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BeanFields - Bean & Rice Chips Ranch - 5.5 oz.
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    100% Natural

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BeanFields - Bean & Rice Chips Ranch - 5.5 oz.

Award Winning Taste!
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BeanFields - Bean & Rice Chips Ranch - 5.5 oz.

  • Item# :138523
    UPC# :852565003107
  • Brand:BeanFields
  • Size/Form:5.50  oz.
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  • Servings:6
  • Flavor:Ranch

BeanFields - Bean & Rice Chips Ranch - 5.5 oz. (156 g)

Welcome to BeanFields Bean & Rice Chips Ranch, where they've created torilla chips with an award winning taste. BeanFields Bean & Rice Chips Ranch are made from a blend of black & navy beans and long-grain rice, and are free of the 8 most common food allergens.

  • 29% less fat and twice the protein & fiver as most tortilla chips
  • Non-Gmo Project Verified
  • No Gluten or Corn
  • No Peanuts or Seeds
  • No Dairy (Vegan)
  • 4 grams of complete protein

BeanFields Bean & Rice Chips Ranch is a family owned, values based company and are all about beans. They believe beans are good for our families, good for our farmers and good for our planet.

Beanfields was started with a big idea - to help change the way Americans eat. Our primary goal is to help improve the global food supply by creating delicious, plant based, Non-GMO snacks, with beans as the primary ingredient.

Reed Glidden, Persistent Entreprenuer, President and Founder of Beanfields.
My career in food started when I was 13 on a Tasty Freeze truck. My father, John Glidden, bought the truck while he was still on active duty as a career enlisted man in the US Air Force. I did everything on that truck from making banana splits, handling the cash, to servicing equipment. My dad hired someone to drive it. It wasn’t exactly the Natural Food industry, yet on that truck I started my lifelong habit of learning by doing and jumping in to the deep end.

My mother, Norma Glidden, brought me up on Adele Davis recipes. With that good start I’ve now been a natural foods vegetarian all my adult life, right in the middle of hard-working America. Before my career in Natural Foods I drove trucks including an eighteen-wheeler in the Utah salt mines. Later, I founded a union construction company in Fairbanks, Alaska. Throughout all the hard work, my mentor, the pioneering herbalist Neva Jensen, helped me survive and thrive in chemically dangerous work environments such as industrial construction work on the Alaskan pipeline. Neva Jensen also introduced me to yoga. I practiced yoga for decades and I still live by its core principles. I also became a best in class weight lifter in Alaska in the early eighties.

I was also privileged to served a union steward and later as the owner and founder of a union construction company. At thirty-seven, I was ready to leave the rough and tumble world of big construction. It was time to find right livelihood. I was bound and determined to create a business I loved that also helped people. So I moved from Alaska to work with a small Natural Foods brokerage in a sunnier, warmer city, a regular hot spot compared to Fairbanks: Chicago, Illinois. 

When I got there the Natural Foods industry was about the size the cat food industry is now. No one had heard of a Natural Food brokerage. I was barely making $900 a month in commissions, but I was persistent. Once again I was in the deep end, learning by doing. Every scrap of time, money and energy went into the business. Within five months, I owned it. To my joy and good luck my brother Roy was willing to leave his career as an industrial electrician and mill rite to join me. As the company grew he moved to Florida and opened up a South East Region. Within two years I had five employees selling into an eleven-state area the size of Europe. I’m lucky to have a stellar collaborator and partner in my brother, Roy!

Ten years later my Food brokerage, Choice Marketing, had eighty employees operating in thirty-eight states. Eventually I sold parts of the company gave ownership in the remaining regions to my best manager (Kathy Murry), and tried to retire.
Early retirement was great for the gardener and musician in me. It was hell on the entrepreneur and food advocate. I had the itch. There was no cure. I was going to start up another business and of course it had to be in Natural Foods. This time I wanted to start a brand not just sell brands for other entrepreneurs. It had to be something I believed in. As I searched for ideas I began to notice that many snack companies had begun using beans as an ingredient. Well, beans and rice are my favorite meal. So, the process began. During the start up phase my wife and co-founder Liza Braude-Glidden got tired of hearing me talking about and researching how to improve tortilla chips by using beans and rice instead of corn, so she whipped up a batch. They tasted great. Those first home-cooked chips were pretty darn close to the chips that are now being sold around the country as Beanfields Bean & Rice Chips!

