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DROPPED: Vital Earth - Cal-Mag Liquid Wild Berry - 32 oz.
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Vital Earth - Cal-Mag Liquid Wild Berry - 32 oz.

Experience the Superior Absorption of a Powerful Bone Building Formula
Item #: 134055
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Vital Earth - Cal-Mag Liquid Wild Berry - 32 oz.

  • Item# :134055
    UPC# :855748000085
  • Brand:Vital Earth
  • Size/Form:32  oz.
  • Ship Weight:2.85
  • Servings:32
  • Dosage:1  oz.
  • Flavor:Wild Berry

Vital Earth Cal-Mag Liquid Wild Berry - 32 oz. (946ml)

For maximum utilization, Vital Earth Cal-Mag Liquid Wild Berry contains all natural Microcrystalline Calcium Hydroxyapatite Compound (MCHC). Known as the "Bone Builder", it is the form of calcium found naturally in bones. Recent studies show MCHC to be the most effective and bio-available form of calcium on the market today.

Vital Earth Cal-Mag Liquid Wild Berry is more readily utilized by the body, and has properties that produce prolonged effects that help prevent further bone loss, as well as restore mineral content to bones.

Contains Fulvic - The magic ingredient other cal-mag products don't have
Because Calcium is one of the most difficult elements to digest and utilize, the addition of Fulvic greatly enhances the way the body handles this challenging process. Fulvic metabolizes nutrients it comes in contact with and carries them directly through cell membranes where they're needed. This one ingredient is highly significant for proper absorption, and it's the unique ingredient other formulas don't have.

Benefits of Vital Earth Cal-Mag Liquid Wild Berry:

  • Powerful alkalizer
  • Promotes natural bone building; maintains and builds strong bones and teeth
  • Best liquid delivery system for max absorption
  • Absorbs in as little as 20 minutes
  • Higher potencies
  • Essential co-factors for full utilization by the body
  • Fulvic for increased absorption, utilization
  • Regulates heart rhythm
  • Alkalizes the body - decreases body acidity
  • Promotes sound restful sleep
  • Assists proper nerve and muscle function
  • Helps balance blood sugar
  • Alleviates muscle cramps and fatigue
  • Helps regulate blood pressure
  • NO wheat or dairy
  • NO shellfish, gluten, or GMO ingredients
  • Sweetened with healthy xylitol
  • NO sugar, crystalline fructose or artificial sweeteners
  • Natural, no-heat processing
  • Natural fruit derived flavoring
  • No artificial flavorings
  • Contains non of the fillers, binders, chemicals, or colorings that can be found in other brands

About MCHC (Microcrystalline Calcium Hydroxyapatite Compound) Calcium - The best form of calcium
Non-synthetic MCHC retains all the natural highly absorbable components of bone matrix, unlike synthetic hydroxyapatite that originates from rocks, or the less expensive, highly processed version known as Bone Meal. Because Vital Earth's MCHC is processed at ultra low temperatures, the nutritional qualities of the original organic bone extract are retained. Plus, natural MCHC contains Type 1 and Type 5 cartilage and glycosaminoglycans, crucial components for connective tissues.

Even though calcium is a major constituent of bone, it does not work alone. Vital Earth Cal-Mag Liquid Wild Berry also contains the co-factors Magnesium, Vitamin D, Phosphorous, and Fulvic for maximum bone regeneration.

The superior absorption of a powerful, alkaline pH liquid
With Cal-Mag's liquid formulation, the absorption process starts immediately...right in the mouth. Enzymes are activated as soon as Vital Earth Cal-Mag Liquid Wild Berry hits your taste buds, and its powerful absorption qualities continue throughout the GI tract. This high absorption formula is already penetrating the cells by the time it reaches the stomach.

The magic ingredient in Cal-Mag Liquid... Fulvic
Because Calcium is one of the most difficult elements for the body to digest and utilize, the addition of Fulvic greatly enhances the way the body handles this challenging process. Fulvic metabolizes nutrients it comes in contact with and carries them directly through cell membranes where they're needed. This one ingredient is highly significant for proper absorption, and it's the unique ingredient other formulas on the market don't have.

The ingredients in Cal-Mag Liquid:

  • 1020 mg. Calcium
  • 600 mg. Magnesium
  • 500 mg. Phosphorous
  • 800 IU Vitamin D3
  • Fulvic blend of 68 to 74 Ionic Fulvic Minerals

Healthy, Low Glycemic Sweetener
NO crystalline fructose. Vital Earth Cal-Mag Liquid Wild Berry is sweetened with natural healthy xylitol which doesn't cause unwanted spikes in blood sugar, or the fat storage that accompanies products loaded with sugar. Vital Earth Cal-Mag Liquid is flavored with natural fruit derived wild berry flavor and tastes great.

Calcium is a powerful alkalizer
Scientists have found that most diseases cannot survive in an alkaline environment, and that taking the proper type of Calcium can raise pH levels. That's why Cal-Mag Liquid's proprietary formulation is so superior - it has an alkaline pH, and it's low glycemic.

Build strong bones now to keep them strong later
Many people don't realize that the calcium in food is easily destroyed with common food processing techniques. For example, foods labeled as "Calcium Enriched" are often processed at such high temperature (for various reasons such as shelf life), that the nutrient value is destroyed.

Because of this, it becomes extremely difficult to get the full daily requirement of calcium and magnesium from your diet alone. As you can imagine, this continual depletion is a major contributing factor in developing Osteoporosis later in life.

A consistent daily program that supports building strong bones will directly affect bone density as you age. Cal-Mag Liquid helps assure you're providing your body with a superior supply of high quality, high absorption, calcium and magnesium.

