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Kids Complete Multivitamin and Fiber - 120 GummiesSmartyPants

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SmartyPants - Kids Complete Multivitamin and Fiber - 120 Gummies
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gmp-certified IconGMP Certified
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dairy-free IconDairy-Free
eco-friendly IconEco Friendly
egg-free IconEgg-Free
gluten-free IconGluten-Free
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SmartyPants - Kids Fiber Complete - 120 Gummies

Keep Your Child Active and Energetic Throughout the Day with a Complete Multivitamin Solution
Nowadays, it’s impossible to give one’s kids the essential nutrition they need solely through their diet. One way or another, something will always be lacking. Now, you shouldn’t need to formulate a perfect diet for your child, but it’s essential that you supplement their bodies with important trace minerals, vitamins, and Omega-3 fatty acids. One way you can do that is with Smarty Pants Kids Complete and Fiber, which supports healthy development and provides energy.

  • Comprises all the benefits of vitamins, minerals & Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Provides bone support
  • Benefits heart health
  • Increases energy & vitality
  • Supports & strengthens immune function
  • Allows healthy cognitive development
  • Enhances digestion
  • Retains optimal eye health
  • Contains pectin, citric acid, gelatin & triglycerides
  • Give two gummies twice a day for daily maintenance
  • Suitable for all kids aged 3 years & above
  • Three delicious flavors of gummies; lemon, orange & strawberry lemon
  • Free from allergens, like gluten, nuts, wheat, eggs & dairy
  • Free from artificial additives, sweeteners & is GMP certified

Provides Bone and Heart Support
For starters, it contains beneficial vitamin D3, which provides support for your child’s developing bones. It also retains healthy vitamin D3 levels to prevent the onset of deficiency symptoms. Containing essential omega-3 fatty acids, these delicious gummies can provide your child with better support for a healthy heart and circulatory functions.

Maintains Eye Health and Vision
The supplement contains vitamin A and fatty acids like DHA that can have a beneficial effect on your child’s vision. Vitamin A plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy eyesight and vision, and a deficiency can lead to symptoms, like night-blindness. In addition, DHA is helpful in alleviating eye pressure.

Benefits the Immune Function and makes it Stronger
The formula contains vitamin C and trace minerals that boost the body’s natural immune functions. In addition, vitamins B6 and E are vital for supporting essential immune functions and protecting the body from infections. With daily maintenance, your child’s immune responses will grow stronger, so they can be prepared for anything!

Improves Digestion with Soluble Fiber
When children are busy moving about and playing, they hardly think about how they’re hungry or thirsty. Unregulated fiber intake can lead to digestive disorder, but luckily, these supplements can make it a little easier because they contain soluble fiber, which can enhance regularity and promote healthy digestion. Fiber also serves as a source of energy for gut bacteria, so these gummies can help develop your child’s gut microflora.

Healthy Cognitive Development and Energy Levels
With such a potent blend of omega-3 fatty acids, this formula contributes to healthy cognitive development so your child can experience better growth. Research shows that DHA has a positive impact on children’s attention and behavior. Moreover, the formula can help the body recover muscle wear after strenuous physical activity, which is important so that your child builds enough energy for the next day.

SmartyPants Kids Complete and Fiber is the only All-in-One gummy Multivitamin with Omega 3s, Vitamin d3, Fiber and no sugar added. SmartyPants Kids Fiber Complete are made in a 3rd party tested GMO-certified facility with only the highest quality ingredients - with natural colors and flavors and no High Fructose Corn Syrup, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, gluten casein, caffeine or artificial stimulants. SmartyPants Kids Fiber Complete are made to help control your weight and get you the nutrients you need for optimum health.'

The Benefits of SmartyPants Kids Fiber Complete

  • Excellent Source of soluble fiber to create a feeling of fullness, promote digestive health and regularity
  • Excellent source of D3, C, B6, B12, Omega 3 DHA & EPA & Folic Acid
  • Only 2g of sugar from natural sweeteners per serving
  • No High Fructose Corn Syrup, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives
  • Gluten & casein free. Made in California in a GMP-certified facility

Frequently Asked Questions:

What makes SmartyPants different from all the other vitamins?
SmartyPants is proud to combine a best-in-class multi-vitamin with top-of-the-line guaranteed toxin-free Fish Oils and the highest quality Vitamin D3 to create the only All-In-One Gummy available on the market. Their formula actually saves you money - if you had to buy the same quality individual components separately you would easily spend more than twice what SmartyPants charges per bottle. This is why they created SmartyPants in the first place: to give their own children the best All-In-One supplement available anywhere at a reasonable price.

