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Radius - Floss Sachets with Natural Xylitol Cranberry - 20 Pack

Each Sachet contains 18" of floss.
By Radius
Item #: 122754
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Radius - Floss Sachets with Natural Xylitol Cranberry - 20 Pack

  • Item# :122754
    UPC# :085178001967
  • Brand:Radius
  • Size/Form:20  Pack
  • Ship Weight:0.10
  • Flavor:Cranberry
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Radius CranberryFloss Sachets with Natural Xylitol - 20 Per Pack (each floss sachet contains 18" of floss)

Say goodbye to wasteful plastic flossers with stylish and convenient Radius Cranberry Floss Sachet Packs! Radius Antibacterial Cranberry Floss Sachets with Natural Xylitol is a completely vegan, nylon floss. Radius Cranberry Floss Sachets with Natural Xylitol are coated in candelilla wax and cranberry essence from OceanSpray. Radius Cranberry Floss Sachets with Natural Xylitol are biodegradable and contain no glutens, preservatives, GMO’s, artificial sweeteners or color, or fluoride.

  • Super soft, spongy floss for total tooth and gum protection
  • Coated with natural USA-sourced Xylitol for aiding gum health
  • USA-grown unsweetened Cranberry essence contains flavanoids and polyphenals whose anti-bacterial properties naturally help prevent gum disease for the ultimate healthy, fresh, and clean mouth on-the-go! 
  • Sturdy, travel-safe packaging is 100% biodegradable 

*As seen on Dr. Oz! Cranberry floss was recently featured on a Dr. Oz segment about oral care. The use of Radius Vegan Antibacterial Cranberry Floss can significantly reduce your chances of having gingivitis or gum disease by warding off plaque with cranberries!

Basic Oral Care - Recommendations of the American Dental Association:

  • Brush twice a day with a soft toothbrush - Radius brushes are only available in soft.
  • Use a fluoride containing toothpaste - fluoride has been shown to maintain existing teeth by repairing the damage caused by bacteria.
  • Angle yourbrush towards the gums when brushing - the Radius brushes all have this angle built into them.
  • Use a gentle touch - Radius brushes have very large surface area to lower the pressure on the gums and teeth. It does not take a lot of pressure to remove the sticky plaque from the surface of the teeth.
  • Brushing your tongue is recommended for bacteria removal and fresh breath.
  • Floss between the teeth at least once a day.
  • Use dental appliances to get between teeth and in the gum line - these devices help in maintaining an excellent dentition and gum condition.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is used to make the Vegan Cranberry Floss?
Radius' completely vegan Cranberry Floss is spun from the finest grade nylon filament. It is then dipped in pure cranberry essence from a premium American supplier and coated in 100% pure, natural candelilla wax which is a plant based wax.

Why should I use a Cranberry Floss?
Cranberry is a natural source of phytochemicals which have been proven to stop unwanted bacteria clinging to surfaces. Cranberry acts as a natural inhibitor to plaque on the surfaces between teeth and helps prevent gum disease.

My teeth are fairly close together. Will this floss work for me?
Radius' Vegan Cranberry Floss is made from a strong nylon that is meant for tight spaces.

Is the Vegan Cranberry Floss healthy to use?
Of course! Radius' Vegan Cranberry floss contains no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, color, flavor, synthetic waxes, GMO ingredients, and is gluten free.

Is the Cranberry Floss made in the USA?
Radius does not manufacture our flosses in the USA. They are manufactured in a family owned, fair trade farm cooperative in Colombia. Radius' floss is spun under strict quality controls with a guarantee of integrity.

Since the floss is coated in cranberry essence, does that mean it will leave behind an acidic or sugary residue between my teeth?
Absolutely not. The floss is coated in cranberry essence which does not contain the sugars or other ingredients in cranberry juice. The only thing left in the essence is the phyochemicals that stop unwanted bacteria.

How much floss is in one package?
There are twenty (20) floss sachets per pack. Each pack contains 18 inches of floss.

Is the cardboard container recyclable?
Absolutely. The cardboard packaging is 100% recyclable.

Animal Testing - are Radius products animal tested?
Radius does not do any testing on animals. Radius requires statements from all of their suppliers that they do not do any testing on animals.

Child Labor - does Radius have a viewpoint?
Radius has signed all of the manufacturing protocols associated with the prevention of the use of child labor. Radius' own manufacturing facilities are in the USA and they have strict policies on the age of employees.

Good Design
Before Radius embarks on making a new product, they put the concept through an evaluation to make sure that they are not just making some more landfill in the name of progress.

  1. The design has to work well and enrich the lives of their customers.
  2. It has to last long enough to amortize the investment of resources in its manufacture.
  3. Has to be based on good science and research.

Radius products are designed to last a long time - usually two to three times longer than regular, similar products from other manufacturers.

Packaging is a field that is in permanent evolution. Radius started in 1983 with a simple cardboard folding box, but soon discovered that customers ripped open the box to see the color and shape of the product inside. Radius moved to clear plastic folding boxes - no opened boxes but the carton became plastic trash, once opened.

In 1992 Radius started manufacturing plastic boxes that doubled as packaging to sell and ship in as well as a container to carry your Radius product in on trips or protect it in the bathroom. These containers had a long and useful life before being recycled. The unique problem was that many customers have complained about having multiple Radius travel cases, picked up over the years. The plastic box, although recyclable, was also heavy and consumed a lot of fuel in shipping.

