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Nergia - Energy Shot Tropical - 2 oz.

Premium All Natural Ingredients
By Nergia
Item #: 132786
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Nergia - Energy Shot Tropical - 2 oz.

  • Item# :132786
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  • Brand:Nergia
  • Size/Form:2  oz.
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  • Flavor:Tropical

Nergia - Energy Shot Tropical - 2 oz.

Nergia Tropical Energy Shot contains premium, all-natural ingredients are known to have high levels of beta-carotene which helps with vision and heart health. America's Naturals created NERGIA (pronounced: EN-ER-GIA) for people who want more out of life but aren't willing to compromise to get it. Let's face it. You're busy. You are the classic overachiever. Every day is filled with a list of "must dos". Unfortunately the pace of everyday can leave you drained; that familiar 2 pm "brain cloud" that comes over you…and you know you still have a good 8 hours to push through before you can relax…so you can do it all over again tomorrow.

A little extra energy will help you get through the day…but you're committed to watching what you eat, keeping it natural, and avoiding artificial sweeteners, preservatives and products with ingredients you can't pronounce…which is why they made NERGIA. NERGIA is simple to understand. It's 100% Natural Energy. NERGIA's BioIgnition Energy Blend of ingredients comprised of Native Seeds, Berries & Bark is the perfect complement of ingredients, from deep in the Brazilian Rainforest where some of the world's most important botanical resources have been discovered.

Instead of using preservatives, they've pasteurized their product. NERGIA contains no high fructose sweeteners or artificial sweeteners, they use only pure and natural low and no calorie sweeteners. Artificial colors? No way. Nergia doesn't think you need to see "pink" to know what something tastes like…so you'll notice that their product looks more like "tea". That's because it is a tea-like blend of seeds, berries & bark…that have a natural color - that they like, and they're sure you will too.

Frankly, NERGIA feels nature is pretty perfect so they didn't see a need to modify it.

NERGIA is 100% Natural Energy made from the finest Seeds, Berries & Bark on the planet.

NERGIA's BioIgnition Blend with Guarana, Acai and Catuaba is their unique and proprietary energy blend from the finest plants, from deep in the Brazilian Rainforest where these botanicals have been used for centuries by the local people for their unique properties. The NERGIA formula was carefully developed so that each serving of NERGIA delivers the perfect combination of ingredients giving you the all-natural energy boost you need, without any negative side effects, artificial ingredients or preservatives.

Nergia's blend is produced from non-GMO crops grown in the native region that are hand selected by the locals in the harvest season. By supporting local farmers, they are helping them maintain their native culture and improve their quality of life without affecting the delicate, natural balance of the rainforest region.

Nergia Energy Shot Frequently Asked Questions

Why are most of the products that contain caffeine using synthetic caffeine?
There are many reasons. A primary factor is that it is a complicated process to standardize natural ingredients, meaning it is hard to get the same potency from dose to dose. This is true with all natural products, which is why pharmaceutical companies rely more on science (and this is not a bad thing when it comes to vital medicine) because they can count on the potency (and supply and price) remaining consistent. However, their founder developed a method that can apply this same type of standardization to natural ingredients, meaning they CAN produce a product with all natural ingredients with consistency. A second reason so many rely on synthetics is cost. Synthetics are "made" so the supply is always (or can be) sufficient with demand. Natural ingredients have a limit on supply which dictates cost…bottom line, natural ingredients are generally more expensive.

Will I feel a difference between NERGIA and other popular products?
Yes. You will certainly feel the product working. You will not feel a crash associated with most energy products because they do not use Taurine, high fructose sweeteners, or other ingredients shown to exacerbate the "crash". Additionally, there are other, natural attributes, polyphenols for example, that help your body, that are present in natural caffeine that you would not get with a synthetic caffeine-based product.

Why is NERGIA the color of tea? Is that a brown color from food coloring?
No! The tea color is the natural color caused by tannins in the natural ingredients in their product. Nature is not "clear".

