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Bacopa Brain & Cognitive Support 350 mg. - 60 Vegan CapsGaia Herbs

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Gaia Herbs - Bacopa Brain & Cognitive Support 350 mg. - 60 Vegan Caps
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bcorporation-b-the-change IconBcorporation: B the Change
gmp-certified IconGMP Certified
vegan IconVegan
gluten-free IconGluten-Free
soy-free IconSoy-Free
vegetarian IconVegetarian


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Gaia Herbs
60 Vegan Cap
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    Gaia Herbs - Bacopa Brain & Cognitive Support 350 mg. - 60 Vegan Caps

    Gaia's Bacopa is considered a Nootropic — a supplement that supports mental performance and can play an important role in maintaining cognitive health. After an extensive search around the world, Gaia Herbs were unable to find Bacopa that met their rigorous quality standards. In keeping with their commitment to using only the finest plants, Gaia Herbs decided to grow and cultivate some of the highest quality Bacopa monnieri in the world, in their own Gaia Greenhouse in North Carolina, becoming one of the only U.S. grown sources for this Ayurvedic herb.

    • Traditionally for maintaining brain health
    • Made with Gaia-grown Bacopa
    • Concentrated plant extract

    Gaia Herbs Frequently Asked Questions

    What allergens are Gaia Herbs' products free of?
    Gaia Herbs products do not contain gluten, dairy, meat, peanuts, sesame, shellfish, yeast or eggs.

    Do Gaia Herbs' products contain tree nuts?
    Gaia Herbs processes fresh Black Walnuts in their facility. They are found in the Black Walnut Fresh Green Hulls Liquid Herbal Extract and Wormwood Black Walnut Supreme Liquid Herbal Extract. All equipment is cleaned between manufacturing lots per GMP requirements. Products made by Aboca for Gaia Herbs do not contain any tree nuts. Tree nuts are not used in Aboca's facility.

    Are any of Gaia Herbs' products vegan or vegetarian?
    Most of their products are vegan; all Gaia products are vegetarian. The following Gaia Herbs products are not vegan because they contain honey or other bee-derived ingredients:

    • Bronchial Wellness Herbal Syrup
    • Echinacea Goldenseal Propolis Throat Spray
    • Echinacea Goldenseal Supreme
    • GaiaKids Black Elderberry Syrup
    • GaiaKids Bronchial Wellness for Kids
    • GaiaKids KidsDefense Herbal Drops
    • Hawthorn Solid Extract
    • PlantForce Liquid Iron
    • Propolis Extract
    • Throat Shield Lozenges
    • Vitex Elixir for Women

    Are Gaia Herbs' products free from corn?
    The L-Tyrosine in Thyroid Support is derived from non-GMO corn. The citric acid in PlantForce Liquid Iron is derived from corn (glucose). Sleep & Relax Tea contains natural orange flavor, which contains gum Arabic, orange juice powder and maltodextrin from non-GMO corn. The maltodextrin in their Golden Milk is currently derived from organic corn and rice. The ascorbic acid in Gaia's Vision Enhancement is derived from non-GMO corn. No other products contain corn-derived ingredients. The xanthan gum that is used in their products is produced by bacterial fermentation.

    As of May 2015, they use 190-proof non-GMO sugar cane alcohol for all products extracted at their facility in Brevard, North Carolina. Those new labels list "alcohol USP" or "organic alcohol USP."

    For products made before then, they used 190-proof alcohol derived from corn and wheat. The alcohol used for extraction is distilled and certified gluten-free by the manufacturer. The distillation process eliminates proteins (gluten is a protein).

    Are Gaia Herbs' products soy-free?
    As of 2016, Gaia Herbs products are soy-free. In 2015, Gaia transitioned to non-GMO sunflower lecithin. This exclusively replaced their previous lecithin, sourced from non-GMO soy (labeled as non-GMO soy lecithin). The new labels read "lecithin" to allow flexibility to use a different type of non-soy/non-GMO lecithin in the future.

