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MedicMates - Anti-Menstrual Pain Band -

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MedicMates Anti-Menstrual Pain/PMS Acupressure Band: PMS and menstrual cramps persistently plague millions of women. The MedicMates Anti-Menstrual Pain/PMS band applies constant,deep, but gentle pressure to the Sp6 (Three Yin Crossing) acupoint.

Your anti-menstrual cramp band is a specially designed adjustable band withan attached, anatomically designed button. It may be worn as a preventativedevice. However, the anti-menstrual cramp band is effective if worn aftersymptoms have occurred. In addition, you may wish to try it for the symptomsof PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome).

The anti-menstrual cramp band works because it applies a constant deep butgentle pressure to the Sp6 (Three Yin Crossing) acupressure point as amethod of treating many common symptoms associated with menstruation. TheMedicMate Anti-Menstrual Cramp Band is amazingly effective and shouldcomfort the most severe sufferers. It is all natural; there are no pills andno side effects.

Enjoy your new freedom!!!

Locate your Sp6 POINT ON EACH LEG: It is very important to locate, exactly the Sp6 point before you try the Band the first time. The band can only be effective if you have the button placed directly over the point. The Sp6 point is ALWAYS located on the inside of the lower calf of each leg. The point is about 4 of your finger-widths up from the top of your inside ankle bone and located just behind the curve of your shin bone as it approaches your calf. Now try to locate it and when you do you should feel a little "twinge". This is the Sp6 (Three Yin Crossing) point and the location for the tip of the button 10 rest on.

You may need additional pressure from your fingertip or thumb to locate the pain!. However, once the band is in place you need only to wear it snug enough for it to stay in place. When cramping is severe you may need to reach down occasionally and stimulate the top of the button to give additional benefit. With the Medic Mates Anti Menstrual Cramp Band in place you may continue your normal activity.

Adjusting may be necessary occasionally, particularly if you are to use it for many hours at a time. Experiment! Note: One leg may "work" better than the other.

The MedicMates Anti-Menstrual Cramp Band is designed solely to be worn, not tightly, around the hand. DO NOT allow babies or children to play with them. IT IS NOT A TOY! It could cause suffocation around the neck of a small baby or pet. Use Only as Intended.

If you are pregnant, DO NOT USE this product in the last trimester!
As with any medical drugs, traditional or alternative, results may vary from person to person. This product may be used alone or as an aid in conjunction with other remedies.

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About MedicMates

Our patented acupressure bands have been anatomically engineered for effective relief of headache, menstrual pain/pms, insomnia, and nausea (motion/morning sickness). MedicMates aromatherapy line was developed after over a year of dedicated research and development, which included consultation with medical professionals including aromatherapists, md’s, naturopathic doctors, and herbalists. Every detail was evaluated for quality and effectiveness. The MedicMates patented inhalant is a unique approach to aromatherapy, which is a popular alternative with the consumer. MedicMates therapeutic aromatherapy products target symptoms of headache, sinus, stress, and drowsiness (alert).


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It works perfect for me!!! Easy-to-use

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