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Doctor's Best - Best MSM Powder - 250 Gram(s)
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Doctor's Best - Best MSM Powder - 250 Gram(s)

OptiMSM Bioavailable Natural Sulfur Maintains Healthy Connective Tissue
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Doctor's Best - Best MSM Powder - 250 Gram(s)

  • Item# :129581
    UPC# :753950000766
  • Brand:Doctor's Best
  • Size/Form:250  Gram(s)
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  • Servings:250
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Doctor's Best Best MSM Powder - 250 Gram(s)

Doctor's Best Best MSM Powder supplies pure crystalline MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), a naturally-occurring source of organic sulfur that is easily absorbed and used by the body. Taken up from the soil by plants, MSM found in foods is largely lost during food processing, storage and cooking. MSM supports organ and joint function by donating sulfure for maintenance of healthy connective tissue. MSM helps keep skin, hair and nails healthy by donating sulfure for products of keratin, a fibrous protein.

  • This product does not contain: milk, egg, wheat, gluten, corn, soy, sugar, sweeteners, starch, salt, or preservatives
  • Science-based nutrition
  • Dietary supplement
  • Maintains healthy connective tissue

The MSM Story - One of Nature's Primary Source of Organic Dietary Sulfur!
The human body requires a continuous supply of usable sulfur, and MSM is one of the primary organic sulfur containing molecules for use by living organisms. From life's earliest beginnings, primitive marine organisms (blue-green algae and phytoplankton) have absorbed inorganic sulfur from ocean waters and produced organic sulfur molecules, primarily dimethyl sulfonium salts. These salts are released back into the sea, where they are converted to dimethyl sulfide, which readily evaporates, ending up in the upper atmosphere. Dimethyl sulfide is then oxidized by UV light, forming DMSO and MSM. The two compounds are delivered to land masses in rain water, and absorbed by plants. MSM is a stable end product of this process, and thus serves as a primary source of sulfur in the food chain. Though present on earth since before life appeared on dry land, and known to science since the 1950's, MSM has only recently been recognized as having importance in human nutrition.

Why the Human Body Needs MSM
MSM occurs naturally in the blood, body fluids and tissues. It is now believed that a minimum MSM concentration of 0.2 parts per million is necessary for the body to function normally. MSM may be the most easily absorbed and nontoxic source of nutritional sulfur occurring in nature. Sulfur is a structural mineral that maintains the strength of various tissues by forming sulfur "tie-bars" (sulfhydryl bonds) between connective tissue proteins. MSM serves as a readily available source of sulfur for this function, and thus helps maintain the pliancy of tissues and cell membranes. Repair of damaged tissue depends upon a supply of sulfur for the continuation of reactions involving sulfhydryl groups (SH). Sulfur is required for the maintenance of healthy hair, skin and nails. In view of the presence of MSM in biological systems since the beginning of evolution, it is logical to assume that all higher life forms, including humans and animals, are well adapted to use MSM as a sulfur donor.

Benefits of Doctor's Best Best MSM Powder
Clinical research on the role of MSM in the human body has culminated in the filing of several patents covering numerous uses for MSM as a dietary ingredient for both humans and animals. As a result of these investigations, it is believed that physical and psychological stress increases in the human body when the MSM concentration falls below minimum levels, resulting in a loss of normal organ function.
Based on observations, ingestion of MSM by humans has the following beneficial effects:

  • MSM supports maintenance of strong, healthy body tissues by donating sulfur for formation of sulfur tie-bars between connective tissue proteins
  • MSM supports normal gastrointestinal function
  • MSM improves the body's resistance to adverse physical stress
  • MSM supports mental alertness and maintenance of healthy mood
  • MSM promotes the body's processes that heal tissue
  • MSM helps modify the physiologic response to allergens
  • MSM supports normal lung function
  • MSM supports normal relaxation of muscles
  • MSM supports normal joint function
  • MSM helps maintain healthy skin.

Doctor's Best Questions & Answers

What is your MSM made of? Is it natural or synthetic?
It is synthetic. OptiMSM is made by converting DMSO (dimethylsufloxide) which is an organosulfur compound (organic compound containing sulfur), to DMSO2. ALL commercially available MSM is manufactured, because amounts found in nature are too small to be extracted.