    Are Gaia Herbs products gluten free?
    Gaia Herbs does not use any gluten containing ingredients in their products. Gaia Herbs' products are tested annually for gluten by a third party lab using the ELISA test method for gluten, with a detection limit of 5 ppm. All of their products have tested below the federal limit of 20ppm gluten for a 'gluten free' claim, with the exception of Milk Thistle Seed liquid alcohol extract (not the Milk Thistle capsules).

    Gaia Herbs uses oat seed (Avena sativa) picked during the milky stage of growth (called Oats Milky Seed) in a few of their products. Gaia Herbs' oats are processed within 48 hours of harvest and are not cross contaminated with any gluten containing grains, and have tested gluten free. Oats are a gluten free grain unless cross contaminated with other grains that contain gluten, however, some very sensitive people avoid even gluten free oats.

    What is the source of Gaia Herbs' alcohol?
    As of May 2015, they use 190-proof non-GMO sugar cane alcohol for all products extracted at their facility in Brevard, North Carolina. Those new labels list "alcohol USP" or "organic alcohol USP." For products made before then, they used 190-proof alcohol derived from corn and wheat. The alcohol used for extraction is distilled and certified gluten-free by the manufacturer. The distillation process eliminates proteins (gluten is a protein).

    What is the source of Gaia Herbs' glycerin?
    Gaia Herbs' glycerin is derived from a blend of non GMO rape seed oil (also known as canola oil), non GMO sunflower oil, and sustainably certified non GMO palm oil. Glycerin is a distilled product and therefore does not contain any protein derived allergens.

    What are the ingredients in Gaia Herbs' Liquid Phyto-Caps? What about their other capsules?
    Gaia Herbs' Liquid Phyto-Caps are 100% vegan and gluten-free. They are made from pine bark cellulose. Some of their capsules are made from pullulan. This is derived from naturally fermented tapioca. The capsule information is listed with "Other ingredients" below the Supplement Facts box. Pullulan capsules are also vegan and gluten-free.

    What is the source of Gaia Herbs' lecithin in Gaia Herbs' Liquid Phyto-Caps?
    As of 2015, Gaia Herbs uses non-GMO sunflower lecithin, and their labels list this as "lecithin (non-GMO)."

    Are the dropper tops for Gaia Herbs' liquid extracts made from latex rubber?
    Yes, the dropper tops are made from natural latex rubber, so they are not appropriate for someone with a latex allergy.

    About Gaia Herbs

    Gaia's mission is to bring vitality to -and create a connection between -plants and people. Their goal is larger than simply producing high-quality, potent herbal products. As steward of co-evolution -the knowledge that plants and people have evolved together on Earth, forming a symbiotic connection as a result- Gaia is committed to leading the way in fostering the connection between plant and people. Gaia believes they must do all that they can to preserve the Plant Intelligence within each herb. Gaia must "plant intelligence" for the future. And they must continue to learn from Nature and encourage the sharing of this knowledge with others.

    Gaia Commitment
    How Gaia proceed forward in accordance with the virtues of harmony is as important as what they produce. At Gaia Herb, they hold themselves- and everything they produce- accountable to the virtues of purity, integrity, and potency. These are the pillars supporting their belief, their actions, and their commitment.

    Each herb must be cultivated in accordance with nature's intent. In order to deliver herbal medicines of assured purity, Gaia adheres to a stringent set of principles-rules they uphold as a company at Gaia Farm, and that their Certified Organic Farmers, Land Steward Harvesters, and Validated Partners must also follow.

    These basic tenets are the foundation of the Gaia Principles of Purity-processes and protocols beneficial to both plants and people:

    1. Gaia strives to procure all seeds and plants from sources whose organic methods and plant quality can be verified.
    2. Gaia adheres to strict Certified Organic cultivation practices and meticulous crop monitoring-and require the same of their Certified Organic Farmers.
    3. Gaia actively promotes growing, harvesting, wild crafting, and purchasing practices that protect land ecosystems and enable the indigenous communities that grow and gather for them to achieve a more sustainable life.
    4. For crops that they do not grow, Gaia purchases their raw material from forest trade communities, indigenous growers, harvesters, and Validated Partners with a firm conviction to promote social sustainability in local communities and indigenous cultures.
    5. Gaia upholds ethical business practices, both locally and around the world, to expand their sphere of influence beyond the acreage of Gaia Farm.

