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Omega - Excalibur 9 Tray Food Dehydrator DH9090TW

    Omega - Excalibur 9 Tray Food Dehydrator DH9090TW

    By Omega
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    Omega - Excalibur 9 Tray Food Dehydrator DH9090TW

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    Omega Juicer Excalibur 9 Tray Food Dehydrator DH9090TW

    Omega Juicer Excalibur 9 Tray Food Dehydrator DH9090TW is great for large families, large gardens, craftspeople or sportsmen. The 9-Tray Excalibur Dehydrator contains 9 large trays with 15 square feet of tray area, and is perfect for The 9-tray models are the perfect size for large families, gardeners, and crafts people. Excalibur 9-Tray Food Dehydrator comes with the following features:

    • Measures: 12 1/2"H x 17"W x 19"D
    • Wattage: 440 Watts
    • 5 Trays, 8 square feet
    • 26 Hour Timer
    • 5" Fan
    • Adjustable thermostat 85º - 145ºF

    The Excalibur Food Dehydrator 3000 Series is a living food dehydrator. The Excalibur is the highest quality, most versatile food dehydrator you can buy, with a timer, so you can set it and forget it!

    Omega customers have spoken, and Omega listened! People wanted an Excalibur with the entire case and door made of the same innovative plastics used in the tray; make the case of the appliance in white; add a 26 hour timer.

    The Excalibur 2000 Series trays of made of a material so strong that you could drive over them with a semi truck, or hit them with a sledge hammer and they wouldn't break. Now Omega offers the entire Excalibur 3000 Series case, door, and trays in that same durable, innovative plastic.

    Excalibur's new timer can be set to operate from one hour up to twenty-six hours, and will turn it off at the end of the time period that you've selected. This timer makes it easy to incorporate dehydrating activities around your schedule. Your Excalibur will turn itself off while you're sleeping and when you are away. No more baby-sitting at 4:30 AM. No more postponing dehydrating because other activities take you away from home for a number of hours. With this timer and Excalibur's built-in safety features, you can load it before leaving for the day or evening. This timer makes dehydrating as convenient as using a slow cooker for unattended meal preparation.

    Durable American Made
    All components of the Excalibur Food Dehydrator are made and assembled in the United States Of America.

    How long has Excalibur been around?
    Excalibur started in 1973. They have hundreds of thousands of customers all over the world. Mr. Orton started Excalibur in 1973. To this day, they are committed to upholding the long standing traditions and quality of Excalibur food dehydrators.

    What foods can you dehydrate in the Excalibur?
    Virtually anything! Almost all fruits, most vegetables, meats, fish, herbs, and some dairy products. You can dry everything that you see dried on the grocery shelf: dried apricots, pineapple, peaches, prunes, pears, dates, garlic, onion, peppers, spices, raisins, meats, fish and more. 

    Can I dry anything besides foods?
    Yes! Pet treats, for instance. Also, many customers are craftspeople who dry craft projects and decorations. Dentist dry plaster molds in Excaliburs!

    Who uses Excalibur Dehydrators?
    All sorts of people. A lot of gardening families own them. So do families with children who have special dietary needs. Excalibur is the first choice for many following the concepts of Raw & Living Foods. Outdoorsy people love them - especially hunters and fishermen. People who enjoy gourmet foods are big customers, and craftspeople too.

    Is it less expensive to buy dried foods or dry them myself?
    It costs you about one tenth to dry your own foods instead of buying dried foods. That's because food producers charge plenty for the extra processing. If you do it yourself, you pay only for the fresh fruits or vegetables and the electricity to dry them. An Excalibur Dehydrator can pay for itself in a year!

    How much electricity does the Excalibur Dehydrator consume?
    The average cost of electricity used by the Excalibur is about 4-5 cents an hour. Dry a full load of fruits or vegetables for less than a quarter.

    How about other forms of food preservation, like canning or freezing. Aren't they inexpensive, too?
    Canning and especially freezing require a first-time investment like a big freezer and repeat investments in supplies, like kettles, jars, lids, boxes. The Excalibur is a one-time purchase: the ONLY equipment you need for a lifetime of drying.

    All the other dehydrators I've seen are round. Are these the same as yours?
    No! Round dehydrators have significant design flaws that make them inefficient and slow. They're designed for low cost, not high performance as the Excalibur is. They're not made to stack up in sections. They have a heating element in the bottom that collects drips and spilled food. They usually have no fan or thermostat to regulate or circulate heat so temperatures can vary 50 degrees from top to bottom. That means you have to constantly restack trays and "babysit" the machine. Each tray has limited headroom so you can't dry tall items. And each tray has a "donut hole" which severely limits your ability to dry large items. It can take 10 times longer to dry foods in a round dehydrator as in the Excalibur!

    Well then, what's so uniquely different and better about the Excalibur?
    The Excalibur is just about the only square dehydrator. It's the only homeowner food dehydrator that has the Parallexx Horizontal-Airflow Drying System. The Parallex system incorporates 6 essential features for best performance: good electrical design, adjustable thermostat, speed, durability, cleanability, and versatility.

    Which type of dehydrator is faster?
    The Excalibur is faster - up to 10 times faster - than common round dehydrators because the fan and the adjustable thermostat creates excellent airflow. Each tray receives its own "jet stream" of forced warm air. Most round dehydrators just radiate heat; they don't direct it. And all their shelves share the same warm air which "loads up" with moisture quickly.