Why did you switch from Lignisul/natural to OptiMSM/synthetic?
They recently switched raw material suppliers from Lignisul MSM to OptiMSM. The reasons for this change included consistency of supply and clinical trial support specifically using OptiMSM. Lignisul MSM is still effective MSM and was used successfully by Doctor's Best for years. Lignisul is a premium product and is 99.9% pure. Lignisul MSM is made in the US and is natural. On the other hand, the OptiMSM is manufactured in the US by a manufacturer solely producing MSM. OptiMSM is produced by oxidizing DMSO. This process parallels the natural oxidation of DMSO to MSM that occurs in the marine atmosphere and produces MSM that is chemically identical to that found in nature. The most important reason for the change is consistency of supply so it can be available to their customers without pause.

What is the difference between MSM and sulfur?
MSM and sulfur are not one and the same thing. MSM is an organic substance that contains bioavailable sulfur. MSM is not pure sulfur. It contains about 34 percent elemental sulfur. 1000 mg of MSM contains about 340 milligrams of elemental sulfur. (250 grams of MSM powder weighs 8.75 ounces.)

What if I'm allergic to sulfur, sulfa drugs or sulfites and sulfates? Can I take MSM?
Yes, according to the experts on MSM. MSM is not a sulfate or a sulfite. It is completely different from sulfa drugs, sulfites, and sulfates.

Is MSM related to or does it contain caffeine?

I have just opened a new bottle of MSM powder and it is very hard, is this normal?
Yes. There are 3 reasons why MSM powder clumps:

  1. The bottle has remained inactive (in the same position) for a period of time. Simply shake the bottle vigorously until the clump breaks apart. Crushing the lumps with a spoon is also effective.
  2. The MSM powder contains no Excipients such as magnesium silicate, silicon dioxide or stearic acid to separate it and so it tends to try and revert to its natural state (solid) by clumping.
  3. Once a jar of MSM powder has been opened, it is susceptible to clumping due to humidity. Again, the solution is to simply shake the jar until the clumps disappear.

I just opened my jar of MSM powder and found that it contains a large pouch, what is this and what are the benefits of having this in the jar?
MSM is relatively "hydrophilic," meaning that it tends to draw water to itself. That is why DRB puts a large "desiccant" into the jar, which attracts water even more than does the MSM. Some companies coat the MSM with excipients such as magnesium silicate or talc, which reduces or prevents the clumping. We chose not to add anything because when the powder is mixed with water, the magnesium silicate or talc does not dissolve. It just sits on the top of the water. This appears very unattractive. The OptiMSM MSM which DRB uses dissolves completely.

What are the contraindications to MSM?
According to the PDR for Nutritional Supplements, there are no known contraindications for MSM, except that it should not be used by pregnant and nursing mothers. (This is a general precaution that is applied because MSM has not been proven safe in pregnancy, not because it is known to be unsafe.) If taking blood-thinning medications or aspirin on a regular basis, consulting your physician to determine if a lower starting dose of MSM is recommended. Some people may experience mild gastrointestinal bloating, constipation or indigestion (Kim et al. 2006).

I am somewhat confused on how to take the DRB products. On many of the labels the Suggested Adult Use will list something along the lines of: Take 2 capsules daily, but it does not state whether they should be taken together or separately. What is the correct usage?
Unless otherwise specified on the label, the product may be taken together or separately

Is there a limit to how many vitamins can be taken safely in one day?
While our bodies need vitamins and minerals, like other things, if taken in large amounts they may adversely affect health. Large amounts of anything can be toxic. It is important to follow all label directions and discuss any concerns with your physician.

What are the other ingredients and why are they used?
These are used as flow agents and aid in the production to keep the machinery running smoothly and the capsules filling correctly.  Similarly for the croscarmellose sodium, which is cellulose (sourced from the cell walls of green plants), and is used to help disintegrate the tablet in the stomach.

Since Doctor's Best does not manufacture its supplements, how are the purity and integrity of supplements verified? In addition, how are their prices lower than other brands? Does this mean that quality is being compromised?
Doctor's Best supplements are manufactured in the US at cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) certified facilities. All of their manufacturers and suppliers go through their vendor qualification program, which includes inspections and testing, before they agree to work with them. Their finished products have also been tested at the raw material level, in process, and as a finished product to ensure safety and quality. They place the highest importance on safety and quality and do not compromise for the sake of a better price point. The price points are lower because of production size and the overall business structure. They also place great importance on making their supplements available and affordable to those who need them most.

