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DROPPED: Kan Herb Co. - Corydalis Rhizome - 2 oz.
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Kan Herb Co. - Corydalis Rhizome - 2 oz.

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Kan Herb Co. - Corydalis Rhizome - 2 oz.

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Kan Herb Company Corydalis Rhizome - 2 fl oz. (59.2 ml)

Only the finest hand-selected Chinese herbs are used in Kan Herb Co. Corydalis Rhizome, with attention to the highest quality at each stage of production. Kan Herb Company Corydalis Rhizome contains Red Sage root for supporting circulatory health and Pseudoginseng root for traumatic injuries with pain, swelling, bruising or bleeding. Kan Herb Company Corydalis Rhizome also has Dong Quai root which eases menstrual discomfort, Dandelion root for occasional breast tenderness, and Peony root for occasional cramping.

Pin Yin: Yan hu suo

Kan Singles are highly con­cen­trated extracts of individual Chinese and Western herbs. Each herb is processed in small batches that yield the most favorable percentage of herbal material per fluid ounce. Kan utilizes an innovative technology: a temperature-specific method of low heat, water-alcohol extraction, without hexane or ether solvents, in a closed system of all-glass construction. This produces fragrant, concentrated elixirs with no harsh residues, undesirable by-products, or loss of active compounds. The final product is the most aromatic, bioavailable herbal extract possible. Kan Singles herb extracts enable practitioners to modify existing formulas by adding individual ingredients, combine single herbs into simple formulas, and use individual herbal ingredients to treat specific conditions.

Traditional Chinese Medicine
With over 23 centuries of continuous use, traditional Chinese medicine approaches disharmonies from within a framework that addresses the customer's constitution. Both the disharmony and the essential or underlying physical makeup of the individual are taken into account for diagnosis and treatment.

Western drugs often control symptoms but do not alter the disease process, whereas Chinese herbal therapy treats the imbalance underlying a condition's symptoms. Each treatment is tailored to the individual and based upon a traditional diagnosis.

The Foundation: Quality Raw Materials
At Kan Herb Company, quality starts at the source. They stand apart as one of the few companies that inspect, validate and test all raw herbal ingredients (herbs in whole form) in the United States before manufacturing begins. Kan Herb Company uses premium grade, sulfur-free, fresh wild crafted and organically grown herbs whenever possible. Ingredients that have been fumigated, sulfur-packed, or listed as endangered species are rejected.

  • Upon arrival at Kan Herb Company's facility in Northern California, all herbs are inspected by herbal consultants licensed in Traditional Chinese Medicine, for freshness, quality, and proper genus and species, using traditional organoleptic methods. The herbs' size, shape, aroma, taste, and texture are examined for the purpose of identification as well as quality.
  • Additionally, herbs are analyzed and referenced against an extensive database, developed by Kan Herb Company over the past ten years. This database holds detailed specification sheets describing the physical characteristics and quality markers of more than 300 Chinese herbs, as well as samples of each.
  • Inferior quality herbs, adulterations, or substitutions are identified and rejected.

Herbs processed in China are sometimes preserved with sulfur to give them the appearance of freshness. As a result, herbs may contain unacceptable levels of sulfites. Kan Herb Company's first concern is safety, and they make every effort to ensure that their herbs are sulfite-free.

Testing for Safety
Once the herbs have passed the initial quality control requirements, a proportional sample is sent for testing for heavy metals, over 250 types of pesticide residues, and microbiological contaminants. Kan Herb Company ensures that their products are free of any herb that may contain aristolochic acid.

Kan Herb Company complies to, and exceeds, the most stringent safety standards in the industry, as set by California, the leader in the alternative health and environmental arenas. Their safety limits meet or exceed United States Pharmacopeia's (USP) recommended limits for heavy metals, total bacterial count, yeast, mold, E. Coli, Salmonella and Staphylococcus. All testing and validation is conducted in the United States by independent, FDA recognized laboratories, following published methodologies. The newest technologies are employed, providing a high level of sensitivity for any desired marker, and a highly accurate representation of activity. This ensures that all of their tests meet modern standards, are unbiased, comprehensive, accurate, and available in reports that are easy to understand. Thanks to the rigorous testing of each herbal ingredient, their customers are assured that Kan Herb's proprietary products are composed of the highest quality medicinal materials, making them as safe as possible.