    Can I run the Excalibur 24 hours a day?
    Yes. It's made for production. During the harvest season, foods must be processed quickly to capture all the goodness and avoid spoilage. Drying say and night for months on end is common for an Excalibur. In fact, the 3000 Series dehydrators have an optional 26-hour timer for added convenience during the busy harvest season.

    Is an adjustable thermostat important?
    Yes it is. For best flavor, fastest drying, highest nutritional value and overall versatility, an adjustable thermostat is a must. For example:

    • Herbs 95 Degrees F
    • Cake Decorations: 100-110 Degrees F
    • Yogurt: 115 Degrees F
    • Vegetables: 125 Degrees F
    • Fruit: 135 Degrees F
    • Jerky: 155 Degrees F

    Will the timer turn off the dehydrator while I'm away or asleep?
    Yes. That way, you don't have to baby-sit your dehydrator... just set it and forget it. Excalibur uses a premium-quality, motor-driven timer that keeps track of actual drying time, even if the power should go off and on again. (Digital timers go back to "0".)

    How can you produce and sell the Excalibur so affordably?
    Excalibur has a nice business, and tries to sell honest, quality goods at a fair price. They take pride in these dehydrators being 100% Made In The USA. They sell many dehydrators which enables them to purchase quality materials in bulk at big savings and pass them along to you, the customer.

    Are the trays in an Excalibur dishwasher safe?
    Yes. You can place Excalibur trays in the top tray of your dishwasher. They can also be cleaned with a damp cloth and mild detergent. The flexible mesh (Polyscreen) sheets help protect the trays from heavy accumulation of residue form the foods you are drying. Those flexible inserts are easy to clean by soaking them for a few minutes in the sink, then rinsing with a quick spray from your sink sprayer. Their flexibility allows them to be placed in most kitchen sinks.

    Is there a right and wrong side for the flexible mesh sheets?
    Yes. There is a slight difference in texture on each side of Polyscreen Tray inserts. To aid in preventing food from sticking while drying, place these mesh sheets on the trays with the smooth side facing up.

    Can I use my electric rice steamer to blanch or rehydrate foods?
    Yes on both counts. Electric steamers are perhaps the best means for blanching because it helps retain water soluble nutrients that are normally lost in water immersion blanching. Steam blanching brings out the food's vivid colors and enhances their natural flavor. An electric steamer is one of the most efficient and successful means of rehydrating foods. The food is placed in the rice bowl and covered with a liquid. The circulation of the steam will aid in permeating the food and plumping it back to its original, fresh state. For blanching and rehydrating, follow the instructions provided with your steamer for best results.

    What is sodium bisulfite?
    When mixed with water, sodium bisulfite is a liquid form of sulfur. Using sulfur to pretreat foods is rooted much further back into dehydrating history than most of the other methods available today. It is the most effective and least expensive anti-oxidant. Use only a food-safe grade of sodium bisulfite that is made especially for dehydration. Excalibur's Sodium Bisulfite is available wherever dehydrators are sold. If subject to sulfur allergic reactions, check with your physician before using sodium bisulfite as a pretreatment dip.

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    Harrisburg, PA,
    Phone: (717) 561-1105 Fax: (717) 561-1298 Email: Click here Visit website

    About Omega

    Tracing its roots to 1958, Omega has grown over the years to meet the needs of individuals around the world who believe a healthy diet is the key to a healthy lifestyle.  Robert Leo, the founder of Omega, started Omega Products, Inc. in 1985 after previously serving as president of a juicing company that began selling the centrifuge style juicer in 1958. His extensive experience as a pioneer in the juicing industry led to an intimate knowledge of what customers really wanted in a juicer. His vision of a juicing company that provided customers just that was finally realized with the founding of Omega.  Just as Mr. Leo was a pioneer in the fledgling juicing industry, Omega continued to be on the cutting edge of juicing innovation through the years, a tradition that continues to this day.

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    All claims for OMEGA products must be made directly through The Omega Technical Services Center. All claims should include; model and serial number proof of purchase, date of installation, authorized Omega dealer, and all pertinent information supporting the existence of the alleged defect.

    Warranty Exclusions
    Omega's sole obligation under this limited warranty is to replacement of the complete base and/or container subject to the additional limitations below. The warranty neither assumes nor authorizes any person to assume obligations other than those expressly covered by this warranty.

    • No Consequential Damages: OMEGA is not responsible for economic loss or special, indirect or consequential damage including without limitation; losses or damages arising from food or product spoilage claims.
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    • Improper Usage: OMEGA assumes no liability for parts or labor coverage for component failure or other damages resulting from improper usage or installation or failure to clean and/or maintain the product as set forth in the warranty packet provided with the unit.
    • Consequential Damages: OMEGA is not responsible for the repair or replacement of any parts that Omega or it's authorized servicer determines have been subjected after the date of manufacturer to alteration, neglect, abuse, misuse, accident, damage during transit or installation, fire, flood, or Act of God.
    • Improper Electrical Connections: OMEGA is not responsible for the repair or replacement of failed or damaged components resulting from electrical power failure, the use of extensions cords, low voltage or voltage drops to the unit.
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    • Outside United States: This warranty does not apply to, and OMEGA is not responsible for any warranty claims made on products sold or used outside of the United States.

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