There’s a plaque about the Glidden clan in downtown San Antonio and another one in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Gliddens have been inventers and founders, including venerable ancestors who invented water-based paint, barbed wire and the typewriter. I guess we’ve always got to be doing something. Since there’s no cure for stopping an entrepreneur, I'm happy I ended up in the Natural Foods industry helping people appreciate my favorite foods, beans and rice. I love promoting beans, one of the most sustainable and water-efficient protein sources on the planet. Another important place of fulfillment for me is creating good Americans jobs. Doing well by doing good and finding better ways to snack is way more fun for me than being retired.  I hope you have as much fun eating Beanfields chips as I’m having making them!

Roy Glidden, Co-Founder & Executive Vice President of Sales , Beanfields , LLC. Grassroots Sales Professional and Social Activist.  I grew up in a natural foods eating family, and at the age of 25 I began my Natural Foods career. It was 1989  when I teamed up with my older brother Reed to start Choice Sales and Marketing in Chicago. I started as a Sales Representative and later served as Midwest Regional Sales Manager. Later, I moved to Florida to open  the Southeast Region for Choice Marketing.  I served as the Southeast Regional President of Choice Sales and Marketing for 10 years. After Choice sold its Southeast division, I joined Galaxy Nutritional Foods, Inc.  and served as the Director of Natural Sales for 7 years. With Galaxy Foods I gained a deep understanding of how to develop, market and sell all-natural dairy-free/vegan products in natural, specialty and conventional grocery markets

In January of 2011 I re-joined my brother Reed along with his wife (my sister-in-law) Liza Braude-Glidden to start Beanfields. From day one with Beanfields I helped with  product and brand development and mapped out a sales and marketing strategy.. 

I have the challenging and enjoyable job of directing and overseeing Beanfields’ fast-growing sales presence as snack fans and premium retailers all over the US and beyond show more and more enthusiasm for Beanfields Chips. While my home is in Everett Washington,  I travel  wherever I am needed, but you’ll often find me at Beanfields  Headquarters in sunny Los Angeles California brainstorming with our dynamic team.

As a  kid grocery shopping with my  mother was one of my favorite activities. I’ve always loved shopping  for food. I’m probably the most  All- American person on the Beanfields executive team. I grew up in Fairbanks Alaska, played high school football, college and semi-pro baseball, and I love animals especially my 17 pound terrier Honey Bear . I’m also a big music fan. I used to manage and helped produce my nephew Aron Glidden’s Seattle-based band, 20 Riverside. I’m passionate about social justice and at Beanfields, being an activist for GMO labeling and kinder business practices through groups like the Non-GMO Project and B Corp is a part of  the Job I enjoy the most.

My brother Reed and I are also great friends, adventure partners and have a natural “Mutt and Jeff” type routine we’ve been doing for decades. We enjoy visiting  natural foods stores, seeing what’s new, talking to people, and finding out what they’re thinking. We make friends with management, staff and customers. Our “Mutt and Jeff” routine has grown into a hands-on, in-store approach to sales. I’ve helped create one of the most engaged and extensive consumer events and in-store demo program of any healthier snack company. Reed and I saw early on that as soon as people taste our chips and hear the story, they want to buy them and many become devoted fans. I head up the team that greets you at the Natural Products Expos and many other national events throughout the year and I look forward to seeing you there!

Good food and the natural food industry are now a life-long passion, that I feel privileged to be a part of. It’s my goal to continue to innovate and make improvements to snacks and to have a lot of fun doing so, thanks for putting up with me.

Liza Braude-Glidden, MA, Executive Vice President of Culture and Sustainability and Co-Founder, Beanfields LLC . A Mystic in the Marketplace. I’m a fourth generation natural products consumer. My great grandparents frequented Battle Creek, Michigan. They traveled from Chicago with my grandparents and parents in tow to learn about better health practices.

Now, I have a passion for nutrition based on years as a yoga teacher. I was the first to roll out a rough-draft recipe for our bean and rice tortilla chips. I’m fully engaged in the daily life of Beanfields. If you call us, you’ll sometimes get me on the line. We try to have an actual human answering our phones directing you to the best person available to take your call. We love to connect and Beanfields Bean and Rice chips make it a fun experience for everyone.

My educational background is in the arts and spirituality. Most of my previous work was in community nonprofits, arts organizations, and community small businesses. I also worked as a writer of poetry and nonfiction, a creative writing teacher, and a group leader, helping people find a spiritual approach to community and intimacy.

My mom and dad were social scientists from the University of Chicago who moved out to Los Angeles in 1953 and became well-loved social activists. My dad, Hon. Marvin Braude, was a Los Angeles City Councilman for 32 years. Marvin is still remembered here in the 11th district as a national influencer in environmentalism and slow growth. My mom, Dr. Marjorie Braude, MD, was an activist in medical politics who helped my dad put in place a pioneering program to help the LADP and others respond skillfully to domestic violence. Beanfields central is still located in the Braude Family home here in West Los Angeles. Our family has been here since 1953. Beanfields is a part of a proud legacy of environmentalism that was so dear to my parent’s hearts. The beach bike path here in LA is named for my dad as are a number of parks in the Santa Monica Mountains that my mom and dad fought so hard to preserve.

