Badger - Aromatic Chest Rub Ornament - 0.75 oz.
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Badger - Aromatic Chest Rub Ornament - 0.75 oz.

Promotes Deep Breathing & Relaxation
By Badger
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Badger - Aromatic Chest Rub Ornament - 0.75 oz.

  • Item# :131006
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  • Brand:Badger
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Badger Aromatic Chest Rub Ornament - 0.75 oz.

Rub it in and breathe deep! Developed specifically for Badger Rebecca (Badger owners Bill and Katie's daughter, and now Badger's Director of Product Development), Badger Aromatic Chest Rub Ornament holds a special place in Badger hearts - and it works! Badger Aromatic Chest Rub Ornament promotes deep breathing and relaxation, and is safe for the whole family to use. The organic essential oils of eucalyptus, rosemary, ravensara and tea tree in Badger Aromatic Chest Rub Ornament are traditional herbs used to soothe and ease minor coughs, colds, and stuffy noses. Badger Aromatic Chest Rub Ornament is USDA certified organic and petroleum-free.

Badger Aromatic Chest Rub Ornament holds a single 0.75 oz. travel size tin. The pyramid shaped ornament is designed to decorate a holiday tree, but makes a beautiful gift for any occasion. The triangular box is constructed out of FSC certified recycled paper, is adorned with beautiful original Badger artwork, and includes a "To/From" panel to make gift giving easy!

Badger Aromatic Chest Rub Ornament Highlights:

  • Safe for the whole family
  • Natural and effective relief from coughs, colds, and stuffy noses
  • Can be used as a soothing chest rub, or as a steam inhalant when added to a humidifier or a pot of hot water 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Aromatic Chest Rub a decongestant?
Their Aromatic Chest Rub can act as a natural decongestant, especially when you use it in a steam. Just put 1/4 teaspoon of balm in a basin of hot water, make a tent over the basin with a towel and inhale the steam deeply. The Eucalyptus, Menthol Crystals, and other essential oils will help to clear your stuffy nose so that you can breathe easier. You can also apply Aromatic Chest Rub directly to your sore, chapped nose and not only will it help to clear your stuffy head, it will soothe your poor skin.

What is the shelf life of an unopened tin of Badger?
An unopened tin of Badger stored at moderate temperatures should be good for three years. If you open it and it smells good, it is good. Since most of their products are made with a base of olive oil and beeswax, both natural preservatives, even a balm that doesn't smell as good is still safe to use, just not as pleasant! They do not use chemical stabilizers or any other nasty stuff, so extremes in temperature (such as freezing, thawing, and humidity) can affect shelf life by changing the consistency and lessening the scent of the balm.

How can I find the expiration date on my product?
All of their tins are imprinted with a "Best By" date on the outside of the lid, which is three years from manufacture. Their lip balms have both a date of manufacture and a "BB" (best by) date stamped on the bottom of the stick, which is two years after manufacture. Their oils have a "Best By" date sticker on the product boxes as well as on the bottom of the glass bottle, which is two years from the manufacture date. Their sunscreens have an "EXP" (expiration date) imprinted on the top of the tube within the crimped seal, which is two years from the manufacture date.

How long will an opened tin last?
As soon as you open a tin of any product and use it, the life span varies. Since Badger does not use any chemical stabilizers, factors such as storage temperature and humidity, as well as how clean the fingers are that scoop out the product impact an open tin's life span. Essential oils will slowly but surely evaporate from an open tin; that's the pleasant fragrance you smell when you open one. You can expect your opened balm to stay good for 12 months, however if it looks good and smells good, it is still good!

How can I make sure my Badger stays fresh?
Keep it covered when not in use. Keep your product out of direct sun when possible, and avoid repeated freezing and thawing. Refrigeration is not necessary, but it will certainly prolong the life of the product.

Why does the balm in my tin of Badger look different than the last time I bought it?
Badger uses only minimally-processed natural ingredients, and because of this, variation in color from one batch to another is common. Normal variance in sunshine, rain, or temperature from year to year or country harvested can all subtly affect natural ingredients. One season's pressing of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil may be greener in color than others, or you may experience a stronger or subtler scent with an essential oil. These are all normal and to be expected with natural ingredients.

