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Extreme Edge
2 lbs.
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    Extreme Edge Whey Protein Isolate Atomic Chocolate - 2 lbs. (924g)

    Extreme Edge Whey Protein Isolate Atomic Chocolate is designed to be one of the cleanest, purest and most natural whey protein isolate protein powders ever created. After an intense workout, your body needs high-quality protein to support muscle growth and development, as well as rapid muscle repair so that you can work out the next day with the same innate power and strength as the day before. Whey protein isolate has the highest biological value of any protein source on the market and is fast-acting - meaning its amino acids are quickly and easily broken down in the body for immediate use for bigger and more intense gains. Use it once, and you will never train without it again!

    • Muscle Rebuilder & Fast-Acting Amino Acid Replenisher
    • 26 Grams of Protein Per Serving with BCAAs
    • Optimizes Muscle Growth
    • Inhibits Muscle Breakdown
    • Supports Immune Function

    The revolutionary whey protein isolate powder delivers 26 grams of high-quality protein per scoop to help replenish amino acid pools in the muscle that are necessary for achieving significant increases in muscle size and mass. Plus, each scoop provides essential amino acids including branched chain amino acids for muscle building and repairing, immunoglobulins for immune support to combat transient immune suppression that often occurs after strenuous exercise, as well as a cellular hydration blend of naturally occurring electrolytes [potassium (K+), sodium (Na+), calcium (Ca2+), phosphorus and magnesium (Mg2+)]. Muscle contraction is dependent upon the presence of electrolytes. In fact, without sufficient levels of these key minerals, which can often be depleted during continuous strenuous exercise, muscle weakness or severe muscle contractions/cramping may occur, as well as dehydration.

    Unlike some other whey protein isolate products on the market that are mixed with lower quality whey protein concentrate and are laden with artificially-derived sweeteners, flavors and colors, the sports nutritional scientists at Extreme Edge use only naturally-derived sweeteners, flavors and scientists at Extreme Edge use only naturally-derived sweeteners, flavors and colors in combination with the purest whey protein isolate on the market to colors in combination with the purest whey protein isolate on the market to colors in combination with the purest whey protein isolate on the market to help facilitate clean and pure Extreme performance. Plus, this whey protein isolate powder is derived from grass-fed cows that ate not treated with recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH) or antibiotics. And instead of the common practice of using heat processed whey that could denature the protein and immunoglobulins, they employ cross-flow microfiltration, a special low-temperature method that leaves the polypeptide chains (i.e., protein) and immunoglobulins intact, while removing excess fat and 98% of the lactose sugars that often cause bloating or cramping.

    About Bluebonnet Nutrition:
    Bluebonnet Nutrition was founded in 1991 on the basic principle that they offer the cleanest, purest, most natural nutritional supplements offered exclusively through independent natural food retailers. Today, Bluebonnet Nutrition is proud to say that they still honor this commitment and that their devotion is true and loyal. The landscape of nutrition is changing rapidly. However, Bluebonnet Nutrition is not simply changing with it. Bluebonnet Nutrition leading the way. Since the launch of Bluebonnet Nutrition's company in the heart of Sugar Land, Texas, they have carefully sowed the seeds of success by their unwavering pledge to the five powers of Bluebonnet Nutrition: Nature, Science, Quality, Truth and Knowledge - one power for every petal of the Texas state flower from which they take their name.

    For over the past two decades, Bluebonnet Nutrition has been committed to offering the finest, high-quality supplements available in the natural products marketplace. In fact, they pride ourselves on leading the quality charge in their industry. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that Bluebonnet would lead the charge in offering the first line of sports nutrition supplements that packs a lean and mean punch on the purity front. It is ironic that even though bodybuilders and serious athletes treat their bodies like temples, sports nutrition brands continue to load their supplements with unhealthy ingredients (e.g., excess protein, excess stimulants, excess sugar, artificial flavors, sweeteners and colors, etc…. and even banned substances). What's surprising is that bodybuilders and athletes continue to accept and consume these inferior products with little discrimination since they focus more on whether the product works than what it contains. In fact, there are few sports nutrition brands that truly care about both! That is until now. With Extreme Edge, the search for clean, unadulterated and effective sports nutrition supplements for hardcore bodybuilders and serious athletes that addresses their multiple yet individual nutritional needs beyond excess protein, sugar and stimulants is OVER!

