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Moringa Leaf Powder Essential Nutrition - 8 oz.Organic India

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Organic India - Moringa Leaf Powder Essential Nutrition - 8 oz.
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non-gmo IconNon-GMO
ayurvedic IconAyurvedic
bcorporation-b-the-change IconBcorporation: B the Change
fair-trade IconFair Trade
halal-certified IconHalal Certified
plant-based IconPlant Based
vegan IconVegan
eco-friendly IconEco Friendly
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Organic India
8 oz.
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    Organic India Moringa Leaf Powder Essential Nutrition - 8 oz. (226 g)

    Native to India, Moringa has been used worldwide to combat malnutrition. It is a nutritionally complex whole food naturally abundant in vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Daily use of Organic Moringa Leaf Powder can help to restore your imbalances, add concentrated superfood nutrition to your diet and help you to consumer the recommended 6-10 servings of vegetables per day.

    • Single ingredient
    • Alkalizing
    • Energizing
    • Complete nutrition
    • Made with USDA-certified organic herbs
    • Gluten-free and vegan
    • 225 servings per container
    • GMO free
    • Kosher & Halal certified

    Moringa is considered one of the most complete, nutrient-dense plants on Earth. Its leaves have been eaten for thousands of years as a superfood nutritional supplement. Containing over 90 nutrients, 46 antioxidants and abundant minerals, Moringa is often used to combat malnutrition in impoverished countries.

    Gram for gram, Moringa contains more B12 than steak, more vitamin A than eggs, and more calcium than milk – this tree’s tiny leaves are big on nutrition.

    Moringa leaves, often eaten as a vegetable, contain a such a potent profile of important minerals, trace minerals, protein, vitamins, beta-carotene, Vitamin C, all essential amino acids and various phenolics including quercetin and kaempferol that it truly qualifies for the title: Superfood. Its antioxidant polyphenols detox and protect the liver, boost immunity via several mechanisms, and support healthy blood sugar and lipids.

    Organic India also offers Moringa in convenient veggie capsules.

    Why is Organic India Moringa Superior?
    Organic India Moringa is organically grown on all their farms in India, where their precious farmer allies consume it for broad spectrum nourishment and also use it to purify water, feed the farm animals, enrich the potency of the soil, and protect plants from pests.

    Name Translation
    Moringa comes from the Sanskrit meaning "reddish brown" likely referring to the color of the seeds. Sahijan is Hindi for the Sanskrit saubhajnana meaning "knowledge of the heavens." The seed pods of Moringa look exactly like a drummer’s drumstick, and hence that name arises.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Do any of Organic India's products contain Aristolochia or aristolochic acid?
    Side effects relating to some varieties of the Aristolochia species under certain conditions have been documented since the early 1990's. Herbs containing these compounds are primarily used in China and have been banned in many countries of the world, including the United States.
    We’d like to assure you: Organic India does not use any of the Aristolochia species of herbs, or herbs containing aristolochic acid, in any of our products.
    Are Organic India's products Kosher?
    All of their products are certified Kosher except for Chyawanprash. The ghee used in Chyawanprash comes from a farm that is not certified Kosher.
    Are Organic India's products gluten-free?
    Yes, all of their products including teas, supplements and psyllium are gluten-free.
    Are Organic India's products Fair Trade?
    Yes and no. There are several fair trade certifications available, and each of them is very expensive. They have decided not to pursue certification at this time. However, their labor and trade practices go above and beyond what any certification requires. Organic India was founded with the intention of providing a sustainable livelihood to our farmers in India. They provide their farmers and their families with health care, education and a sustainable method of agriculture.

    Organic Herbal Supplements
    Ayurveda is a complete healing system, combining mind, body and spirit that originated in India thousands of years ago. Organic India uses the principles of Ayurveda to create unique herbal supplements, containing organically grown & ethically wildcrafted herbs, formulated to support your pure, natural health! Their organic herbs and Ayurvedic medicine come in Vegetarian capsules. Organic India USA is a member of the American Herbal Products Association.


    About Organic India
    Organic India was formed as a labor of love. Organic India began working cooperatively with farms in northern India to grow Tulsi ~ Holy Basil which was used to create their flagship product, the Original Tulsi Tea. Encouraged by the success of this project, Organic India contracted with more farmers and expanded their program to include other Indian herb, food and spice crops. The guiding principal of Organic India's company is to honor and protect the Earth by utilizing sustainable, organic and biodynamic agricultural practices and to provide a sustainable living for the farmers and tribes people they work with in India.

