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DROPPED: Herb Pharm - Lung Expectorant - 1 oz.
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Herb Pharm - Lung Expectorant - 1 oz.

Respiratory System
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Herb Pharm - Lung Expectorant - 1 oz.

  • Item# :132743
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  • Brand:Herb Pharm
  • Size/Form:1  oz.
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Herb Pharm Lung Expectorant - 1 fl. oz. (29.6 ml)

Herb Pharm Lung Expectorant is traditionally used to support normal expectoration and respiratory immune function. Herb Pharm Lung Expectorant is made with Yerba Santa leaf, Elecampane root, Osha root, Usnea tree lichen, Thyme leaf & flower, Lobelia herb & seed and Ginger rhizome. It is extracted with purified water, organic cane alcohol and acetic acid. Herb Pharm Lung Expectorant is recommended for acute symptom relief in the respiratory system.

  • Supports Normal Expectoration
  • Respiratory Immune Response
  • Gluten-Free
Why "Liquid" Extracts?

Optimal Absorption
Unlike herb capsules and tablets, Liquid Herbal Extracts are readily absorbed, digested, and assimilated by the body to assure the herb's optimal therapeutic benefit.

Multiple Ways to Use
Liquid Herbal Extracts can be taken internally with water, juice or tea; and they can also be applied topically as a wash or liniment.
Several different Liquid Herbal Extracts can easily be combined together to quickly create your own custom formulas.

The Taste Difference
The taste and aroma of an herb often increase its therapeutic benefit. For example, the taste of certain bitter herbs increases the body's digestive juices, and this helps improve appetite and digestion.

Fresh Herb Extraction
For their full therapeutic effect, some plants must be extracted while fresh; others only after careful drying. Unlike dry capsules, Liquid Herbal Extracts allow the option of conserving the herb in its fresh or dry state.

After years of working with herbs, Herb Pharm remains convinced that broad-spectrum Liquid Herbal Extracts are the most effective way to administer therapeutic herbs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a liquid herbal extract?
A liquid herbal extract is a concentrated solution made by extracting (pulling or "washing") the herb's chemical constituents out of the inert herb fiber (cellulose) with a solution of alcohol and water or glycerine and water. A good liquid herbal extract should optimally preserve the aroma, taste and biological activity of the herb from which it is made. Vanilla extract is a commonly known liquid herbal extract.

What is the shelf-life of Herb Pharm's products?
In the majority of instances, the shelf-life of Herb Pharm's products ranges between three (3) and five (5) years.

The product's form (alcohol-based tincture, glycerin-based tincture, capsule, etc.) contributes to a product's shelf life. Alcohol-based tinctures are normally at the high end of the range, alcohol being an excellent natural preservative. Glycerin-based tinctures tend to be at the low end, glycerin being a slightly less effective preservative.

As of April, 2013 all Herb Pharm products are imprinted with a "Best By" or "Exp" (Expiration) date on the bottom of the retail package.

Products manufactured prior to April, 2013 display a batch code printed on the bottom edge of the label or on the bottom of the bottle. There you will see a 6-digit batch number with a dash and then a number, a letter and two more numbers. For example, if after the dash you see "9M02" you can read that as follows: the first number "9" is the year it was manufactured (2009), the letter "M" is for the day of the week (M is for Monday), and the last two numbers, "02" are the week of the year. (02 is the 2nd week of the year).

When a product reaches its Best By date, or beyond, it does not spoil but simply begins to lose some of its original potency. For best results, store Herb Pharm products in a cool, dry place away from heat and light.

Most liquid herbal extracts contain constituents that tend to precipitate out of the solution if they are left sitting on a shelf or in a medicine cabinet without shaking. You will see this precipitation as little specks floating in your extract or coating the inside of your dropper, or as a tiny layer of sediment on the bottom of the bottle. This can happen in as quickly as a couple of weeks. This is a normal occurrence and does not affect the quality of the product. Please make sure to shake the bottle vigorously before use to help these plant particles get reabsorbed in the extract.

