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Squip's Andas Inhalator is a device used in natural inhalation therapy for decongestion and symptomatic relief of many respiratory ailments. Andas Inhalator provides relief for airways. Andas Inhalator is an all natural, drug-free alternative to many over the counter medications. Andas Inhalator can be used for Bronchitis, the Common Cold, and Respiratory Ailments.

Andas Inhalator can also be used in conjuction with nasal irrigation. Decongesting your nasal passages prior to rinsing makes the process easier and more comfortable-particularly when you are severely congested.

Andas Sinus Blend pre-measured packest contain a powdered blend of peppermint, eucalyptus and rosemary-herbs considered for centuries to be powerful in fighting symptoms associated with many respiratory ailments.

Why Inhalation Therapy?
Steam/vapor inhalation therapy is used to relieve symptoms associated with bronchitis, colds, allergies and other respiratory conditions. By loosening secretions and reducing mucous levels, steam/vapor inhalation therapy opens up congested nasal passages and sinuses - allowing you to breathe more easily.

What makes Andas unique?
Andas Inhalator consists of a breathing mask, water cup and heat insulator ball. The inhalator unit is non-electric, lightweight, yet sturdy enough not to fall over. The insulator ball keeps the water temperature warm long enough to enjoy the full benefit of the inhalation session. Andas Sinus Blend packets are conveniently pre-measured both for travel and to mix the proper inhalation dosage.

Package Contents:
  • Andas Inhalator (breathing mask, water cup, heat insulator ball)
  • 10 Convenient pre-measured packets of Andas Sinus Blend
  • Instructions for use

How To use Andas Inhalator:

  • Unscrew breathing mask from the water cup/heat insulator and empty one(1) packet of Andas Sinus Blend into the water cup.
  • Add 5 oz (150 ml) of hot water (not boiling) into the water cup.
  • Reassemble the breathing mask and water cup. Ensure that the unit is placed on a flat surface to avoid tipping over.
  • Put nose and mouth against the breathing mask and gently inhale the steam deeply through the nose. (Be Careful! The steaming water is very hot!). The two air holes should face away from the body when in use. Take a breathing pause after each inhalation. Avoid stepping into cold air or draft immediately after use. Discard breathing solution after each use.

Recommended that you consult your physician before using this product. Do not use if you have congestive heart failure. Do not use if you have epilepsy. Do not use if you are pregnant or are breastfeeding. Not for infants or small children. Not a toy! Do not use the microwave to heat the water for the breathing solution.

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About Squip

At Squip Inc. we strive to introduce high quality Scandinavian products that will help for a better and healthier world. Under the direction of our medical staff our products are carefully researched for their effectiveness and efficiency before they are released into the market. The labeling and presentation of our products are in compliance with all regulations. Our products are selected for their ability to make a substantial difference in people's lives and for their contribution to good health. Squip, inc. Began operating in august of 2002, when it introduced its first product line Nasaline® - products for nasal irrigation. Our 4,000 sq. Ft. Manufacturing/distribution center and head office are located in Lebanon, New Jersey. President and CEO is Hans Kahlau of Bridgewater, NJ.

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By (Buffalo , NY )

This is a great product it really helps clear out both the lungs and sinus area ,used it with salt pipe it helps a lot !

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