    All of Organic India's farmers and tribal wildcrafters are trained and educated by their team and by associate experts in all aspects of organic, sustainable and biodynamic agricultural practices. Organic India pays all the fees associated with acquiring the necessary organic certifications for them, and then they purchase the crops and wildcrafted herbs that they produce at a premium market price. The farmers also rotate between growing crops on their land for Organic India with food crops for themselves and their families. This means that the farmers, wildcrafters and their families are supported by a sustainable income, while at the same time improving and preserving their own health and natural environment.

    All Organic India farmers are certified organic according to NOP standards. All of Organic India's facilities have been awarded SQF, HACCP, USDA, and GMP certifications, and they have obtained kosher certification for the majority of their products. Organic India has developed advanced processing methods and dehydration technologies to ensure that their products retain their maximum level of potency. Organic India's goal is to offer the highest quality products available today.

    At the heart of Organic India is their commitment to be a living embodiment of consciousness in action. Organic India works with thousands of family farmers in India who cultivate thousands of acres of organic farmland. Organic India actively promotes sustainable agriculture and pays a premium market rate to their farmers. All Organic India products promote wellness and are certified organic. Each product you hold in your hands is one link in a chain of love, respect and connectedness between Organic India's farmers and you. By choosing Organic India you are completing this chain, which gives training and a living wage to the Indian farmers, creates a sustainable environment and brings happiness and well being to you.

    Organic India's Story
    Organic India was formed in the 1990's by a small group of people from different parts of the world who met in Lucknow, a town in northern India, where they had traveled to meet a teacher named Sri H.W.L. Poonja, or Papaji as he was called by many. Drawn to India in search of truth and self-realization, they found their way to Lucknow upon hearing of the simple teachings of Papaji: "Keep Quiet. The eternal truth exists within you. Do not entertain a single thought and the truth will reveal itself to itself."

    Inspired by Papaji's lifetime of service to the Indian people, this group of visionaries (and future founders of Organic India) came together to create a holistic business that would eventually change the face of agriculture in northern India. Their idea was simple: establish a business model that will support the livelihood of thousands of impoverished farmers in India by providing training and education that will enable them to be self-sufficient and to develop skills that will be passed on to their children and future generations.

    This idea became a movement as the Indian people began to cultivate and develop organic, biodynamic and sustainable farming methods. The founder's mission to offer safe, healthful products to the world is the driving force behind an organic revolution that is now occurring there.

    Organic India works with thousands of family farmers in India, cultivating tens of thousands of acres of farmland that has been 3rd party certified organic through funding from Organic India. The farmers are commissioned to grow organic crops under their guidance, which Organic India then purchases from them at a premium market price. Organic India also works with local tribes-people in India who ethically wildcraft herbs on 592,000 acres of forest that Organic India has converted to USDA certified organic.

    Currently, Organic India markets certified organic, biodynamic, and ethically wildcrafted products throughout India, the United States, Israel, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Japan and Australia.

    Organic India's Vision
    To be a vehicle of consciousness in the global market by creating a holistic sustainable business modality, which inspires, promotes and supports well-being and respect for all beings and for Mother Nature.

    Organic India's Mission
    To be a trustworthy and innovative global leader in providing genuine organic products and solutions for conscious, healthy living.

    Organic India's Commitment:

    • To provide their customers worldwide with exceptional quality organic foods and health products.
    • To introduce a unique and successful business modality that is committed to service, sanctity and integrity and therefore harms no one and benefits all.
    • To support natural sustainable organic agriculture practices that serve, honor and protect Mother Nature.
    • To support the livelihood and well-being of farmers and tribal wild crafters in rural India.

    Organic India's Values:

    • Service to all
    • Total integrity
    • Absolute commitment to quality
    • Respect and devotion to Mother Nature
    • No compromise on being who they are

    Organic India means absolute commitment to quality. All Organic India products are 100% organic, pure and natural, because you want the best for your family and so do they. The guiding principles of their company are health and happiness for all beings and great respect for the Divine Mystery of Mother Nature who selflessly sustains humanity and naturally provides us all with a bounty of nourishing foods and healing herbs.

    Organic Farming
    As part of their mission to create a sustainable global environment, Organic India uses the following farming practices.

    What is organic farming?
    Organic farming is the practice of growing crops without the use of chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. It relies mainly on crop rotation, organic fertilizers and plant-based pesticides and herbicides to maintain soil productivity and tilth.