Are extracts made from fresh herbs better than ones made from dry herbs?
Many people assume that a fresh herb extract is superior to a dry herb extract, but this is not necessarily true; it really depends upon the unique biochemical, biophysical and energetic properties of the specific herb being extracted. While some herbs do indeed make a superior extract when extracted while still fresh and succulent (e.g., Shepherd's Purse, Corn Silk), there are also many herbs which make a superior extract when extracted after the herb is dried (e.g., Hops, Grindelia). Also, some herbs are best extracted when semi-dried (e.g., Saw Palmetto), or fermented (e.g., Wild Cherry, Sweet Clover). Some are overly active when fresh and must be dried and aged one year before use (e.g., Buckthorn, Cascara Sagrada).

For thousands of years people have been using thousands of different herbs. While some of these herbs are used fresh, the vast majority is used in their dry form. Remember that each herb has its own unique properties and therefore must be treated accordingly. There are no universals when it comes to herbal handling and extraction.

What is the purpose of alcohol in liquid herbal extracts?
Alcohol is the best food-grade solvent for extracting and preserving many of the naturally occurring herb constituents that are poorly soluble in water.

The pharmaceutical-grade organic alcohol used to prepare Herb Pharm's liquid extracts serves three specific functions. First, alcohol is the only edible solvent that will extract and preserve many of the naturally occurring herb constituents that are poorly soluble in water, such as essential oils, resins, balsams and many alkaloids. Second, alcohol is an excellent natural preservative, which maximizes the shelf life of the extracts. Third, alcohol is a great carrying agent, which facilitates the absorption of the herb's constituents into the bloodstream.

How much alcohol is in liquid herbal extracts and how much alcohol am I really consuming?
The amount of alcohol in individual liquid extracts can vary from 20% to 90% depending on the herb being extracted and its content of alcohol and water-soluble constituents. For example, to fully extract Cayenne's pungent resins and orange-red pigments require at least 80% alcohol is required. A Cayenne extract made with a lower amount of alcohol will contain smaller amounts of Cayenne's resins and pigments, and therefore will be of lower quality than the higher alcohol extract.

The amount of alcohol you consume in a dose of liquid extract is actually very small. For example, taking 30 drops of Echinacea liquid extract (alcohol content of 45% to 50%) amounts to consuming 1/65th of a can of beer or 1/85th of an 8-ounce glass of wine. Also, if you mix those 30 drops of Echinacea liquid extract into 2 ounces of water, that mixture would contain only 0.59% alcohol.

Can I evaporate away the alcohol in liquid herbal extracts by mixing the extract drops into hot water?
A small amount of the alcohol can be removed this way but most of it will stay intimately mixed with the hot water and will remain so even if the water is boiled. That's because alcohol and water are extremely difficult to separate once they have been mixed. While adding extracts to hot water will not eliminate their alcohol, it can, in some cases, actually damage the extract. Many extracts are heat stable (e.g., Goldenseal) and adding them to hot water does no harm. However, other extracts are damaged by heat (e.g., Valerian) and can be weakened by adding them to hot water. Also, essential oils found in certain extracts (e.g., Lemon Balm, Chamomile) will be at least partially vaporized by hot water. Here you are left with a compromised extract, but the alcohol remains. If an extract is directed to be taken hot to increase its diaphoretic (sweat-inducing) action, it should be added to hot water that is not too hot to drink.

Can I give Herb Pharm herbal extracts to my pets or other animals?
All of Herb Pharm's products are specifically developed for human use.

What is the best way to take liquid herbal extracts?
You should always put liquid extracts into water or juice for consumption. Taking them straight from the dropper may cause a burning sensation in the mouth and is discouraged. Mix the prescribed number of extract drops into 1 to 2 ounces of water unless the label directs otherwise. You can also add the drops to warm tea (not piping hot) or juice. Certain herbs, because of their stronger action, require more water. For optimal results, sip the mixed drops so you can savor the extract's flavor and aroma. Although you may not always like the taste, it contributes part of the therapeutic effect of the herb. Always follow label instructions. Some products require more water or have other special instructions for use such as the throat spray or eye drops.