Can I give this product to my child if he/she is under three years of age?
Because of a risk of choking, SmartyPants advises children under the age of three not to consume their gummies. Some parents cut up SmartyPants into smaller sizes for children younger than three years old, but SmartyPants can't advise you that this will totally eliminate a risk of choking in a child under three years old. As for dose, SmartyPants recommends you check with your healthcare professional until they are old enough to take 4-a-day.

Is SmartyPants soy free?
They are free of Soy Allergens. Because SmartyPants chose to use a Natural form of Vitamin E as opposed to synthetic, their Natural E is from soy distillates. It is not required to be labeled as an allergen as it is highly refined and does not contain allergenic proteins. But as they think they should always err on the side of safety, SmartyPants does not list soy on their "free of" list on their label. It is recommended that you share this information with your healthcare professional.

Are SmartyPants safe?
SmartyPants makes their vitamins and supplements safe for kids because their own kids take them! SmartyPants does not use any artificial dyes or flavors. They do not use any artificial sweeteners. They ONLY use NATURAL colors and flavors from natural sources (artificial dyes have been linked to behavior issues in children, among other things). They use organic cane sugar and organic tapioca. They source their Omega 3 DHA, and EPA from sustainable small fish sources so they're eco-friendly and don't have the same heavy metal, mercury or PCB issues that larger fish sources (such as salmon and tuna) often have. SmartyPants are an excellent source of Omega 3s without any of the environmental contaminant risks that come from eating fish, and they taste great!

How should my child take gummies? Top ways to enjoy SmartyPants.
SmartyPants has heard all sorts of ways that people like to eat SmartyPants. To maximize the nutrient impact SmartyPants recommends eating them twice a day after dinner and/or lunch or in the afternoon to help stave off dips in energy (thanks to the B-12). And in their Willy Wonka quest to maximize flavor (and keep you taking your vitamins) SmartyPants learned chilling SP in the fridge does wonders to bring out the lemon, orange and cherry flavor. Try it!

Are SmartyPants Gluten-free? Wheat free? Dairy free?
Yes, they are always free of gluten, wheat and dairy. All SmartyPants' products contain no yeast, wheat, milk, eggs, gluten, salt, peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, artificial colors, artificial flavors, or salicylates.

Is this product the same as SmartyPants Original? What’s different?
Their original SmartyPants uses only the best, natural and organic ingredients they can find. Their latest products must meet these same high standards. They kept the best things like their high quality fish oil, their natural vitamin E, high, premium B-12 content and multivitamin formula. However, to create a high fiber gummy with no added sugar that still tasted great and yet contained no artificial sweeteners, they had to create a new formula from scratch.  Ultimately, they found the perfect base for their new gummy in the form of Chicory root. Inulin, derived from chicory root, gave us the great fiber content they were looking for, along with a natural sweetness and delicious flavor all in one.

Is the product going to taste as good or the same as SmartyPants Original?
They think SmartyPants Premium Weight Management gummies are absolutely delicious and are reminiscent of the Dots you used to find in movie theaters (but with lots of great nutrients and none of the artificial junk). While the sweetness is not as intense as SmartyPants Original, you will still recognize the great taste you have come to expect from us, with no fishy aftertaste.

Why didn’t they make the product Sugar Free?
Many competing Weight Management products claim to be Sugar Free.  To be completely free of sugar and maintain a palatable taste, these companies usually fill their product with artificial sweeteners like xilytol, polydextrose, sucralose, and sugar alcohols, all of which carry with them questionable — or negative — health consequences.  These artificial sweeteners do not match the rigorous nutritional standards they at SmartyPants require of the ingredients in their gummies.  What little sugar there is in their weight management product comes from their soluble fiber source, chicory root extract, and the lo han fruit — all healthy, natural sources of sugar.

I or my child already take SmartyPants. Would I replace it with Kids Fiber Complete or Weight Management?
Both SmartyPants Premium Weight Management and their Kids Fiber Complete consists of not only a fiber supplement with no added sugar but also an All-in-One vitamin with Vitamin D3, EPA and DHA Fish Oil and a full multivitamin. If you take their Weight Management product, there would be no need to take SmartyPants Original gummies.  It would act as a complete substitute for their SmartyPants original, as you will still be getting all the same nutrients, plus fiber!

