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Organic Dairy Based Iron Fortified Toddler Formula with DHA and ARA - 12.7 oz.Baby's Only

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Baby's Only - Organic Dairy Based Iron Fortified Toddler Formula with DHA and ARA - 12.7 oz.
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Baby's Only
12.70 oz.
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    Nature's One - Baby's Only Organic Dairy Based Iron Fortified Toddler Formula with DHA and ARA - 12.7 oz. (360g)

    Nature's One Baby's Only Organic Dairy Based Iron Fortified Toddler Formula with DHA and ARA contains alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) and linoleic acid (LA), the fatty acid precursors for Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and Arachidonic acid (ARA). DHA and ARA have been clinically shown to support mental and visual development by concentrating in the gray matter of the brain and in the retina of the eye. Baby's Only Organic is scientifically formulated to provide the necessary nutrients supporting normal growth and development, including essential fatty acids. Baby's Only Organic is the only formula made with certified organic ingredients. Organic is your assurance the ingredients are not genetically modified or engineered. All certified organic ingredients are grown and processed without harsh chemical pesticides and processing aids. Baby's Only Organic is also formulated for easier digestion and provides complete nutrition for a baby not found in goat or cow milk. Baby's Only Organic Dairy Formula Strives to be the Very Best Formula

    Organic Dairy Formula with DHA & ARA
    Nature's One is proud to offer the only formula that contains USDA organic-compliant DHA. Babies who are fed other organic and conventional formulas are consuming life'sDHA™ oils, which are extracted using hexane solvent and treated with acid, and bleach.

    Phospholipids vs Triglycerides
    The DHA used by Nature's One is a fatty acid from egg yolk, while other infant formulas use DHA derived from algae and fungus, which is a triglyceride. The use of egg phospholipids in infant nutrition has been widely studied and understood to be more easily absorbed and offer greater bioavailability than DHA from the form of triglycerides.

    Phospholipids Balance Fatty Acids
    Breast milk is made up of both phospholipids and triglycerides. All other formulas only contain triglycerides formulated with vegetable oil blends and life’s DHA, but are void of phospholipids. Nature's One believes adding a phospholipid to formula achieves a more natural fatty acid profile compared to other organic and conventional infant formulas brands.

    The Best Organic Start
    Nature’s One believes breast milk is the baby’s best organic option. Baby’s Only Organic is not intended for infants under 1-year of age unless specified by a healthcare professional. After formula feeding or breast feeding the first year, Baby’s Only Organic formula is a good choice. Baby’s Only Organic contains all of the nutrition needed to support continued normal growth and development. We recommend that you present this Dairy with DHA & ARA Nutritional Comparison Chart to your doctor for guidance on finding the best nutritional options for your baby.

    Compare Them to Other Brands
    Parents should be aware that other organic formulas use less desirable ingredients like organic corn syrup (also called glucose syrup), organic palm olein oil and hexane processed DHA. Rest assured that Baby’s Only Organic will never contain these ingredients. Nature’s One only uses high quality ingredients.

    Meets FDA Nutrition Requirements
    Baby’s Only Organic formulas meet the nutritional requirements of the FDA’s Infant Formula Act. Please review this Nutritional Comparison Chart to learn about the FDA’s specifications.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Why should infants not drink cow's milk?
    The nutrient composition of cow's milk is specific to a baby calf and not to a human baby. Cow's milk has a higher level of protein to meet the rapid growth needs of calves. This level, called the renal solute load, is too high for a human baby and could overload a baby's kidneys resulting in serious health problems. It is harder to digest and could also cause intestinal blood loss. Cow's milk contains butterfat which is a very saturated fat and also more difficult to digest. As is commonly known, animal saturated fat contributes to heart disease. Butterfat also does not provide the appropriate amounts or balance of essential fatty acids. Although the carbohydrate in cow's milk is lactose, the same type of carbohydrate in mother's milk, the level is lower than in breast milk. Cow's milk is also deficient in iron, which could result in iron deficiency anemia. It is also lacking in copper, Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

    Human breast milk is the ideal food for a human baby. For those infants who cannot or do not receive breast milk, the first choice of formula is a dairy-based formula, like Baby's Only Organic dairy formula, made from cow's milk that has been modified to better suit the nutrient needs of a baby. Human milk serves as the model for the composition of an infant formula, but formulas at present still do not contain many of the unique compositional features of breast milk. Breast milk contains hormones, immunologic agents, essential fatty acids, and enzymes to help with digestion.