    As Gaia creates herbal medicines, they must ensure the fullest possible expression of each herb. As herbal ingredients move through the production process, they are committed to using the right extraction technology and ideal concentration methods to act in accordance with the physical properties of the herb. With every herb that they process in their GMP compliant facility they apply only Full Spectrum processing technology. Their full spectrum processing involves choosing the ideal extraction and concentration methods to maintain the integrity of each individual plant. They do not isolate or purify a single active plant compound all on its own, nor are chemical or synthetic compounds ever added to their extracts. Instead, they deliver the complete natural array of the plant's compounds as intended by Nature, in order to facilitate the optimal physiological cascade of benefits within the body.

    • Right + Right Method
      The structure and nature of every plant is unique. To preserve the integrity of these chemical constituents during extraction, Gaia must choose the right method for the right herb, every time.

      For some herbs, the bioactive constituents are water-soluble, and can be extracted by dissolving them in water, like making tea. For others, they use organic hydroethanolic extraction that utilizes water in combination with pure, food-grade grain alcohol, carefully adjusting alcohol and water ratios to capture the plant's bioactive constituents while preserving the full chemical spectrum the plant has to offer.

      When delivering a medicinal benefit requires capturing the fat-soluble constituents of an herb, they use herbs extracted by a supercritical extraction technique. This process uses compressed carbon dioxide (CO2)-one of the basic elements of their atmosphere, and the "oxygen" that plants breathe and absorb-to gently extract the bioactive constituents, with no stress or damage to the herb, and no chemical-solvent residue.

      In some cases, they must use more than one extraction method to ensure that they have preserved and collected the most complete representation of the plant's vital constituents. Regardless of the method selected, they never add hexane, acetone, methylene chloride, or other harsh chemical solvents. Food-grade grain alcohol, purified water, and carbon dioxide are their only diluents for internally consumed products-and Certified Organic extra-virgin olive oil is their solvent of choice for herbal salves and oil products.

    • Low + Low Method
      Once the bioactive constituents of the herbs have been extracted, the extracts are then highly concentrated with Gaia's meticulous low + low method-low temperature in combination with low atmospheric pressure-to protect the fragile, subtle vital forces of each plant.

      Preserving the full chemical makeup of what they worked so hard to capture requires a slow, careful concentration technique involving low temperature and low atmospheric pressure.

      Their low + low method of concentration uses a low atmospheric pressure of 24 millibars (versus the Earth's standard sea level pressure of 1,013.25 millibars) that allows the water and alcohol to evaporate slowly (much more slowly than other conventional concentration methods), while a low temperature of 60°C (140°F, nearly 75° below water's boiling point of 212°F/100°C) prevents any volatile, subtle, natural compounds from being damaged. As it evaporates, the organic grain alcohol is recaptured and purified, creating a closed-loop system in which no alcohol evaporates into the environment.

    Potency: Purity + Integrity = Potency
    The result of an unwavering commitment to purity and integrity.

    Plant Intelligence is nature's way of delivering vitality to people. This is true potency. But potency can only be assured when Gaia maintains the herb's entire chain of custody in order to guarantee that the highest levels of purity and integrity have been preserved.

    Improper handling at any step can damage Plant Intelligence and compromise potency. Some companies grow or source their herbs in all the right places, only to use harsh chemical solvents for extraction or extremely high temperatures for concentration. Conversely, they may use the best extraction and concentration methods-but are limited by raw materials that are contaminated or compromised from poor cultivation, harvesting, or sourcing.

