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Trace Minerals Research - Acai Caps with Concen Trace - 60 Vegetarian Capsules

Item #: 84366
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Trace Minerals Research - Acai Caps with Concen Trace - 60 Vegetarian Capsules

  • Item# :84366
    UPC# :878941001758
  • Brand:Trace Minerals Research
  • Size/Form:60  Vegetarian Capsules
  • Servings:30
  • Dosage:2  Capsule(s)
Açaí (pronounced ah-sigh-EE) is a palm berry from the Amazon rainforest in Brazil that contains polyphenols and anthocyanins, which are nutrients that possess potent antioxidant properties to help to seek out and destroy roaming free radicals that can frustrate good health and drain your body of energy.

Açaí also contains dietary fiber for digestive health, plus omega fatty acids and amino acids for healthy skin, improved energy, and immune system health.† Açaí is also rich in B vitamins, vitamin E, minerals such as iron and calcium, and protein.

Açaí Caps with ConcenTrace® contains pure, organic, whole fruit açaí and ConcenTrace®, a complex over 72 ionic trace minerals which helps supercharge other nutrients for improved assimilation and absorption.† For more information on ConcenTrace®, call us or visit our website.

Try a bottle of Açaí Caps with ConcenTrace® today. We guarantee you’ll feel a difference in your health and wellness or we’ll give you a full refund.

As the Soils Become Depleted of Minerals, the Seas Become Enriched with Minerals

Our philosophy at Trace Minerals Research has always been that the Earth was created with the perfect balance of all the nutrients that humans need to be healthy and happy. The only problem is that over the years humans have become victims of the water cycle. Dr. U. Aswathanarayana states, “Soil erosion leads to the depletion of essential nutrient elements in crops grown in depleted soils. When people consume a diet derived from such crops, the intake of essential elements becomes inadequate. This leads to the impairment of the relevant physiological functions, and causes disease.”

The lack of minerals in our soil is evidenced through the need for constant fertilization. Plants need nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, chlorine, carbon, boron, sulfur, potassium, magnesium, phosphorous, iron, zinc, copper manganese, and molybdenum, some of which are commonly replaced through fertilizers to provide maximum crops through minimum investment. However, humans are known to additionally need calcium, sodium, fluorine, bromine, chromium, iodine, silicon, selenium, beryllium, lithium, cobalt, vanadium and nickel, which would not necessarily be replaced through fertilization for plants. 3*

This continual cycle of soil depletion and minor replacement of minerals through fertilization in conjunction with a diet of processed foods has left many Americans deficient in minerals and trace minerals. This does not need to be the case. To discover where the minerals have disappeared, we need to follow the water cycle. As water goes through the constant cycle from evaporation to precipitation, minerals are transported through rivers and streams where it is then collected in the seas thereby creating a natural equilibrium.

Today, Trace Minerals Research harvests minerals and trace minerals from the Great Salt Lake, a uniquely rich and pure desert sea. These minerals are the basis for each of their unique products and help provide a strong foundation for balanced supplementation.

Trace Minerals: Natural Balance, Perfect Solution

Balance is important to all areas of our lives and nutrition, but it is particularly crucial when it comes to minerals and trace minerals: There are 92 elements found in nature and an additional 22 theoretical and/or observed elements. In addition, there are hundreds of isotopes of the elements, any one of which may play an as yet undiscovered role in human :" ":e providing all of them in sufficient quantities needed for optimal health is complex. This is further complicated when using a bullet approach based on the latest research that finds specific deficiencies and then supplements the diet with just that particular nutrient: The complexity of the mineral imbalance problem is apparent. It is apparent that our understanding of the mechanisms of mineral imbalances is fragmentary. New inter-relationships are constantly being discovered. We are presently recognizing and correcting only a small fraction of the mineral imbalance problems plaguing animals and man.

Imbalanced interactions cause many problems when we consistently consume single processed or refined minerals that are out of proportion with the other minerals and trace minerals. This is particularly evident when it comes to the most commonly refined mineral that Americans take into their diet, sodium chloride and it’s effects on hypertension:

Clearly, nutrients function interactively both in the body and in their impact on blood pressure regulation. Whenever the consumption of a single nutrient is significantly altered, an entirely new dietary pattern is created. Nutrients occur in clusters in the diet and may therefore act synergistically to alter physiologic variables such as blood pressure.

These relationships can, however, have an equally profound benefit on human health when minerals are consumed in proper ratios. Certain minerals and trace minerals, when found in proper balance, can serve additional non-classical roles such as acting as antioxidants. Minerals and trace minerals can also help each other in the process of assimilation and add additional safety buffers for minerals that have the potential of being toxic to human health. 4* However, interrelationships of minerals and trace minerals are not nearly as evident when they are found in a dry or a non-soluble form.* For instance, powdered copper and zinc could be mixed up in ratio of a billion parts of copper to just one part of zinc. Additionally, other minerals and trace minerals in powder form could be mixed up in similar ratios without causing a reaction to occur, but if they made it into the blood stream in those same ratios, the results would be devastating to the body.

