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DROPPED: VitaMix - Multi-Use Blender 5200 Black

    VitaMix - Multi-Use Blender 5200 Black

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    VitaMix - Multi-Use Blender 5200 Black

    • Item# :84194
      UPC# :000000725080
    • Brand:VitaMix
    • Ship Weight:16
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    A better life is yours for the taking withthe Vita-Mix 5200. UNLOCK THE WHOLE FOOD NUTRIENTS. You know that it’s smart to replace empty calories with fruits, vegetables and whole grains. But unless you prepare them correctly, you may be missing out on most of the nutrition they offer. As much as 86% of their nutrients arecontained in the discarded peel, pulp and seeds, or are locked inside the cell walls so your body can’t digest them.

    With the Vita-Mix 5200, you can unlock the nutrients contained in wholefoods. This powerful machine breaks through cell walls, seeds and pulp, and frees the nutrients your body needs to prevent illness and feel moreenergentic.

    Whole food meals made in the Vita-Mix machine can give you the nutritional ammunition you need to avoid diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, high cholesterol, cancer, and obesity along with the everyday evils of flu, colds, heartburn and stress. No pill, potion or capsule can match that, SAY GOODBYE TO PROCESSED FOODS.

    Processed foods are broken down, rebuilt, reconstituted whole foods with up to 80% of the vitamins and minerals missing. Manufacturers ofso-called “enriched” products add back only a handful of the hundreds of nutrients they have removed.

    The $450 billion food industry uses their marketing muscle to tell us that fresh food is pricey and we don’t have time to prepare meals from scratch. Persuasive ad campaigns tell us that packaged, processed foods with additives, preservatives and fillers are a healthy choice that can save us time and money.

    Nothing could be further from the truth! Why wouldyou pay for artificial packaging when the powerfulantioxidants in Mother Nature’s “original skins” havethe power to save your life? Whole foods are notonly the road to longevity and health, they canbe more interesting, more delicious and morenutritious than you thought possible!Sound good? They are good. And even betterin the Vita-Mix 5200.

    The Vita-Mix® 5200 unlocks the hidden nutrition in “whole” foods that can lengthen, even save your life!What’s the magic? Precision engineering and unsurpassed power...along with a healthy piece of history!Vita-Mix Corporation is no new kid on the block. This 85-year-old company has been perfecting the Vita-Mix machine since the 1930s. The payoff is BIG in terms of your health!

    A super-powerful, commercial-grade motor drives precision-designed blades that can completely crush and cut up whole food fiber so your body canbenefit from every nutrient. Set on “high” speed, the Vita-Mix stainless steel blades pulverize the skins, seeds and peels of whole foods to make themmore bioavailable. And that’s the Vita-Mix Advantage!

    Whole foods have it all—but your teeth simply can’t cut it when it comes to whole food fiber. So you don’t get it all. Even healthy whole foods eaten “whole” don’t deliver all the nutrition youneed because tho:" ":e.

    Sure, you can still snack on apples and oranges,a handful of walnuts or a bunch of grapes—but the beauty of owning a Vita-Mix® machine is that you have options. . .an endless variety of all-natural whole food treats that don’t need added salt, sugar or fat to taste great.

    Make JUICE—like never before! Whole food juicing is a process unique to the Vita-Mix machine. So-called “juice gurus” claim that the pulp left behind by juice extractors is nutritionally worthless—but that’s simply not true. Independent laboratory tests have shown that the discarded pulp is actually more nutritious than the juice itself! With Vita-Mix whole food juice, you get all the flavor, all the nutrition and all the fiber in a naturally sweet andcreamy-smooth juice!

    Cook soup without a stove! This is simple science that’s simply amazing! The Vita-Mix blades createfriction heat that transforms fresh vegetablesinto steaming hot soup in about 4 minutes.No peeling, no seeding and no stove required! Lump-free gravies and perfect puddings are a snap to make too—and you’ll never need to stir them!

    Make home made Ice cream in 30 seconds!This is the most amazing dessert you’ll make in your Vita-Mix machine—and what’s even more amazing is that you make it in under a minute! Vita-Mix blade action crushes and cuts up frozen fruit to create a larger frozen surface that refreezesitself into a smooth and scrumptious soft-serve frozen treat.

    Blending—like never before! The Vita-Mix whole food machine gives you the best blended recipes at any speed. Whether you’re making rich, creamy smoothies, emulsifying tangy salad dressings, creating milk substitutes, mixing drinks or blending butters, you can now prepare whole foods in a quick, easy and reliable new way. The Vita-Mix variable speed dial puts you in complete control and promises consistent results every time.

    Perfect Purees—like never before! You have neverseen results this flawless. Homemade baby food is a perfect example. There’s just no reason to pay for unnecessary ingredients like water, starch and sugar when you can make more nutritious (100% whole food) baby food for pennies on the dollar in the Vita-Mix machine. Use ice cube trays to freezein individual portions!

    Chopping—a chore no more! The blades do all the work for you. Coarse or fine—simply adjust the variable speed dial to suit your needs. The Vita-Mix machine makes short work of once-tedious tasks like dry-chopping carrots, olives, onions, eggs and cheese. Wet-chopping is really amazing! Using water to draw the food into the blades, you canactually chop a whole head of cabbage for slaw in seconds. And yes, you can try this at home!

    Grinding grains and more—like never before!The Dry Blade Container of your Vita-Mix Super 5200 is best suited to this task. You can grind fresh flour and capture the nutrients in whole grains at the top of their game. Even beans, rice and soybeans can easily be ground into flour for gluten-free recipes. It’s quick and easy, too— it ta:" ":made bread is thatsimple, so you can easily forget nutritionally-inferior store-bought bread that is loaded with added sodium, sugar and preservatives.