There are 19 calories in the Tropical flavor and 14 in the original Mocha. What is the source of the calories?
Nergia use only 100 % natural sweeteners which carry a few calories. Because they chose to go ALL-NATURAL, the byproduct is a few calories. Nergia felt it was far more important to avoid synthetic ingredients than it would be to boast a ZERO calorie label.

How many bottles of NERGIA can I drink in one day?
Nergia recommend that you limit it to 2 bottles of NERGIA a day. And they ask that you be aware of other products you use that may also contain caffeine like; soda, coffee and tea.

You list the caffeine content on the label, most products do not. Why do you?
Nergia believe in 100% transparency. Nergia also know that you are concerned about your health and your family's (which is why you are reading this!), so complete transparency is the only way you will be able to make informed decisions about what you are putting in your body.

There have been stories in the news regarding caffeine and health. Is caffeine safe?
Caffeine is safe for healthy adults. The FDA has stated that consuming 400 milligrams of caffeine in a day is safe. Nergia's product contains 180 per bottle. Nergia's natural product is equivalent to drinking 2 cups of premium, natural coffee. For a healthy adult, 2 cups of coffee is safe.

What is the best way to drink NERGIA?
NERGIA tastes best when served chilled, although it still tastes great at room temperature. You can also add it to your favorite juice or smoothies!

The NERGIA Formula
The Seeds, Berries, & Bark
NERGIA was carefully formulated to deliver a pleasant boost of energy without the jitters or the negative side effects often associated with "energy drinks and shots". Nergia's team of formulators worked diligently to produce a product that is 100% natural, from farms to finished goods; including their unique process which uses gentle pasteurization instead of synthetic preservatives.

Nergia use only premium, non-GMO ingredients from farms and plantations that maintain their native farming traditions avoiding more modern techniques that incorporate the use of chemicals and genetically altered plants. When you consume NERGIA, you can do so with confidence. Nergia won't put anything in their products that they would not put into their own bodies. NERGIA is 100% Natural Energy from Brazilian Bark, Berry and Seeds.

Nergia's Ingredients - The Seeds, Berries, & Bark

Ingredient #1 - Guarana "The Seeds"
Guarana is a bushy vine native to northern Brazil. The name "guarana" comes from the native tribe, (Tupi-Guarani) word "wara'na", and is an integral part of their culture and is viewed by them as a plant with "magical strength."

According to Tupi-Guarani myth, the plant became domesticated when a beloved local boy was killed. The villagers became outraged, and to calm them, a benevolent god plucked the child's left eye and planted it in the forest; resulting in all of the wild varieties of guarana in the forest. Then, the god plucked the right eye and planted it in the village where it is believed that the domestic guarana originated. This myth helps to explain the "eye-ball" appearance of the ripened fruit of the plant, and brings sentiment and meaning to the local tribes people.

More than just a "myth" In addition to being entrenched in local folklore, guarana also plays a vital role in local medicine, tradition and the Brazilian soft-drink industry. More recently, guarana is gaining popularity due to its unique chemical composition and widespread use in traditional medicine.

Guarana's key active ingredient is guaranine, which is chemically identical to caffeine. The guarana fruit contains Anthocyanin pigments and polyphenolics (the attribute responsible for the dark colors in fruit pulp and skins) that are widely believed to possess many preventative and therapeutic roles for numerous human maladies. Through what's become known as the "French Paradox", the public has become aware that specific populations of red-wine drinkers in France and Italy have much lower rates of heart related problems than their North American and Northern European counterparts. Although anecdotal, it is generally accepted that red wine phenolics contribute at least partly, to this beneficial effect. This discovery has led to additional research to determine the full scope of benefits associated to anthocyanin pigments and how they can be utilized to fight cell oxidation (oxidative stress) and promote better health.