Manufactured Exclusively in the USA
Kan Herb Company has earned its reputation for excellence and integrity by paying meticulous attention to every aspect of manufacturing and quality control. They follow current Good Manufacturing Practices, extract ingredients using state-of-the-art methods, and keep detailed records every step of the way.

Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs)
To ensure that their finished products are of consistently high quality, and to prevent materials from being adulterated or contaminated, they have established manufacturing controls that meet or exceed recognized current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) set forth by the United States Food and Drug Administration. Their internal manufacturing controls provide documented proof that correct procedures are consistently followed, at each step of the manufacturing process, every time the product is made. Their cGMPs assure the purity, consistent composition, and quality of all of their finished products.

Extensive controls cover the sanitation and hygiene of their facilities, utensils, production materials and containers, as well as testing specifications and limits for heavy metals, pesticides and bio-burdens. Utilizing qualitative and quantitative analysis, Kan Herb Company's quality control unit approves all procedures, specifications, controls, tests, and examinations that impact the purity, quality and composition of an ingredient or product. All raw materials and finished dietary products are inspected by their QC unit; complete inspection records and laboratory tests are maintained.

Controls are also in place for handling materials throughout each step of the production process, such as worksheet s and traveling tags, assuring consistency from batch to batch, easy monitoring, and averting opportunities for adulteration. All bulk products are stored in quarantine before entering our production cycle. Products are labeled with a formula identification number, lot number, receiving date, and expiration date for easy tracking by our Quality Control department. Bottles are capped and sealed with a tamper-proof covering and shrink-wrapped.

California, the site of their production facility, has some of the most rigorous safety standards in the world. Their adherence to these high standards and the cGMPs we have established for their company set us apart from the majority of Chinese herbal companies.

Concentrated and Readily Absorbed Herbal Extracts
Once the herbs have passed quality inspection and testing, they are compounded into a formula and painstakingly blended and ground, making the active ingredients more accessible. They are processed according to Kan Herb Company's unique extraction methodology, under the supervision of biochemist Justin Wilson, Ph.D., a former Henry Fellow at Oxford and researcher at NIH. Only distilled water is used in extraction to avoid any contamination that may be found in tap water.

Excellent manufacturing techniques are required to yield the high concentration of active ingredients necessary for effective herbal therapy. Due to the molecular composition of the herbs, some herbs extract well in water, while others, such as ginseng, require alcohol to extract the active ingredients (such as ginsenocides). Kan Herb Company's innovative closed system, water-alcohol matrix extraction process, ensures that all active ingredients are captured, while letting no volatile oils escape. With strict control of temperature and timing, the herbs are heated just long enough to extract the active constituents, while avoiding carmelization or denaturing of the herbs.

Batch to batch consistency of each lot of finished liquid extract is verified. Each product is referenced against up to four prior batches, confirming proper extraction as indicated by consistent color, appearance, odor and taste. The highest level of active constituents are included in their final product, rendering small batches of fresh, full spectrum herbal extracts with an 8:1 potency. Their extracts are of remarkable character, enriched with the individual flavors and clinical potency that the ancient medical masters intended.

Liquid extracts are the most bioavailable form of delivery available, surpassing any other type of concentration, including tablets or concentrated powders. Easy to digest, they are ideal for those with weak digestion or difficulty swallowing pills, such as in the case for many older people and children. Liquid extracts are assimilated within 15 minutes of ingestion, and are excellent for acute conditions, such as the sudden onset of a cold, flu or virus.

Potency in a Tablet
After authenticating each raw herb with organoleptic testing, performing pesticide screens on each lot, as well as aristolochic acid and heavy metal testing, each formula is compounded, finely milled and thoroughly blended. Kan Herb Company uses steam heat and pressure in a unique closed extraction system, ideal for the breakdown of the cellular structure of the herbs. This proprietary process mixes the constituents and reduces the microbiological load, while maintaining all active ingredients, including volatile oils.

The resulting potent and bioavailable powdered material is tableted, utilizing varying levels of direct cold compression. Natural binders are only used when absolutely necessary. For preservation and easy swallowing, the tablets are coated with micro cellulose, a natural vegetable based coating.

