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Organic Castor Oil Skin Care - 16 fl. oz.Aura Cacia

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Aura Cacia - Organic Castor Oil Skin Care - 16 fl. oz.
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Aura Cacia
16 fl. oz.
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    Aura Cacia - Organic Castor Oil Skin Care - 16 oz. (473 ml)

    Aura Cacia - Organic Castor Oil Skin Care is cold-pressed from the seeds of the tropical castor plant, castor oil has a light, pale yellow appearance. It is known for preserving moisture while its fatty acids leave the skin feeling nourished. Use Aura Cacia Organic Castor Oil Skin Care for your skin care needs!


    What is a therapeutic grade oil?
    There is no such grading system for essential oils. This term is sometimes used by companies as a marketing term to try and differentiate aromatherapy oils from essential oils used in flavoring and food. Aromatherapy oils should be pure, complete and unadulterated - whereas oils used for other purposes may be enhanced, redistilled or in others ways manipulated to make them more suitable for their intended purpose. But because the term isn't based on established standards or regulation, it can be-and often is-used without regard to the quality of the oil.

    What is a food grade oil?
    Essential oils, when used in food may be required by the manufacturer to conform to the Food Chemical Codex (FCC), thus making them "food grade". Essential oils in compliance with these standards can be the same essential oils used in aromatherapy as long as they are pure, unadulterated and complete oils. If they have been manipulated in any way to meet an FCC standard, then they are no longer suitable for aromatherapy use, even if they meet the technical standards to be considered food grade oils.

    How often do you test oils?
    They test every preshipment sample of essential oils before making a purchase. Then, after they purchase an essential oil, every shipment is tested to make sure it continues to meet all quality and purity standards.

    How effective is testing?
    A conscientious testing program conducted by qualified essential oil experts that includes both physical (sensory evaluation, optical rotation, specific gravity, specific gravity) and chemical (gas chromatography) testing can determine whether an essential oil is pure, unadulterated and authentic. To determine the effectiveness of any testing program, one must know what tests are conducted as well as the qualifications of the people who set the testing parameters and specifications, conduct the tests and interpret the results. And of course, to be effective, any testing program must test a representative sample from every shipment of every essential oil.

    Their thorough testing program-which includes gas chromatography (GC) testing for every oil-provides an extremely high degree of assurance that their oils are 100% pure and unadulterated. They are completely confident in their quality testing and offer a quality guarantee so their customers will share that confidence.

    Is there any difference between an organic oil and a non-organic oil?
    Organic oils come from plants that are grown, harvested and distilled in accordance with organic practices. Non-organic essential oils come from plants that may have been grown with chemical fertilizers and sprayed with herbicides, insecticides and fungicides. In addition, non-sustainable farming practices may have been used - in other words practices that do not protect the soil, water and animal life. Little or no chemical residue from such practices may be present in the essential oil, however the reason why many people prefer to buy organic products is a long-term commitment to the health and sustainability of our planet.

    What oils make the most effective insect repellants?
    The CDC (Center for Disease Control) recommends only one essential oil as an effective mosquito repellant based on scientific research, lemon eucalyptus.However the EPA also acknowledges citronella as an effective repellent.Others oils have been used traditionally to discourage various insect pests including eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint (ants), cedarwood (moths) and juniper (fleas) and spike lavender (lice).

    Why doesn't Aura Cacia have health benefits on their labels?
    Aromatherapy products are regulated by the FDA as cosmetics and must conform to cosmetic labeling regulations.Aura Cacia labels all products in compliance with regulations in order to protect you and your customer.Not all companies comply with the law - that's why you will often see competing products making claims or statements about the product's supposed benefits that you won't see on an Aura Cacia label.

    About Aura Cacia
    Aura Cacia began in 1982, it has been a leader in aromatherapy sales and quality -- as well as a key source of expert information that has fueled the widespread awareness of aromatherapy that they see today.