    Durable, Precision-Designed Containers made of NEW Generation Eastman Tritan™ Copolyester:The NEW 64-oz Wet Blade Container features a NEW ergonomic soft-grip handle that matches the NEW easy-to-remove lid and plug. The containers are engineered for food processing perfection.

    Unsurpassed Power: The NEW super-powerful 2 peak HP motor in the Vita-Mix 5200 and Super 5200is custom-made for Vita-Mix and matches the power of Vita-Mix commercial-quality blendingequipment found in fine restaurants worldwide. The new motor handles the heaviest mixtures with ease, yet runs substantially cooler.

    Variable-Speed Control: Technically, Vita-Mix® variable speed control means that the blade tipscan travel at an enormous range of speeds—as low as 11 m.p.h. and up to 240 m.p.h. Practically, it means that the Vita-Mix machine handles a wider range of food processes than any other single appliance. The “feedback-type” control keeps themachine running strong at very low speeds or with heavy loads.

    Stainless Steel Blades: The Wet Blade container has hammermill and cutting blades that liquefy wholefoods like no other appliance.

    Quick and Easy Clean-Up: Add a drop of dish soap to a half-container of warm water, run your Vita-Mixmachine on high speed for 30 seconds, and clean-up is complete! There is no need to remove theblades to clean your machine.

    Patented, Spill-Proof Vented Lid: The seal is super-secure to keep even steaming hot ingredients in thecontainer. The removable lid plug lets you measure and safely add ingredients while your Vita-Mix machine is running.

    Patented Tamper for Extreme Processing: This accelerator tool speeds up processes like making frozen treats and peanut butter and helps expand the capabilities of the Vita-Mix machine far beyond that of other appliances.

    Heavy-Duty, Hide-Away Safety Cord: The sturdy cord extends 19 inches to 6 feet and has a grounded three-prong plug.

    Wear-Resistant Plastic Base: The base will not become brittle or discolored. Rubber feet keep it steady.

    Here’s what you get with the Vita-Mix 5200 Package:
    • Maximum Performance. All-new, custom-designed, super-powerful 2 peak HP motor, Variable speedversatility (120 VAC, 60 Hz, 11.5 amps,1380 watts)
    • Durable 64 oz. Wet Bladecontainer made of new generationEastman Tritan™ copolyester.Improved sound damping andchemical resistance; containsno BPA. Includes easy-to-removelid and lid plug marked withmeasurements.
    • Patented tamper for quicker, easierprocessing of heavier mixtures.
    • Free all-new “Getting Started”step-by-step guide to the basicprocesses– $16 value
    • Free all-new DVD Cooking Classwith the look and feel of a TVcooking show – $25 value
    • Free Standard Shipping – $25 value (Ground shipping only!)
    • Full 7-Year Warranty thatGUARANTEES trouble-free performanceunder normal household use!

    The Vita-Mix controls include an on-off switch, a dial to control variable speed and a toggle for switching to High speed. The variable-speed dial is intended for starting thick or hot mixtures, or to chop foods or grind meat, and it's a good way to maintain control over the blending process. The basic Vita-Mix 5200 package also comes with a DVD on how to use the machine, a recipe binder with a selection of whole foods recipes, the owner's manual, and a tamper that can be used to push thick or frozen ingredients into the blade even as the machine is running. The co-polyester (plastic) blending jar is generously sized at 64 ounces, and it has a redesigned lid that has a twist-out plug that doubles as a measuring cup. The Vita-Mix 5200 comes in black, white and red.

    1. Read all instructions.
    2. To protect against risk of electrical shock, do not put in motor base in water or other liquid.
    3. Close adult supervision is necessary when appliance is used by or near children.
    4. Unplug the power cord from the wall outlet when the TurboBlend 4500 is not in use, before disassembling, putting on or taking off parts, and before cleaning, other than washing the container.
    5. Never contact moving parts.
    6. Do not operate any appliance with a damaged cord or plug or after the appliance malfunctions, is dropped or damaged in any manner. Call Vita-Mix Service at once for possible replacement, examination, repair, electrical or mechanical adjustment. If you live outside the USA, contact your Vita-Mix dealer.
    7. The use of attachments not recommended or sold by Vita-Mix Corporation may cause fire, shock or injury.
    8. Do not use outdoors.
    9. Do not let the power cord hang over edge of table, counter or touch hot surfaces.
    10. Keep hands and utensils out of container while motor is running to prevent the possibility of severe personal injury and/or damage to the TurboBlend 4500. A rubber scraper may be used, but only when the TurboBlend 4500 is not running. The tamper may be used while motor is running with the main part of the lid in place.
    11. CAUTION: Blade is sharp. Handle carefully.

    • Never try to remove blade while container is sitting on the motor base.
    • Do not operate with loose, nicked or damaged blade.
    • To reduce the risk of personal injury, never place blade assembly on motor base without blender container properly attached.

    8615 Usher Road
    SALEM, OH,
    Phone: 4402353726 Fax: 4402353726 Visit website

    About VitaMix

    Ever in tune with the needs of the customer, bill believed in giving people a kitchen appliance that went way beyond a blender, and then backing it up with excellent customer service. Vitamix still holds true to this philosophy today. In 1964, shortly after Bill's son Grover joined the business, the company name was officially changed to Vitamix Corporation. Today, Vitamix has been in business nearly 90 years and continues to grow. Much has changed, but much has remained the same. New products are introduced nearly every year, but every Vitamix product, both commercial and household, is still built at the word headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio. Vitamix is still family-owned and operated, and the company is still firmly focused on the importance of quality and customer service.


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