OHCO - Stomach Chi Digestive Aid - 60 Capsules
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OHCO - Stomach Chi Digestive Aid - 60 Capsules

Eleven Nourishing Herbs
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OHCO - Stomach Chi Digestive Aid - 60 Capsules

  • Item# :130772
    UPC# :791572610604
  • Brand:OHCO
  • Size/Form:60  Capsules
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  • Servings:30
  • Dosage:2  Capsule(s)
OHCO Stomach Chi Digestive Aid - 60 Capsules

OHCO Stomach Chi Digestive Aid helps to strengthen us enough to have a clear relationship with our existence. Once this root is established then we are able to allow free movement of our digestive process. It can act as a complimentary agent to a deeper sense of health and well being. The digestive function is particularly vulnerable to invasive by the stresses of modern life. As we are pressed by the demands of our jobs, relationships, and responsibilities, we tend to contract away from life. We close doors and put up walls for protection. In doing so we also close the doors to our nourishment and hinder our ability to assimilate our experiences.

Nourish Thyself
People spend a lot of time considering what they put into their bodies. There are numerous places to put the blame for poor digestion and inadequate nutrient assimilation. Maintaining a high quality diet is often a juggling act as we try to balance our stressful, hurried lifestyles, too many fried foods, too many acid-producing foods, the demands of travel, and occasional overindulgence. Some try to add hydrochloric acids, pancreatic enzymes, and beneficial bacteria to their diets. The problem, however, may not come directly from food allergies, stress, poor food combining, or chemical additives. It may come from the lack of sufficient constitutional strength. Constitution has different meanings depending on your point of view. Western medical thought sees constitution as being limited by genetic makeup. As such, it is invariable and carved in stone at birth. In Chinese thought, constitution is the sum of the prenatal jing (or essence) and the postnatal jing. Postnatal jing can be nourished and is thought to be directly related to the health of the Spleen and the Stomach (as these terms are used in Chinese medicine).

Teachings on this concept date back to 100 BC and The Yellow Emperor's Inner Classic. This collection is considered by most students and scholars of Oriental philosophy as the first place where the idea that the Spleen (pi) and the Stomach (wei) are at the very root of many if not all diseases. Li Dong Yuan became a chief proponent of this philosophy. Perhaps Dong Yuan's greatest achievement, and certainly a major reason for the current interest in his work, is his apparent insight into complex disease patterns which he called "curious" disease manifestations. Many recognize that it is just these types of diseases which are giving Western medicine the most problems today. Hidden pathogenic stealth viruses may be the cause of many auto-immune diseases. The apparent confusion of normal immune function is believed to cause severely disabling and degenerative problems such as multiple sclerosis, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and perhaps even some forms of cancer. Dong Yuan sees these types of manifestations as being rooted in a complex type of Yin Fire which is itself rooted in an emptiness in the functions of the Spleen and Stomach. When this fire upsurges, it causes a confusion of influences, a chaotic chi, which is at the root of a myriad of complex symptoms. Western medicine seems to be blind to this level of the disease. To Dong Yuan, a major part of working with insidious diseases is to consolidate the two organ systems - Stomach and Spleen. It might be clear by now that Dong Yuan viewed these organs, as including, but not limited to the Western medical digestive function.

Two Ways to Take OHCO Supplements
The OHCO label offers two different ways to take the herbs. The "basic way" is to take the herbs gradually over time to provide support for lasting, deep level changes to an ongoing condition and for maintenance. "Another Way" is to take the herbs as needed, sometimes as often as every 20 minutes, for sudden onset problems.

OHCO Questions & Answers

Are the formulas vegetarian?
The capsules themselves contain gelatin. The powders are vegan except for Chi'll Out which uses a honey-fried root and fossilized bones (mineral).

Can children take the OHCO formulas?
Children were a large part of the inspiration behind bringing OHCO's first product, Cold Snap, to market. When considering the proper dose for your child, adjust for the age and weight of the child. Start slowly and increase the frequency if you are not getting the desired result. The formulas have been used successfully by many nursing mothers. Of course, the baby is getting some of the herbs too. Moderation is key.

Is there any more value in taking the powders over the capsules?
When they first came out with the formulas in 1994, they were only available in powder form. Once they introduced capsules, most customers never looked back. The powders can have more value in some cases. Cold Snap as a hot tea is soothing to the throat, and the tea ritual can further the nourishing quality of Stomach Chi and others.

Are the OHCO products safe?
OHCO traces its pipelines, tests the raw ingredients, and then follows that up with even more independent testing. Yes, the formulas are safe.

Can I combine the OHCO products with other supplements and herbs?
When considering combining the OHCO products there are generally a few problems because these balanced formulas that can be though of in much the same way as other sources of nutrition. Just as you should not combine two different OHCO formulas by taking them at the same time, you may wish o do the same with other herbs. You might separate theses different items with food.

