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Oxylent - Oxygenating Multivitamin Drink Sparkling Mandarin - 7 Packet(s)

Naturally Energizing
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Oxylent - Oxygenating Multivitamin Drink Sparkling Mandarin - 7 Packet(s)

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    UPC# :897314002727
  • Brand:Oxylent
  • Size/Form:7  Packet(s)
  • Ship Weight:0.15
  • Servings:7
  • Dosage:1  Packet
  • Flavor:Sparkling Mandarin
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Oxylent Oxygenating Multivitamin Drink Sparkling Mandarin - 7 Packets (5.5 grams each)

Oxylent Mandarin Multivitamin Drink contains enzymes, electrolytes, amino acids, and vitamins & minerals. The enzymes, SOD and catalase, work together to promote the conversion of toxins into beneficial oxygen and water, enhancing cellular oxygenation. The amino acid, L-Arginine, promotes healthy blood flow, which significantly improves circulation. Oxylent Multivitamin Mandarin Drink has important electrolytes that control the balance of fluid in the body. They are also important for muscle and nerve function, blood pressure, movement of nutrients into the cells, and the removal of waste product from the cells. Oxylent Multivitamin Drink has contains a full range of B vitamins that support adrenal health and immune and nervous systems. Powerful antioxidants, CoQ10, vitamin C, and bioflavonoids, are also included in Oxylent. 1000 I.U.s natural vitamin D3 supports bone and heart health. Each packet of Oxylent Oxygenating Multivitamin Drink Sparkling Mandarin is 5.5 grams. Oxylent Multivitamin Drink Mandarin has no sugar, dairy, wheat and is gluten free. Drink oxylent, breathe life.

It is vital to properly care for the human body and nourish it with the highest quality food and nutrition available. Pushing ourselves daily, which creates stress on the body that can lead to aging, illness, and disease. Adequate rest and nutrition are things that all of use may take for granted but are critical for optimum health. Many of us live in oxygen-deficient environments which may create added stress. Oxylent, along with a well balanced diet, is a great way to ensure you receive beneficial amounts of key vitamins to promote cellular vitality. 

The Oxylent Difference:

  • Great Tasting
  • Unique Formula
  • Superior Quality
  • Easily Absorbed
  • Third-Party Tested
  • Environmentally Conscious
What is Oxylent?
Oxylent is a revolutionary approach to total well-being. Based upon the latest nutritional science, Oxylent provides complete, synergistic, cellular nutrition in a highly absorbable form. A single effervescent packet of Oxylent dissolves quickly in water to provide a unique blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes that promote oxygenation, hydration, circulation, and rejuvenation.
How does Oxylent work?
The high quality ingredients in Oxylent work in harmony with your body's chemistry to create a balanced atmosphere for your body to function properly.  Oxylent replenishes your body with a synergistic blend of the essential nutrients it needs to repair itself and return to homeostasis and optimal health.
What makes Oxylent unique to other supplements?
Oxylent is unique both because of its blend of essential ingredients and its highly absorbable delivery system. The minerals used in Oxylent are sourced from Albion. These ultimate mineral forms gained notoriety because of their superior bioavailability. Research shows that Albion’s chelated minerals are more effective by up to 38% than ordinary minerals. Due to the quick absorption you will almost instantly feel great after drinking Oxylent.

In addition to several essential vitamins, Oxylent provides the unique ingredients, SOD and catalase, which are naturally occurring enzymes that protect cell membranes from oxidative damage. SOD and catalase work together to promote the conversion of toxins into beneficial oxygen and water. Catalase’s powerful anti-aging action also works in harmony with the potent antioxidant, CoQ10, and the amino acid, L- Arginine. Together, they support healthy circulation and metabolism, to synergistically oxygenate, hydrate, circulate, and rejuvenate every cell in your body. Oxylent’s effervescent powder form also sets it apart from other supplements, providing a delivery system that far surpasses pill, tablet, or capsule form. 