    A key to Aura Cacia's leadership is sourcing pure, authentic essential oils -- dealing face-to-face with the people growing the plants and extracting the essential oil whenever they can. Frequent trips to places like Europe, the Ukraine, Oregon and Australia to visit suppliers and processors illustrate their commitment to finding the best sources for their oils.

    They also test every oil they receive to make sure it meets their high standards. Their industry-leading testing program -- which now includes gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS) -- allows us to guarantee that they are providing you with the highest quality essential oils available. Whenever possible, they offer oils that are certified organic as well.

    Aura Cacia makes aromatherapy accessible with innovative ready-to-use products that let even beginners realize the full benefits of their 100% pure essential oils in a variety of ways that can easily be a part of any lifestyle.

    Aura Cacia cares about aromatherapy and the people who use it.

    Aura Cacia Philosophy
    At Aura Cacia, their goal is to make aromatherapy easy! They offer an extensive selection of high quality essential oils and aromatherapy products for all ages and spaces.

    They accomplish this with:

    • Source to the Shelf Strategy. Their own ethical and sustainable sourcing program, Well Earth, in addition to their in-house sophisticated testing capabilities, allow us to guarantee the purity of their essential oils. Only pure essential oils deliver true aromatherapy benefits, and they refuse to carry anything less.
    • A pure-as-can-be ingredient standard. They use the most natural and organic ingredients available and avoid 100% synthetic-derived ingredients when possible. They strive to deliver the best aromatherapy experience possible to their customers.
    • Full ingredient disclosure. Every ingredient used in each Aura Cacia products--down to the individual essential oils--is listed in order of its quantity in the ingredients. You will never see vague terms such as "botanical fragrance" in their ingredient lists. They want their customers to know exactly what they are getting when they purchase their products. View an Aura Cacia label.
    • Environment-friendly policies. They keep the environment top-of-mind when selecting ingredients and packaging materials for their products. They strive to use recyclable packaging, minimize excess packaging, and utilize post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials when possible.
    • Animal-friendly policies. Aura Cacia products are not tested on animals and contain no animal by-products with the exception of beeswax.

    Aura Cacia History
    Aura Cacia was founded in 1982 in Weaverville, California. The founders realized the power of essential oils and began spreading the word about aromatherapy. The more people learned, the more they demanded essential oils and other natural aromatherapy products -- a process that is continues today.

    When Frontier Natural Products Co-op purchased the company in 1993, Aura Cacia was well-established as the market leader in aromatherapy. Frontier had been selling essential oils in response to member requests since 1978 and already had expert quality testing and sourcing capabilities in place. The combination of established quality expertise and the market leadership of the Aura Cacia brand melded into a popular, premium-quality aromatherapy line.

    Aura Cacia continues as the quality leader in aromatherapy today via their Source to the Shelf Strategy. Their ethical and sustainable sourcing program, Well Earth, and their in-house sophisticated testing capabilities, allow us to guarantee the purity of their essential oils. In the face of increasing adulteration and quality exaggeration in the marketplace, this is peace of mind for their customers.

    At Aura Cacia, they take sustainability very seriously. Through their Well Earth sustainable sourcing program, they strive to develop new ethical-sourcing partnerships and ensure the raw materials and packaging components they buy are provide in a sustainable manner.


    Use as desired for skin and hair remedies and personal care applications. Store tightly closed in a cool, dry place. Also you can make your own soothing heat pack by drizzling castor oil onto  soft cloth, place on body, and cover with warming pad.


    Organic Rincinus communis (Castor) Oil.


    Aura Cacia

    Add the simple pleasures of aromatherapy to your everyday life with Aura Cacia’s unparalleled selection of essential oils and ready-to-use skin care products. Create a relaxing, spa-like setting in your own home with Aura Cacia products – formulated from 100% pure essential oils, to provide true aromatherapy benefits for the mind, body, and spirit.

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    Works great on eyelashes, hair and skin

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