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DROPPED: Big Tree Farms - Coco Hydro Coconut Water Hydration Pineapple - 0.78 oz.
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Big Tree Farms - Coco Hydro Coconut Water Hydration Pineapple - 0.78 oz.

Non-GMO Electrolyte Drink Mix
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Big Tree Farms - Coco Hydro Coconut Water Hydration Pineapple - 0.78 oz.

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    UPC# :873204106089
  • Brand:Big Tree Farms
  • Size/Form:0.78  oz.
  • Ship Weight:0.50
  • Servings:1
  • Dosage:11  Gram(s)
  • Flavor:Pineapple

Big Tree Farms - Coco Hydro Coconut Water Hydration Pineapple - 0.78 oz. (22 g)

Coco Hydro Coconut Water Hydration is for life on the go. Carry around with you where ever you are and as long as you have water, you have coconut water! Big Tree Farms takes young luscious Indonesian coconuts at the height of their nutritional content, evaporate the water, concentrate the nutrients and pack them in an easy to use, on-the-go solution for our modern lifestyle. With Coco Hydro you can incorporate the benefits of coconut water with responsibility that neatly offers flexibility and portability unlike any other healthy beverage.

Coco Hydro Single Serve Packet

  • The most sustainable coconut water on the market!
  • 5 key macro-nutrients
  • 72 key micro-nutrients
  • All the essential coconut water electrolytes in a single serve, easy to carry packet
  • Makes 12 oz of coconut water
  • Pure coconut water taste

They've even been known to open the packet and pour the powder right into their mouths! Call them crazy...but it's good... reeeeal good.

Naturally Nutrient-Rich

  • Magnesium & Nitrogen
    Regulates blood sugar levels and blood pressure.
  • Zinc
    Called the "nutrient of intelligence" and is necessary for mental development.
  • Potassium
    Electrolytes help with muscular strength, cramps, diabetes maintenance and brain function.
  • Calcium
    Builds strong bones, reduces high blood pressure and kidney stones, and aids in weight management.

Big Tree Farms Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Coco Hydro:
Coco Hydro is made from the solids of coconut water, the nutrients. Coconut water is 97% water and only 3% solids (nutrients), so they evaporate the water and package the nutrients. This means they are not shipping water around the world, which lowers the costs, lowers the environmental footprint and makes drinking coconut water much easier... one pouch of Coco Hydro is like carrying around 25 coconuts! Each 22g single serve packet of Coco Hydro contains the water of an average of 2 coconuts!

What does Coco Hydro taste like?
Coco Hydro tastes like Coconut Water. Pure and simple. Many people write us telling they prefer the taste of Coco Hydro over coconut water because it has a cleaner flavor than canned or bottled coconut waters. Why is Coco Hydro cleaner in flavor? Well, they use only the young coconuts from their organic coconut supply chain in Indonesia - the same source where they make their SweetTree coconut palm nectar from - and immediately process the juice, keeping the flavor fresh and lively, just like juice from a freshly opened coconut.

What are the additional ingredients and why do you add them?
Ingredients are: evaporated coconut water, tapioca glucose, sea salt, ascorbic acid, Ionic trace minerals. For the Pineapple and Pomegranate-Raspberry, they add vegetable based coloring and pure natural flavors.

For the evaporation process, they use glucose (also called dextrose) from non-gmo tapioca, a vegetable that is common in the tropics. This allows the nutrients in the coconut water to bind to something and not float away. Glucose is a simple sugar that is essential to life. In fact, glucose is the only food that their brains use for energy. It is essential for proper cell development, maintenance and function.

They add a tiny bit of sea salt in order to create an appropriate electrolyte balance. The sea salt comes from their own sea salt factory on eastern Bali... the same salt works that produces the rare 4 sided hollow pyramid salt crystals. Very magical salt, indeed.

Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) is added in order to make sure you get your Vitamin C dose for the day. Coco Hydro do not add a lot, just enough to make sure you get your 100% daily requirements - 60mg per serving. If you need more vitamin C, they suggest you eat an orange or a grapefruit... nothing like fresh fruit nutrients!

Coco Hydro also add a little bit of Ionic Trace Minerals to make sure you are getting the necessary intake of micro-nutrients. Micro-nutrients (minerals) are vital for proper health and in their modern like and diet, the vast majority of humans lack proper mineral intake. A lot of this has to do with eating too many overly processed foods and also soil depletion. Coco Hydro just want to make sure they get the necessary mineral intake to keep their body functioning at its highest potential. They drink Coco Hydro every day and they want the trace minerals in there for their bodies... and they want you to be healthy too! They are all in this together, so lets play, have fun and live in great health.

