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DROPPED: Pure Fun - Organic Hard Candy Meltdown Chocolate - 3.5 oz.
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    Excludes any ingredient that is a gluten-containing grain including wheat, barley, rye and triticale.

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Pure Fun - Organic Hard Candy Meltdown Chocolate - 3.5 oz.

Item #: 83245
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Pure Fun - Organic Hard Candy Meltdown Chocolate - 3.5 oz.

  • Item# :83245
    UPC# :842880007355
  • Brand:Pure Fun
  • Size/Form:3.50  oz.
  • Servings:6
  • Dosage:3  Piece(s)
  • Flavor:Chocolate
Pure Fun Organic Hard Candy Chocolate Meltdown (100 g)

The combination of Certified Organic Rice Syrup and Certified Organic Evaporated Cane Juice mix beautifully to create a golden sheen on Pure Fun Organic Hard Candy Chocolate Meltdown striped wonders. Pure Fun injects a delicious chocolate surprise inside each Pure Fun Organic Hard Candy Chocolate Meltdown. For a full Meltdown experience, suck the Pure Fun Organic Hard Candy Chocolate Meltdown slowly in your mouth and wait for the delicious oozing chewy non-dairy chocolate volcanic center! Pure Fun Organic Hard Candy Chocolate Meltdowns are available in tangerine, raspberry and pepsin flavors.

Tangy Tangerine
Pure Fun Tangy Tangerine is as fresh as breathing in an orchard! Tangerine is the common name for a variety of Mandarin orange. It is a citrus fruit that grows on trees and are closely related to the orange family. The mandarin orange is native to southeastern Asia and has been widely cultivated in orange-growing regions of the world. The tangerine resembles the orange but is smaller and oblate in shape and has a more pungent odor, a thinner rind, and sections that may be readily separated. It has a food value comparable to that of the orange, but the fruit is more delicate.

Peppy Pepsin
Pure Fun Peppy Pepsin and Pepsin Swirl will get you in the groove! Today, the flavor we call Pepsin is a form of Wintergreen. At one time Pepsin was used for the digestion of proteins in an acid environment and prepared them for further digestion. Pure Fun Pepsin is derived from Wintergreen plant extract with the old fashioned flavor we enjoyed in the 1950’s and 60’s back again in scrumptious hard candies! Wintergreen is a redeeming herb with its late season display of bright green leaves and vivid red berries. Mother Marie de L'Incarnation helped to spread the plants medicinal reputation after learning of its benefits from Native Americans in the 16th century. Several Native American tribes used wintergreen as a tea for colds and flu, and as a poultice to ease arthritis and rheumatism. Pepsin is one of three naturally occurring enzymes in the digestive system known to settle and upset stomach. We aren’t sure if Pure Fun™ candies helping your tummy is anecdotal or it’s because the candy just tastes so great that you start feeling better!

Raging Raspberry
Raging Raspberry candies will have you licking your lips for more Pure Fun! The Red Raspberry is a plant that produces a tart, sweet, red fruit in summer or early autumn. It typically grows in forest clearings or fields, particularly where fire or wood-cutting has produced open space. The raspberry flower can be a major nectar source for honeybees. As a cultivated plant in moist temperate regions, it is easy to grow and has a tendency to spread unless cut back. Leaves of the raspberry cane are used fresh or dried in herbal and medicinal teas. Raspberries contain significant amounts of polyphenol antioxidants, chemicals linked to promoting endothelial and cardiovascular health. Xylitol, a sugar alcohol alternative sweetener, can be extracted from raspberries.

Yes You Cane
  • Sugarcane juice is great for recharging energy because it contains rich carbohydrate and iron. Green-typed tropical sugarcane is sweetest and juiciest. It is also elephant's favorite
  • Being a nutritious product containing natural sugars, minerals and organic acids, sugarcane juice has many medicinal properties
  • It strengthens the stomach, kidneys, heart, eyes, and brain
  • The juice is beneficial in fevers. In febrile disorders which causes fever, when there is a great protein loss, liberal intake of sugarcane juice supplies the body with necessary protein and other food elements
  • Mixed with lime juice, it can hasten recovery from jaun:" ":epared at home. Resistance is low in hepatitis and any infected beverage could make matters worse.
  • The juice sucked from the sugarcane can prove highly valuable in case of weak teeth due to lack of proper exercise resulting from excessive use of soft foods. It gives a form of exercise to the teeth and makes them strong. It also keeps the teeth clean and increases their life.
Sugar & Health
Essential blood sugars and the energy required for an active and healthy lifestyle are provided by a moderate intake of foods containing sugar. The brain requires blood sugars for its normal daily function. Sugars are the simplest form of carbohydrate. They are found in foods throughout nature: in fruits, vegetables, nectar, honey and milk. The simple sugars - glucose and fructose - are found in nearly all plants. Sometimes they occur together as sucrose, which is simply a combination of glucose and fructose. We know sucrose as sugar, the major source of which is sugar cane. Carbohydrates are broken down and used by the body as glucose, a major energy source. After digestion, the body does not distinguish between sugar derived from sugar cane and sugars which are found in fruits and vegetables.

From the earliest days, sugar has been a popular food ingredient and part of a healthy diet. These properties have earned sugar its rightful place as the Gold Standard of sweeteners. It is reassuring to know that unlike synthetic sweeteners, real sugar does not need warning labels. It's sweet and it's natural.