Why are vitamins in powder form so beneficial?
Effervescent powder form has many benefits for a number of reasons. First and foremost, the powder form improves the bioavailability of vitamins and minerals because: powder form supplements are produced with less processing of the ingredients (including avoiding excessive heat and binder ingredients such as cellulose), less time elapses between blending and processing which reduces the exposure of the ingredients to air, and the powder form is better absorbed by the body because it does not need to be broken down by the stomach acids to be absorbed in the small intestine—an advantage especially important for people with digestive difficulties. Additionally, the powdered, effervescent delivery system is a convenient way for parents to give children the essential vitamins and minerals they need, as well as a useful option for an aging population that finds swallowing and absorption more challenging. The reduced carbon footprint of powder-form supplements is also an increasingly important benefit. Powdered vitamins and minerals are a more environmentally sustainable form of supplementation, as they require less energy and expense to produce, less fuel and thus less emissions to transport, and don’t require petroleum-based plastic bottles. 
How do they know vitamins are best in powder form?
According to the Physicians’ Desk Reference (2000), the human body can only absorb approximately 10–20% of vitamins and minerals in pill form.  In contrast, Oxylent’s effervescent powder form provides nearly 100% bioavailability.
What was the inspiration behind the development of Oxylent?
The founder of Vitalah’s passion for health grew significantly after her life as a world traveler led to persistent health issues. After searching the world for the perfect solution, she was inspired to develop what she needed in order to gain optimal health. It was then that she formed a team of leading health professionals to create the unique product now known as Oxylent. Oxylent incorporates the most recent nutritional science to deliver a new generation of health supplements. A single effervescent packet of Oxylent dissolves quickly in water and provides an optimum blend of vital nutrients to assist in hydration, oxygenation, circulation, and rejuvenation. It supports the body during stress, whether from air travel or a demanding lifestyle. What was initially created for those who love to travel has become the ultimate nutritional supplement for everyday life.
Why drink Oxylent?
Oxylent gives healthy amounts of beneficial vitamins needed on a daily basis to support your body to combat the stresses of daily life. Drink Oxylent for your health and well-being.
How does oxylent taste?
Oxylent tastes like fresh, sun-ripened fruit on a summer day! You’ll find it tastes so good, it will be your drink of choice.
How long does the product last once it is in water?
For maximum benefits, they recommend drinking Oxylent soon after mixing.
Does oxylent contain caffeine? 
Is there any gluten or wheat in oxylent?
Is oxylent safe for diabetics?
Always consult with your primary care provider before taking any new supplements. Oxylent does contain stevia and natural sweeteners.
Does oxylent contain sugar?
Oxylent contains fructose, which is a sugar derived from foods, i.e. fruits, beets, honey, berries, melons, sweet potatoes, parsnips, and onions.
Is the product organic or all natural?
Multivitamins of this nature can rarely claim to be natural because they require higher potency nutrients that simply cannot be obtained directly from the original source—even though they might be synthesized from a “natural” source.
Is Oxylent beneficial for your health?
Yes, the health benefits associated with drinking Oxylent are countless. You may feel some positive effects, such as increased energy, clearer thinking, and overall well-being. 
What is the benefit of Oxylent?
It promotes vitality!
Is Oxylent good for children?
Yes, it is a drink that promotes vitality. They recommend checking with your primary care provider before starting any new supplement.
Is Oxylent safe to take if pregnant or nursing?
Always consult with your primary care provider before taking any new supplements.
How is Oxylent anti-aging?
Age is much more than just a number. All of use know someone who looks older than their age, as well as someone who can pass for being ten years younger than they actually are. Simple choices in everyday lives can go a long way towards delaying aging, looking younger, and feeling revitalized.

Inadequate nutrition is a major cause of premature aging. Their bodies require essential nutrients and vitamins every day in order to function normally, and without them our bodies begin to accumulate the molecular and biochemical damage known as aging. The human body is hardwired with innate mechanisms to repair itself and return to homeostasis; giving the body the nutrition it needs to carry out those functions can have a significant impact on delaying the aging process and achieving a longer, healthier, and happier life. Taking a few seconds to make Oxylent a part of your everyday ritual gives your body the essential nutrients it needs to operate at optimal health, allowing it to repair the damaging effects that free radicals have on your cells and tissues. Essential ingredients in Oxylent include Vitamin C, which is required by the body for 300 different metabolic functions, has antioxidant properties, and supports the body’s natural anti-inflammatory response; CoQ10, which enables the mitochondria inside every cell in our bodies to engage in critical energy reactions; and Catalase, an enzyme which promotes the conversion of damaging free radicals into beneficial oxygen and water, thereby enhancing cellular rejuvenation. Oxylent delivers the essential nutrition your body needs in order to thrive.