    Modifications that are now made in cow's milk to make an infant formula closer in nutrient composition to breast milk include:

    1. Reducing the protein content. Baby's Only Organic dairy formula is made with organic non-fat dried cow's milk at appropriate levels for an infant or toddler.
    2. Replacing the butterfat in cow's milk, which is highly saturated, to a proper mixture of vegetable oils that provide the appropriate balance of saturated fats, monounsaturated fats, and polyunsaturated fats. Baby's Only Organic dairy formula is made with organic high oleic sunflower oil, organic coconut oil, and organic soybean oil. This blend also provides the correct balance of the essential fatty acids linoleic acid and alpha-linolenic acid needed by the body to make DHA and ARA. These fatty acids are important for brain function and visual acuity.
    3. Adding appropriate carbohydrates to bring the total carbohydrate content closer to mother's milk. The carbohydrate composition of Baby's Only Organic dairy formula consists of 65% organic brown rice syrup and 35% naturally occurring lactose which comes in with the organic non-fat dried cow's milk.
    4. Adding some vitamins and minerals in the appropriate amounts needed by an infant to grow and develop.

    Although human milk and cow's milk contain cholesterol, formulas at present do not contain cholesterol until additional research is done to document the safety and efficacy of doing so. We do not add cholesterol to the blend of organic oils we use to meet the fatty acid requirements and they do not naturally contain cholesterol. There is currently no recommendation on the amount of cholesterol to be fed during infancy. In fact, the Academy of Pediatrics has not issued any statement regarding whether cholesterol should be added to infant formula. Cholesterol is made by the body in the liver and the intestinal tract and infants have the ability to manufacture amounts needed to support growth and development.
    Baby's Only Organic dairy formula contains all of the nutrients in the appropriate amounts needed for an infant and toddler to grow and develop and is preferred over cow's milk during early childhood. Baby's Only Organic dairy formula fully complies with the nutrient composition requirements of the U. S. Infant Formula Act enacted by the government to ensure that infants receive safe and appropriate infant formulas. Baby's Only Organic dairy formula also meets the guidelines of the Academy of Pediatrics on nutrient composition of infant formulas.

    If a parent is considering use of whole cow's milk because of difficulties with formula or for cost reasons, this may signal a greater importance to seek guidance and receive proper nutritional advice appropriate for an infant. Consult the infant's healthcare professional for advice.

    Why should infants not drink goat's milk?
    In the United States, goat's milk is gaining popularity because goats eat less and occupy less grazing space than cows and also because goat's milk is thought to be more easily digested and less allergenic than cow's milk. Although goat's milk may theoretically have some advantages over cow's milk when it comes to allergies, scientific studies have not found a decreased incidence of allergy with goat's milk.1 Just like cow's milk has a nutrient profile needed to support a growing calf, the composition of goat's milk meets the needs of a growing goat kid, but not that of a human baby.

    Goat's milk has a slightly higher protein content and more potassium, phosphorus, sodium and chloride than cow's milk. These amounts (known as the renal solute load) found in both goat's milk and cow's milk are higher than found in human milk and could overload an infant's developing kidneys and result in serious health problems. Goat's milk acidosis has been reported in the scientific literature and is most likely a result of the high protein level. 2 There are questions too about the possible insufficient levels of the amino acids tryptophan and cysteine in goat's milk. 3 Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins needed to make body cells and organs.

    The fat in goat's milk is lower in essential fatty acids than cow's milk. The types of fats in goat's milk differ from both cow's milk and human milk. Goat's milk butterfat, just like butterfat from cow's milk, is an animal fat that is more difficult to digest than the fat in human milk. As is commonly known, saturated animal fat can contribute to heart disease. Goat's milk does not contain the types or amounts of saturated fat, monounsaturated fat and polyunsaturated fat of human milk. The right proportion of these fats is necessary to ensure brain, organ, and tissue development. Fat is also used for energy to fuel a baby's growth, along with carbohydrates.

    The type of carbohydrate in goat's milk is lactose, similar to human milk and cow's milk, but like cow's milk it is lower than the amount of lactose found in human milk. Carbohydrates are needed for energy to fuel growth during early childhood.

    Goat's milk is deficient in iron, folic acid and Vitamin B6, all nutrients needed during early childhood to prevent anemia.Goat's milk should not be used as a substitute for an infant formula or as a supplement to breast milk. Like cow's milk, goat's milk can cause intestinal irritation and anemia.

    Baby's Only Organic dairy formula is based on modified cow's milk and has been formulated to ensure the correct balance of all nutrients for an infant. Baby's Only Organic dairy formula fully complies with the nutrient composition requirements of the U.S. Infant Formula Act enacted by the government to ensure that infants receive safe and appropriate infant formulas. Baby's Only Organic dairy formula also meets the guidelines of the Academy of Pediatrics on nutrient composition of infant formulas.

    Infant formulas are designed to be as close to mother's milk as possible to provide the appropriate nutrition for babies during the all important first year of life. Of course, mother's milk is always the preferred feeding and infant formulas are available for those situations when breast milk is unavailable. The appropriate amounts and balance of nutrients in the first year are critical to good growth and development.If a parent is considering use of goat's milk because baby is having difficulty with formulas, this may signal a greater importance to seek guidance and receive proper nutritional advice appropriate for an infant. Consult the infant's healthcare professional for advice.