Does the “no sugar added” gummy still contain Vitamin D, Fish Oil, and a multivitamin?
Yes! Not only does does their Weight Management gummy contain all the great things from SmartyPants original, but it also contains fiber and no added sugar.

Does the “no sugar added” mean no sugar?
Their chicory root base contains a naturally occurring sugar in the low amount of 3g for Adults. They do not believe in using any sugar substitutes such as agave syrup, stevia, or xylitol, which may all have deleterious effects on health.

Why is fiber important?
According to the American Heart Association, a diet high in fiber has been associated with higher diet quality and lower risk of cardiovascular disease. Among it’s many benefits, soluble fiber reduces bad cholesterol (LDL), while having no negative impact on good cholesterol (HDL).  It helps reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, promotes regularity, and increases the presence of beneficial bacteria in the gut.  Soluble fiber also creates a sense of fullness, allowing you to feel satisfied on less food.  Sadly, one of the biggest deficiencies in their diet is fiber. While the FDA recommends adults take 20-38 grams of fiber per day (depending on age and gender) most of us consume around half of that.  That is why they included soluble fiber in their SmartyPants Weight Management — to help close this nutrition gap and to help bring these many benefits to their customers.

Should I ease into taking fiber?
If you don’t have a lot of fiber in their diet already, they recommend starting off with 3 gummies daily for the first week and then 6 gummies daily thereafter.  For their Kids Fiber gummies, 2 gummies for the first week and then 4 gummies daily thereafter.

Where does their fiber come from?
To make their Weight Management product with no added sugar live up to their high standards, they needed to formulate the gummies from scratch.  At the end of their search for the best possible ingredients, they found chicory root for the base of their new gummies. Chicory root naturally contains inulin, a form of soluble fiber.  Amongst inulin’s many beneficial properties, this soluble fiber increases calcium absorption, while promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria.  And though inulin has a sweetness to it, inulin has minimal increasing impact on blood sugar.  For this reason, it is considered suitable for diabetics and helpful in managing illnesses related to blood-sugar.

What is chicory root?
Chicory is a somewhat woody plant usually with bright blue flowers. The leaves are used for salads and the roots can be used as a coffee substitute or ground as an herb. These roots are also used to make medicines. Chicory root has a long history of providing support to liver problems. Ancient Romans used the herb to help cleanse the blood. The root of the chicory plant contains inulin, which acts as a source of dietary fiber and helps their body absorb minerals from digested food products. Inulin also promotes the growth of naturally occurring bacteria in their digestive system and helps keep it functioning normally.

What is inulin?
Inulin is carbohydrate found mostly in root vegetables.  They derive their inulin from chicory root.  Because inulin is not absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract, it is considered a fiber.  Amongst inulin’s many beneficial properties, this soluble fiber increases calcium absorption, while promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria.  And though inulin has a sweetness to it, inulin has minimal increasing impact on blood sugar.  For this reason, it is considered suitable for diabetics and helpful in managing illnesses related to blood-sugar.

What Kind of fiber does SmartyPants use?
Soluble Fiber.

What is the difference between soluble fiber and Bulk (or Insoluble) Fiber?
There are two different types of fiber: soluble and insoluble, or “bulk” fiber.  Soluble fiber (the kind found in SmartyPants Weight Management and Kids Fiber Complete) dissolves in water and transforms into a gel during digestion.  This gel expands in your system, giving you the experience of feeling more satisfied on less food.  Insoluble fiber, on the other hand, cannot be dissolved in the water in your body, and must be taken with water.  Once ingested, bulk fiber absorbs water, allowing it to move quickly through your system.  This can cause a loosening of the stool, promoting bowel movements.  Soluble fiber, while also benefitting regularity, does not need to be taken with water.  They wanted taking your weight management product to be simple and purely beneficial, so they chose soluble fiber.

Do I need to refrigerate my fiber gummies?
Because their Weight Management gummies lack a sugar coating, they are more prone to becoming sticky in warmer environments.  That is why they recommend keeping them in the refrigerator to prevent them from sticking to teeth and to each other.

How SmartyPants Got Started!
SmartyPants co-founders, Courtney and Gordon, were seeing a common problem. How to get kids all the nutrients they needed every day without all the expense and worry. All parents know the obstacles that stand in their way no matter how committed or how good their intentions: picky eaters, school lunches, little time, constrained budgets, veggies and fruits grown in less nutrient dense soil and overwhelming choice.