What happens if one of my Badger products freezes or melts? Can I still use it?
Absolutely. However, you may find that the consistency will change a little. Sometimes the product becomes much softer and creamier if it freezes and then thaws, but it is still absolutely fine to use.

Can I use Badger products on my face?
Badger products are so natural that they are safe to use anywhere on your body. Of course, they don't recommend using their Muscle & Joint Rubs on your face, so please use your own discretion and common sense. Their Damascus Rose Beauty Balm, Damascus Rose Face Oil, Damascus Rose SPF 16 Face Sunscreen Lotion, and SPF 16 Sunscreen Lotion were formulated for use on the face, and they receive a lot of feedback from Badgers all over the world who say it that these products softens and smooth their skin like none other. Damascus Rose SPF 16 Face Sunscreen Lotion and SPF 16 Sunscreen Lotion have been tested & approved Non-Comedogenic (won't clog pores).

I'm pregnant and/or nursing, are Badger products safe for me?
Pregnant or nursing moms should always check with their doctors. Badger uses only the highest quality natural and USDA Certified Organic ingredients. No chemicals or chemical derivatives are used, and the essential oils used are in low percentages, therefore moderate use should be safe for all. As with all new products, it is best to do a skin patch test to test for possible allergic reactions.

Can I use Badger products on my children/baby?
Absolutely! They have received feedback from moms, dads and grandparents that Badger Balm and Baby Balm are safe and effective when used on even the littlest Badger's skin irritations, cradle cap and diaper rash. Many people also use their Anti-Bug Repellents, Sleep Balm, Bali Balm, and Night-Night Balm as natural alternatives for their children. As with all new products it is best to do a skin patch test prior to full usage to test for any skin allergies, and if you have any questions please check with your doctor.

I have allergies to Gluten, are Badger Products safe for me?
Badger does not use any gluten or gluten-derived ingredients at their facility in New Hampshire, so their balms, oils, Anti-Bug Shake & Spray and Anti-Bug Stick are filled on machinery that has not processed gluten materials. However, Badger is not a certified gluten-free facility, so there cannot be a 100% guarantee. When using a new product for the first time, it is a good idea to read their full-disclosure labels carefully and/or perform a skin patch test prior to full use.

Their lip balm sticks are filled by an off-sight subcontractor who also processes wheat amino acids and wheat proteins. Measures are taken to prevent cross contamination and all GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards are followed. Batches are also periodically tested to be sure that the cleaning processes are sufficient to reduce cross contamination of any allergens; however these products cannot be guaranteed gluten-free.

I have allergies to Peanuts & Tree Nuts – are Badger products safe for me to use?
Badger products do not contain peanuts or peanut products. However, Badger does not claim that their products are peanut-free because they do not have a peanut-free certification.

Products that are manufactured at their subcontractors' facilities (lip balms; sunscreens; soaps) do not contain peanuts. However they may be produced on equipment that does produce products containing peanuts. While GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards are met during the cleaning process, the company does not claim to have a peanut free facility, nor does it hold any peanut-free certifications.

Some Badger products contain Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Soybean Oil, and Nutmeg. All of these ingredients have been linked to severe nut allergies and may or may not cause a reaction. GMP standards for cleaning are followed to eliminate any possible cross contamination at the Badger facility and its subcontractors', however they cannot guarantee that any of their products are 100% nut-free, nor do they currently hold any certifications for this. When using a new product for the first time, it is a good idea to read their full-disclosure labels carefully and/or perform a skin patch test prior to full use.

I have allergies to Soy – are Badger products safe for me to use?
Currently there are only a few things in the Badger lineup that contain soy derivatives: the Anti-Bug Shake & Spray has Soybean Oil, their lotion-based sunscreens (SPF 16 Aloe Vera, and Damascus Rose SPF 16 Face Sunscreen) contain soy ingredients as part of the emulsifiers. Badger sunscreens manufactured prior to June 2012 contain Tocopherol (natural vitamin E), which is partially derived from soy. All of Badger Sunscreens manufactured after June 2012 are made with 100% Sunflower-derived Vitamin E. Look for this specification (eg: Tocopherol (Sunflower Vitamin E) on the product label if you have allergies.

All the Body Oils and Massage Oils (including Baby Oil and Damascus Rose Face Oil) are filled using the same machine that fills the Anti-Bug Shake & Spray bottle. Although they are careful to perform GMP compliant cleanings between all batches to reduce the chance of cross contamination, they are not a certified Soy-free facility.