We hear so many bad things about sugar – like how it makes you overweight, diabetic, hyperactive, not to mention that it can rot your teeth. But the truth is not all sugar is bad for you. You’ll find natural sugars in most fruit, some vegetables, and even in milk. And you’ll find natural, chemical-free evaporated organic cane sugar in Pure Fun candies! We’re born craving the taste of sugar. So go ahead and satisfy this natural craving with a moderate-sized treat made from wholesome natural evaporated cane sugar. Have a bit of Pure Fun – you deserve it!

Raising Cane
Pure Fun Organic Evaporated Cane Juice is a healthy alternative to refined sugar. The term Organic Evaporated Cane Juice (OECJ) denotes that it is a "first crystallization sugar" made directly from fresh organic juice that is extracted within 24 hours of harvesting. Organic cane retains more of the original flavor and nutrients of sun-sweetened sugar cane.

Pure Fun Organic Evaporated Cane Juice:
  • is certified organic
  • is grown without the use of herbicides, pesticides, or chemicals in either the fields or the milling process
  • contains no additives, preservatives, or artificial ingredients
  • is grown in accordance with sustainable agricultural practices
  • is grown under strict organic guidelines that insure a positive impact on our environment and organic integrity from the field to final product
  • retains trace elements originally found in the cane juice
  • is produced from fresh-cut cane within 24 hours of harvest
  • is green-cut, not burned prior to processing; this means that Pure Fun does not burn or spray their fields and the sugar cane is hand-cut. The leaves and tops of the cane plant are left in the field as a nutrient source for the soil and a natural form of weed control. (burning causes pollution and does not provide the natural benefits that green harvesting does)
  • contains no animal substances in the clarifying process and is, therefore, suitable for Vegan diets
  • is "first crystallization" made directly from the original cane juice, not from remelted raw sugar
  • is not bleached or decolorized and maintains natural colour with a fresh, pleasant flavour
Pure Fun...Better For You Candy
Pure Fun products are certified organic candy, kosher, vegan, an:" ": chemicals...nothing but Pure Fun! Pure Fun is truly a fresh original idea in the candy industry! A confectionery company that is committed to creating only Certified Organic, Kosher, and Vegan candies derived from all natural and organic ingredients. "Better for you candy" ...just the way candy was made before FD&C colors, pesticides, artificial flavors, refined sugar and genetic modification were invented.

Pure Fun Candy
Pure Fun is proud to announce their exciting new Organic candy line with the greatest natural flavor you'll find anywhere. Look forward to great tastes like Nature's Go Goji Berry, Ginger Spice, Raging Raspberry, Giddy Green Apple, Pure Pomegranate, Canadian Maple, Root Beer and a whole lot more! Pure Fun candies are manufactured from the finest ingredients--certified Organic Evaporated Cane Juice, Organic Brown Rice Syrup, and Organic Citric Acid. Natural Colors are derived from great stuff like Red Beet Concentrate, Alfalfa Extract, Red Cabbage, Annatto, and other yummy fruits and vegetables. Pure Fun's ingredients are sourced all over the world and purchased from Fair Trade Suppliers.

Pure Fun is famous for the ingredients they don't use in their candies!
  • NO GMO'S, NO FD&C Colors, NO Casein, No Titanium Dioxide
  • NO Gluten, NO Dairy, NO artificial flavors, NO dyes
  • NO Preservatives, NO Chemicals, NO Pesticides...
  • ...nothing but Pure Fun
Pure Fun knows it, with all the best things in life...'It shouldn’t hurt!'

About Pure Fun
Pure Fun's core principle is to provide products that are free of known allergens with NO pesticides, NO Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO's), NO cholesterol, NO transfats, NO chemicals, NO gluten, NO synthetic flavors and NO artificial FD&C colorants. Pure Fun is truly "Better for you candy", retaining the natural nutrients of pure cane juice. The Pure Fun brand is synonymous with the highest organic, Kosher and Vegan standards.

Pure Fun has been certified by Organic and Kosher organizations and recommended by nutritionists, Vegans, Greenpeople, Peta, Feingold, palliative care organizations, and health associations internationally. Pure Fun is also better for the environment; all of Pure Fun's suppliers must conform to Fair Trade practices. In addition, Pure Fun uses only organic sugar cane grown by farmers who "green cut" the cane by hand - field burning and chemical sprays are absolutely forbidden. Pure Fun's earth-friendly farmers even use crushed cane stalks to fire their boilers and generate electricity. Sweet!

Pure Fun intends to consistently manufacture candies that are completely natural and always free of synthetics and pesticides...All "Pure Fun" …without exception! To give you a lipsmackingly wholesome way to indulge your sweet tooth! You'll get all the goodness of all-natural ingredients and none of the bad stuff. Pure Fun candies are Better for you, plain and simple. And you'll love them because they're truly delicious. There's a lot more to Pure Fun than you might have guessed.
Organic Evaporated Cane Juice, Organic Brown Rice Syrup, Organic Powdered Sugar, Organic Palm Shortening, Organic Cocoa, Citric Acid, Natural Flavors, Natural Colors: Red Beet Color, Annato Extract, Turmeric Extract.

No pesticides, No GMO's, No artificial flavors, No synthetic FD&C colors, No gluten. Certified Organic by Indiana Certified Organic. Vegan.
490 Midwest Road
Phone: 416-750-7201 Fax: 416-750-7201 Visit website

About Pure Fun

Pure Fun is truly a fresh original idea in the candy industry! A confectionery company that is committed to creating only certified organic, kosher, and vegan candies derived from all natural and organic ingredients. "better for you candy" ...just the way candy was made before fd&c colors, pesticides, artificial flavors, refined sugar and genetic modification were invented.

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