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The Republic of Tea - Double Green Matcha Tea - 50 Tea Bags

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The Republic of Tea - Double Green Matcha Tea - 50 Tea Bags

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  • Brand:The Republic of Tea (Do Not Use)
  • Size/Form:50  Tea Bags
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The Republic of Tea - Double Green Matcha Tea - 50 Tea Bags

The Republic of Tea Double Green Matcha Tea contains antioxidant-rich Matcha tea powder with green tea leaves. Matcha is the star of the centuries-old Japanese tea ceremony. Sipped only on occasion, the tea is traditionally prepared in single portions, whipped to a frothy green with a bamboo whisk. Now, The Republic of Tea humbly offers it to the Citizens of the Republic in round, unbleached tea bags. Enjoy the ease of "everyday ceremony" as you drink to your health and please your palate.

Green is Good
The Republic of Tea has married the exquisite organic green tea powder, known as matcha, with fine, organic green leaf tea. You are invited to sip the fresh, springtime-grassy flavor of this jade hued cup. This tea's smooth character makes it a good partner with sweet or savory foods.

Powdery on Purpose
As you open this tin, you may notice a faint green cloud, a wisp of powder. This is the beauty of matcha. Allow us to explain: Matcha comes from gyokuro, a green tea that lives under shade three weeks before harvest. Its pure dried leaves, minus their fine veins and stems, are then ground into a find powder, almost the consistency of talc. This powder, which seeps a bit from the tea bags and finds its way to the bottom of your cup, is meant to be consumed - just as in the Japanese tea ceremony. With it, you are sipping the antioxidant-rich power of Double Green Matcha Tea.

What is Green Tea?
Like all tea, green tea is a varietal of the evergreen Camellia sinensis bush. Unlike black and oolong teas, it is not oxidized. All teas offer a world of health-inducing benefits, but green tea is most widely known for its powerful polyphenols, which are strong antioxidants.

Green tea goes through a single day, three-stage process of steaming (or pan-frying), rolling and firing to banish any bitter components and bring out its finest qualities. The steaming or pan-frying stage takes place immediately after the leaves are plucked.  Placed in a metal pan over a hot flame or steamed, the leaves become soft and pliable.

The sudden heat stops the enzymes that would otherwise lead to oxidation. The leaves are rolled on heated trays to reduce their moisture content and then carefully fired—drying them until they retain just two-percent of their moisture.

Caffeine - Green tea contains very low levels of caffeine, less than a quarter the amount of caffeine per cup than in a similar-sized cup of coffee.

What are the Health Benefits of Tea?
The people of The Republic of Tea take great delight in the knowledge that tea drinking brings about more than a pleasurable experience. For centuries, tea has been associated with good health. Now more than ever, scientific research supports that connection.

Studies have found that tea is rich in the plant substances known as flavonoids. These naturally occurring compounds can function as powerful antioxidants that can help neutralize the free radicals known to damage cells and lead to diseases such as cancer and heart disease. Black, green, and oolong teas may all help protect against numerous types of cancers. In addition, by inhibiting the absorption of cholesterol in the digestive tract, tea prevents the formation of unwanted clots which may cause a heart attack or stroke. And all teas contribute vitamins A, C and E to our diets.

Green tea is especially health-promoting. With more than 30 polyphenols it affects the human system in the most positive of ways—helping us lose weight, lower cholesterol and control blood sugar. A subgroup of polyphenols, called catechins, is abundant in green tea. One catechin in particular, epigallocatechin gallate (EGCg), is found only in green tea. It is one of the most potent antioxidants yet discovered. Because of this and so many other advantages inherent in green tea, promising evidence shows that regularly drinking green tea appears useful in helping fight breast, prostate and other cancers.

About weight loss: Recent research focuses on green tea’s impact on body composition, particularly the visceral fat implicated in heart disease. In one study, habitual tea drinkers (most of whom drank green or 100% White Tea) had almost 20 percent less body fat than those who drank other beverages. While green tea is one of the healthiest beverages you can sip, 100% White Tea is even more so. Research shows that 100% White Tea retains the highest level of polyphenols of all teas. In addition to many other attributes, tea can calm the mind, relieve stress, and is reported to aid digestion. Good for the spirit, good for the body.

Tea and Caffeine
Caffeine occurs naturally in tea. A mild stimulant, it accounts for tea’s reputation as a beverage that clears the mind and lifts the spirit. On average, a six-ounce cup of black tea has about 50 milligrams of caffeine—less than half the amount in a cup of brewed coffee. The smaller the leaf, the stronger the extraction of caffeine. Using comparable amounts and steeping times, a tea bag filled with cut leaves will release more caffeine per cup than full-leaf tea.

The more oxidized the tea – as in black tea – the greater its caffeine content. Green tea and 100% White Tea, which are not oxidized, have less caffeine per cup than black tea. In between we have oolong tea, which is semi-oxidized and has about half as much caffeine as black tea. Caffeine content varies with manufacturing and growing variances as well as brewing conditions and time. Values are approximations.

Safety Testing
In a world of uncertainty, safety and testing are of utmost importance. At The Republic of Tea, the integrity of their entire product line begins with the source.

Tea Safety
The Republic of Tea purchases only the highest quality tea grown at the premier tea gardens of the world. In each location, they have established long-term supply partnerships. These premium teas are naturally processed—that is, transformed from Camellia sinensis to black, oolong, green or 100% white tea—in the most time-honored fashion. No foreign materials or additives are ever introduced. All teas are routinely tested for every known pesticide residues and other matter as well. While all of our teas undergo stringent quality assurance processes at the garden level before they are shipped, they also test each shipment again upon arrival at their packaging facility.

Good Will and Social Responsibility
The Republic of Tea embraces the ancient Chinese philosophy of Ta shun – the Great Harmony. Ta shun is alive when people naturally care about the world and depend on one another for the well-being of the whole. It manifests itself in collective concern and the aspiration to seek opportunities, initiatives and actions that will better the conditions of both humans and the planet. In short, to provide good works, render goodwill. The Republic of Tea is honored to render goodwill by developing teas and tea-inspired items to support organizations that make a difference in the world. The Republic of Tea is also a committed member of the international Ethical Tea Partnership.

Steeping is Easy
Heat fresh, filtered water to just short of boiling. Infuse tea bag for one to three minutes in 6 oz. of the heated water. Remove tea bag and enjoy.

Fine organic China green tea and organic Japanese matcha.

Only sustainable ingredients are used.

P.O. Box 1589
Novato, CA,
Phone: 1-800-298-4TEA Visit website

About The Republic of Tea (Do Not Use)

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By (Mineola , NY )

When brewed correctly, this tea tastes just like the tea that one can buy in a Japanese restaurant. It has a nice green color and a pleasant flavor.

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By (Wilmington , DE )

Good and Healthy Green Tea. I love the unbleached natural tea bags too.

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By (Burlingame , CA )

I love the smooth flavor of this tea.

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By (Gulf Breeze , FL )

Great tasting green tea filled with anti-oxidants!

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this is my all-time favorite green tea. plain green tea does not compare. oh how i love the republic of tea double green matcha tea!! it has both a traditional green tea bag that you would normally use to steep tea, but they have added matcha powder to each bag, which gives you a richer tea with tons more antioxidants! the powdery green stuff inside this tea is the matcha. it makes tea beautiful and green like the kind you get in true thai or asian restaurants. i usually buy it at whole foods but the price at lucky vitamin is cheaper! the only reason i don't give it 5 stars is i wish there was even more matcha powder...

Was this review helpful?Yes0No0Thank you for your response.

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