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DROPPED: Sensuva - ON Natural Arousal Oil For Her - 5 ml.
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Sensuva - ON Natural Arousal Oil For Her - 5 ml.

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Sensuva - ON Natural Arousal Oil For Her - 5 ml.

  • Item# :123848
    UPC# :856675004306
  • Brand:Sensuva
  • Size/Form:5  ml.
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Sensuva - ON Natural Arousal Oil For Her - 5 ml. (0.17 oz.)

Sensuva ON Natural Arousal Oil for Her increases orgasm intensity, duration and frequency. Designed to enhance intimacy, ON uses an all natural botanical blend of essential oils to create feelings of natural arousal and increased wetness in most women. ON is perfect for women who are looking for more excitement in their love life or who need a little extra help with the feelings of natural sexual desire and arousal. Best when used alone,or with others. A couple drops in the morning, and you'll be thinking about tonight all day.

  • Over 50 applications.
  • Like flipping a switch.
  • Shockingly powerful.
  • Buzzing with pleasure.

A drop of two of ON applied directly to the clitoris creates a clitoral "buzzing" and increases wetness in most women. This exciting combination of arousal and heightened sensitivity leads to more intense orgasms for a deep, pleasurable sexual satisfaction.  It also makes for stronger, longer lasting orgasms.

According to Ian Kerner, Ph.D., a certified sex therapist and author of She Comes First: The Thinking Man's Guide to Pleasuring a Woman, "many women complain that a single orgasm isn't enough to relieve the buildup of sexual tension." ON has helped thousands of women achieve stronger, more powerful, longer lasting orgasms. Some women have described this as a "3rd level" of orgasm, which they had not experienced before using ON.

Using only the finest ingredients and essential oils from around the world, ON uses the same botanicals that have been used for centuries – but never like this! When topically applied directly to a woman's clitoris, ON's proprietary blend of essential oils creates a natural excitement in the form of a delicious tingling that actually pulses with pleasure.

ON can be used anywhere – with a partner or without. It is most often used in the bedroom, but some women find it more satisfying to keep a small, discrete bottle of ON in their desk drawer at work or in their purse for use anywhere, any time. Board meetings? No problem! Too much traffic? No worries! Going to the movies? You bet! ON is great for helping a woman reach her climax or just for putting that secret smile on her face. It is completely edible, too, and won't interfere with any complimentary foreplay. Join the ON revolution today and break free from the statistics… 65% of women are not satisfied with their sex lives… 43% of American women experience sexual complaints… only 25% of women always climax during sex with a partner. If you want more control over your libido and sexual satisfaction, get turned ON now. Embrace your sexuality, regardless of age. Let ON take you to the next level of orgasm.

Science Behind ON
The strong connection between a woman's mind and her body makes stress the single, biggest killer of intimacy. To fully build sexual arousal, a woman needs to relax. Having confidence in her sexual response can help a woman relax and enjoy foreplay while allowing intimacy with her partner to come naturally.

Chemistry Without Chemicals

  • All natural, oil-based, botanical formula
  • No L-Arginine, menthol, or citrus
  • No harsh preservatives, parabens, perfumes, or artificial flavoring
  • Natural arousal thru genital response
  • Works in seconds and lasts up to 45 minutes
  • Pleasant smelling and actually tastes good
  • Medically endorsed

ON, Natural Arousal Oil For Her, helps by strengthening the mind-body connection through genital feedback. If a woman's mind and body aren't working together, she can completely miss the signals of arousal that her body is transmitting. A drop or two of ON creates a pleasurable and unmistakable tingle and gentle heat. Imagine holding a small vibrator to your clitoris while it's getting warmer and you're getting wetter. This is what most women feel when they use ON. ON works as a sensory enhancer to naturally stimulate arousal and desire. It connects the mind and body for a sexual experience like no other.

Other natural products designed to enhance female arousal rely on vasodilators, such as L-Arginine and Niacin, or "stimulating" ingredients such as menthol, peppermint oil, or citric acid (orange oil) that can irritate sensitive areas. ON uses all natural, botanical ingredients that have been used for centuries – but never like this.