All balms packaged in the tins are made on machinery that has not touched any soy ingredients. So, although they are not a certified soy-free facility, these items have very low risk of any cross contamination. When using a new product for the first time, it is a good idea to read their full-disclosure labels carefully and/or perform a skin patch test prior to full use.

I have allergies to Corn – are Badger products safe for me to use?
Badger does not use corn or corn oil in any of their products, however, Badger sunscreens manufactured prior to June 2012 contain Tocopherol (natural vitamin E), which is partially derived from corn. All of Badger Sunscreens manufactured after June 2012 are made with 100% Sunflower-derived Vitamin E. Look for this specification (eg: Tocopherol (Sunflower Vitamin E) on the product label if you have allergies.

When using a new product for the first time, it is a good idea to read their full-disclosure labels carefully and/or perform a skin patch test prior to full use.

My dog, cat, lizard ate my tin of Badger, will they be OK?
All the ingredients contained in Badger products are natural (and most of them are also food-grade Certified Organic). In most cases, if consumed by a pet (except cats), there would be no harmful effect. Cats cannot process essential oils, so if the product has a high essential oil content it may make your cat sick. Check with your vet to be sure, since different animals have different sensitivities to essential oils, and though they're Badgers they're no animal experts!

Is it ok to use Badger on my cat?
No, it is not okay to use any product containing essential oils on a cat. They cannot process essential oils in the same way that dogs or humans do and it may make them sick.

Do you do animal testing?
No way – they love animals and will never test on them! W.S. Badger conducts absolutely no product testing on animals, as all the ingredients are safe and "food grade" when used in the proper amounts (their essential oils are always properly diluted.) They test all prototype products on families, friends, volunteers and themselves. It's fun. If the new product does not pass their tough standards it does not make it to the marketplace. They are also certified by Leaping Bunny which means that not only do they not test their products on animals, but they have confirmed that none of their suppliers test their ingredients on animals either.

Do Badger products contain any animal ingredients? Do you use oil made from badgers in your products?
No, their products do not contain any animal ingredients and this includes badger oil. Most of their products do contain beeswax, which is produced by bees. Currently, only their Massage Oils, Body Oils (including Baby Oil), Face Oil, Damascus Rose SPF 16 Face Sunscreen Lotion, and SPF 16 Sunscreen Lotion with Aloe Vera are vegan.

Do Badger formulas contain any chemical ingredients?
Read their labels and you will not see any petroleum derived products, sodium lauryl sulfate, chemical additives, chemical preservatives, synthetics, dyes or fragrances, parabens, or carcinogens. They are committed to being chemical-free, 100% natural and USDA Certified Organic, and almost all of their products bear the official USDA Organic seal. All of their minerals, including zinc oxide and the minerals in their tinted lip balms are processed in a laboratory to ensure purity.

About Badger
Back in 1995 Bill and Katie started making Badger Balm in the kitchen of their home with the support and help of their daughters Mia, Emily, and Rebecca. Now Bill is the CEO, Katie is the COO, Emily is the Director of Sales & Marketing, Rebecca is the Director of Product Development, and Mia is a Human Resources consultant. Emily has a little girl, Maya, who came to work as part of Badger's Babies at Work program. They've not yet figured out what her future role in the company will be, but for now she continues to inspire us every day to make the safest and healthiest products they can.

A team of over 40 friendly "Badgers" formulate, manufacture, and ship all of their products from their facility known as The Badger Mines. They work hard to maintain a healthy community-minded business with ethical and charitable social principles. Call and ask any employee. You'll hear about their free organic lunches every day, generous benefits package, green initiatives in every department, and their charitable giving practices.

What Makes Badger Unique?
Badger is a small, family-owned & family-friendly company nestled on the banks of the Ashuelot River in rural Gilsum, New Hampshire. They blend organic plant extracts, exotic oils and butters and beeswax, and make healing balms, lip balms, safe mineral sunscreens and other personal care products that work and feel remarkably good. Badger products are uniquely formulated blends of the finest organic ingredients available anywhere in the world. Their Philosophy of Formulation is simple: make products for people they love, and then share them with the world. They combine years of tradition, research, and lots of love to create products that work as well as you expect them to.