Is there any more value in taking the powder (in hot water) vs. the capsules?
When they first came out with the three formulas they were only available in powder form. Once they introduced capsules, there were those who never looked back at the powder. They take this to mean that these people saw no difference in the effectiveness of the herbs. They never noticed a difference themselves. There are a couple of cases they can think of where the powder does have more value. People say they find the Cold Snap as a hot tea soothing to a sore throat. With the Stomach Chi, there is something about the tea ritual that furthers the nourishing quality of the formula. Taking a little time of focus on the process of the herb  as a healing and nourishing act can help in some ways in the internal healing process. Of the tea format is more conducive to this, as opposed to just popping those capsules on the fly.

Will they look into an herbal mix for seniors? Issues we are dealing with are energy, respiratory, immune system, probiotics, smoking, etc...?
Some of these conditions require more information and with a little self-examination you will probably be able to discover the answer for yourself. Energy, for example, can be addressed by each of the six formulas. Ask yourself why your energy is low. If you are stiff and sore, your "energy formula" would be OHCO-Motion and/or OHCO-Flow. If you digestion is sluggish, Stomach Chi will boost your energy. Respiratory issues? It's Cold Snap and Eye Ching because if breathing is a challenging you can do anything. Lastly if you're not getting adequate sleep, Chi'll Out is your "energy formula". This same line of thinking can be applied to stress. What is the cause? Look into the areas where you are challenged and you'll know which formula is most appropriate.

Respiration, Immune System, and something for smokers could possibly all be handled by Cold Snap. When you strengthen the body's good design, as Cold Snap does, a lot can fall into place. The lungs may be stronger, respiration improved, and (this is the really good news) your immune system will be stronger even though you have not worked directly on it. There are many immune enhancing formulas out now that don't always work in a balanced way. They like the Cold Snap approach - strengthen and let your strong body build your immune system.

About OHCO

OHCO/Oriental Herb Company exists to create and distribute original Chinese herbal formulas. Safety is their number one priority. They use these formulas themselves and so do their children, friends, and pets. Full disclosure of ingredients is available on-line and on the label.

Company Founders

Donn Hayes, Dipl. Ac, C.H. (NCCA)
OHCO's herbal products and the proprietary technology involved were researched and developed by acupuncturist Donn Hayes. His experience and training in classical Chinese herbology provided the foundation for Cold Snap, Stomach Chi, OHCO-Motion, OHCO-Flow, Eye-Ching and Chi'll Out. His initial study of Oriental Medicine began with an apprenticeship in the Oriental communities of Seattle and Vancouver and continues thirty years later through his private practice and research. He holds a Diplomate of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs though the National Commission for the Certification of Acupuncturists.

Hanna Hayes, B.S., M.Ed.
Hannah Hayes earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from Hofstra University and attained a Master's Degree in Educational Administration from Antioch University. After ten years of teaching, she moved on to run her own vegetarian restaurant and to manage an extremely popular local health food store. In the mid-eighties, Hannah started working with Donn's clients to educate them about the principles of Oriental Medicine. During this time, Hannah observed that many patients began requesting that their custom formulas be made available to friends and families.

Basic Way: Take two capsules three times a day.

Another Way: Throw out the notion that a printed set of directions will provide the exact answer. Consider size, constitution, timing, and other factors affecting each unique person. Frequent use (as often as every twenty minutes) may be required in certain circumstances. With more experience and some anticipation, you won't need to consume a large quantity of herbs. The suggested maximum amount per day is 24 capsules.

Continue with the basic way for a couple of days to ensure restoration of the digestive system. When the process is complete, you will feel more balanced.

OHCO Stomach Chi Digestive Aid - 60 Capsules
Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 30
Amount Per Serving %DV
Stomach Chi Blend: 1.2 g *
Pinellia (root), Poria (fruiting body), Asian Ginseng (root), Atractylodes (root), Ginger (root), Magnolia (bark), Saussurea (root), Chinese Cardamom (seed), Tangerine (aged peel), Perilla (leaf), Licorice (root)
*Daily Value Not Established.
†Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your diet values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
Ingredients: Cornstarch, Gelatin.
P.O. Box 3141
San Francisco, CA,
Phone: 3036747346 Fax: 3036747346 Visit website

About OHCO

The line of OHCO products - Cold Snap, Stomach Chi, Ohco-Motion, and Ohco-Flow - were all originally mixed as custom formulas for one, then several, then many of the patients of Donn Hayes. Soon, they began requesting these formulas be made available to their friends and family. Hannah Hayes responded by bringing these wonderful formulas into the retail setting and OHCO was born!


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By (Bolinas , CA )

I really like how gentle yet effective this product is for stomach upset, queasy-ness, etc.,... I also like that I can take this formula anytime - before, after, during a meal - and the product works just as well.

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By (Santa Rosa , CA )

Stomach Chi Digestive Aid really helped me to calm my intestinal tract that I have been dealing with for 3 years. I am happy with this product.

Was this review helpful?Yes0No0Thank you for your response.

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