    The Best the Earth Can Offer
    Bluebonnet Nutrition's first commitment has always been to nature. Not only so they can identify nutrients that are good, pure and wholesome, but also so they can harness nature's power and benefit from its strength. Bluebonnet Nutrition searched the world for locations where climate, temperature and soil converge to grow the finest raw materials. Conducting frequent on-site inspections, Bluebonnet Nutrition's ingredient selections are never based on price, but instead on one simple criterion: Is it the best the Earth has to offer? To preserve nature's freshness, they purchase raw materials in small quantities. And when ingredients enter their warehouse, they are quarantined and sent to Bluebonnet Nutrition's on-site quality assurance laboratory to undergo raw material identification and microbial testing. If a nutrient does not meet Bluebonnet Nutrition's stringent quality standards, it cannot be used in Bluebonnet supplements.

    Everything Purple Starts Off Green
    Bluebonnet's dedication to nature does not end with ingredient selection. Bluebonnet Nutrition's is an enterprise-wide effort that encompasses environmentally sound manufacturing practices and operations and green initiatives that support the philosophy of a whole new generation of health-conscious, "green" consumers who believe in reducing their dependency on fossil fuel, sustainability and social responsibility, which involves giving back to their communities, country and world-at-large, Specifically, Bluebonnet Nutrition has implemented conservational practices from instituting a corporate-wide recycling program, to using recyclable paper and corrugated packaging and shippers whenever possible, as well as biodegradable packing materials that dissolve in landfills, to printing their marketing materials with soy-based inks. Plus, Bluebonnet supports efforts and teachings on ecological preservation, which is why Bluebonnet Nutrition contributes to two non-profit organizations, United Plant Savers and American Botanical Council, devoted to sustainability and education. In addition, not only does Bluebonnet Nutrition manufacture in their own environmentally-friendly, state-of-the-art facility, but they use alternative energy sources (e.g., wind and solar) whenever possible to help reduce their carbon footprint.

    Innovation is Only Natural
    With over 100 years of collective industry experience in nutritional science, Bluebonnet Nutrition's product development team is not only ensuring that Bluebonnet supplements are safe and efficacious, they're also committed to developing cleaner, more effective formulas. In fact, Bluebonnet has been the first to launch some of the industry's most innovative ingredients, such as ubiquinol, licorice flavonoid oil (Glavonoid), grape seed extract, vegetarian SOD (GliSODin) and nucleotides. And in a highly competitive, uninspired protein beverage market, they have included the latter two revolutionary ingredients in the most unique protein formulas to hit the market in years: Super Earth Phytonutrient Soy Protein Powder and Multi-Action Whey of Life Protein Powder.

    Setting New Standards
    Quality may be the most overused word in the world today. Nonetheless, for nutritional supplements, what could be more important? That is why Bluebonnet Nutrition built their own 100,000 sq ft, state-of-the-art kosher manufacturing and distribution facility with earth-friendly, pharmaceutical-grade systems that are setting new standards for quality assurance. Plus, they have also invested in the arduous process of kosher certifying their products. Since keeping kosher has become synonymous with eating foods that have been manufactured at a higher standard, Bluebonnet products bearing the KOF-K emblem have been carefully supervised with each ingredient tracked to its origin and strict rules imposed on hygienic processes. In addition to applying kosher quality standards to their operation, Bluebonnet Nutrition manufacturing process meets the rigorous model established by the U.S. Pharmacopoeia - even though they don't have to. By the time a Bluebonnet supplement appears on a store shelf, it has been subjected to stringent examinations for potency, purity, uniformity, hardness, disintegration and dissolution. And not just by in-house quality control technicians, but by respected independent laboratories. That is quality that will last even after you have opened the bottle.