They hold every single ingredient to the "Badger Natural Standard", a rigorous look at the growth, sustainability, and supply chain of each ingredient they use. That means that when you use Badger products, you can be sure that you are using the purest, most natural products available. And because the USDA Organic Certification is a food-grade standard, their ingredients are even pure enough to eat! Badger's USDA Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from a single estate in Southern Spain, and that very same Olive Oil is used by Michelin Star-winning chefs in France and Spain! In fact, all of the Badgers eat the very same Olive Oil in Badger's organic lunches, and many of us purchase it to use in their home kitchens. And of course, they use only the finest, purest essential oils from the far corners of the globe. One example is the Organic Rose Oil (Rosa Damascena) that comes from Bulgaria - the blossoms are hand picked before dawn and steam-distilled the very same day. It takes about 5 tons of fresh rose blossoms to make one liter of oil, and Badger pays over $4,000 per liter for that precious stuff!

That's the Badger difference, and what makes Badger unique.

Their products harness the powers of aromatherapy, vitamin rich oils, essential oils, and minerals to soothe, smooth, and protect your skin and your mind. This means that Badger is a total body/mind/spirit experience. If you look at the ingredient declaration on any of their products, they're certain you'll be impressed! They hope you enjoy their products as much as they do, and please contact us if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or a funny story to share.

Badger's Mission:

  • To create fabulously pure and effective products of the highest natural quality, based on simplicity and thoughtful preparation, with the intention to protect, soothe and heal.
  • To run a business that is fun, fair and profitable; where money is fuel, not a goal; and where their vision for a healthier world finds expression through the way they work and through the way they treat each other and the people they serve.

Badger's Principles:

  • Individual responsibility in a team concept
  • Personal and caring approach in communications
  • Supporting organic, sustainable agriculture through their purchasing practices
  • A business environment that is respectful and supportive of all employees, and of the people they serve
  • Personal and social healing through their charitable giving
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Honesty and integrity in their business practices
  • Fun is good
  • Generosity

Badger's Social Initiatives
The Badger business is devoted to and built around the principles of kindness and compassion. Below are just some of the ways in which they support the people they work with, their suppliers, their community, and the people they serve.

In 2011, Badger became a Certified Benefit Corporation, which means a third party certifier rated their company's social responsibility performance, and offered guidance for how to continually improve their business practices. In 2013, they were rated in the top 10% of all B Corps!

  • They support farmers and farming communities, as well as their customers: As a Certified Organic company, their purchasing practices always put health of product for their customers and health of farmer community first by using Certified Organic ingredients in their products.  In addition to their organic requirement, whenever possible they use ethically sourced ingredients in their products including Certified Fair Trade ingredients. Additionally, they serve a Certified Organic lunch to their employees every day and drink Organic Fair Trade coffees and teas. All snacks in their company store are either Certified Organic or from sustainable, local farms.
  • Charitable Giving: Badger donates 10% of before-tax profits or $10,000 (whichever is greater) to non-profit organizations that focus on the health & welfare of children, local organizations serving the community, and the promotion of peace. Most years, the amount they donate is over 5x's their minimum.  They also match appropriate employee donations up to $100. Read more on their Charitable Giving page.
  • Paid Company Community Service: Twice a year Badger employees participate in a roadside clean-up. This is scheduled during a normal work day and all employees are paid for their service.  Also, Badger employees are paid to volunteer their time for environmental and community projects during the year.
  • Ecology Center Workshops: Badger offers workshops to the community including Composting, Orchard cultivation, Planning your Flower Garden, and Healthy Beekeeping. These are open to the public, and are on a voluntary donation basis.

Benefits Specific to Badger Employees
(in addition to legally mandated state and federal benefits)
To promote a healthy work environment, Badger believes in company transparency and employee empowerment. Badger works diligently to make the company a great place to work, where employees feel respected and valued, accountable to co-workers and customers, and where communication between co-workers reflects a personal and caring approach.