Oxylent - A Healthier Alternative to Electrolyte Drinks

What Are Electrolytes?
Electrolytes are certain minerals that are found in our bodily fluids. Our body needs them to conduct the electrical charges that power our bodies. The electrolytes in our blood, plasma, and cellular fluids conduct the electrical charges that power our heartbeat, breathing, cells, nerves, muscles, fluid balance, and oxygen delivery. Electrolytes are found in fluids throughout our bodies—both inside and outside of cells.
Inside the cell, the major electrolyte is potassium. Outside the cell, the major electrolytes are sodium and chloride.

Why Are Electrolytes Important? 
Maintaining balanced concentrations of electrolytes across cell membranes is what allows the electrical charges that power our bodies to be created and carried. “Electrolyte homeostasis” is the name for the healthy balance of electrolytes needed for:

  • Muscle contraction
  • Nerve impulses
  • Cardiac activity
  • Neurological function
  • Cell metabolism
  • Acid-base balance
  • Blood volume
  • Distribution of body fluids

Peoples bodies are constantly working to maintain electrolyte homeostasis. Through the processes of diffusion, osmosis, filtration, and active transport, water and electrolytes are constantly shifting within the body, into and out of cells, in order to maintain the homeostasis needed for health.

Who Needs Electrolytes? 
Under normal conditions, our bodies have no difficulty in maintaining electrolyte homeostasis. However, there are times when the body is unable to regulate the balance of electrolytes. This leads to either electrolyte deficiencies or electrolyte excesses, which can be caused by:

  • Anorexia and/or bulimia
  • Hormonal disorders
  • Diarrhea
  • Use of diuretic medications
  • Neurological disorders
  • Vomiting
  • Trauma such as burns and accidents
  • Chronic or acute kidney failure
  • Physical or emotional stress
  • Excessive sweating and water intake

The signs of electrolyte deficiencies or excesses are generally neuromuscular, including weakness, decreased reflexes, confusion, twitching, seizures, and heartbeat irregularities. Severe cases are life threatening and require immediate hospitalization and IV fluids.

Electrolytes And Exercise—Water Is Not Enough
During sustained exercise and heat exposure, sweating results in loss of both fluids and electrolytes, primarily sodium.

Nutritional Support for Weight Loss and Appetite Control

Hunger—A Major Impediment to Successful Weight Loss
Hunger is one of the major impediments to successful weight loss, leading people to overeat and consume more calories than they require. Hunger includes both the physical experiences of hunger—such as stomach pains, fatigue, and weakness—as well as the emotional experiences of hunger—such as irritability and mood fluctuations.

The Relationship Between Micronutrients & Hunger 
Research increasingly shows that hunger is influenced not simply by the amount of calories consumed but also by nutrient intake. Studies have linked adequate intake in vitamins and minerals to both decreased experiences of hunger during weight reduction programs and to lower body weight in general, suggesting that nutrient intake is a key factor in successful weight loss.

Nutrients Help Decrease Food Cravings & Overeating 
Appetite and hunger are often increased during weight loss due to variations in hormones such as leptin, insulin, and cortisol, which play key roles in regulating appetite. Since vitamins and minerals are required in the synthesis of these hormones, inadequate nutrient intake can interfere with signaling pathways and result in increased cravings and overeating. Ensuring adequate vitamin and mineral intake can help regulate appetite and decrease cravings and overeating.

Multivitamins Support Weight Loss in Both Men and Women  

  • Studies have shown that men who regularly consume nutritional supplements have a lower body weight compared with men who don’t take supplements, independently from physical activity level and dietary factors.
  • Research has found that multivitamin supplementation significantly decreased appetite in women after weight loss when compared with other women who also lost weight.
  • A study of both men and women found that those who had a high consumption of multivitamins gained less weight over several years compared to men and women  who did not.

Why Oxylent?—Fundamental, Absorbable Nutrients
Oxylent uniquely supports the nutritional needs of weight loss and maintenance, thanks to its formula, quality, and efficacy. The revolutionary effervescent delivery system of Oxylent is better absorbed than pills, and the science-backed formula provides a full panel of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, and electrolytes, including nutrients that have been shown to be especially important for a healthy body weight.

Supporting Your Immune System

The immune system is at the very core of human health and wellness, constantly working to protect your body by identifying and eliminating pathogens such as bacteria and viruses. There is nothing more fundamental to optimal health than the immune system, and nothing is more fundamental to a healthy immune system than diet and nutrition.

A Complex Network?
The immune system is not a single organ or a single process. It is a complex network of many different cells, structures, and soluble factors that are present throughout your body and work together in highly coordinated ways. The compromised function of one aspect can impact the entire system.

