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DROPPED: Amazing Grass - Amazing Meal Powder 30 Servings Cafe Mocha - 28.3 oz.
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Amazing Grass - Amazing Meal Powder 30 Servings Cafe Mocha - 28.3 oz.

Organic Coffee & Yerba Mate
Item #: 131667
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Amazing Grass - Amazing Meal Powder 30 Servings Cafe Mocha - 28.3 oz.

  • Item# :131667
    UPC# :829835001255
  • Brand:Amazing Grass
  • Size/Form:28.30  oz.
  • Ship Weight:2.15
  • Servings:30
  • Dosage:1  Scoop(s)
  • Flavor:Cafe Mocha

Amazing Grass Amazing Meal Powder Cafe Mocha - 28.3 oz (801 g) (30 Servings)

Start your mornings with Amazing Grass' Amazing Meal Cafe Mocha. Amazing Meal Cafe Mocha is a healthy mix of organic Green SuperFoods, 10gm of complete, plant-based protein and the tasty combination of chocolate and coffee. Amazing Meal’s Café Mocha Powder contains about 100 mg of plant-based caffeine per serving, making it an energizing start to your day. Amazing Meal Powder Cafe Mocha also makes the perfect addition to any smoothie. Have a Mocha Mornin’!

  • Organic
  • Plant-Based Protein
  • Gluten Free and Vegan
  • Probiotics & Digestive Enzymes
  • Contains about 100mg of Caffeine
  • Raw
  • No Sugar Added
  • Kosher
Amazing Meal
A powerful and satisfying dietary supplement that is a blend of plant-based protein, nutritious greens, phytonutrient packed fruits and vegetables, digest enzymes and probiotics. The way Mother Nature Intended...Organic, Raw and Delicious.
  • Full-Spectrum Protein - 10 grams of premium whole food protein containing all essential amino acids. Naturally sourced from organic hemp seeds and brown rice.
  • Antioxidant & Phytonutrient-Dense SuperFoods - Chlorophyll packed organic wheat grass, barley grass, alfalfa, kale, organic super fruits - acai and goji berries and raw power of maca.
  • Cleaning Fiber, Digestive Enzymes & Probiotics - 6 grams of fiber to help balance blood sugar (for those individuals within normal or healthy ranges), improve digestion and promote a healthy intestinal flora.
Confluence of Functional Foods:
  • Hemp Protein Powder  can supply any diet with a vegetarian source of essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fiber, chlorophyll and a complete, balanced gluten-free source of the essential amino acids.
  • Rice Protein is an excellent source of vegan, hypo-allergenic protein that is an alternative to soy, without the animal products of whey.
  • Organic Wheat Grass Powder - One of the most potent green vegetables available. Wheat grass is an excellent source of natural vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes. Wheat grass is known to be highly alkalizing and will help detoxify the body.
  • Organic Kale - Kale is rich, calcium, and iron. Kale has seven times the beta-carotene of broccoli and ten times more lutein.
  • Organic Barley Grass Powder - Part of the cereal grass family green barley grasses contain a multitude of enzymes. It appears that there may be thousands of active enzymes in barley grass, especially superoxide dismutase (SOD), a major detoxifying enzyme sometimes recommended in combating arthritis.
  • Organic Alfalfa Powder - Roots grow very deep to absorb many minerals and nutrients from the soil. Contains eight essential amino acids, is a rich source of vitamin B12, natural fluoride and chlorophyll.
  • Organic Açaí - This berry is grown in the Brazil rainforest by our friends at Sambazon. It packs more antioxidants than blueberries or pomegranates, plus an abundance of omega fats, protein and fiber.
  • Organic Carrot Powder - Excellent source of vitamin A from Beta Carotene. Carrots are believed to be very beneficial for eye health.
  • Organic Blueberries - Blueberries are concentrated in anthocyanins and other health promoting antioxidants, plus they add to the great taste of Amazing Meal.
  • Organic Goji Berries - This healthy berry shows off its phytonutrients in bright red colors. Goji berries are one of the most nutritionally dense fruits on the planet and have been long revered in Tibet for its health promoting effects.
  • Organic Maca - This amazing adaptogenic root enhances your ability to deal with stress while boosting energy, endurance and performance.
  • Organic Rose Hips - Natural source of Vitamin C. Promotes good health with bioflavonoids and strong antioxidant and immunity support.
  • Organic Banana - We added organic banana to Amazing Meal so it would taste like you just stepped out of a smoothie shop, only healthier. The great taste it not overmatched by its excellent source of energizing B vitamins and potassium.
  • Organic Flax Seed Powder - Organic flax seeds are a great source of Omega 3's and fiber.
Frequently Asked Questions