Vegetable based colors are added to give them the pleasure of color. Only a teeny-tiny amount is added.

Pure natural flavors are added for the flavored Coco Hydro. Coco Hydro work with a highly regarded flavor manufacturer who sources directly from top farms around the world. Coco Hydro have known them personally for almost 10 years and they create some amazing products.

Can Coco Hydro replace my bottled or canned coconut water?
YES! Coco Hydro is an easy replacement for canned coconut water. Not only is it just a simple and easy replacement for canned or bottled coconut water, its also almost half the price per serving! And it tastes amazing and also provides you with vital trace minerals that your body requires for a healthy life.

Coco Hydro always have a gallon of it in the refrigerator and just take a swig whenever they are thirsty. Which is all the time.

Why is Coco Hydro so much less expensive than bottled or canned coconut water?
Becasue were not shipping water around the world! One pouch of Coco Hydro will make about 1.5 gallons of Coconut water (200 fluid ounces). With an SRP of $11.99, this means that an 8 oz serving of CocoHydro costs $0.48 or $0.06 per liquid ounce. Compare this to an average of $0.18 per liquid ounce for canned and bottled coconut waters. Becuase were not shipping all this water weight around the world and because they work directly with their organic coconut farmers in Indonesia (taking out the middle men), they can bring Coco Hydro to market at a price that is affordable to you.

Lets make this really easy for you to see:

$0.06 per liquid ounce = Coco Hydro

$0.18 per liquid ounce = bottled and canned coconut water

Is Coco Hydro Fair Trade?
Yes! In fact Coco Hydro, along with all Big Tree Farms products, is what they like to refer to as Beyond Fair Trade. Coco Hydro work directly with over 14,000 farmers in Indonesia for all their products and ingredients. Coco Hydro have increased their farmer partner incomes by an average of 30% because of their award winning business model of adding value at the farm level and bringing products directly to market, bypassing middlemen that, at times, do not add direct value. By streamlining the process of getting products to you, the consumer, they can give more money to the farmers and also provide the consumer with great products at incredible value. Coco Hydro call it - Direct Transparent Trade.

Come to Bali and you can visit their supply chains first hand and see for yourself.

Is Coco Hydro organic?
Coco Hydro's coconut water is certified organic and they are working to get the other ingredients organic as well. Sea salt cannot be certified organic, nor can trace minerals, since they are minerals of the earth and are organic by default.

I cant find it in my local store, how can I get Coco Hydro in my town?
The best thing to do if you cant find Coco Hydro at your local store is to ask the store manager to carry Coco Hydro. They can contact them directly to order product or they can order from one of their distributors. Or, you can always order directly from them.

Tell me more about Coco Hydro...
Coconut water is 97% water and 3% nutrients. Not bad at all, as those 3% nutrients are REALLY good for them and it tastes yumscripmtious. Especially when drunken in the tropics, freshy hacked open. Anyone who has experienced this, knows egzackery what were talking about. Nothing is better than a freshly opened coconut and having its inner juice dribble down your chin. Wellllll, they can think of a few things a little better.

YET, with current coconut water products that are on the market, they are essentially shipping water around the world! And a lot of times in tetra-packs which cant be recycled. So, they are shipping coconut water half way around the world in a non-recyclable package for the 3% nutrients in that water. Seems kinda like an environmental rerun of the 1980s. Although, the 1980s did spit out some great bands...

Coco Hydro are in the tropics, based in Bali, Indonesia and they drink coconut water pretty much every day. Yet, they also travel to the US and the EU a lot for business. Coco Hydro missed their coconut water. So, they spent over 12 months developing a product that would allow them to drink coconut water ANYTIME and ANY PLACE. And were ecstatic with what they created.

CocoHydro is coconut water electrolytes that you simply scoop into your water bottle or glass, pour into some of your good local water, mix and slurp it down. Youre getting the coconut water electrolytes that are so good for you, while using your local water source.

What does this mean? Since were not shipping water around the world, which is a lot of weight, which requires a lot of fossil fuels to move that weight, it means their product is much more sustainable and also much less expensive! Really, its kinda a no brainer. If you are a coconut water junkie, like they are, make the intelligent switch to CocoHydro.