My nickname is a mystic in the market place. In that role, I also serve as a scholar, master teacher and board member in a new nonprofit called The Center for Integral Wisdom, which is helping evolve a global ethic for an emerging global civilization. So I am all about thinking big and helping Beanfields to be a more and more vibrant contributor to the emerging global story of the future of snacking and food.

I do this by making friends and telling good stories about people, food, and America’s superfood, Beans. It’s easy to tell good stories when you’re sharing yummy Beanfields Tortilla Chips with millions of fans all over the US, and now in Canada, Australia, and beyond. One of the ways I make friends is by helping our company participate in networks like The Non GMO Project, The B Lab, Gluten Free Certification Organization, Hub LA, Social Venture Network, Conscious Capitalism and others.

Amrit Khalsa, Chief Financial Officer 
Everyone thought I was crazy.  Especially my parents. I was graduating from the best university in the world (MIT was ranked #1 in the world by topuniversities.com), with a PhD in one of their strongest areas (Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering). Instead of going to work for Boeing or NASA or General Electric, I was going to work for a food company.

The day after defending my thesis (“Endwall Blockage in Axial Compressors” if you really want to know), I got in my car and drove across the country to Eugene, Oregon to be the IT manager for Golden Temple Natural Products (the manufacturer of Yogi Tea herbal teas, Peace Cereals, Golden Temple granolas, Sweet Home Farm cereals, Wha Guru Chews, and Sunshine oils).

Throughout my last year at MIT I knew that I didn’t want to stay in engineering, and I had been searching for something else. I considered making big bucks as a quant on Wall Street, but that thought just left me cold and uninspired. I was feeling the first stirrings of what was to become a lifelong driving motivation – the need to contribute something useful to the world with my business efforts. Working just to make a living held no appeal to me. What could be more boring than waking up each day just to make a paycheck?

About 9 months prior to graduating I had an opportunity to work with Golden Temple Natural Products, which I jumped at - getting into the Natural Food industry.

After 11 years with Golden Temple Natural Products and its parent company, I was looking for my next career move. I contemplated and pursued some other socially responsible business opportunities, but felt called to stay in Natural Foods. So I moved to LA and was the CEO of Essential Living Foods for 3 years, before coming to Beanfields. When I met the Beanfields team, I saw that they shared my passion for making a difference.

As a Kundalini Yoga teacher, I also train yoga teachers on weekends. Being part of a flexible collaborative team at Beanfields helps me raise my kids and pursue my passions while making a good living and doing good. Sometimes my son or my daughter comes to work with me, so I appreciate the family style of the Beanfields team. These things keep me interested. I love to eat natural and organic foods, and I love applying my time, energy and expertise to making the world a better place – one chip at a time.  My seven-year-old son eats almost a whole six-ounce bag of Beanfields Chips every day, so I'm glad they are so much better for you than regular chips!

BeanFields - Bean & Rice Chips Ranch - 5.5 oz.
Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 oz (28g)
Servings Per Container: 6
Amount Per Serving %DV
Calories 140 50%
Total Fat 5 g 8%
Saturated Fat 0 g 0%
Trans Fat 0 g
Cholesterol 0 mg 0%
Sodium 5 mg 0%
Total Carbohydrate 18 g 6%
Dietary Fiber 4 g 16%
Insoluble Fiber 3 g
Sugars 0 g
Protein 4 g
Vitamin A 0%
Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 4%
Iron 6%
*Daily Value Not Established.
†Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your diet values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
Other Ingredients: Black Beans, Navy Beans Long Grain Rice, High Oleic, Safflower or Sunflower Oil.
Flavoring: Salt, Gum Arabic, Tapioca Maltodextrin, Onion*, Tomato*, Spices, mustard, Garlic*, Parsley*, Malic Acid, Yeast Extract, Citric Acid, Stevia Leaf Extract. (*Powder)

This product is manufactured on shared equipment also used for dairy, soy, corn and wheat. Made in a nut-free facility. No gluten-containing ingrediants used. Certified Gluten-Free by the Gluten Free Certification Organization.

Phone: 855-328-2326 x105 Visit website

About BeanFields

Beanfield's Values

Who would have thought that great tasting snacks could also help make the world a better place?  Beanfields is a family owned, values-based company that is doing our best to support and promote global environmental sustainability, food security in the USA, personal health, and stable employment for its employees.  

