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DROPPED: Supreme Protein - Supreme Protein Raptor Extreme Endurance Bar Wild Berry - 2.5 oz.

    Supreme Protein - Supreme Protein Raptor Extreme Endurance Bar Wild Berry - 2.5 oz.

    Item #: 84478
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    Supreme Protein - Supreme Protein Raptor Extreme Endurance Bar Wild Berry - 2.5 oz.

    • Item# :84478
      UPC# :639372022077
    • Brand:Supreme Protein
    • Size/Form:2.50  oz.
    • Servings:1
    • Dosage:1  Bar(s)

    Supreme Protein Raptor Extreme Endurance Bar Wild Berry - 2.5 oz.

    A perfomance edge so intense... IT'S ALMOST UNFAIR!

    Before Supreme Protein™ became the runaway sales leader in the protein/energy bar retail marketplace that it is today, it had already emerged as the #1 choice for serious athletes who demand nothing less than ultra-premium nutrition from every calorie they consume. These athletes formed the core of Supreme Protein™'s original customer base, and most (if not all) of them simply refuse to eat any other bar.

    A wealth of new information is now available supporting the widespread health benefits of diets containing adequate amounts of high quality protein and restricted amounts of sugar and processed carbohydrate. Whether you are looking to improve your health, increase energy levels, lose body fat, or build muscle - The Supreme Protein site is dedicated to providing you the most up to date ground breaking nutrition information from leading researchers to help you achieve your goals. Here is just a sampling of why we feel so passionate about the power of protein and why we developed Supreme Protein Bars to help people achieve peak wellness.

    Bodybuilders know that adequate protein is necessary to build muscle mass. But higher protein intakes have also been linked to helping preserve muscle mass during weight loss and helping prevent muscle loss as we age (sarcopenia). Since protein can be more satiating and thermogenic than carbohydrate and fat, spacing the right amount of protein throughout the day helps you feel full while promoting a greater caloric burn. This explains why higher protein diets have consistently resulted in greater weight loss and fat loss than conventional diets. Quality of protein and the timing of ingestion are additional factors that cannot be ignored.

    Have you ever skipped a meal or not eaten anything after a workout? Then most of your efforts could have been wasted because if protein is not consumed after exercise the body can remain in an overall catabolic state. Timing of protein ingestion around workouts is absolutely critical to get the most from your hard work in the gym. Incredible advances have also been made in our knowledge of protein quality especially whey protein. Cutting edge research has highlighted several novel features that make whey a highly desirable source of protein for athletes, dieters, and people wanting to improve overall health.

    A notable feature of whey is its prevalence of essential amino acids, particularly leucine, which signals protein synthesis. Whey protein is digested and absorbed quicker than other protein sources, making it a preferred pre- and post-workout protein source. Whey may result in improved body composition including the potential to  increase lean body mass and decrease fat mass. Whey protein  has antioxidant effects because it is a unique rich source of cysteine necessary for synthesis of the potent antioxidant glutathione. Several peptides from whey protein have been shown to lower blood pressure and enhance immune function.

    Introducing Raptor, The Most Powerful Performance-Enhancing Training Fuel Available Today!

      Here's Why:
      • Precision balance of fast, moderate, and extended-release carbohydrates for prolonged muscle fuel and greatly enhanced performance.
      • Exclusive, quick-digesting Energy-Core™ gel center triggers rapid energy surge
      • Contains nearly 3 grams of branched-chain amino acids that can serve as additional muscle fuel, while reducing perceptions of fatigue
      • Contains glycerol, which provides yet another concentrated high-powered fuel source, while also promoting hydration
      • Includes ultra-high-bioavailable whey protein for muscle growth and recovery with over 5 grams of essential amino acids
      • High in electrolytes for enhanced neural control and fluid balance
      • Contains 300% of daily values of B-vitamins, which can help optimize carbohydrate metabolism for supercharged energy and power
      • Contains Beta Alanine that helps maintain muscle carnosine levels and muscle buffering capacity during high-intensity exercise
      • Rich in antioxidant power to help reduce oxidative stress associated with high- intensity exercise
      • Contains sodium and calcium phosphates for increased anaerobic threshold and increased aerobic capacity
      • Contains powerful neuro focus agents such as choline, taurine and BCAA for enhanced mental focus during prolonged exercise
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    About Supreme Protein

    In 2007, the Supreme Protein® management team set out to create the world’s first true gourmet protein bar composed entirely of high-quality proteins such as whey isolate. To achieve that end, Supreme Protein®, Inc. utilizes the varied talents of a top-notch group of noted experts in the field of candy-bar technology and sports nutrition, as well as product research and development. In a marketplace dominated by bland protein bars with questionable nutritional content, Supreme Protein®, Inc stands alone in manufacturing the world’s only true gourmet protein bar. In addition to its high-quality protein blend, Supreme Protein® also contains healthy fats, including flaxseed oil, an excellent spectrum of vitamins and minerals, and zero trans fat. It is the category’s foremost combination of flavor and function.

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