    Just the Facts
    There are so few absolute truths in the world today - except when it comes to nutritional supplements. Nutrients are either in the supplement or they are not. Bluebonnet Nutrition makes sure they are. Not only does Bluebonnet Nutrition manufacture 90% of their products in-house, they employ a unique practice called "content uniformity" to ensure a consistent nutrient blend from batch to batch. It is part of Bluebonnet's commitment to the natural products industry, as well as their own principles. Before a Bluebonnet supplement arrives at a natural food store, it is analyzed and evaluated by lab technicians. Through HPLC assay tests, Bluebonnet documents with 100% accuracy that what is on the label is in the bottle. Bluebonnet Nutrition even performs accelerated stability tests to ensure that potency levels will be maintained through the expiration date. Bottomline, on Bluebonnet labels, what you read is always what you get.

    Meeting Nutritional Needs
    Bluebonnet offers a complete line of natural vitamins, minerals, multiples, amino acids, proteins, herbal extracts, and specialty supplements, such as antioxidants, CoQ10/ubiquinol, glucosamine, omega fatty acids, fiber/digestive aids, probiotics and food supplements. All made without unnecessary colors, flavors, fillers, binders or excipients. Choose a "delivery system" that suits your lifestyle: caplets, mini-caplets, softgels, chewables, liquids, powders or Kosher vegetarian capsules. Your loyalty and trust in Bluebonnet Nutrition's nutritional supplements is greatly appreciated by the Bluebonnet family.


    As a dietary supplement, add one scoop (33g) to 8 fl oz of water or milk (dairy, almond, oat, rice or soy) and mix or shake until smooth.  For best results, liquid should be very cold.  Mixes instantly without the use of a blender.  For Extreme results, take approximately 30 minutes after workout.


    Extreme Edge - Whey Protein Isolate Atomic Chocolate - 2 lbs.
    Supplement Facts
    Serving Size: 1 Scoop (33g)
    Servings Per Container: 28
    Amount Per Serving %DV
    Calories 125
    Calories from Fat 5
    Total Fat .5g 1%
    Saturated Fat .5g 3%
    Cholesterol 15mg 5%
    Total Carbohydrates 3g 1%
    Dietary Fiber .5g
    Sugar 1.5g
    Protein 26g 52%
    Vitamin D (from whey) 10 IU 3%
    Calcium (from whey) 90mg 9%
    Iron (from cocoa) .5mg 3%
    Phosphorus (from whey) 90mg 9%
    Magnesium (from whey) 30mg 8%
    Copper (from cocoa) 70mcg 4%
    Chloride (from cocoa) 70mg 2%
    Sodium (from whey) 140mg 6%
    Potassium (from whey) 160mg 5%
    *Daily Value Not Established.
    †Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your diet values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

    Other Ingredients: Dutch Cocoa, Natural Chocolate Flavor, Non-GMO Sunflower Lecithin, Stevia Extract (Reb A).

    Contains: Milk

    Free of Egg, Fish, Crutacean Shellfish, Tree Nuts, Peanuts, Wheat and Soybeans. Also Free of Yeast, Gluten, Barley and Rice.


    Keep tightly closed.  Store in a cool, dry place away from heat, light and moisture.  Keep out of the reach of children. Use this product as a food supplement.  Do not use for weight reduction.

    Allergen Warning:  Manufactured in a facility that processes products containing milk, eggs, soybeans, wheat, shellfish, fish oil, tree nuts and peanut flavor.

    Warning Icon Prop 65 Warning

     For more information go to Learn more at


    Extreme Edge

    Bluebonnet Nutrition was founded in 1991 on the basic principle that we offer the cleanest, purest, most natural nutritional supplements exclusively sold through natural food retailers. With the landscape of nutrition changing rapidly, Bluebonnet Nutrition isn’t simply changing with it, we’re leading the way. Since the launch of our company in the heart of Sugar Land, Texas, we’ve carefully sowed the seeds of success by our unwavering pledge to the five powers of Bluebonnet Nutrition: NATURE, SCIENCE, QUALITY, TRUTH AND KNOWLEDGE – one power for every petal of the Texas state flower from which we take our name.


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