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Blistex - Medicated Lip Balm 15 SPF - 0.15 oz.

Seals In Moisture To Soothe & Prevent Dry Lips
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Blistex - Medicated Lip Balm 15 SPF - 0.15 oz.

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Blistex Medicated Lip Balm SPF 15 - .15 oz. (4.25g)

Blistex Medicated Lip Balm helps prevent dryness and chapping. Blistex Medicated Lip Balm's easy glide formula also soothes irritated lips.

Dry, Chapped Lips: Blistex Lip Balm has three long-lasting protectants, and it seals in lip moisture to prevent drying of lip tissue. It glides on comfortably to provide complete coverage and avoid further irritation of chapped lips.

Sun Protection: Blistex Lip Balm provides SPF 15 protection. Remember, lips don't tan, but they do burn.

Sun Alert: Limiting sun exposure, wearing protective clothing, and using sunscreens may reduce the risks of skin aging, skin cancer and other harmful effects of the sun.

What Are Lips?

Lips by definition
lip \'lip\ n : : either of the two fleshy folds which surround the opening of the mouth in humans and many other vertebrates and in humans are organs of speech essential to certain articulations; also : the pinkish or reddish margin of a human lip composed of nonglandular mucous membrane and usually exposed when the mouth takes on its natural set.

Lip "skin" is different
Why do millions suffer from dry chapped lips each winter? The reason can be found in the structure of the lips themselves. The lips' exposed mucous membrane structure is actually different than other skin. As shown in the diagram to the left, lips do not have the same protective outer layer, or stratum corneum, found in other skin; nor do lips have the same complement of oil and sweat glands. Sweat glands add moisture to skin, but the lips' only source of moisture is saliva inside the mouth. Thus, harsh winter wind, cold, sun and dryness--indoors and outdoors--make lips a vulnerable target for chapping.

Lip Tips
At Blistex, lip science is what they're all about. For years, they have used their unique knowledge and expertise concerning the human lip to provide consumers with high quality, technologically advanced products that protect, soothe and relieve. Today, Blistex offers a full range of lip care products that meet the needs of diverse lip care users worldwide. It is Blistex's firm commitment to continue to combine their knowledge of the science of lips with the art of creating formulas that feel great, to produce high quality, highly appealing and highly effective lip care products.

  • Tip 1: Use Lip Care Daily. Use a lip care product as part of a daily regimen to moisturize your lips and maintain their healthy condition.
    A lip treatment, such as Blistex DCT (Daily Conditioning Treatment for Lips), containing the natural moisturizers cocoa butter and aloe vera is an effective combination. For a medicated alternative try Blistex Medicated Lip Balm. Daily treatment of the lips helps maintain a smooth feel and appearance.
  • Tip 2: Use Lip Care Before Exposure to Dry Environment.
    Whenever you are exposed to especially drying conditions, whether due to harsh outdoor elements or a dry indoor environment, use a lip care product that seals in natural moisture and seals out the drying forces. Recommended products, like Blistex Medicated Lip Balm, Blistex Complete Moisture, and Blistex DCT (Daily Conditioning Treatment) combine a number of protectants to defend your
    lips effectively.
  • Tip 3: Use Lip Care Before Exposure to Sun.
    Any time of the year that you are exposed to the always harmful rays of the sun, use a product with an adequate SPF (Sun Protection Factor). Beyond the sun's well-known skin damage impact, exposure to the sun is also a trigger for cold sores/fever blisters for those who are susceptible. An SPF number indicates how many times longer a person can stay in the sun before beginning to burn. For some sensitive-skinned people, it is best to avoid products containing PABA, which can cause allergic reactions. Try any of the Blistex products with sunscreen including Blistex Silk & Shine and Complete Moisture.
  • Tip 4: Treat Sore or Already Chapped Lips With A Medicated Lip Care Product.
    If dryness, cracking or soreness of the lip has already developed, it is especially important to use a medicated product to provide relief. A product with a penetrating analgesic can soothe the lips quickly and effectively. Blistex Lip Ointment delivers penetrating medication, and is the only lip ointment that contains moisture. Also for sore lips, Blistex Lip Medex provides ultra-cooling relief.
  • Tip 5: Use Lip Care Under or Even Instead of Lipstick.
    Use a lip care product like Blistex Medicated Lip Balm or Blistex Lip Ointment, before applying lipstick. This helps color go on more evenly for a smoother look.
  • Tip 6: Use A Lip Care Product With Age Defying Ingredients For Smoother, Younger Looking Lips.
    Choosing a lip balm with ingredients specifically designed to combat the effects of aging is another option to ensure the health and beauty of your lips. Blistex Deep Renewal with Q10 and a vitamin-collagen anti-oxidant complex, is clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles on your lips, within 4 weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions
Through the years, the lip care specialists at Blistex have answered thousands of queries from silly to serious about the care and protection of lips. You may have wondered about a few of these yourself, so here are answers to some of the most frequently asked lip care questions.