What is HPLC?
HPLC stands for "High Performance Liquid Chromatography." This is an analytical lab testing method that is used to quantify the active ingredients. It is considered to be a very sensitive and accurate test. HPLC testing is a tool recognized as a quality benchmark for herbal extracts.

How is OptiMSM purified?
Through distillation.

About Doctor's Best

Doctor's Best Quality Standards
Doctor's Best produces products with the highest quality raw materials available on the market. How? They have direct control over and are an integral part of every aspect of product production, from formulation and raw material sourcing to finished product manufacturing. They directly purchase all active ingredients used in their products and use only the highest quality ingredients.

Science-Based Formulations
Every product is thoroughly researched and backed by the latest scientific studies conducted in the field. Their formulations reflect the amounts of ingredients shown to be beneficial based on the results of scientific investigations. They use patented, trademarked ingredients backed by scientific studies and clinical research. They never use insignificant quantities to enhance the label.

Raw Materials
Doctor's Best directly purchases only the highest grade raw materials from proven and reputable suppliers to be put into product formulations. All raw material suppliers go through their stringent vendor qualification process, which includes a multi-step investigation including all aspects of the production and handling procedures, to insure the highest level of quality is reached.

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing
Doctor's Best formulations are manufactured in HACCP, ISO-9001 and cGMP Certified state-of-the-art facilities to deliver unsurpassed purity and quality. Each Doctor's Best manufacturer goes through rigorous qualification measures to ensure the facility is not only cGMP Certified, but also lives up to the expectations they hold above and beyond FDA regulations for dietary supplements. Beyond ensuring their manufacturers facilities fully comply with GMP regulations, they also ensure each batch of their product is prepared according to GMP procedures. They demand their manufacturers provide documentation to prove compliance.

Finished Product
Whether producing a product with one raw material component or many, each finished product is held to the highest cGMP standards and produced under rigid quality control points to ensure product safety, potency, and uniformity. Their rigorous quality assurance and control processes ensure their customers receive only the highest quality nutritional products that exceed industry standards and provide exceptional nutrition benefits.

Their Promise
Doctor's Best never compromises on ingredients, quality, or science. As a privately owned, independent entity, they answer only to their customers and the retailers who carry their products. They all depend on the integrity of the people and products with whom they deal. Since the day they went into business more than 20 years ago, Doctor's Best has pledged itself to that policy. The bottom line is, if Doctor's Best offers it, it's a proven nutritional concept with genuine health benefits.

About Doctor's Best
The dedicated, knowledgeable people who get Doctor's Best products into the hands of consumers are vital to us. You know about our commitment to quality, effectiveness, and innovation, and you do an outstanding job of communicating those advantages. You're also our eyes and ears in the marketplace, so we encourage you to share your ideas and suggestions with us. We appreciate the support you've given Doctor's Best!

And we know you need our support in return. That's why this site was created, to provide you and your customers with the information you need. We've also developed marketing materials you can use to build your business. At Doctor's Best, we do more than stock shelves with excellent products. We believe in giving you the tools you need to create the sales velocity you desire!

Take 1 to 4 grams (1000-4000 mg) daily in divided doses of 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon. Mix with 8 ounces of water or juice.

Doctor's Best - Best MSM Powder - 250 Gram(s)
Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1/4 Teaspoon (1g)
Servings Per Container: 250
Amount Per Serving %DV
Methylsulfonylmethane 1 g *
*Daily Value Not Established.
†Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your diet values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
Ingredients: None

Suitable for vegetarians.
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San Clemente, CA,
Phone: 949-498-3628 Fax: 949-498-3952 Email: Click here Visit website

About Doctor's Best

Founded in 1990 by a pioneering physician committed to science-based alternative health care, Doctor’s Best offers only the most important nutritional supplements. Containing the finest quality raw materials from around the world, Doctor’s Best supplements embody the best that traditional knowledge and current scientific research have to offer in the field of therapeutic nutrition. Each of their products is accompanied by an annotated "fact sheet" with detailed background information, structure-function statements, and scientific references that substantiate these statements. All structure-function statements have been filed with FDA in accordance with DSHEA regulations.

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Although it tastes a little bit bitter, it's not too bad. I think it is helping with my joint inflammation.

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Great product and have used it before.

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This is a great detox for me. It last a long time. You only need a small amount so it last a very long time.

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