ON is a pure, oil-based formula. One of the many advantages to an oil-based formula is that it cannot support bacteria. Bacteria can lead to yeast infections and other vaginal problems or discomfort. ON also does not contain L-Arginine, which can re-activate an outbreak of genital herpes. ON provides a safe, all-natural arousal.

Sensuva ON Natural Arousal Oil for Her Frequently Asked Questions

What is ON?
ON, Natural Arousal Oil for Her, is a proprietary blend of all natural botanicals designed to increase arousal and sexual pleasure.

How does ON create that incredible "buzzing" sensation?
ON uses all natural ingredients to create an amazing genital response. When your body doesn't recognize something, neurological confusion ensures. It's this neurological stimulation that creates the incredible buzzing sensation. Even though the ingredients in ON have been used for centuries, they're not typically applied to your clitoris. This new application of centuries-old botanicals creates a natural neurological confusion that gives ON its unique buzz.

What does "all natural" mean?
"All natural" means that there is nothing artificial or chemical in ON. ON relies on plant extracts and botanicals to provide natural sexual enhancement. Every ingredient used in ON is pure and of the highest quality available on the market today. ON's propriety blend of essential oils are produced according to strict standards and hand-measured in small batches to ensure consistent high quality.

How is ON different from other products?
Other female arousal products rely on vasodialators, such as L-Arginine and Niacin, or "stimulating" ingredients such as menthol, peppermint oil, or citric acid (orange oil) that can irritate sensitive areas. The most common complaints reported with these products are a "burning" sensation that can range from mild to intense. ON's all natural formula avoids these problems by leaving out the chemicals and other potential irritants.

How do I know ON will work for me?
ON works for most women, but you should try it to make sure it's right for you. Most women find that 1-2 drops are enough, while others prefer more. Sensuva recommend starting with one drop and then, if you want more intensity, slowly increasing the number of drops until you reach maximum satisfaction. ON can be used alone or with a partner and it can be used safely each time you have sex or masturbate or whenever you want that satisfying feeling of pulsating pleasure. It starts to work within one to two minutes after application and can last up to 45 minutes.

I'm a first time user. How should I apply ON and how much should I use?
Each body is unique. Sensuva suggest you start with a single drop of ON and massage it gently onto your clitoris. Your partner can help with this if you want. Wait several minutes for ON to reach its maximum potency, then, if you want to apply more, do it one drop at a time. The pleasure can last up to 45 minutes for non-stop sexual excitement and satisfaction. Click here to read the package insert.

How will ON affect my partner?
Many women report that their increased excitement and pleasure when using ON adds to their partner's overall sexual satisfaction. As a side note, men can only experience ON on the tip of their tongue. If you want him to get an idea of what you're feeling, have your partner rub a single drop of ON inside his lower lip and then slide his tongue over the area several times. Within a minute or two, he will feel on his tongue what you feel on your clitoris. The sensation will only last for a short time for him because of his saliva.

What is ON made of?
ON is a proprietary essential oil blend including sweet almond oil, cinnamomum cassia, natural tocopherols (vitamin e), silica, phenoxyethanol and ethylhexyglycerin, and rosemary oil extract.

Can ON be used during oral sex?
Yes, ON is completely edible and won't interfere with any complimentary oral foreplay. All of ON's ingredients are food-grade and of the highest quality available.

Can ON be used as a lubricant?
ON is not meant to be used as a lubricant, however, many women report increased wetness after applying ON. If you use lubricant during sex, you can continue to use it in conjunction with ON. Just make sure you apply ON first and then wait a couple of minutes to give ON time to work before applying the lubricant.

Can I use ON with a condom?
Do not use ON with latex condoms. ON is oil-based and will adversely affect latex condoms. ON is safe to use with polyurethane condoms. You can use ON and still be safe while having fun.