Can a person become addicted to a lip care product?
Considering the number of urban legends and humorous web sites devoted to the subject of lip balm, it is not surprising that this is one of the most common questions that Blistex is asked. Rest assured that the definitive answer is NO! - A person cannot become addicted to a lip care product.

According to Dr. Charles Zugerman, associate professor of clinical dermatology at Northwestern University Medical School, people do not become addicted to lip care products or the ingredients in them. Rather, people may become habituated to the soothing feeling of having a lip care product on their lips. Should this happen, the person can stop using the product and experience no withdrawal symptoms. There is no such thing as physical addiction to lip balm.

Blistex shares Dr. Zugerman's belief that the notion of lip balm 'addiction' stems from the fact that people who use lip balm regularly become accustomed to the feeling of having moist, comfortable lips. When they subsequently stop using lip balm, their exposed lips--subjected once more to drying environmental conditions--do not feel as comfortable. Lip balm users, in this sense, are about as addicted to lip balm as coat wearers are to coats when it is cold outside.

Moreover, it is important to note that lips do not have adequate natural protection from the sun's rays. Fun is fun, but if people neglect to protect their sensitive lip skin because of the mistaken notion that lip balm is addictive, they could be in for long-term health problems. Lip balms with an SPF level of at least 15 could provide lips with the protection they need.

What makes lip care different from skin care?
Unlike ordinary skin, lip tissue is mucous membrane. The outer layer of the lip (or stratum corneum) is extremely thin or even completely absent in most people. As a result, moisture evaporates from the lips much faster than from ordinary skin causing lips to dry out easily. This dryness frequently results in chapping and cracking, and increases the risk of inflammation, infection and burning sensations.

How do I protect my lips from the sun?
Lips have little or no melanin, the natural skin pigment that screens out the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays. Sun damage can alter collagen (which gives lips body and resilience) and can even lead to melanoma. Lips should be protected from the sun with a product that contains a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 15 or more. It is also important to remember that the sun's harmful rays are always present whether it's July or January, sunny or cloudy.

Do lips need to be protected indoors?
It's a good idea to work lip protection into your daily skin care regimen whether you spend time outdoors or not. Outdoor factors such as sun, wind and cold can speed up the rate of lip moisture loss. What you may not realize is that lips frequently suffer indoors from a lack of moisture in centrally heated or air-conditioned rooms in which the relative humidity is low. Dryness is also the enemy when a winter cold or flu strikes. Lip irritation can even be caused by certain types of food, cosmetics and cigarette smoke.

While protection is great, how do I heal already chapped lips?
If your lips get chapped, time is of the essence. The sooner you attend to them the faster they will heal. For both seriously dry lips, and even for treatment of cold sores, Blistex recommends using a medicated product, like Blistex Lip Ointment, that contains penetrating analgesics to bring cooling relief to lips and moisturizing ingredients to rehydrate lips.

What causes cold sores?
Cold sores and fever blisters tend to develop when an individual has a cold or fever, but they also can be triggered by sun exposure, emotional distress, intestinal illness and menstruation. Eliminating all of the sources that can contribute to the onset of cold sores and fever blisters is impossible, but sufferers can condition their lips with products such as Blistex DCT (Daily Conditioning Treatment for Lips) with vitamins A and E, and SPF 20 to reduce the sun's impact and limit cracking that can lead to making lips more vulnerable.

Is it possible to reduce the effects of overexposure and aging on the lips?
Using a lip care product with a sunscreen and effective moisturizers can help reduce the effects of two of the main contributors to an aged appearance; sun damage and moisture loss. All Blistex sticks, roller balls and DCT combine proven moisturizers with sun protection ranging from SPF 15 to SPF 20.

A recent innovation, Blistex Deep Renewal, was created to help rejuvenate lips that are beginning to exhibit signs of aging. A combination of Coenzyme Q-10, hyaluronic filling spheres, collagen, anti-oxidants, vitamins, and light refractors help restore lips to a smooth, soft state. In clinical trials, Deep Renewal significantly reduced the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the surface of lips within four weeks of regular use.

Should lip balm be worn under or over lipstick?
Lip balm or ointment works best when worn under lipstick, which allows protective ingredients to be in direct contact with the lips. Using a moisturizing lip care product before lipstick application will help color go on more evenly.