In addition to being an effective, natural stimulant, guarana is used by many to help combat mental and physical fatigue; including chronic fatigue syndrome, treat low blood pressure and function as an effective appetite suppressant for weight loss.*

Ingredient #2 - Acai "The Berries"
Acai berries are produced by a palm tree known scientifically as Euterpe oleracea, common in floodplain areas of the Amazon River. The palms produce a fruit that is harvested commercially. When ripe, the berries are dark purple and about the size of a blueberry. They contain a thin layer of edible pulp surrounding a large seed. The palms are spread throughout the region as a native, and grown commercially for the seeds.

In 2006 the University of Florida published a study in the Journal of Chemistry and Agricultural Sciences that examined the antioxidant properties of the berries. According to researcher Stephen Talcott, "Acai berries are already considered one of the richest fruit sources of antioxidants," Talcott said. "This study was an important step toward learning what people may gain from using beverages, dietary supplements or other products made with the berries."

Antioxidants are the natural protective molecules found in vegetables and fruits like the acai. Antioxidants help protect their DNA and cells from free radical (oxidative stress) damage in their bodies which cause cellular damage resulting in various health problems.

In Brazil, the pulp from the Acai berry is used by natives to help improve overall health, increase energy and fight fatigue. In the U.S. the fruit's antioxidant properties have made it one of the most popular new entries on the market.

Ingredient #3 - Catuaba "The Bark"
Catuaba has a long history of use in herbal medicine by the Tupi Indians of Brazil. The chemical constituents found in catuaba, which is harvested in the bark of the plant, include alkaloids, tannins, aromatic oils and fatty resins, phytosterols, cyclolignans, sequiterpenes, and flavonoids.

Catuaba is viewed as a central nervous system stimulant and has been used for centuries for its many benefits. In Brazil, catuaba is used to help memory and cognitive function and to fight fatigue and improve libido. In Europe catuaba is considered a "brain and nerve stimulant". In the US catuaba is viewed as a central nervous system stimulant, libido, and to fight general exhaustion and improve memory.


  • Seedlings
    New seedlings are grown to ensure the sustainability of the crop year after year. It takes 2 years for a small seedling to mature and produce a harvestable crop.
  • Plants
    Mature plants thrive on this local farmland where the climate provides the perfect combination of moisture and sunshine needed for healthy and productive yields. Guarana plants are shrubby and low to the ground, preferring some shade and plenty of rain.
  • Farms
    Deep inside the rainforest on this small farm in Brazil, a local farmer harvests the crop and carries it towards the processing area where the husks will be separated from the seed and prepared for processing.

The History of Guarana and A Comparison to Other Caffeine Sources
Guarana has been used by the Amazonian Indians of South America for centuries to enhance energy levels, suppress appetite, and other health conditions. More recently, guarana beverages have been adopted by the greater population globally as a tonic to enhance wellbeing, in much the same way coffee is drunk in the United States. Guarana's popularity began in Brazil, where it can be found in the soft drink, Guarana Antarctica. Guarana is one of the most popular forms of caffeine (guaranine) intake throughout South America. Whilst there are some people outside South America aware of Guarana and its benefits, it hasn't hit the mainstream yet. In the United States, guarana holds a GRAS-status (Generally Regarded As Safe).

While synthetic caffeine provides a short-lived energy burst that overheats and excites the body, guaranine (an old name for caffeine in guarana) has a more cooling action that revitalizes and relaxes. This is because guarana contains other components that modify the activity of this substance. The end result is more beneficial to the body than tea or coffee.

A major advantage to taking guarana is its relatively slow release into the body of caffeine compared to manmade caffeine. Its component caffeine (also called guaranine) with its high content in tannins and fiber, is absorbed slowly and gently through the body.

In a study published in the journal Pharmacology Biochemical Behavior, a comparison was made of the absorption of caffeine from coffee, cola or guarana capsules. Based on saliva caffeine concentrations, the absorption from the capsules was about 40% slower than that of coffee or colas. This allows for the slow onset or lack of side effects, such as jitters, etc.