What is the proper dosage of liquid herbal extracts for children?
Unless otherwise noted, all doses are for adults, but Clark's Rule can be used to convert the adult dose to a child's dose. Some extracts are not suitable for children. Consult your doctor for advice.

Clark's Rule
Divide the child's weight (in pounds) by 150 to get the fraction of the adult dose to give to the child.

Example: For a 50 pound child give 50/150 (or 1/3) of the adult dose. Therefore, if the adult dose is 30 drops taken 3 times per day, the child's dose will be 10 drops taken 3 times per day (not 30 drops taken 1 time per day). Some extracts are not suitable for children. Consult your doctor for advice.

How many drops are in a one-ounce bottle of liquid herbal extract?
The number of drops in a bottle of liquid extract will vary depending on the viscosity (thickness) of the extract. For example, one ounce of Herb Pharm's Goldenseal liquid extract contains 1,243 drops, Echinacea liquid extract contains 1,184 drops, and Marshmallow liquid extract, which is very viscous, contains only 1,000 drops. In general, most extracts fall within the range of 1,000 to 1,300 drops per ounce. This is equivalent to 25-32 individual doses per bottle.

How can I compare the dosage of herb capsules or softgels to the dosage of liquid herbal extracts?
Liquid herbal extracts are much easier to absorb and assimilate into the body than herb capsules and softgels. Herb capsules and softgels made from crude herb have to be digested (i.e., extracted) by your body before the herb's chemical constituents can be absorbed into the bloodstream. Since many herbs are very woody, digesting and absorbing them can be very difficult, especially for people with digestive problems. Therefore, much of the capsule or softgel remains undigested and never gets absorbed. However, the chemical constituents in a liquid herbal extract have already been "digested" and can therefore be readily absorbed into the bloodstream. Because of these differences, liquid herbal extracts are a much more efficient means of getting the chemical constituents out of the crude herb and into the bloodstream.

Because of the widely varying amount of hard-to-digest woody fiber in various herbs and the efficiency of absorbing and assimilating liquid extracts, it is impossible to directly compare liquid extracts with powders. Powders have the additional disadvantage of quickly losing their potency through oxidation, so more is needed to achieve the same effect. Fresh plant extracts are even more difficult to equate to powders because the fresh, un-dried plant has very different characteristics than the dried plant. Herb Pharm makes extracts from fresh herbs for those plants that typically do not dry well either because they degrade or because some constituents volatilize upon drying. Drying and powdering these herbs places them at a still greater disadvantage. Always follow the label's recommendation for dosage.

Are Herb Pharm products gluten-free and does their alcohol contain gluten?
Yes, all of their products are gluten-free. The alcohol in their products is derived from either gluten-free, non-GMO corn or sugar cane, and is certified organic.

A Heritage of Purity & Potency
For over 30 years Herb Pharm has earned their customers' trust by making pure and potent botanical medicines. They've always understood that the integrity of their products directly affects your health and vitality.
Herb Pharm's extracts capture the flavor, aroma and broad-spectrum medicinal profile of the original plant, and they don't spike their products or otherwise meddle in Nature's intentional balance.
Herb Pharm's herbs must pass therapeutic profile analysis, sensory and macroscopic evaluation, as well as pesticide, herbicide, allergen, heavy metal and microbiological screening.
Herb Pharm only uses the clean ingredients. They never use synthetic solvents like hexane, methanol and petroleum ether. And, they don't add unnecessary binders, fillers, colors or preservatives.
For consistently safe and effective healing herbs, Herb Pharm has always been the gold standard.
The First Years
On March 8, 1979, Herb Pharm was officially established as a bona fide business in Williams, Oregon. From the beginning, their mission has been unwavering:

Herb Pharm is committed to providing the highest quality herbal products possible, educating people on the safe & effective use of medicinal herbs, & inspiring a love for plants and respect for Nature.

Back in the early days, their "lab" was the home of Ed Smith and Sara Katz, the company's founders and owners. Bottles were filled one-by-one with a beaker, and labels were manually typed. Accompanied by a handful of apprentices, days and nights were spent planting, harvesting and grinding the roots, leaves, flowers and seeds that grew in our garden and the surrounding mountains to make their liquid herbal extracts.