About Blistex
Blistex was founded in 1947 as a small, family-run company in the business of developing and marketing lip care products, primarily in the United States. Blistex's objectives in those days were to create quality products, achieve consistent growth and become an innovative leader in lip care.

The pursuit of quality and customer service led Blistex in 1967 to create their research and development facilities, as well as build their own manufacturing and corporate headquarters complex in Oak Brook, Illinois. This move enabled Blistex to have pinpoint control of every phase of their business from product formulation and testing to manufacturing and marketing. Over the years, consistent growth was fueled by constant innovation in the Blistex product line. New products were added and existing products improved as Blistex moved into worldwide lip and health care markets.

Today, the Blistex tradition is carried on by the second generation of their founding family. And Blistex still believes in their original goals. Product quality. Growth. Innovation. And leadership. Some things should never change.

Blistex manufactures, tests and distributes a full line of quality lip care products.

Green Initiatives
Blistex has been committed throughout their 60-plus years to operating as a socially responsible company. On the sustainability front, while they have had a number of recycling and resource conservation programs in place for many years, in 2008 Blistex took a hard look at their practices and those of other good companies, and it became clear that they could do more. As a result, Blistex began a broad program to quickly identify and implement meaningful new changes to reduce their environmental impact. Toward this end, Blistex created their Greenspeed Team, led by employees from a variety of functional areas who had already expressed an interest in driving this effort. In close collaboration with general management and the leaders of all groups in their organization, aggressive goals were set for Greenspeed, and Blistex has rapidly executed a significant number of new initiatives since 2008 designed to improve their sustainability efforts along three primary fronts:

  • Ensuring a responsible approach to the amount, sourcing, and material content of their packaging while meeting the need to deliver high quality and innovative OTC drug products to their consumers and retail partners.
  • Changing the way they operate and update their facilities, equipment and on-site practices.
  • Elevating the consciousness of their entire staff about how they can change behaviors away from work.

Blistex doesn't want to sound like they're patting themselves on the back, because they clearly have additional room for improvement, which is why they have many more projects underway that can further advance their record of achievement in this arena over the years to come. Consistent with that perspective, Blistex is committed to continuous progress on these issues, and toward that goal they are closely monitoring and testing emerging new technologies, materials, and best practices. Blistex wants the steps they've already taken to represent just the beginning of a new type of thinking at Blistex, which is why they have invested more in these initiatives than they will make back financially through cost savings, and why they continue to keep Greenspeed project support high on their priority list.

Apply liberally 15 minutes before sun exposure. Reapply at least every 2 hours. Use a water resistant sunscreen if swimming or sweating.

Children under 6 months of age: Ask a doctor.

Drug Facts
Active Ingredients Purpose
Dimethicone 2.0% (w/w) Lip Protectant
Oxybenzone 2.5% (w/w) Sunscreen
Padimate O 6.6% (w/w) Sunscreen
Inactive Ingredients
beeswax, camphor, cetyl alcohol, cetyl palmitate, euphorbia cerifera (candelilla) wax, flavors, isopropyl myristate, isopropyl palmitate, isopropyl stearate, lanolin, lanolin oil, menthol, methylparaben, mineral oil, ozokerite, paraffin, petrolatum, polybutene, propylparaben, red 6 lake, theobroma cacao (cocoa) seed butter, titanium dioxide.

Skin Cancer/Skin Aging Alert: Spending time in the sun increases your risk of skin cancer and early skin aging. This product has been shown only to help prevent sunburn, not skin cancer or early skin aging.

For external use only.

Do not use on damaged or broken skin.

When using this product keep out of eyes. Rinse with water to remove.

Stop use and ask a doctor if rash occurs.

Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away.

Other Information: Protect the product in this container from excessive heat and direct sun.

1800 Swift Drive
Oak Brook, IL,
Phone: 800-837-1800 Visit website

About Blistex

Blistex was founded in 1947 as a small, family-run company in the business of developing and marketing lip care products, primarily in the United States. Our objectives in those days were to create quality products, achieve consistent growth and become an innovative leader in lip care.

The pursuit of quality and customer service led us in 1967 to create our research and development facilities, as well as build our own manufacturing and corporate headquarters complex in Oak Brook, Illinois. This move enabled us to have pinpoint control of every phase of our business from product formulation and testing to manufacturing and marketing. Over the years, consistent growth was fueled by constant innovation in the Blistex product line. New products were added and existing products improved as Blistex moved into worldwide lip and health care markets.

Today, the Blistex tradition is carried on by the second generation of our founding family. And we still believe in our original goals. Product quality. Growth. Innovation. And leadership. Some things should never change.

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