    When should my baby switch from formula to milk?
    Baby's Only Organic is an iron-fortified nutritional formula that provides the essential vitamins, minerals, protein, essential fatty-acids and carbohydrates needed to support your baby's continued growth and development. Baby's Only Organic is recommended for baby's 12-months or older. For use with infants less than 12-months of age, please consult a health care provider (i.e. pediatrician, nutritionist, dietitian, homeopath, naturopath, etc).
    For mothers who are breast feeding a baby older than 12-months of age, Baby's Only Organic can be used to supplement breast milk or substitute breast milk feedings as needed. Baby's Only Organic can also be reconstituted according to package directions and used to mix cereals for the baby at any age.
    Baby's Only Organic has been formulated according to the nutritional requirements as defined in the law called the Infant Formula Act. It is nutritionally comparable to other formulas on the market.

    Nature's One:
    Nature's One introduced the first organic baby formula over a decade ago. Since that time, the company has established an excellent reputation among parents & healthcare professionals and continues to be the leader in organic pediatric medical foods.


    Follow the mixing instructions on the label, then stir into cereal or food to achieve desired consistency.


    Nature's One - Baby's Only Organic Dairy Based Iron Fortified Toddler Formula with DHA and ARA - 12.7 oz. (360 g)
    Supplement Facts
    Serving Size: 2 unpacked, level scoops
    Servings Per Container: About 21
    Amount Per Serving %DV
    Calories 80
    Total Fat 4.5 g
    Trans Fat 0 g
    Sodium 25 mg
    Potassium 100 mg
    Total Carbohydrate 9 g
    Dietary Fiber 0 g
    Sugars 6 g
    Protein 2 g 15%
    Vitamin A 10%
    Vitamin C 40%
    Calcium 15%
    Iron 15%
    Vitamin D 15%
    Vitamin E 15%
    Thiamin 10%
    Riboflavin 10%
    Niacin 10%
    Vitamin B6 8%
    Folic Acid 6%
    Vitamin B12 6%
    Biotin 2%
    Pantothenic Acid 8%
    Phosphorus 10%
    Iodine 25%
    Magnesium 4%
    Zinc 8%
    Copper 6%
    *Daily Value Not Established.
    †Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your diet values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
    Other Ingredients: Organic Brown Rice Syrup*, Organic Nonfat Milk, Organic High Oleic Sunflower and/or Organic High Oleic Safflower Oil, Organic Soybean Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Egg Lecithin (Source of DHA & ARA), Organic Vanilla, Calcium Phosphate, Potassium Citrate, Calcium Ascorbate (Vit. C), Organic Soy Lecithin, Calcium Citrate, Taurine, Ferrous Sulfate, Inositol, Vitamin C Palmitate, d-Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate (Vit. E), Natural Mixed Tocopherols, Zinc Sulfate, Niacinamide, Vitamin A Palmitate, Calcium Pantothenate, Thiamin Hydrochloride (Vit. B1), Copper Sulfate, Riboflavin (Vit. B2), Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vit. B6), Folic Acid, Phylloquinone (Vit. K1), Potassium Iodide, Sodium Selenate, Biotin, Vitamin D3, Cyanocobalamin (Vit. B12)


    Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of reach of children.


    Baby's Only

    Baby's Only is a privately held company founded in 1997 and based in Columbus, Ohio. The company is a pioneer in the organic medical nutrition category introducing the first organic baby formula to the United States in 1999 under the brand Baby’s Only Organic.

    From the beginning, Baby's Only has heavily invested in research and development to offer the very best in organic and nutritional science. Today, most of Baby's Only organic medical nutritionals remain the first and only in their product categories. These products are sold nationwide and internationally through a wide range of retail outlets and medical suppliers.

    Reviews (16)

    4.5 out of 5 stars
    16 Reviews
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    94% 15 of 16 reviewers would recommend this product to a friend.

    By (Watertown, WI)

    This is the best organic/GMO free brand of formula on the market. My little on is EBF but I use this in her cereal. She loves the taste. Yes, it is labeled as a toddler formula, but only because this company believes baby''s first year should be breastfed, other than that it is nutritionally complete and approved by my ped.

    Was this review helpful?

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    By (Commerce Twp, MI)

    Great product, our son takes this down easy and doesn't have nearly as much gas as he did when he was taking Enfamil to start. Highly recommend, with our without DHA.

    Was this review helpful?

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    By (Trappe, PA)

    I love this formula for my baby. Every issue she had seemed to resolve after switching from a brand name non organic. I wish we could make this stuff more affordable for people can't afford it but I'm happy I can provide this to mine.

    Was this review helpful?

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    By (Saginaw, TX)

    Smells and tastes great. Have you smelled or tasted other baby formulas on the market?! Yuck!

    Was this review helpful?

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    By (Abbotsford, British Columbia / C)

    I had high hopes for this formula. I heard it was good from many people/ blogs etc. My baby gets constipated by every formula except "Hipp" formula from the UK. I wanted this one to be another option for us. But it didn't help my guys tummy at all. Won't be purchasing again unfortunately.

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