The packaging is different on the Amazing Meal containers, did the formula change?
No, they have not changed their formula. They recently made a change to their packaging and labels however the product inside is still the same.

Why is the container of Amazing Meal bigger?
They received quite a bit of feedback from consumers that their older containers didn't have a wide enough opening and made it extremely difficult for people to get their hand into the container to scoop out the powder, especially as it got lower in the container. They had several people who had actually cut their hands trying to scoop powder from their old containers. The new bottles have an opening that makes it easy for anyone to get their hands in the container to scoop out the powder. The new containers are also in line with their competitors containers for similar powder weights.

The one challenge they have though, is they have a disparity in the amount of powder for each flavor. Since all 4 flavors have the same base blend so they can keep their supplement facts on all flavors aligned with the amount of protein, fiber and greens contained in one scoop. The chocolate Amazing Meal has the biggest serving size as 32 grams, while the original has a serving size of 22 grams..so the original blend that you purchased probably has a bit more head room in the container than would be necessary, but the chocolate has a nice fill level. Quite honestly, it would also look strange to have 4 different sized containers on the shelf for each flavor and by standardizing on one size container it allows them to purchase in bulk volume from one supplier and limit transportation and help us keep our carbon footprint lower.

Amazing Grass' powders also settle and compact during shipping and when filled, they are light and fluffy and need extra space in order to ensure that powder doesn't come up onto the lip and interfere with their nitrogen flushing and heat induction seals to ensure the contents are properly preserved for freshness.

Hemp protein used in the Amazing Meal product line?
Amazing Grass' organic hemp protein comes to them from their friends at Manitoba Harvest. 

What test does Amazing Grass use to verify the gluten free status of their Amazing Meal products?
They use a R-Biopharm RIDASCREEN FAST Gliadin test to 10 parts per million. Their Amazing Meal products are tested BLQ (below the level of quotation).

Amazing Grass' Story
Amazing Grass cereal grasses are grown and harvested in the good ol' United States of America, on their family-run farm, in Kansas to be exact, where they're dedicated to creating the best Organic Green SuperFood, made from the finest ingredients on the face of the earth. They believe in the incredible power of nutrition, leaving this world better off than how we found it, and above all, sharing the happiness of Amazing Grass with people - because at the end of the day, making people happy makes Amazing Grass happy people.
Harvesting Process
Amazing Grass is from farms, not factories. The Amazing Grass Proprietary Process:
  1. Their grass is harvested just prior to the jointing stage. Their cereal grasses are harvested only ONCE a year during their nutritional peak.
  2. The grass is direct cut and move quickly (usually within an hour) to a specially designed low temperature dehydrator.
  3. Cell temperature remains below 107 degrees Fahrenheit, to retain maximum levels of heat sensitive nutrients.
  4. The dehydrated leaves are cooled and pressed into pellets. This decreases the surface area and reduces oxidation and loss of nutrients.
  5. The pellets are filled with pharmaceutical grade "super sacks" and nitrogen packed to limit oxidation and nutrient loss.
  6. Their pellets are stored frozen below zero degrees Fahrenheit and only bottled as they need them.
  7. Rigorous quality control methods and independent lab verifications ensures the safest and most nutritious wheat grass, barley grass, oat grass, rye grass and alfalfa available anywhere.
  8. They use the highest quality pharmaceutical grade PETE (#1) and HDPE (#2) containers packed with nitrogen and an air tight heat induction seal.
  9. All these safeguards mean you receive Amazing Grass' bottled products nearly as fresh and nutritious as the day they were harvested on their farm in Kansas.