    Potency is a result of Gaia's strict adherence to responsible practices with every herb they source, combined with the use of the right + right method of extraction and low + low method of concentration, plus careful maintenance of the purity and integrity of each individual plant.


    Adults take 1 capsule 1-2 times daily with meals.


    Gaia Herbs - Bacopa Brain & Cognitive Support 350 mg. - 60 Vegan Caps
    Nutrition Facts
    Serving Size 1 Tsp (2g)
    Servings Per Container 85
    Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
    Total Carbohydrate <1 g <1%*
    Organic Bacopa (Bacopa monnieri)
    aerial parts extract
    350 mg
    * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
    † Daily Value not established.
    Other Ingredients: Vegetable glycerin, water, vegan capsule (hypromellose) and olive oil.


    Not for use during pregnant or lactation. If you have a medical condition or take medications, please consult with your doctor before use. Do not use if you have digestive upset. Store away from children. Use only as directed on label. Safety-sealed for your protection. Keep bottle capped at all times and store in a cool, dry place. Natural separation may occur. This does not affect product quality.


    Gaia Herbs

    Gaia Herbs' mission is all about organics and making phyto-medicines with the highest degree of quality and integrity. To this end, Gaia Herbs has proudly invested in cultivation of 250 acres of certified organically grown herbs on their own farm in North Carolina. Gaia Herbs' efforts in science & research yield unsurpassed quality botanical medicines.

    A Living Laboratory
    Located in the southwestern Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina on 250 acres of land in one of the most diverse bioregions in North America, Gaia Farm is the only farm of its kind with an on-site state-of-the-art laboratory and processing facility.

    In our fields, in our laboratory, and in our production facility, we study, observe, and learn from Nature—applying these lessons to the cultivation of many of the flowers, herbs, trees, roots, and grasses—and how to best facilitate the delivery of the medicinal bioactive constituents within these plants to the people who need them.

    Our commitment to purity, integrity, and potency starts with the soil through our comprehensive organic fertility standards. Plants and seeds are selected only from sources whose organic methods and plant quality can be verified. Then we observe the plants as they grow from seedling to maturity, learning their unique life cycles, using analytical testing to measure bioactivity levels, and harvesting only when peak levels have been reached.

    The same level of care is also applied when our herbs enter production in our facility through our rigid purity standards for sourcing and dedication to integrity using our right + right extraction and low + low concentration methods to product extracts of the highest potency.

    Invested in Quality
    No other liquid herbal manufacturer in the United States invests a larger percentage of its operating income into as many vertically integrated layers of quality control than Gaia Herbs. These funds are used to nurture continuous improvements and research into best practices at every stage of our operation from seed to shelf, including: seed selection, soil preparation, organic farming, manufacturing, validation technologies, and product packaging.

    Stringent Organic Certification
    Since our founding in 1986, Gaia Herbs has been committed to upholding the rigorous standards required of a Certified Organic Grower (COG) as determined by Oregon Tilth, one of the strictest and most stringent organic certifiers in the nation. As a result, Gaia Farm (established in 1997) has earned its reputation as one of the leading growers and producers of Certified Organic herbs and herbal products in the United States.

    We chose to meet the standards of Oregon Tilth specifically because they are the most uncompromising and thorough certifying bodies associated with sustainable approaches to agricultural production systems, processing, and handling. Each year, Oregon Tilth inspectors evaluate every aspect of our land, production methods, and facilities, including the assessment of our organic seed sourcing, cover cropping practices, crop rotation, soil fertility programs, pest control programs, machinery maintenance, greenhouse practices, neighboring land uses, crop washing practices, crop segregation, plant use and destination, and water use, as well as administrative and documentation practices.

    Upholding these standards, Gaia Farm cultivates more than 5 million individual plants during each annual growing season. These crops include Echinacea angustifolia, Echinacea purpurea, Skullcap, Valerian, Gotu Kola, Holy Basil, Nettles, California Poppy, Dandelion leaf, Dandelion root, Burdock root, Ginkgo leaf, Hawthorn leaf, Hawthorn flower, and Elder flowers.


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