  • Free Lunch! Every day their chef prepares a hot lunch for all of their employees made from 100% organic and mostly local foods.
  • Health Benefits
    • Health Insurance
    • Badger Wellness Fund: Limited financial reimbursement for health related expenses,including massages, sports equipment, non-qualified medical bills, etc.
    • Medical Flexible Spending Account
    • Long and Short Term Disability - company paid.
    • Health Days - similar to 'sick' days but used when you need time off to stay healthy.
    • Employee Assistance Plan - confidential, company paid, professional services to help address issues affecting personal and/or work life.
  • Vacation Days: Including accrual and annual carry over of days.
  • Life Insurance: Badger pays 100% of premium.
  • Lunch and Work Breaks: Paid lunch 1/2 hour. Did they mention the free lunch they get everyday?
  • Simple IRA: Badger matches a percentage of employee's contribution.
  • Maternity and Paternity Leave: Paid time off to prepare for giving birth and caring for a new baby.
  • Babies at Work: On a case-by-case basis a parent may be allowed to bring their new baby to work for the first 6 months. They have had 8 babies come to work since they began this program 6 years ago! Learn more.
  • Profit Sharing: Every year funds are distributed evenly throughout the company based on number of hours worked.
  • Quarterly Allowance: $25 of free product each quarter at employee pricing. All products are available at employee pricing throughout the year.
  • Employee Loan Assistance Program: Offering small loans to employees for financial emergencies.
  • Free long distance telephone calls up to 10 minutes.
  • Bereavement Leave and Jury Duty
  • "Do-the-Right-Thing" Policy: Provides an avenue for employees to raise concerns with the assurance that they will be protected from reprisals or victimization.

Sound like a great place to work? It is!

Badger's Environmental Initiatives
At Badger they make healthy products to help people and environmental responsibility is one of their core principles. They use mostly USDA Certified Organic ingredients in their products and they believe this support of sustainable organic agriculture helps to protect the environment, produces higher quality raw ingredients and helps to protect the farmers and their families from the dangers associated with chemical farming. When you add fair-trade into the equation, you are also helping to protect the economic welfare of their farmers and their families.

In 2011, Badger became a B-Corporation to help assess and improve their business practices, so that they are always doing what's right for people and planet. They're constantly looking for ways to improve the way they do things, from ordering paper to packing their shipping boxes.

Their Ingredients and Products

  • They are a USDA Certified Organic company and most of their products contain 100% Certified Organic ingredients. Organic ingredients means healthy air, healthy water, healthy earth, and healthy people. Their ingredients are ecologically harvested, wild-crafted, and/or fairly traded.
  • Their ingredients are 100% natural. By this they mean that they come directly from nature and are not chemically processed or extracted. Their only exceptions are the minerals in their tints and sunscreens, which are processed for purity and safety. Read more about their ingredient standards.
  • They consistently evaluate the sustainability of all ingredients and they regularly review each of their suppliers' practices. They use Fair Trade Certified cocoa butter and other ethically sourced ingredients whenever possible.

Sustainable Aspects of their Manufacturing Facility

  • An independent evaluation of their new facility shows that it meets the LEED Silver standard for environmental building design.
  • The site where their building now stands was an old sand pit. They are in the process of making the land healthy and beautiful again.
  • The building makes extensive use of wood with much of it coming from local and regional sources.
  • Their building is highly insulated; they also employed a "thermal break" in wall and roof systems for energy efficiency.
  • The building is insulated with dense-packed cellulose derived from recycled newspaper and fireproofed with the inert mineral, boric acid.
  • They were very careful to use non-toxic materials throughout the building including the paints, joint compound, floor and wood-trim finishes, counter tops and cabinets. The floors for instance are finished with a product called "Poly-Whey" which is derived from milk whey!
  • They used natural linoleum for the lab and bathroom floors.
  • The lab and kitchen counter tops are PaperStone, made from recycled paper and petroleum-free resin.
  • They've installed many skylights, so they can use natural day-lighting whenever possible.
  • The first floor concrete is simply colored with iron oxide and hardened with the non-toxic Ashford Process which makes the floor dense, dust-free, and easy to clean and maintain.
  • They used shiplap boards for the second floor sub-flooring, and then decided to sand and finish it. It makes for a simple, inexpensive, rustic and naturally beautiful mill floor.
  • They built the office cubbies on-site from Homesote (compressed recycled newspaper) and pine from a local mill. The desks are local pine, joined and sanded at the mill.