Serving a Need
In those days, Herb Pharm's little company was the alternative to the rather poor quality and limited array of medicinal herb products available in the 70's. Back then, they spoke constantly and loudly of the importance of using organic, high-quality herbs as opposed to the overdried plant fiber that the few existing companies were using in their products.

Focus on Quality
Herb Pharm focused on collecting the best quality herbs they could, hand-picking the most medicine laden plant parts while paying close attention to the plants themselves, their peak of readiness and the best time of day for harvest. They even drove 100 miles round trip to fill their jugs with solar distilled water for their extracts!

Herb Pharm's Traditional Roots
Before starting Herb Pharm, Ed lived five winters in the South American jungle learning about plants from the native healers. He practiced herbal medicine at a missionary clinic in Guatemala, and studied every herb book he could get his hands on. Early on, they used formulas from traditional American herbals, the writings of the Eclectic Physicians, and the U.S.Pharmacopoeia's.

Ed Smith began formulating proprietary compounds, using knowledge from his studies and extensive travels. Always paying close attention to worldwide medicinal herb research, Herb Pharm introduced to the American herb market valuable medicinal herb products such as Ginkgo and Vitex.

Today at Herb Pharm
Ed and Sara still own Herb Pharm as a family business, and are involved in the daily operations of the company. They now have an 85-acre certified organic herb farm (called the "Pharm Farm"), employ 75 people, and sell products to health food stores, Herbalists, Naturopathic Physicians, and Medical Doctors worldwide.

Attention to Detail
Herb Pharm is as picky as ever about the plants they use and their meticulous extraction. They extract each herb according to its own unique physical and biochemical characteristics at a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Williams. As years go by, they constantly look for ways to improve the quality of their herbal medicines.

Committed to Principles of Traditional Herbal Medicines
There is an ever-increasing trend towards refining herbs and isolation of herbal constituents. Their broad-spectrum extracts provide an alternative to this trend. Herb Pharm are still committed to herbal extracts that represent the whole plant, and the basic principles of traditional herbal medicines. They are sincerely grateful and thank all of their customers who have used their products through these years. As they continue to sink their herbal roots deeper and deeper, Herb Pharm will constantly strive to bring their customers the finest herbal extracts available anywhere.

Shake well before using. Take up to 40 drops in 2 oz. of water or juice, three to five times per day. Best taken between meals.

Herb Pharm Lung Expectorant - 1 fl. oz. (29.6 ml)
Supplement Facts
Proprietary Extract Blend:
   Yerba Santa leaf (Eriodictyon californicum) 2
   Elecampane root (Inula helenium) 1
   Osha root (Ligusticum porteri) 2
   Usnea tree lichen (Usnea spp.) 2
   Thyme leaf & flower (Thymus vulgaris) 1
   Lobelia herb & seed (Lobelia inflata) 1 2 3
   Ginger rhizome (Zingiber officinale) 1
1 Certified Organically Grown
2 Sustainably Wildcrafted
3 Fresh (undried)
Other Ingredients: certified organic alcohol (70-80%), distilled water & acetic acid (<0.02%).

Seek expert medical advice before taking during pregnancy. Keep out of reach of children. Store away from heat & light.

20260 Williams Highway
Williams, OR,
Phone: 8003484372 Fax: 8005457392 Visit website

About Herb Pharm

There was a time not that long ago when the society focused squarely on fighting nature in the interest of progress. The land suffered and so did we. Herb Pharm started with a few scrappy idealists who believed they could cultivate health from the land without robbing it, and future generations along with it. They looked to ancient healing traditions and then sought to improve upon them.

By using technology and proven clinical practices in tandem with nature, and not in domination of it, our founders challenged themselves to find a better path to health. What they started with was a holistic mandate, not a commercial one. We’re still small enough that we make each batch by hand, but large enough to have the latest in manufacturing and testing technology, which suits us fine. Healthy people and planet has always been our focus, passion and mission and that along with our commitment to our founding principles will never change.

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