About Vital Earth
Vital Earth's lab has the highest certification available from the FDA: Pharmaceutical Grade. This means that each ingredient has met the rigid requirements for quality and purity established by Pharmaceutical Grade Standards. Along with extensive monitoring and documentation, internal audits, and rigorous testing, their lab operates under the following certifications and membership:

  • ISO 9000 - ISO (International Organization for Standardization) assures that quality management principles are in compliance through all manufacturing phases.
  • Current GMP status - FDA compliance that ensures all products are safe, and pure by utilizing a highly regulated, quality controlled standard of manufacturing.
  • Member of NSF - NSF is a government agency whose purpose is to promote research and education for the advancement of science.

Guarantee of Purity
All Vital Earth products are guaranteed free of unhealthy fillers, binders and toxic chemicals. No high heat, pasteurization, or pressure extrusion is ever used in any of their formulations.

They are adamantly opposed to artificial sweeteners and MSG of any type, so you will NEVER find either in any Vital Earth formula. Only healthy, all natural, low-glycemic sweeteners, such as stevia and xylitol, are ever used.

All ingredients are from premium sources, gluten free, and any flavorings used are from fruit derived natural sources. Only natural preservatives, from sources such as blueberries and other natural substances are used, when required, in small amounts that are less than 1/10th of 1 percent.

Here's what's NOT in any Vital Earth product:

  • NO - Polysorbate 80
  • NO - Hydrogenated Oils
  • NO - Polyethylene Glycol
  • NO - Sucralose, Aspartame, or any form of MSG
  • NO - Titanium Dioxide
  • NO Gluten
  • NO Genetically Modified Ingredients

Why they created Vital Earth Minerals
Just like so many of their customers they were dissatisfied with the poor results they were getting from ineffective supplements. The overly simple formulas that contained insignificant potencies, combined with substandard manufacturing, and low absorption delivery systems equated to minimal health benefits.

The decided to do something about it and created the Vital Earth line of products. They recognized that healthy living starts one cell at a time, and knew that's where Vital Earth products needed to go to work...on the cellular level.

They accomplished their goal by creating formulas that contain the miracle molecules fulvic and humic. They utilized a high performance combination of therapeutic strength potencies, the best and most bio-active nutrient forms, solution driven ingredient combinations, and maximum absorption delivery right into cells. It's a winning combination that gives outstanding results, and keeps their customers coming back again and again because they are getting visible and life changing results.

but supplements are only part of the big picture. Great health goes hand in hand with making better food choices. At Vital Earth their goal is to offer lifestyle information, promote natural eating practices, and provide products that make your body stronger and more resilient to help fight and reverse disease so you can maintain vibrant lifelong good health.

They home that you and your family experience the outstanding results from Vital Earth products that they themselves, as well as their customers have experienced.

Adults: Shake well. Take 1 fluid ounce daily. (The bottle lid is one ounce). Take straight from the bottle or add to water, juice, or other Vital Earth liquid products. For best absorption, take with food.

Vital Earth - Cal-Mag Liquid Wild Berry - 32 oz.
Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 fl. oz. (30ml)
Servings Per Container: 32
Amount Per Serving %DV
Calories 40 2%
Total Carbohydrates 9 g 3%
   Sugars 5 g
Vitamin D3 (as Cholecalciferol) 800 IU 200%
Calcium (Elemental)(**Proprietary Blend) 1020 mg 102%
Phosphorus 500 mg 50%
Magnesium (Elemental) (***Proprietary Blend) 600 mg 150%
Liquid Fulvic/Bio-Mass Minerals 6.25 mg *
Contains all the minerals and trace elements naturally occurring in Fulvic/Bio-Mass Minerals
*Daily Value Not Established.
†Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your diet values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
**Calcium Proprietary Blend (Calcium Hydroxyapatate, Potassium Hydroxide, Phosphoric Acid, Calcium Hydroxide)
***Magnesium Proprietary Blend (Magnesium Citrate, Magnesium Hydroxide)
Other Ingredients: Purified Water, Glycerin, Xylitol, Citric Acid, Xanthan Gum, Gum Arabic, Potassium Sorbate, Natural Fruit Derived Flavoring.

Refrigerate after opening.

Use only as directed. If you are pregnant, nursing or have a serious medical condition, consult a health professional before use. Keep out of reach of children.

P.O. Box 249
Grand Junction, CO,
Phone: 1-866-291-4400 Fax: 970-241-8753 Email: Click here Visit website

About Vital Earth

At Vital Earth Minerals our goal is to promote philosophies and provide products that make human bodies stronger, more resilient, and less susceptible to the harmful elements we face daily. Just like the saying goes, “If you want different results, you have to do something different”, and we believe that maintaining lifelong good health, or reversing serious illness can only come about by making conscientious lifestyle changes. If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’all just continue having the same health problem that brought you to us in the first place. But how do you make those essential changes? Where do you start? Do you even know what changes you need to make? That's what we’re here for... You’ll never hear anyone at Vital Earth say that supplements will fix everything, because that’s unrealistic and irresponsible. Supplementation is an invaluable key to good health, but it’s only part of the answer. Supplementation should to be used properly and consistently as part of a larger program designed to create vibrant health. We want to help you turn the “big picture” into a workable, easy to follow solution for you and your entire family. Our products, lifestyle, environmental, and nutritional help are all designed to work in conjunction with each other, to get to the root cause of disease, not just alleviate symptoms. Vital Earth products and information may be just what you need to start performing at higher levels in all areas of your life, reduce stress, sleep sounder, have better mental clarity, and boost resistance to colds and flu.

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