  • They are a 'Green Rate' customer with their electricity supplier (PSNH), meaning that they buy and retire Renewable Energy Certificates equal to 25% of their total monthly energy use.
  • They use energy efficient compact fluorescent CF light bulbs to reduce unnecessary energy use.
  • They have switched their computer system over to having a thin-client terminal at each desk, which offers significant power savings over personal computers.
  • They are using phone and internet based trainings to reduce air travel of their employees.

Paper and Supplies

  • In the office, they ask people to think before printing e-mails and other files. They even use both sides of their paper!
  • They use 100% post-consumer, non-chlorine bleached paper for their office and catalogs. Their catalogs and marketing materials are printed on Forest Stewardship Council Certified, 100% recycled papers.
  • All of their cleaning supplies are biodegradable and their toilet paper and paper towels are made from post consumer waste in a chlorine-free process.
  • They drink Certified Organic and Fair Trade Dean's Beans coffees.
  • All of the water in the Badger Mines is filtered - so there's no need for water coolers.

Water Conservation

  • All toilets and showers in their new facility are low-flow.
  • Water efficient landscaping - no potable use water used in landscaping.
  • The Badger gardens have been mulched to a higher extent to reduce water requirements.
  • Badger plans to start collecting rainwater with a guttering system for the gardens and low volume irrigation.
  • Badger's manufacturing processes use minimal water and do not create any toxic waste that could get into the local water system.

Reuse and Recycling

  • They always find a use for the plastic bags, cardboard boxes, glass containers and packaging materials that their supplies come in. Even the Styrofoam peanuts they receive get reused!
  • Their employees use non-disposable glasses, mugs and plates for lunch and drinks every day.
  • Any material that they can't reuse or give away gets recycled, including damaged tins, glass and metal containers, cardboard boxes unfit for reuse, and all of their office paper waste.
  • They compost food waste to be used around the gardens of the facility.
  • Every desk has a recycling container, and there are larger containers located in the dining room for plastic, cans, and glass.

Packaging and Shipping

  • They ship UPS carbon neutral!
  • Their famous tins are made from 89% post consumer recycled 'tin plated steel', the same material as soup cans. They hope you will find a way to reuse your empty tins (to store buttons, safety pins, etc), otherwise they are 100% recyclable.
  • Their recyclable in-store display boxes are clay coated and made from 100% recycled newspaper.
  • They changed their packing material from plastic bubble wrap to paper packing material, which is recyclable and biodegradable.
  • They have many different sized shipping boxes so that they can always find the best fit (to not ship excess box space, extra packing materials or extra weight) and they reuse cardboard boxes they've received to ship their products when possible.
  • They continuously seek more environmentally friendly packaging materials and shipping methods. They are currently working to replace plastic packaging with recycled metal and other alternatives.
  • Their sunscreen tubes are >50% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) content, as well as BPA- and Phthalate-free.

You can use this as a relaxing chest rub, or put 1/2 teaspoon in a humidifier or pot of hot water as a steam inhalant. Can be applied directly on the nose & lips for a more concentrated smell.

*Olea Europaea (Extra Virgin Olive) Oil, *Ricinus Communis (Castor) Oil, *Cera Alba (Beeswax), Essential Oils of *Eucalyptus Globulus (Eucalyptus), *Eucalyptus Staigeriana (Eucalyptus), *Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender), *Mentha Piperita (Peppermint), *Cinnamomum Camphora (Ravintsara), *Citrus Tangerina (Tangerine), *Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree), *Thymus Mastichina (Wild Marjoram), and CO2 Extracts of *Zingiber Officinale (Ginger), and *Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary).

* Certified Organic

This is not a medicine or a drug: this is a traditional remedy that supports your body's innate ability to heal itself. If symptoms persist, seek professional assistance.

P.O. Box 58
Gilsum, NH,
Phone: 800-603-6100 Fax: 603-352-4818 Email: Click here Visit website

About Badger

Three things you should know about Badger products: • They are 100% Natural. 98% “Natural” isn’t good enough for us. They never use chemicals, synthetics, GMO’s, parabens, toxic preservatives or any of the other bad stuff that you’ve read so much about. (They like animals, so, obviously, no animal testing either.) • They use from 70%-100% certified organic ingredients in almost every product. They’re talking exceptional natural quality. Their ingredients are always naturally processed. This is very important, as chemical processing can rob the life from a natural botanical that was originally designed by nature to be whole and good.

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