DROPPED: Pressure Positive Co. - The Original Jacknobber Royal Blue

    Pressure Positive Co. - The Original Jacknobber Royal Blue

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    Pressure Positive Co. - The Original Jacknobber Royal Blue

    • Item# :84019
      UPC# :633781000060
    • Brand:Pressure Positive Co.
    The Pressure Positive Co. The Original Jacknobber Royal Blue

    The Original Jacknobber tool was one of the very first hand-held massage tools on the market. Its intriguing design allows it to be used both as a trigger point therapy tool as well as a general purpose, stress relieving massage device. Applied firmly to the muscles around the shoulder blades of a friend or a loved one, it can be used to give the most pleasant and comforting backrub they'll ever enjoy. Its versatility is limited only by the inventiveness of the user.

    In the hands of a good friend, The Original Jacknobber can be used to give a most pleasant and relaxing massage over light clothing. This four-pronged wonder can be easily transported anywhere from home to work to school to vacation and beyond! Relax and enjoy.

    Hold the Jacknobber, and with deliberate, sweeping strokes, massage the muscles between and around the shoulder blades, across the shoulders, and up and down the muscles on either side of the spine. Applying firm pressure, knead in a pattern that follows the natural contours of the back. You can use one, two, or three knobs at a time, changing pressure according to your subject's feedback. The smaller knobs will give a deeper pressure; the larger knobs will give a more diffused, gentler pressure.

    • Use one knob for intense, pain-releasing pressure to specific trouble spots.
    • Use two knobs at a time to massage the muscles on each side of the spine.
    • With three of the knobs in contact and using firm, sure, even strokes, massage the large muscles of the shoulders, around the shoulder blades and up and down the back.

      Self Care:
      Grasp the Jacknobber and press one of the knobs firmly into a muscular tender spot or trigger point just to the level of discomfort. Hold this pressure for at least ten seconds or longer; move about an inch along the same muscle and press again, repeating the process for the entire length of the muscle. Once you have some experience with the soothing effects of deep muscle compression, try Jacknobber in the back of a chair or sofa, and lean into the upright knob. It can also be used against a wall, or on a bed or car seat. As in most deep muscle therapies, compression must continue for at least ten seconds at each site in order to produce the releasing effect in the muscle. Your Jacknobber can also be used on the entire back as well as the gluteal muscles and hamstrings. With some practice, the Jacknobber can be positioned along the spine while sitting, so that two of the balls span the spine allowing for deep pressure to the muscles on either side from the lower to uppoer back. Following deep muscle massage, when the muscle is likely to be the most relaxed, stretching is most effective. Avoid quick or choppy stretching movements.

    Using The Original Jacknobber makes most people feel better whether or not they are in active pain at the time. But The Jacknobber is not a cure and will not address serious, underlying conditions. When in doubt, see a doctor.

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    About Pressure Positive Co.

    In 1979, when the Pressure Positive Company first began designing and making the original backnobber and the original jacknobber in rural Pennsylvania, it was their goal to produce a well-crafted product of practical value made of quality materials, and with a design grace of elegant simplicity. These same principles continue to guide the Pressure Positive Company today in our continuing efforts to develop new and useful products. The Pressure Positive Company's products, when used as they are intended, have been found to relieve many of the muscle pains that can come from physical and occupational stress, overuse injuries and chronic conditions.


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