufacturing picture too. For packaging, the boxes are 60% recycled paperboard. They also make them smaller and fill them fuller to use 20% less material than competitors. A smaller box also means they ship more cases on every pallet. The result? less greenhouse gas emissions to get the product to you. They walk the dogs at the Humane Society once a month, clean up trash on their adopted section of highway 160, and donate product to any organization in the 4 Corners area that asks. They use LED light bulbs in their main office to reduce their energy use, and use 100% recycled paper products at the office.

    Living sustainably is more than a company policy, it's a way of life for everyone at Zuke's. When they protect their hiking trails, harvest their own vegetables and reduce the consumption of gas and electricity, they're making a commitment to the planet and pets.

    It all began with one man and his dog. Now, a decade later, pets everywhere can live a healthy, happy, high-energy life thanks to Zuke's.

    The Lightbulb Moment
    Anyone who's experienced an aha! moment can usually recollect with giddy excitement the exact date, time and place that the proverbial light bulb went off. And often, that flash in time is the inception of a great idea. For Patrick Meiering, it was 1995 during a hike in the Colorado Mountains with his typically energetic companion, Zuke. Noticing that Zuke had become exhausted, Patrick broke off a piece of his energy bar and tossed it to him. Zuke perked right up. And there it was, the moment Patrick realized that pets need healthy, all-natural treats, just as much as people do.

    The Zuke's Adventure Begins
    From the beginning, it has been essential that Zuke's treats are formulated with only natural ingredients providing the specific nutrients your cat or dog needs. But early on, the fledgling team realized Zuke's was about much more than healthy treats. Instead, they consciously created a company focused on exploring and adventuring with your dog. About the love you get from your cat. And the pursuit of a healthier life that makes pets and people happier. This is what motivated them then, and what motivates them today. Zuke's wants to keep the adventure going by giving the pets something to wag about.

    A Commitment to Caring
    Come to the Zuke's office and you'll see dogs curled up under a workstation or bounding in their backyard creek. They love to go home to the cats snuggled in on the couch. They're passionate pet loves just like you. Pets are a great source of motivation and give so much, so it's only natural ingredients, all sourced in the USA (except for the rabbit and venison, which comes from New Zealand), with final products made in the USA. The commitment to products stems from the love and care they have, not just for their own pets, but for dogs and cats everywhere.

    As Zuke's grows, it's more important than ever they they remain true to the original intentions - to ensure that the passion they have for their pets shapes the products they make, the company they continue to become and world they live in.


    Feeding Instructions: Feed as a tasty treat along with quality time and plenty of outdoor adventures. Provide adequate fresh water in a clean container daily. For your pet's health, see your veterinarian regularly.


    Ingredients: Peanut Butter, Ground Barley, Ground Rice, Ground Oats, Malted Barley, Vegetable Glycerin, Tapioca, Cherries, Gelatin, Lecithin, Salt, Phosphoric Acid, Sorbic Acid (Preservative), Turmeric, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Vitamin E, Zinc Proteinate, Citric Acid (Preservative), Mixed Tocopherols (Preservative), Rosemary Extract.

    Guaranteed Analysis:

    Crude Protein -- 9%
    Crude Fat -- 8%
    Crude Fiber -- 2%
    Moisture -- 30%

    Calorie Content (Calculated) :

    2.2 kcal / treat | 3,134 kcal/kg



    Zuke's is built on a simple premise. Zuke's love our pets and want what's best for them. After all, they've seen us naked and they don't judge us when we drink directly out of the milk carton. It's that unconditional love between pet and owner that drove us to create our line of premium, all–natural pet treats & chews. It all began on a hike with my dog Zuke in 1995, I noticed that he'd become exhausted, so I broke off a piece of my energy bar for him and he perked right up. It was then that I realized pets need healthy, all–natural treats, just as much as people do.

    Unlike other treats that are comprised of unrecognizable 14 letter ingredients, Zuke's is formulated to provide the specific nutrients your cat or dog needs. Our products include the finest meats, premium grains, fruits, vegetables and oils available. With Zuke's treats you'll never find any harsh preservatives like BHA, added animal fat, nasty by–products or artificial colors or flavors. In other words, we don't put anything in our products that we wouldn't eat ourselves—except for Mark in accounting—he's not so crazy about beets.

    As a further testament to the confidence and love we've put into our entire line, Zuke's offers a money back guarantee on everything we sell. That's the 80's movie equivalent of standing outside your house with a boom box over our head. That's how much we stand behind our products.

    Zuke's hope you have as much fun trying out the entire line of Zuke's treats with your pets as we had making them.

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    100% 7 of 7 reviewers would recommend this product to a friend.

    By (Castaic, CA)

    My dogs love these treats! Also, it's a nice change for my dogs to have something different than their usual chicken, salmon,

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    By (Ridge Manor, FL)

    I use these for training purposes because they are small. The dogs love the taste and I love the results we get from traning.

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    By (Brockway Township, MI)

    My dog loves these & so glad to get truly healthy & organic treats!!!

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    By (Weston, CT)

    dogs love these things!!

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    By (Round Lake, IL)

    My dogs love it!

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