Visit any health food store or pharmacy. The shelves are lined with vitamins! But which ones were truly good for kids? Which ones would they eat? And would they take 3 different ones? SmartyPants knew vitamins weren't a cure all or a replacement for good eating, but faced with all the hurdles, they knew vitamins were an important insurance policy on their kids health. Courtney and Gordon went looking for a solution: an all-in-one vitamin that had all the good stuff with none of the bad in one easy serving they could feel good about giving to kids. The problem? There wasn't any such thing. And since that isn't a good enough answer, they decided to make one themselves.

Courtney and Gordon started this journey looking for a solution for the kids in their lives but the more they learned, the more frustrated they grew on behalf of all parents. High Fructose Corn Syrup? Blue # 5? Aspartame? Artificial sweeteners that have been linked to headaches, nerve damage and even seizures. Not exactly what you are looking for from your daily vitamin! Courtney and Gordon started buying separate vitamins, minerals and fish oils that they agreed belonged in their children, but the cost was outrageous.

Courtney and Gordon took the best vitamins in the right forms and proportions (no cyanocobalamin B-12, thank you, Courtney and Gordon don't need toxic cyanide in their children's bodies!), they took the best minerals and they took rigorously third-party tested, USP verified non-toxic fish oil derived from eco-friendly and sustainably harvested small fish - and they combined them into one delicious gummy vitamin.

And when many of their parent customers started asking if they could take them too, Courtney and Gordon launched SmartyPants for GrownUps, safe enough for children in a dose effective for adults.

Lack of nutrition effects those that can least afford it, so for every bottle you buy, SmartyPants makes a matching 1-for-1 nutrient grant to a child in need through their partnership with Vitamin Angels. SmartyPants hope you'll join them on their mission to help people everywhere get the nutrients they need.


Recommended for children 3 and up: chew 4 gummies / day. Try 2 before breakfast and 2 before lunch for a treat to help stay full throughout the day!


SmartyPants - Kids Complete Multivitamin and Fiber- 120 Gummies
Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 4 Gummies
Servings Per Container: 30
Amount Per Serving

3 Years of Age

4 Years and Older

Calories 25
Total Carbohydrate 7g ** 2%
   Dietary Fiber 4g ** 16%
      Soluble Fiber 4g ** **
   Sugars 2g ** **
Vitamin A (as retinyl palmitate USP) 1000 IU 40% 20%
Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid USP) 40 mg 100% 67%
Vitamin D (as cholecaliferol USP) 600 IU 150% 150%
Vitamin E (as d-alpha-tocopherol from sunflower oil) 20 IU 200% 67%
Thiamin (as thiamin Mononitrate USP) 0.05 mg 7% 3%
Riboflavin 0.17 mg 21% 10%
Vitamin B-6 (as pyridoxine hydrochloride USP) 1.33 mg 190% 67^
Folate (as L-methylfolate, calcium salt) 267 mcg 134% 67%
Vitamin B-12 (as methylcobalmin) 67 mcg 2233% 1117%
Biotin USP 30 mcg 20% 10%
Pantothenic acid (as calcium D-pantothenate USP) 0.7mg 14% 7%
Iodine (as potassium iodide USP) 100 mcg 143% 67%
Zinc (as zinc citrate USP) 3 mg 38% 20%
Sodium 20 mg ** < 1%
Fish Oil 340 mg ** **
   Total Omega-3 Fatty Acid 125 mg ** **
      EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) 56 mg ** **
      DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) 44 mg ** **
Choline (as choline citrate) 12 mg ** **
Inositol FCC 20 mcg ** **
*Daily Value Not Established.
†Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your diet values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
Other Ingredients: Inulin (Chicory Root Fiber), Gelatin, Pectin, Citric Acid, Natural Flavors, Colors Added (Annatto, Organic Turmeric, Organic Black Carrot Juice Concentrate), Medium Chain Triglycerides from Coconut Oil, Carnuba War, Lo Han Fruit Extract.



All for One. One for All. It's All Good.
From the start, SmartyPants Vitamins has been about family, authenticity and a core commitment to their collective well-being.