What does it taste like? Coconut water. Now, for the untraveled, coconut water from around the world tastes different every where you go. Coconut water tastes different in Sri Lanka than the coconut water in Samoa or Brazil or Goa or Madagascar or Mexico or Hawaii or Bali or Congo or the Maldives or Jamaica mon or Ecuador or Guam or... you get the picture. Coconut water, as wine, is effected by the mysterious elements of terroir. And the age of the coconut has a lot to do with flavor as well. Some coconut water tastes full bodied and almost heavy. Some coconut water tastes light and citrusy. In their opinion, flavor is subjective and there are no wrongs.

Coco Hydro is more on the light and citrusy flavor spectrum. This is how they like it, so this is how they developed it and how/when they harvest the coconuts. Just scoop in some Coco Hydro into your water bottle if you are on the go, your glass if your at home or office or even fill up a gallon jug and just keep it in the refrigerator and drink it like you used to drink milk, directly from the jug! (mom always hated that!).

With CocoHydro, coconut water just got smarter. Dont you think its time you follow? Hmmmmmm?

Coconut Water Just Got Smarter with Coco Hydro
Coco Hydro is the evolution of what can be done with coconut water to serve a population that doesnt live in the tropics where fresh coconuts are readily available and who want a sustainable, affordable option. Coco Hydro is not a substitute for the real thing (nothing beats fresh coconut water), yet, its a smarter option in circumstances when carrying around 25 coconuts just isnt logical or practical (they tried a couple times and it was just really really difficult).

Coco Hydro developed Coco Hydro for the coconut water fanatic who drinks it everyday and wants to incorporate it in all aspects of their active lives. Coco Hydro created Coco Hydro for the professional athlete who is looking for a healthier and more natural hydration formula.

For people like them, who hike, bike and climb to places that questions typical sanity, run distances that are best for left for migrating caribou, work long hours because their passion is their work and their work their passion, do yoga in a room that is essentially a massive sauna and the floor a sopping wet sweat mess, or because they drink WAY too much coffee and need an alkalizing balance in their blood stream, or perhaps ALL the above! ... yup, this is the Coco Hydro Posse. Welcome to their team.

Coco Hydro is made by taking the coconut water, which is on average 97% water and 3% nutrients, evaporating the water back into the global cloud system, collecting the nutrients and shipping them off to your local store where you can buy it. Once its in your hands, you just scoop some into your glass or water bottle, mix in your favorite local water, mix, stir, shake it up and drink it down while youre at your desk dreaming up the next internet craze, preparing for your tango lesson, on the 11th hour of your 12 hours bike race or ascending El Capitan. Or pour the whole pouch into a big water jug (gallon size) and just keep it in the fridge for the whole family to enjoy.. ITS ALL GOOD!

The key Benefits of CocoHydro:

  • High in the 5 essential electrolytes your thirsty cells and swooning heart love: Potassium, Calcium, Sodium, Manganese and Magnesium.
  • Super portable - one 275gm pouch of Coco Hydro is about 25 servings (depending on your strength of flavor). This means you can really carry it around with you pretty much anywhere. MUCH easier than carrying around 25 bottles of coconut water or 25 coconuts!... again, they tried.
  • More sustainable - were not shipping water around the world just for the 3% nutrients. Nope. Were bringing the nutrients to you so you can Jack & Jill up the hill to fetch a pale of water from your local water well.
  • And because they arent shipping water around the world, they can bring this super duper product to you at super duper prices! Crazy Eddy would be sooooo happy!
  • Coco Hydro add a pinch of Ionic Trace Minerals to each batch to make sure you are getting your absolute critical dose of trace minerals in your diet. When all food was organic and the soil rich and fertile, this wasnt an issue. But with the stress that their modern soil is put under and the depletion of vital nutrients in their soils, most of them lack these essential trace minerals that their cells crave. Coco Hydro be watching your back... just want you to be healthy.
  • And it tastes great!

Its really pretty simple. Its a great product that serves your coconut water addiction at a lower price which also cuts down on fossil fuel usage, it tastes great and you can bring it anywhere. Hallelujah!

Coconut Water:
Coconut water is legendary as a natural healing and preventative elixir of nature. If you have ever drank the juice from a freshly cracked coconut, you know exactly why. Coconut water is high in life supporting electrolytes, such as Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese and Sodium which are lost during daily activity and especially during exercise. In fact, coconut water contains the same electrolyte balance as their blood, which leads many to call it "the fluid of life" and during war time in the Pacific Ocean, soldiers were actually given plasma infusions with coconut water.

Bottom line, coconut water is good. Real good.