Mix 1 scoop with 10 or more ounces of water, milk, or mixed into your favorite smoothie. Take it first thing in the morning to jump-start your day or whenever you are hungry.

For a great tasting Amazing Meal drink - Add  to 10 oz. of rice or almond milk, shake or stir and serve chilled.

Best kept frozen, refrigerated or in a cool dry place after opening.

Amazing Grass - Amazing Meal Powder Cafe Mocha - 28.3 oz.
Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Scoop (27g)
Servings Per Container: 30
Amount Per Serving %DV
Calories 90
   Calories from Fat 15
Total Fat 2g 3%
Total Carbohydrate 9g 3%
   Sugars 6g
   Dietary Fiber 6g 24%
Protein 10g 20%
Vitamin A (as beta carotene) 4,055IU 81%
Vitamin C 25mg 42%
Vitamin K 32mcg 40%
Riboflavin 300mcg 18%
Niacin 400mcg 2%
Vitamin B6 50mcg 3%
Folic Acid 20mcg 5%
Vitamin B12 1.2mcg 20%
Calcium 25mg 3%
Iron 2mg 11%
Iodine 7mcg 5%
Selenium 3mcg 4%
Manganese 197mcg 10%
Potassium 105mg 3%
Chlorophyll 25mg *
Protein Blend 15g *
   Organic Rice Protein and Organic Hemp Protein
Greens Blend 3.1g *
   Organic Wheat Grass, Organic Kale, Organic Barley Grass and
   Organic Alfalfa
Antioxidant Fruit and Vegetable Blend 2.8g *
   Organic Acai, Organic Carrot, Organic Blueberry, Organic Goji,
   Organic Rose Hips, Organic Maca and Organic Banana
Energy Blend 2.1g *
   Organic Yerba Mate Extract, Organic Coffee and Organic Green Tea
Organic Flax Seed Powder 500mg *
Digestive Enzyme and Active Culture Probiotic Blend 18mg *
   L. Acidophilus, Alpha and Beta Amylase, Protease, Lipase, Lactase
   and Cellulase
Organic Stevia Leaf Extract 40mg *
*Daily Value Not Established.
†Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your diet values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
Other Ingredients: Organic Cocoa Powder, Organic Guar Gum, Organic Madagascar Vanilla, Organic Mocha Flavor, Natural Flavors and Xanthan Gum.
Contains about 100mg of plant-based caffeine per serving.

Best kept frozen, refrigerated or in a cool dry place after opening. Keep out of reach of children.

220 Newport Center Drive Suite 22
Newport Beach, CA,
Phone: 866-472-7711 Fax: 415-663-4149 Email: Click here Visit website

About Amazing Grass

Today, Amazing Grass offers the most potent green vegetables in a convenient way that aligns with our hectic lifestyles. They take great pleasure in hearing your stories about how Amazing Grass has changed your life and they encourage their new friends to write them with their stories. One timeless phrase will sum up many of their responses…”you are what you eat.” Eat grass…get healthy!!! Amazing Grass helps people lead healthier, more active lives by achieving their full potential through better nutrition. They strive to educate the world by spreading the word about the amazing benefits of cereal grasses. Amazing Grass will spare no resources or expense to produce nutritionally superior products with the highest quality organic cereal grasses available anywhere in the world.

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great for energy

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By (Claremore , OK )

A friend of mine who is the nutritionalists recommended this to me when I first started drinking it wasn't that liked it but it wasn't bad either she said to do it drink for a week and I would crave it so that's what I did I drink it for a week and yes she's right now I crave it every morning I asked her if it was the nutritioni or the caffeine she said both. :). I love the idea of drinking something healthy instead of the chocolate milk I was drinking every morning

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