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StarChem Labs - Evolution X10 Glycerol Intra/Post Workout Formula Lemonade - 1.28 lbs.

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StarChem Labs Evolution X10 Glycerol Based Intra/Post Workout Formula Lemonade with new and improved formula & taste. Evolution X-10 is a glycerol based 4 in 1 formula with 10 grams of BCAAs, 5 grams of Creatine, Glutamine, and Protein. Contains Waxy Rice and HydroTrans Technology.

“The Anabolic Domino Effect”– A Totally New Way to Increase Lean Mass, Reduce Body Fat And Overcome Sticking Points!

What You Do During & After Training Changes Everything!

For years sports scientists and elite athletes have known that gains are directly correlated to the time it takes to fully recover from workouts. Total and quicker recovery between exercise sessions allows you to perform at a higher level of intensity more frequently. In short, faster recovery equals less downtime.
It is with this in mind the StarChem Labs researchers designed Evolution X10’s 4 in 1 formulation. EVERYTHING you need to RECOVER and GROW.

•At its core is 10 g BCAA’s - the equivalent amount of BCAA’s in over 50 g of whey protein – designed to trigger an anabolic response that shifts recovery into high gear.

•MagnaLoad Creatine Matrix™ - a proprietary combination of Creatine Monohydrate and Creatine MagnaPower™, a highly bioavailable form that mitigates creatine cyclization and improves absorption

•With a 3 Phase Micro-Peptide, Sequentially Released Protein System- Containing Low Molecular Weight Hydrolyzed Proteins which are quickly, and directlyabsorbed by the gut; bypassing the digestion process.

•With HydroTrans™, a pharmaceutical grade glycerol-based Hyper Hydrating Transport compound that feeds cell volume. HydroTrans is 7500% stronger than Glycerol Monostearate.

•With Magnesium Glycyl-Glutamine - a patented and stabilized glutamine that has the ability to increase muscle tissue recovery, enhance protein synthesis, and immunity; at a rate much greater than less sophisticated glutamine containing formulas.

Rounding out this Formula is HydroTrans; a unique pharmaceutical grade glycerol-based transport compound allowing for hyperhydration and the rapid uptake of nutrients to expedite complete and total recovery.

Evolution X10's Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What makes this different from other creatine recovery products?
A: EVOLUTION X10 was formulated specifically for rapid absorption so that it would provide a short term (1-3 hours) anabolic effect. During this anabolic window Evolution X10 stimulates the Anabolic Domino Effect. The concept of the Anabolic Domino Effect comes from the knowledge that the process of repairing and rebuilding fresh new muscle is done is a stepwise progression. In other words, the process does not have one Off/On switch but rather a series of steps that must be switched on in sequence. The first step is to blunt the muscle-wasting hormone cortisol by stimulating insulin. The most recent research has shown that the best way to do this and stay lean (without just jamming glucose) is to flood the bloodstream with branch chain amino acids (BCAA’s). The rapid influx of BCAA’s — especially leucine — stimulates insulin and in turn switches on anabolic drive. Now, that we have initiated anabolic drive, the subsequent action is to deliver a complete protein to rebuild skeletal muscle as fast as possible. Here it is delivered in the rapidly absorbent forms of Whey Hydrolysate and Isolate and Casein Hydrolysate; whic:" ":e was created by Albion Laboratories and it is a patented, highly bio-available form that mitigates creatine cyclization, improves its absorption and provides more to muscle cells. In addition to creatine, there is really only one other non-carbohydrate compound that has survived harsh scientific scrutiny as a means to increase muscle supercompensation – the essential amino acid, glutamine. The patented glutamine molecule in Evolution X10™ is the only stabilized form available today. Magnesium Glycl-Glutamine molecule remains stable in solution and is readily assimilated into the mucosal cell wall. Research suggests that when Magnesium Glycl Glutamine is stacked with magnesium-bound creatine, as it is in Evolution X10, it has the ability to increase muscle tissue recovery at a rate much greater than that of less sophisticated creatine/glutamine-containing formulas. The final step to this domino effect is the maximization of muscle cell water volume. StarChem Labs’ glycerol based HydroTrans technology, not only does this but also serves as rapid delivery system aiding in nutrient delivery and absorption. With this being said, in order to receive everything that the EVOLUTION X10 incorporates, you would need to buy not only a creatine product but a glutamine, and protein blend as well.

Q: If I am allergic to cow milk will the whey isolates and hydrolysates affect me?
A: If you have a pre-existing allergy to cows milk and this product does contain mostly whey protein we would have to say that the product may affect you. There is one fraction of whey that is highly allergenic to those with the most severe milk allergies.

Q: Should I be taking this product on off days (non-workout)?
A: Intake of product on non-training is an option. We leave it up to the consumer as to whether or not to. Please keep in mind that if you do take on non-training days it will keep our cutting edge ingredients at easily accessible levels in your system and will keep them working even though you are not training. Also please remember, amino uptake is always beneficial.

Q: Why was creatine monohydrate used as a main source in both Evolution X10 and Armageddon instead of new forms (esters, ect…)?
A: Quite simply, because there is absolutely no data, whatsoever published on ester forms of creatine. In contrast, creatine monohydrate has over 500 clinical trials on its safety and efficacy since 1993.

Q: What are the benefits of BCAA’s?
A: BCAAs play an important role in protein synthesis. In general terms, after a bout of resistance training the muscle will be in a catabolic state, with a protein synthesis deficit. This is because post exercise the MAPK signaling pathway is activated to induce muscle growth. While this is a pathway that will increase protein synthesis, it is not as effective as when combined with the BCAA signaling cascade. The two pathways act independent of each other. Because of this, when adequate amounts of BCAAs are ingested post workout the body is placed in a greater state of hypertrophy with a positive amount of protein synthesis. This is extremely important for athletes because it will decrease recovery time as it increases the rate at which lean body mass is gained.

Q: How is the Glutamine stabilized and why?
A: Normal glutamine is an unstable amino acid and starts to break down when exposed to air or water. It actually starts to degrade rather quickly in liquids. MGG uses magnesium and glycine which are bound with the glutamine, in turn makes the glutamine a stable compound that doesn't degrade like normal glutamine. By adding this mineral and amino acid to the glutamine it stabilizes the complete structure, rendering the glutamine more effective than if it had not been stabilized.


RECOMMENDED USE: As a dietary supplement, add 1 scoop to 20-30 ounces of cold water and shake well.

1. Begin drinking 30 minutes into exercise, continuously sipping throughout; finishing remainder upon completion of workout. OR
2. Drink entire serving upon completion of workout.

Endurance athletes and those performing high volume resistance training can also mix Evolution X10 with juice to increase the carbohydrate content and more quickly regenerate muscle glycogen stores.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Store in a cool, dry place.

Keep out of the reach of children. Not intended for use by pregnant or lactating women

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About StarChem Labs

During the research and development process of our products, we utilize a cadre of experts for help; all the way from nerdy science geeks to the everyday gym "rat". We then beta test all of our products on ourselves first. Only when we are certain a product lives up to Starchem standards will we consider releasing it to the general public. For those concerned about quality (and that should be all of you), regular hplc testing for purity and potency is standard operating procedure at Starchem.


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