Can I use ON with a vibrator or sex toy?
ON is safe to use with silicone vibrators or sex toys. Avoid using ON with latex.

Can ON hurt my vagina?
ON is topically applied to the clitoris before or during foreplay. It is designed to be used during sexual intercourse and/or masturbation. During normal use, ON is not harmful to the vagina or anus. Avoid contact with your urethra.

If I over-apply, how can I get it off?
Do not use water. This can reactivate ON. The best way to remove an over-application is by dabbing the affected area with a dry cloth. An even better way is to have your partner lick it off. Saliva is very effective at removing ON.

I am sensitive to bacteria. Is ON the right product for me?
ON is an oil-based formula, which sets it apart from its water-based competitors. One of the advantages to an oil-based formula is that it cannot support bacteria – a common problem with water-based products. Bacteria can lead to yeast infections and other vaginal problems or discomfort. ON also does not contain L-Arginine, which can re-activate an outbreak of genital herpes. You don't have to worry about bacteria when using ON.

Will my prescription medication affect ON?
While there are no known drug interactions with ON, you should definitely speak with your healthcare professional if you have any questions about your particular medical circumstances.

I am on HRT / had a hysterectomy / am pregnant, nursing, trying to conceive / (peri-)menopausal / suffering from depression, etc. … is ON safe for me?
Do not use ON if you have a vaginal infection or if you are pregnant, nursing or trying to conceive. ON's all natural formula does not affect hormone levels, which makes it safe for many women who are experiencing some of life's sexual challenges. Be sure to talk to your healthcare professional about ON and your particular medical circumstances.

Being turned on feels gooood. Admit it, you are totally addicted. You love how your body feels when it is this close to bursting into flames at any second. It doesn't matter if it happens in bedroom or the boardroom – you dig feeling this alive, this totally revved up! As soon as they wave the flag you're ready to peel out and drive 100mph. Go baby GO!

Hey Speed Racer, if you happen to lose your mojo and get lost (and they're not saying you will – but it does happen to the best of us once in a while), the MapQuest directions are simple: get honest, get real, be yourself, go with your gut, do what you love again and you'll be back on the road to "Turn On" in no time.

What seems to help the most, is finding that place deep inside the center of your body, as far from the mind as you can get. It holds the only two short answers you will ever need to know; Yes or No. Your only job is to ask the question and wait. Wait until your body feels the Yes, screams the Yes…and then follow that fiery trail of Yes for the rest of your life.

A touch of warm hands warm your body, you respond with a passionate kiss, a touch of a smile on your lips, you bite gently. Laughter and love warms you, cradles you and fills you with desire.

Nothing timid about you, you're a tiger, a fiery dragon, all the warmth and passion of a burning star running through your veins, pounding in your heart and pushing you forward, urging you to touch taste and feel more. Desire, it's a word you know, but your body aches and feels and yearns; your flushed skin shows passion, desire and irresistible need.

You've rushed past all hope of saying no. Give in to yourself, love yourself, you are passion and love, a gentle touch and heat in the dark.

He might not understand. He might pull away. But loving you is more than a cold romance; it's a fiery love affair full of passion. Kiss his lips, pull his head down to yours, allow fingers to slide over your soft skin and breathe him in. The scent of him washes over you, a soft gasp fills the air; this is your passion. Give in to your passion, live your life to the fullest, he is with a passionate woman, and he is loving every minute of it.

The flop of butterflies in your stomach, that moment when your heart trips you up, suddenly the world is spinning and you might not know where to go. You can feel it, the quivering of your belly and the burning heat of your passion. You want it, you crave it and you need it, that feeling of completion.

Tingles of excitement racing up your skin, you're ready, you can feel it, your body urging you to go, to run in and extract every drop of pleasure from the moment. You're itching to touch, to experience, to feel, and the pounding of your heart only adds to the excitement of that dizzying first kiss.

And when the time comes, relax, take a deep breath and go with the moment. Life changes, happens and does what it wants. The momentary feeling of tumbling into thin air will soon subside, leaving you standing on firm ground, happy, confident, protected in a warm embrace, a loving glow.