Since the guaranine is released slowly, the energy boost that is experienced from guarana is not like that of coffee with its sudden rise and then quick drop-off. Rather, it continues to increase over hours. Its stimulant action usually lasts 4-6 hours without side effects. An additional advantage is that the slow release of caffeine in guarana may help a person avoid the sudden loss of energy that often follows high doses of many stimulants.

The delay in onset of the "caffeine" effect is due to the chemistry of Guarana seeds which shows a rich source of caffeine, containing 3–6% on a dry weight basis (Saldana et al 2002). Other major compounds include theobromine, theophylline, tannins, resins, protein, fat and saponins (Duke 2003) none of which are present in synthetic caffeine. The effects of guarana are longer lasting than caffeine with less side effects are due to the saponin and tannin content (Babu et al 2008).

Chemical composition of Guarana seeds:

  • Vegetable fiber: 49.125%
  • Reddish resin: 8.800%
  • Starch: 8.350%
  • Water: 7.650%
  • Pectin, malic acid, mucilage, dextrin, salts: 7.470%
  • Guarana-tannic acid: 5.902%
  • Caffeine: 5.388%
  • Yellowish steady oil: 2.950%
  • Pyro-guarana acid: 2.750%
  • Reddish colorant: 1.520%
  • Amorphous substances: 0.606%
  • Saponin: 0.060 %

The current data shows that Guarana sourced caffeine delivered with the whole plant extract with all the components provides a slower on set of caffeine effect, a longer effect of caffeine energy, and less side effects due to the controlled are rate of blood level of caffeine vs the synthetic version.

For a moderate or late day energy boost, consume one half (1/2) bottle of all natural NERGIA. For maximum energy, consume an entire bottle. Do not exceed two (2) bottles of NERGIA shots daily (consumed several hours apart) and be aware of other products you may consume that contain caffeine. NERGIA does not use preservatives, so please refrigerate after opening. Use or discard any remainder within 72 hours (three days) after opening.

Nergia - Energy Shot Tropical - 2 oz.
Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 bottle (2 oz)
Servings Per Container: 1
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value*
Calories 19
   Calories from Sugars 8
Total Fat 72 mg <1%
Natural Sugars 3 g **
Cholesterol 0 mg 0%
Total Carbohydrates 3 g 1%
Sodium 27 mg 1%
Bioignition Energy Blend 917 mg **
   Natural Caffeine (Guarana Extract) 180 mg **
   Natural Guarana Extract**
   Natural Acai Berry Extract**
   Natural Catuaba Extract**
* Percent daily values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
** Daily Values not established.
Other Ingredients: Water, Erythritol (Natural Sweetener), Cane Sugar, Natural Flavors, Citric Acid, Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt, Monk Fruit, Stevia, Talin.

Contains caffeine comparable to 2 cups of premium coffee (180 mg). This product is not intended for individuals under 18 years of age, pregnant or nursing women or for those sensitive to caffeine. Consult with your doctor before use if you are taking medication and/or have a medical condition.

America's Naturals
Fort Lauderdale, FL,
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About Nergia

America's Naturals created NERGIA (pronounced: EN-ER-GIA) for people who want more out of life but aren't willing to compromise to get it. A little extra energy will help you get through the day…but you're committed to watching what you eat, keeping it natural, and avoiding artificial sweeteners, preservatives and products with ingredients you can't pronounce…which is why we made NERGIA. NERGIA is simple to understand. It's 100% Natural Energy. Instead of using preservatives, we've pasteurized our product. NERGIA contains no high fructose sweeteners or artificial sweeteners, we use only pure and natural low and no calorie sweeteners. Frankly, we feel nature is pretty perfect so we didn't see a need to modify it.

NERGIA is 100% Natural Energy made from the finest Seeds, Berries & Bark on the planet.

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I drink NERGIA everyday after lunch to give me the energy boost I need to make it through the day. I also drink it before I go to the gym. It is 100% natural, so I do not feel guilty drinking it. It has guarana, acai and catuaba, so not only do I feel energized, my mind is also clearer after drinking it. I highly recommend this to anyone who needs a natural energy boost and just wants to feel better.

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