Micronutrient Needs?
The complex structure and function of the immune system, like most systems in the body, is dependent on proper nutrition. Together with exercise and stress reduction, micronutrients like vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, are vital to immune system health.

Diet is Often Not Enough
The reality is that most of us are not getting at least some of the nutrients we need from diet alone. Marginal nutrient deficiencies are very common, and can compromise the complex functions of the immune system. Even if we are not deficient, our intake of a variety of nutrients can often be below what is needed for optimal immune function. For this reason, supplements are an ideal way to protect against the micronutrient deficiencies that can compromise immune function. Studies have shown that multivitamins enhance many aspects of immune response.

Most Powerful Antioxidant on the Planet

What are SOD & Catalase?
SOD (Superoxide Dismutase) and Catalase are powerful antioxidant enzymes. They play crucial roles in promoting health by forming part of our bodies’ primary system of defense against free radical damage.

The 1969 discovery of SOD has been called “the most important discovery of modern biology never to win a Nobel Prize.” It laid the foundation for a whole new field of biology and medicine—the study of free radicals. SOD and Catalase are classified as “primary antioxidants,” and they work synergistically with the well-known “secondary antioxidants” such as vitamins C, A, and E. But of all the antioxidants, SOD is the most powerful. A single SOD molecule can neutralize thousands of free radicals, whereas “secondary antioxidants” can neutralize only one. One I.U. of SOD has a life of several days, and catalyzes the elimination of billions of free radicals.

SOD and Catalase are also one of the things that make Oxylent’s formula unique. Oxylent is the only multivitamin drink that contains SOD and Catalase. Oxylent contains 20 I.U. of SOD, which statistically is shown to contain 3 I.U. of Catalase. Our SOD and Catalase are derived from melon, and are gluten-free.

What are free radicals?
Essentially, free radicals are unstable molecules that are missing an electron. They therefore “steal” an electron from other molecules in order to become stable. The problem is that this process starts a chain reaction—those other molecules then also become free radicals that must then steal electrons from other molecules, which in turn then steal electrons from other molecules, and so on. This chain reaction can lead to serious damage to cells, tissues, and DNA. In fact, free radical damage has been identified as an underlying mechanism in a wide variety of serious health issues.

This same oxidative process is also what causes apples to turn brown, metals to rust, and fats to become rancid. The most common free radicals in the body are named superoxide radicals, which are neutralized by SOD and Catalase. There have been more than 60,000 scientific papers published on superoxide radicals, and they have been shown to have a role in more than 100 health challenges that affect humans.

Where do free radicals come from?
Superoxide radicals and other free radicals are continuously produced in our cells. They are produced both internally—during necessary biochemical processes like respiration and metabolism—as well as from exposure to external factors, like ultraviolet radiation, x-rays, ozone, injury, illness, infection, smoke, air pollution, water pollution, alcohol, pesticides, and herbicides.

As a first line of defense against free radicals, humans and other organisms have evolved to synthesize antioxidant enzymes—including SOD and Catalase. But if too many free radicals overwhelm our antioxidant defenses, a situation of oxidative stress develops that can cause chronic damage and contribute to compromised health and function of our cells, tissues, organs, and systems.

How do SOD & Catalase neutralize free radicals?
The crucial role played by antioxidants is their ability to react with free radicals. By doing this they eliminate the damaging properties of the free radical—either stopping the chain reaction of oxidation (explained above), or preventing the chain reaction from ever setting in motion in the first place.

About Vitalah

Their Goal to create a unique, great-tasting, premium, effervescent multivitamin drink has been met! Oxylent is sourced with the highest quality ingredients, providing healthy levels of key vitamins, chelated minerals, amino acids, and enzymes­­—providing energy to your cells naturally.

Superior Quality is at the heart of Vitalah. Using only top quality ingredients that are easily absorbed, Oxylent is made exclusively with Albion Minerals, and has received Albion’s Gold Medallion, which recognizes products for excellence in mineral fortification. Albion Human Nutrition is the most established and globally recognized leader in the chelate industry. Albion is the first bis-glycinate chelatemanufacturer to be approved by EFSA, European Food Safety Authority.

Fast Absorption through effervescent technology allows for nearly 100% immediate absorption. In recent articles in Nutrition Business Journal, effervescence is forecasted as the future delivery system of choice. According to the Physicians’ Desk Reference 1996, only 10–20% of supplements in pill form are absorbed by your body.

Convenient Packets of Oxylent are easily transported, so you can drink it anytime, anywhere. Just add water.