The tablets are tested to ensure quality and consistency. Meticulous tests for disintegration, weight and uniformity, hardness and friability are performed. Disintegration tests follow USP methodology monograph 2040 for nutritional supplements. Kan Herb's tablet disintegration rate is 30 minutes, with full assimilation normally occurring in 4 to 6 hours, the industry standard. The weight and uniformity of their tablets is confirmed by following USP methodology monograph 2091 for weight variation of nutritional supplements.

Hardness tests are conducted following standard industry practices; a machine gently applies pressure to determine their breaking strength, or hardness; they are distressed in a tumbler to determine friability and breakage. This thorough testing assures a tablet that is uniform, fresh, potent, and bioavailable, as well as carrier free.

Packaged for Freshness and Purity
Kan Herb Company is committed to ensuring their products remain fresh throughout their shelf life. Sterilized bottles are filled using clean automated bottle technology, and each bottle is shrink-wrapped to protect again st tampering. Wherever possible, they use recycled materials for packaging.

Well preserved in the alcohol solution, liquid extracts have a very long shelf life. Evaporation of alcohol is the only limiting factor, in which case the herbs will eventually congeal. Sealing the bottle tightly after use will prevent this.

With proper storage, the shelf life of Kan Herb tablets is 3 years. Once opened, exposure to air, moisture, heat and light will accelerate the formula's natural process of erosion. Seal the bottle after each use and store tablets in a cool, dry, dark place.

Kan Herb Company is highly conscious of the quality of materials used in the manufacturing and packaging of their products. They offer their customers the choice of herbal extracts delivered in high-density polyethylene (HDPE) bottles. HDPE bottles are recommended by the FDA and are a recyclable material, used throughout the industry for the packaging of liquid extracts and tablets. HDPE bottles are resistant to impact, moisture, and permeability, delivering fresh, liquid extracts with zero breakage.

Kan Herb Company's Mission
Kan is more than their name - it is their mission. Kan Herb Company is dedicated to enhancing the practice of Chinese herbology in the West by providing unmatched herbal products that are safe, pure and effective. Kan is a valuable ally to the modern health care provider.

The lower part of the Kan ideogram represents the dragon, a symbol for power and transformation. It is their goal to liberate the power within each person to transform discomfort into harmony and balance.

Delivery of herbal products you can trust in the pursuit of excellence is Kan Herb Company's commitment.

  • Best Quality Herbs
  • Superior Formulations
  • Manufacturing Leadership
  • Scientific Quality Assurance
  • Exceptional Literature

Recomended Adult Dosage:
If taken alone:
16-48 drops, 2-3 times daily

Shake well before every use.

Corydalis yanhusuo tuber
Yan hu suo
Water: 55% to 66% by volume
Alcohol: 18% to 22% by volume
To evaporate alcohol, place drops in hot water.

Use only under the direct supervision of a qualified health care practitioner. Seek their advice if pregnant or nursing. Keep out of reach of children. Keep tightly capped and out of direct sunlight. Store at room temperature. Do not put dropper in mouth.

380 Encinal St Suite 100
Santa Cruz, CA,
Phone: (831) 438-9450 Fax: (831) 438-9457 Email: Click here Visit website

About Kan Herb Co.

Kan Herb Company is dedicated to enhancing the practice of Chinese herbology in the West by providing unmatched herbal products that are safe, pure and effective. Kan is a valuable ally to the modern health care provider.

The lower part of the Kan ideogram represents the dragon, a symbol for power and transformation. It is their goal to liberate the power within each person to transform discomfort into harmony and balance.

Delivery of herbal products you can trust in the pursuit of excellence is Kan Herb Company's commitment.

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By (St Marys , OH )

I bought the Corydalis because, for pain, my acupuncturist wanted me to have it. She moved, so I could no longer get it from her. I searched online and found Lucky Vitamin. It had the best research about the product and it was very easy to follow the directions for acquiring it. I have taken it for months now and it helps the pain I endure. I need only a few drops twice a day, they are easily taken in almost any drink, and does not leave a bad taste. I hope I can continue for a long time. Thanks for a good product. Betty H. in Ohio

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By (Beverly Hills , CA )

Very good product! It helps me cope with my trigeminal neuralgia.

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