Within the blood stream, lymphatic fluid, cells and extracellular fluid, minerals and trace minerals can be found completely dissociated into solution, which can also be called electrolyte or ionic form. 7 In this state, they all have specific positive or negative electrical signatures that cause a dynamic equilibrium to take place. The body can use minor changes in this equilibrium to create proper osmotic pressure and move nutrients to the areas that need them most and create electrical impulses that run the entire nervous system.

This same equilibrium can also be found in the seas around the world where minerals and trace minerals have collected and concentrated in liquid ionic form for millions of years. It is astounding to realize that the dynamic equilibrium that takes place with liquid ionic minerals and trace minerals has created the same basic balance in sea water that is found in healthy blood plasma and lymphatic fluid.

As you can tell, the dynamic equilibrium of minerals and trace minerals found in sea water is incredibly complex and has worked itself out over millions of years using natural forces which as of yet are not fully understood by scientists.* Scientists, working in the laboratory have never been able to create sea water from scratch and even if it were possible it would cost thousands of dollars a bottle.

Utah’s Great Salt Lake, where Trace Minerals Research harvests Low Sodium ConcenTrace® Trace Mineral Drops, is the larges:" ":h are vitally important to human health. “The Great Salt Lake [has] concentrated many of the same minerals found in the sea through geothermal and evaporative processes. These natural sources of the elements can provide a rich source of minerals compatible to human physiological needs.”4 Also, because of it’s high concentration, the dynamic equilibrium has caused the Great Salt Lake to be uniquely low in certain toxic, heavy metals: "...The total soluble concentrations of heavy metals in the water are extremely low. The heavy metals in the lake, along with clays, organic materials and carbonates, are precipitating to the sediments and deep brines where anaerobic conditions and sulfide formed by sulfate reducing bacteria immobilize the metals. The lake thus avoids accumulation of heavy metals in the lake waters and is non-toxic and self-cleansing...The unique saline condition of [the] Great Salt Lake determines the precipitation and immobilization of heavy metals in the lake.”

Today, Trace Minerals Research uses the naturally balanced, naturally occurring minerals and trace minerals from Utah’s Great Salt Lake as the basis for all of their products. These products have been developed to work with the body and its natural balances to provide many nutrients that may be lacking in modern diets.

Like Your Body, It Only Lights Up with "Ionic" Trace Minerals

Every second of every day your body relies on ionic minerals and trace minerals to conduct and generate billions of tiny electrical impulses. Without these impulses, not a single muscle, including your heart, would be able to function.* Your brain would not function and the cells would not be able to use osmosis to balance water pressure and absorb nutrients.* In fact, “many vital body processes depend on the movement of ions across cell membranes” 2* “Recent research indicates that minerals may play a significant role against a variety of degenerative diseases and processes.* They may also prevent and reduce injury from environmental pollutants and enhance the ability to work and learn. They can also protect the body from the effects of toxic minerals.”

The Power of Electrolyte Trace Minerals...

The form of different minerals also plays a key role in how well they are transported through the circulatory system and the aqueous micro-environment of the cells.

Chemical and electrical processes are occurring within your body at every moment. These processes can only function correctly if the proper balance of minerals is continually being supplied to your system. Iron for your blood, sulfur for your muscles, calcium for your bones, and an aggregation of many other elements in balanced trace amounts to ensure the proper function of your body. In a few surviving inland seas such as the Great Salt Lake of western North America, these essential elements exist in highly concentrated, salubrious proportions. The fact that the minerals are in a similar proportion as healthy, living matter is a key. And this intricate balance of every mineral and trace element in seawater is why it is so beneficial to the human body.

Trace Minerals Research has been capturing the minerals and trace minerals of the Great Salt Lake for more than 35 years. And each of our nearly 80 products contains these health-promoting elements. When you've been deficient in your mineral intake, and you take Trace Minerals Research products, you can soon feel the difference supplementing your diet with the essential nutrients can make. Increased mineral intake also conditions your body for more ready absorption of the other ingredients in our many formulas.
Microcrystalline cellulose, stearic acid, syloid, magnesium stearate. Plus over 72 ionic trace minerals and elements found in sea water.
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About Trace Minerals Research

Trace Minerals Research is the ionic mineral supplement brand you’ve known and trusted for over 35 years. Until 1999, TMR had only a handful of products. But in that same year, three visionary TMR sales representatives saw the monumental growth potential these and future products had. Combining their resources, the reps purchased TMR and began strategically launching and marketing an ever-growing line of products.

Today, TMR offers improved delivery systems, bulk minerals, private label ingredients and a strong international presence. Company sales have increased by over 500 percent, and more than 50 products have been added to the product line. Due to this rapid growth, TMR has more than doubled the size of its facility and the number of its employees—all while retaining the product quality and corporate integrity that enabled the growth.

Our strategic growth and global marketing initiatives have positioned the TMR brand as an industry-leading provider of ionic trace minerals. Our group of companies offers over 100 products in liquid, powder, and tablet forms to accommodate the needs of all our customers.

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