Naturally Sweetened, Oxylent contains stevia and less than 2 g of organic cane sugar. Drink it as a substitute for juice, soft drinks, or high sugar energy drinks.

Great Taste is the secret to Oxylent—Sparkling Berry and Sparkling Mandarin are delicious any time of the day. Tastes so good you’ll forget it’s a supplement!

Shake packet and pour contents into 4-6 oz. of water to taste.

  • Adults: 1 packet daily; 2 when traveling or exercising.
  • Children over five: 1/2 packet daily.

Oxylent Oxygenating Multivitamin Drink Sparkling Mandarin - 7 Packets
Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Packet (5.5g)
Servings Per Container: 7
Amount Per Serving %DV
Calories 0
Total Carbohydrates 0 g
Vitamin C (as calcium ascorbate) 1000 mg 1667%
Vitamin D3 (as cholecalciferol) 1000 IU 250%
Thiamin (as thiamine hydrochloride) 1.5 mg 100%
Riboflavin (as riboflavin-5-phosphate sodium) 1.7 mg 100%
Niacin (as niacinamide) 20 mg 100%
Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine hydrochloride) 10 mg 500%
Folate 400 mcg 100%
Vitamin B12 (as methylcobalamin) 25 mcg 417%
Pantothenic Acid (as calcium pantothenate) 10 mg 100%
Calcium (as calcium ascorbate, DimaCal di-calcium malate) 125 mg 13%
Iodine (as potassium iodide) 50 mcg 33%
Magnesium (as di-magnesium malate, TRAACS magnesium lysyl glycinate chelate) 113 mg 28%
Zinc (as TRAACS zinc glycinate chelate) 15 mg 100%
Selenium (as selenium glycinate complex) 70 mcg 100%
Manganese (as TRAACS manganese glycinate chelate) 1.5 mg 75%
Chromium (as TRAACS chromium nicotinate glycinate chelate) 100 mcg 83%
Molybdenum (as TRAACS molybdenum glycinate chelate) 75 mcg 100%
Sodium (as sodium bicarbonate) 50 mg 2%
Potassium (as potassium bicarbonate, potassium glycinate complex) 225 mg 6%
L-Arginine 175 mg *
Lysin (as lysine hydrochloride) 30 mg *
Superoxide Dismutase (S0D) 20 IU *
Citrus Bioflavonoids 10 mg *
Coenzyme Q10 5 mg *
Boron (as boron glycinate complex) 1 mg *
*Daily Value Not Established.
†Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your diet values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
Other Ingredients: citric acid, natural fruit flavors, stevia.

As with any dietary supplement, you should consult a doctor before taking if pregnant or nursing. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place.

Vitalah 41 Hangar Way
Watsonville, CA,
Phone: 877-699-5368 Fax: 831-761-3648 Email: Click here Visit website

About Oxylent

Meet the Founder & CEO: Lisa Lent
Lisa doesn't just have a passion for world travel; it's in her DNA. Born in San Francisco to an American father and Norwegian mother, she grew up in an environment that combined traditional European customs with the drive and tenacity that fuel the western world. In 2000, while based in London and flying internationally for work, Lisa developed multiple clots, known as pulmonary embolus, in her lungs. She immediately sought medical treatment for her condition and began to explore what factors may have contributed to her deteriorating health and well being.

In her 20's, she knew her lifestyle was a contributing factor. She learned that low oxygen, cabin pressure, dehydration, and radiation can lead to many different types of health issues. It was then that she began the search for the ultimate supplement that could support her well being amid the stressful environment she had been living in. Lisa harnessed her drive, experience in travel, and desire for optimum health - and Vitalah's first product, Oxylent, was born. What was initially created for those who love to travel, has become the ultimate nutritional supplement for everyday life.

As anyone who has taken an idea from conception to fruition knows, it takes the support of mentors and friends to survive the long journey. Lisa credits the guidance from leading nutritional companies in the industry with nurturing Vitalah's success. Lisa has been forever changed by their assistance and is grateful for their help in making Vitalah come alive.

Vitalah is committed to bringing the latest science within personal nutrition to consumers worldwide. Oxylent, a unique blend of high-quality essential nutrients, creates a synergetic environment, enabling the body to function at peak levels. Vitalah is very excited to put the convenience of health and wellness into a single, portable packet. The vital ingredients create the hydrating atmosphere our bodies crave to oxygenate, circulate, and rejuvenate cells for total well-being.

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