Here are some well known Coconut Water Facts:

  • A 100ml serving of coconut water contains more potassium than a couple large bananas and more potassium than your standard bottled sports drink.
  • Coconut water is more nutritious than whole milk with less saturated animal fat and no cholesterol.
  • Coconut water is generally regarded as more healthy than orange juice, with much lower calories.
  • Coconut water contains lauric acid, which is naturally found in mothers milk.

About Big Tree Farms:
The current history of Big Tree Farms is charmed with adventures and jaw dropping tales that will one day find their way into a book. Or perhaps even a movie. From Ben and Blairs hair raising adventures across Australia and Indonesia to Fredericks rampant exploration through Central and South America, the stage of Big Tree Farms is a fusing of synergetic passions and a relentless quest for food fun, culminating in a company that continues to push the boundaries of how the food industry conducts business.

Big Tree Farms is run by co-ceos & owners Ben Ripple and Frederick Schilling, who came together in a serendipitous meeting that was foretold by an industry associate, just moments before it happened. Twilight Zone style. No joke. From that day, it was clear that the two were to join forces and make Big Tree Farms what it is today; one of the most respected vertically integrated food companies, serving their 9,000+ farmer partners and millions of customers worldwide, each with zealous passion and sincerity.

In early June of 2000, Blair and Ben Ripple dug deep into rich volcanic soil and pulled out a handful of creamy white new potatoes. It was the first harvest for Big Tree Farms, Bali. Since those first humble beginnings on just under an eighth of an acre, Big Tree Farms has developed to become the premier producer of sustainably grown produce in Indonesia.

Now, over ten acres of land yields more than eighty different crops that are harvested daily in the wee hours of the morning, when ghostly clouds roll through the mountainous forest and the night crickets fill the air with a melodious symphony. From long time standards such as heavy heads of Broccoli, and crisp Romaines to more exotic heirlooms like French Chantenay Carrots, D'avignon Radishes, Pennsylvania Brandywine Tomatoes and Italian Chiogga Beets. Vines of succulent Passion fruit hang from 30 year-old coffee and cacao trees, Vanilla orchids trail up the trunks of shade producing Gamal and Dapdap trees and among it all are the beds of organic vegetables. Situated on the verdant slopes of Bali's second highest volcanic peak, Big Tree Farms' hand-carved terraces of produce flow seamlessly with the meandering contours of the jungle highland.

Having a vegetable farm was their first dream, the constant challenges of watching the sky and praying for no rain or pleading with the clouds to unleash their downpour, coaxing carrots to grow big and strong with compost, love and weeding, watching the seasons and veggies go through there ever changing dance and of course growing produce that is vibrant, delicious and organic will always be at their core. However, they soon realized that supporting themselves through planting carrots here in Bali was never going to work. Out of that realization came some bold new ideas.

Big Tree Farms - Coco Hydro Coconut Water Hydration Pineapple - 0.78 oz. (22 g)
Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Package
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Calories 80
Total Fat 0 g 0%
Sodium 168 mg 7%
Potassium 427mg 14%
Total Carbohydrate 20 g 7%
Sugars 16 g
Protein 0 g
Vitamin C 210% Calcium 6%
Zinc 4% Magnesium 25%
Manganese 15%
Not a significant source of calories from fat, saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, dietary fiber, vitamin A and iron.
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
Ingredients: evaporated coconut water, dextrose, Hydro Boost(potassium phosphate, calcium citrate, magnesium phosphate, manganese citrate, asorbic acid), sea salt, natural flavors, natural vegetable based coloring, ionic trace minerals, citric acid, silica, coconut flower blossom nectar, monk fruit.

Allergen Precaution: Manufactured in a facility that processes tree nuts.

2305 Ashland St.
Ashland, OR,
Phone: 541-488-5605 Email: Click here Visit website

About Big Tree Farms

The current history of Big Tree Farms is charmed with adventures and jaw dropping tales that will one day find their way into a book.  Or perhaps even a movie.  From Ben and Blairs hair raising adventures across Australia and Indonesia to Fredericks rampant exploration through Central and South America, the stage of  Big Tree Farms is a fusing of synergetic passions and a relentless quest for food fun, culminating in a company that continues to push the boundaries of how the food industry conducts business. 

Big Tree Farms is run by co-ceos & owners Ben Ripple and Frederick Schilling, who came together in a serendipitous meeting that was foretold by an industry associate, just moments before it happened.  Twilight Zone style.  No joke. From that day, it was clear that the two were to join forces and make Big Tree Farms what it is today; one of the most respected vertically integrated food companies, serving our 9,000+ farmer partners and millions of customers worldwide, each with zealous passion and sincerity.

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Good tasting. Good to have around when you need electrolytes.

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