    Why is organic farming important?
    There is more and more evidence that chemical-based fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides are extremely harmful to our health. However, the strongest argument in favor of organic farming remains the environmental benefit. In a world facing a global climate crisis, it has become imperative that we do as much as possible to reduce the negative effects of global warming. Harmful emissions are released into our atmosphere during the manufacturing of these chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides that have been linked to global warming. Conventional agriculture relies heavily on these chemicals which further harm our eco-system when they enter our soil and seep into water supplies.

    About Biodynamic Agriculture

    What is Biodynamic agriculture?
    Biodynamic agriculture is a step beyond organic. It is a holistic program that utilizes crop rotation, a planting calendar using the cycles of the moon, the sun and the seasons to determine the best time to plant each crop, and specially prepared homeopathic compounds which are added to water and soil to increase the vitality of the land, the water and the crops themselves.

    Why is Biodynamic agriculture important?
    Using Biodynamic agriculture restores balance and increases the health of the eco systems where the method is used. While it also prohibits the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, it adds elements which help to heal damage to the eco-system which has been caused by any prior use of these toxic substances.

    About Ethical Wildcrafting

    What is ethical wildcrafting?
    Ethical wildcrafting is the practice of harvesting plants from the wild in a sustainable manner, without depleting the population or damaging the habitat of the plants that are being harvested.

    Why is ethical wildcrafting important?
    The population of many plants that grow in the wild is declining due to over-harvesting and loss of habitat. It is important to harvest plants in a way that ensures that they will continue to grow back each year, thus maintaining the delicate balance of their eco-system and ensuring the continued supply of these natural resources.

    What is sustainable agriculture?
    Farming that provides a secure living for farm families, maintains the natural environment and resources, supports the rural community and offers respect and fair treatment to all involved.


    As a dietary supplement, mix 1/2 teaspoon twice per day with water, juice, tea or blend into your smoothie. 


    Organic India Moringa Leaf Powder Essential Nutrition - 8 oz (226g)
    Supplement Facts
    Serving Size: 1 teaspoon (2g)
    Servings Per Container: 113
    Amount Per Serving %DV
    Organic Moringa Leaf (Moringa oleifera) 2 g
    † Daily Value Not Established.
    * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.


    Store with lid in a cool, dry place. Once open best to consume within 4 months. Refrigeration not recommended unless exposed to hot, humid conditions.

    If pregnant or nursing, consult a physician before use.

    Warning Icon Prop 65 Warning

     For more information go to Learn more at


    Organic India

    At the heart of Organic India is our commitment to be a living embodiment of consciousness in action. We work with thousands of family farmers in India who cultivate tens of thousands of acres of organic farmland. Organic India actively promotes sustainable agriculture and pays a premium market rate to our farmers. All our products promote wellness and are certified organic. Each product you hold in your hands is one link in a chain of love, respect and connectedness between our farmers and you. By choosing Organic India you are completing this chain, which gives training and a living wage to the Indian farmers, creates a sustainable environment and brings happiness and well being to you

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    25 Reviews
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    92% 23 of 25 reviewers would recommend this product to a friend.

    By (Morgan hill, CA)

    Very good, I gave one bottle to my friend who was very weak of her body because after the couple times operation, only three days after she try this product, She called and asked where I bought this product because her energy is back, she very excited and want to buy more. It's help, Thank you! "Moringa"

    Was this review helpful?

    • YES: 12
    • NO: 0
    By (Austin, TX)

    i love this powder! i mix it in my morning green smoothies everyday, as a result i feel much more energized and less tired throughout the day.

    Was this review helpful?

    • YES: 10
    • NO: 0
    By (Tacoma, WA)

    I will be honest, I HATE the taste of this stuff...even in a juice smoothie. So I intend to buy some empty capsules and take it in pill form...I know it is good for me, but I have to wonder how people drink this straight?

    Was this review helpful?

    • YES: 9
    • NO: 1
    By (San Diego, CA)

    Who knew???!!!This reminds me of the flavor of green tea, and is supposed to be just PACKED with good-for-you things. I've been making a soak-in-the-fridge chia pudding with sweetened coconut milk, and then I mix this in right before. It's like green tea ice cream and tapioca had a love child. It's a treat.

    Was this review helpful?

    • YES: 9
    • NO: 2
    By (Cornelius, OR)

    Love this..I will buy again

    Was this review helpful?

    • YES: 6
    • NO: 1

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