You are a passionate creature, full of life and love and ready for anything, even if you don't know it yet. Take the challenge, enjoy the moment, and say no if you want. It's your decision. Breathe it in, have fun, and let your heart decide.

You feel it on your skin. The touch of sun warmed air brushing over your body, warm hands sending chills up your spine. The touch, the feel, the taste of life is something you crave. Every drop of moisture on your tongue, every bite of food is an ecstasy not soon forgotten.

You crave passion, you need it, and as your heart pounds, warming your body into a frenzy of burning desire, you can feel it stirring within you. Passion that heats your blood; sends your head spinning and leaves you with a feeling you can only get from pure and utter satisfaction.

No tame life for you. You need to feel your body, move with it, and be in control of your passion. You need to be in control of yourself, and you often shock people with your strength. Life is a dance, your body stretching, bending moving and pushing itself to the limit as you revel in every drop of living.

And when you find it, that moment of pure and utter bliss, when your mind and body unify towards one thing, you pause, panting for breath. You're there, you're alive, and you're living for every second, every breath and every touch. Your life is yours, and when you find your passion, that's all you need.

You want more. You crave more. You have this gut-burning desire for MORE that could literally explode from your body at any second. In fact, now that you think about it, that word desire…it doesn't even begin to touch it. You flew past the exit for Desire 50 miles back with your hair on fire, and didn't even blink.

There is definitely more to you than meets the eye, and if people had ANY clue about what was going on behind your appropriate attire and sunny disposition it is quite possible they would be shocked, I mean "You so don't look the type."

Truth be told, you love that.

Passionate creatures like you could care less about the labels anymore. The truth is, that demanding "more" (more passion, more sex, more from your work, more from your life, more from your partner, more from yourself ) requires guts. Guts and confidence. And let's face it, people with confidence are HOT.

You have this one body – this one lifetime and you are not messin' around anymore – there is no settling. Doing, wanting, craving a life that makes the passion flow through your veins at 100mph might just be the point of it all, OR hey, at least it is a very fun detour.

Your blood is warming, rousing to a fiery passion as you move. Your body's taut with tension, dripping sweat as your back arcs with pleasure, your mind filled with ecstasy. You're in control, your body rising and falling with heated breaths as you allow your mind to take in every touch, scent and sound.

This is what you live for, your muscles moving in perfect harmony with your body. A touch of skin, the soft scent of the sheets as you show a side of you that no one's seen; that only someone special will ever see. No timid little sparrow you, the heat of passion and desire runs through your veins, burning away any shyness you might have. And you love it.

The feeling of power fills you as your body takes what you want, what you need. Your body is your passion and the heat of your desire burns through you, filling you with that final, ecstatic sensation that your body craves. Labels, how you 'should' act, what is expected of you? You don't care, you're filled to the brim with passion and desire and you're overflowing with need for fulfillment. You look down, hands grasping for a soft touch and you take what is yours.

Relax, panting for breath as hot pleasure shivers through your body. You look up, smiling, satisfaction coursing through your veins. You're in control.

Apply 1 to 2 drops onto your clitoris. Allow up to two minutes for fulleffect - lasts up to 45 minutes. Reapply as desired.

Proprietary Essential Oil: (Sweet Almond Oil, Silica, Natural Tocopherols (Vitamin E), Cinnamomum Cassia, Phenoxyethanol and Ethylhexyglycerin, Rosemary Oil Extract)

Do not use On if you have a vaginal infection or if you are pregnant, nursing or trying to conceive. Do not use ON with latex condoms. Keep out of reach of children.

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Valencia, CA,
Phone: 877-470-7578 Email: Click here Visit website

About Sensuva

At Sensuva, they are dedicated toward helping men and women live healthier and more passionate lives.

Sensuvar unique collection of sexual health and wellness products are made with original formulas, hand-crafted in the USA using natural botanicals, essential oils, extracts and healthy ingredients.

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