Environmental Sustainability
Most chips out there are made from either corn or potato.  Almost all non-organic corn these days in the USA is genetically modified.  We don’t want to support the use of genetically modified crops.

Beans Water Footprint 
As you can see from this chart (source – American Pulse Association), beans (also called pulses) are by far the most water efficient source of protein available.  And they are also far below the 110 gallons of water needed to grow a pound of corn (source – The Water Footprint Network).

Growing beans also uses far less fertilizer than other crops as they put nitrogen BACK into the soil.  Pulse crops supply their own nitrogen, using sunlight to power the conversion of this atmospheric gas into a form available to plants. The result is that pulse crop production lowers agriculture's greenhouse gas emissions from annual crop production.

Beans also require half the total energy inputs of other crops!


Food Security
Beanfield's want people to eat food grown more locally.  This not only saves the environment from the extra transportation, it helps to ensure that our families and our neighbors will still have enough to eat even if the world goes through major changes.  Can we really rely indefinitely on cheap food from overseas?  What if the transportation costs skyrocket, driving the cost of imported food way, way up?  Will we in the US still have the know-how and the capacity to produce enough food in enough variety to feed our countrymen?
Beans are one of the best ways to address our food security.  They are easy to dry and store for long periods.  They are hardy, and can be grown in many different climates.  They are an excellent source of fiber, protein and starch, and they are low in fat.  For example, each half-cup serving of dry beans provides six to seven grams of protein and meets at least 10 percent of the
Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for protein, yet only costs about 20 cents per serving.


Personal Health
Did you know that beans are the ONLY food that the FDA lists in two different nutrition categories?  Beans are BOTH a vegetable and a protein source!  That’s a lot of nutrition packed into those small little bean packages!

Corn and potato – the most common chip ingredients out there – are mostly empty calories.  But our bean and rice chips provide 4g of complete protein (which means that it has all of the essential amino acids in it) and 4g of fiber per serving.  And if you eat a half a bag at a sitting, like we sometimes do, that’s a good portion of your daily requirements!

USDA Food Plate
We also have taken great care to formulate our chips without using any of the top 8 ingredients that cause food allergies (according to the FDA).

Two of the most pressing, and fastest growing, health issues in America are obesity and diabetes.  Eating a diet with a lot of beans can help address both of these!   Beans are low in fat and an excellent source of fiber, protein and starch.  Emerging research shows they are also dense in nutrients like folate. Research suggests that good sources of folate can help protect against certain cancers and heart disease—the leading cause of death in the United States.  Beans also contain both soluble and insoluble fiber which aids in digestion, reducing cholesterol and preventing large swings in blood sugar levels.  Finally, beans contain complex carbohydrates with a low glycemic index and therefore release energy slowly to the body.  Foods with a low glycemic index have been identified as a way to maintain a consistent energy level and a healthy body weight.  This low glycemic index makes beans a great food for people with diabetes (over 8% of the US population according to the National Institute of Health), or who are border-line diabetic – which is an alarming 35% of the population!

Stable Employment
Beanfields is a business, and as such it needs to make money to survive.  But Beanfields wasn’t founded to make just a few people as rich as possible.  Using a guiding philosophy that we call a kinder prosperity, Beanfields is setting up innovative business practices to partner with our key suppliers and to build a long lasting business that benefits as many people as possible.
Our company is small now, but as we grow we will are going to make sure that our family touch, a genuine caring for our employees and the work we’re doing, doesn’t get lost.  We’ve been in the natural food industry a long time, and we’ve seen a lot of companies make compromises in the name of growth; whether its using lower quality ingredients to get their price down so they can be more “mass market,” or a sale of the company to outsiders who don’t share the original founders’ values and the founders walking away with millions.

We’re not against anyone making an honest living and living well.  And there are a lot of powerful economic dynamics in our economy that are way outside our ability to affect.  But we will continue to move ahead guided by kindness and caring rather than greed.  We believe that prosperity can be shared at least a little more broadly than so often happens these days.

Other Ways We’re Chipping In
Even as we’re just getting started on our company’s journey, we are still making a point to donate chips to various charity events and causes.  We've donated chips to our local public radio station, various school health education non-profits, and to several health & wellness charity events. We've supported the girl scouts and a residential program for adolesant girls. Giving back to the community, and being an integral partner with our community is really important to us, and we help whenever we can.

How Can You Chip In?

Here are some simple things you can do to make a difference:

Here are some simple things you can do to make a difference:
  • Eat more beans!
  • Eat more Beanfields chips!
  • Buy more locally grown, organic, and non-GMO food

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So yummy! Lots of flavor and fiber..awesome chip!

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I'm gluten intolerant and these really taste great! I just wish they were'nt so expensive.

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