"SmartyPants saw an opportunity to help them all be a bit healthier, to help their fellow humans - be the employees, customers, partners, investors or grant recipients and to have a lot of fun along the way. That way they all profit." -Courtney & Gordon, CoFounders & CoCEOs of SmartyPants Vitamins

The Good Gummy
At SmartyPants, they're all about simplifying health. SmartyPants' gummy obsession started because they believed that the very best vitamins are all in one: premium ingredients delivered in a delicious package and sold at a fair price. SmartyPants combines nutrients like omega 3 EPA and DHA fatty acids and vitamin D3 with a full multivitamin to save you money, time, and peace of mind.

The people they care most about take these gummies, so they wake up every day trying to make them better and better. That's why all SmartyPants are non-GMO, allergen-free, and made with eco-friendly ingredients. They contain no synthetic colors or artificial flavors or sweeteners, and each batch is third-party lab tested for purity and potency.

SmartyPants' goal, good health for the real world. All of it.

SmartyPants' Core Values

You should know. You have a right to know what it is you are feeding yourself and those you care about most.

SmartyPants has an obligation. They have a legal and moral responsibility to tell you exactly what their products contain, and to do their utmost to ensure that their products contain exactly what they tell you they do.

That is the front line of transparency for them as a company. SmartyPants gets it that a lot of companies are talking about transparency at the moment, and that's a good thing. They should. People should demand that of the brands they give their trust to. In that spirit, they are going to do their best to furnish you with all the information they can, in a way that doesn't require a PhD, about their process and their product. At the same time they are safeguarding, through careful attention and testing, that what goes out in the bottle is what they say it is, and that it is safe, pure and healthy.

SmartyPants wants you to hear what's in their products, see where they come from, know why they put them there, and understand why they leave certain things out. Because they want you to question. SmartyPants wants you to know. And they believe that when you understand why they've made the choices that they have, they'll have earned your trust.

"Excellence means when a man or woman asks of himself more than others do."

Though the term is defined many other ways, this is the form of excellence that the people at SmartyPants aspire to. A quality that does not seek to denigrate their peers but instead pushes them to be better by demanding something better of ourselves.

SmartyPants does not want a world where they are in the minority; making eco-friendly, sustainable products, providing nutrient grants to those in need, choosing only the best ingredients for their customers. They make these choices because they believe they should be the norm, and they hope by setting that expectation for ourselves others might follow. SmartyPants hopes that by maintaining such standards, others will see that it can be done.

SmartyPants' conflict, you see, is not with their competitors – it is with the status quo. For them, excellence is not about who reaches the top first and holds it longest – it's about who blazes the trail and makes it possible for the rest of them to find their way. This is the excellence they admire in others and the excellence they expect of themselves.


In the popular imagination, "transformation" as a concept seems to have become limited to personal transformation – a change  from poor to wealthy, from miserable to happy. And while there is nothing necessarily wrong with these goals, they are not the types of transformation that SmartyPants is most concerned with.

SmartyPants values the transformation of a person becoming less preoccupied with themselves and more interested in those around them. This is not to say that they believe people are generally selfish or that they should neglect themselves in favor of others. SmartyPants believes the opposite – that when people are in poor health, their natural impulse to care for others becomes impaired. Pain – whether it's chronic or fleeting, searing or dull, mild or wild – is infinitely distracting. The only way out is to tend to their own health so that they can then give quality attention to others.

Their mission at SmartyPants is to make it a heck of a lot easier for you to do both. Here's how.

For every bottle of SmartyPants sold, they make a 1-for-1 nutrient grant to Vitamin Angels. With one act, you give yourself key nutrients helpful in reaching optimum health, and give the same to someone else. You get and you give. Each bottle is a little act of transformation – helping transform not only yourself into a healthy, happy person, but also into someone who can extend that same gift to countless others.

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100% 4 of 4 reviewers would recommend this product to a friend.

By (Ada, OK)

My boys 7 & 8 both hate the way these gummies taste. So I'm having to switch to something they will take.

Was this review helpful?

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  • NO: 0
By (Revere, MA)

I got these for my 11 year old. His diet is a typical kids diet. Very little fruit and veggies. He likes these gummies.

Was this review helpful?

  • YES: 0
  • NO: 0
By (Olympia, WA)

Gummies so good it's hard not to keep them for yourself!

Was this review helpful?

  • YES: 0
  • NO: 0
By (Allendale, MI)

I use these along with the Kids Complete to help keep our family regular. They taste amazing and the quality is always excellent. The Fiber Complete do not have a sugar coating like the Kids Complete and are slightly firmer.

Was this review helpful?

  • YES: 0
  • NO: 0

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