In 2005 Radius started investigating lighter packaging and the potential of plant based plastics. The amount of freight used in distribution of Radius products represents a major part of its energy use profile. A decision was made to change to a new type of package, called a mock clamshell. The clear plastic front is very light and the card can be made from recycled materials.

Radius planned on using NatureWorks PLA, a 100% corn based, compostable plastic for the front panel. Thus far, Radius does not have the durability required for a package that sells from a store shelf. NatureWorks assures Radius that they will have this achieved very shortly and Radius will make the final step in their attempt to make more environmentally responsible packaging.

Packaging Design
Radius tries to make their product design and their packaging part of a continuous project. They have attempted to make sense out of the needs to protect a product during shipping and in its sales location. Source reduction is a major philosophical component of Radius' design approach.

  • Products are designed to last longer.
  • Where products have relatively short lives, Radius makes them as small and as light as possible.
  • Packaging – an unavoidable millstone – can be re-used, as in a travel case - or is very light and recyclable.
  • Radius works with their major customers to reduce all shipping materials.

Responsible Manufacturing
Radius makes all of its own products - they recycle all imperfect products and produce no waste materials. Radius controls all the materials to ensure that no heavy metals or carcinogenic substances could be part of the product. Radius does not test on animals and insist that all of their material suppliers do not. Radius' factory is recycled and started its life as the Haeffner-Dietrich Mill in Pennsylvania's Hex country circa 1863.

Radius is commited to making environmentally friendly products - their rules are:

  • Make their own products and know how much energy is expended on them.
  • Control the material inputs to ensure that their products contain pure and responsibly resourced materials.
  • Use renewable resource materials whenever possible.
  • Make products that last a long time.

History & Manufacturing
Radius was founded on the Caribbean island of Tortola. James O'Halloran and Kevin Foley were architects who were fascinated by the idea of a functional and enjoyable toothbrush. They were appalled at the small head, hard toothbrushes of the day. Research indicates that the major problem in oral hygiene is that of compliance - people don't use toothbrushes for long enough and tend to keep their toothbrush for too long. Dentists believe that with diligence - teeth and gums could be perfectly maintained for a lifetime. The average brushing time is from 31 to 65 seconds, depending on age or sex. The average toothbrush is thrown away after 10 months. Radius aimed to make the toothbrush comfortable, enjoyable and effective. With a mass of very soft bristles, a large head area for low pressure brushing and a comfortable handle, this toothbrush would let you brush lightly and accurately.

Show me the Deep End! - Manufacturing in Kutztown
By 1988, James and Kevin wanted to control their own manufacturing and bought Beck’s Mill in Kutztown, Pennsylvania. The 20,000 square foot mill, built in 1863, was restored into a very beautiful workplace, where all Radius toothbrushes are manufactured.

All through the New York years, Radius had been unhappy about other people making their toothbrush. Eventually this was the principal force that drove James and Kevin to Kutztown and to manufacture their own products. Machines were bought, bristling equipment installed, a variety of English and Belgian mechanics were sent over to tune and set up these machines. James became No. 1 manufacturing guru - Radius was in the manufacturing business and controlled its own destiny.

This decision was serendipitous – making toothbrushes is very complicated, knowledge of the process, viewed from the design standpoint, helps in creating new andinnovative solutions to the age-old problem of cleaning your teeth. Without this background James and Kevin would not have been able to develop the Scuba, Intelligent or Folding toothbrushes. The travel cases, a sizeable part of Radius' business, came from the packaging research that James and Kevin did in their own factory. Radius has become very energy conscious as a company, decisions on machine type have repercussions on energy use – their most recent machines use one quarter of the energy of the first generation. Radius has reduced water consumption by a factor of 20 in the last five years.

Tear Radius Floss Sachet in half and pull paper in opposite directions. Wrap paper and ends of flosser around gingers and glide the floss in between the teeth and gently scrape the side of the tooth, moving the floss away from the gum. Repeat for all teeth.

Twenty (20) Sachets per pack. Each Radius Floss Sachet contains 18 inches of floss.

Natural USA-made Xylitol, Natural Mint, Natural Tea Tree Oil, Vegan Candelilla plant wax.

No Glutens, Preservatives, Artificial Sweeteners, GMOs, Unnatural Coloring, Phthalates, Parabens or other harmful additives.

100% Vegan. Cruelty Free. 100% Biodegradable Packaging.

What is used to make the Vegan Cranberry Floss?
Radius' completely vegan Cranberry Floss is spun from the finest grade nylon filament. It is then dipped in pure cranberry essence from a premium American supplier and coated in 100% pure, natural candelilla wax which is a plant based wax.

207 Railroad Street
Kutztown, PA,
Phone: 800-626-6223 Fax: 610-683-9433 Email: Click here Visit website

About Radius

The Radius story begins on the pristine sandy beaches of Tortola, British Virgin Islands, where the idea for the (r)evolutionary Radius Original toothbrush was dreamed up by two architects with an insatiable love for clever design. Kevin Foley and James O’Halloran believed even the most everyday products could be refined and improved, starting with the humble toothbrush. Radius takes a holistic approach to designing and manufacturing their products, examining every step of the process—from prototyping and manufacturing to distribution and disposal—to ensure it's rooted in sustainable decisions that reduce their carbon footprint.

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