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Biotivia - Immune Edge+ Immune Defense Support - 60 Vegetarian Capsules

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Biotivia - Immune Edge+ Immune Defense Support - 60 Vegetarian Capsules

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  • Brand:Biotivia
  • Size/Form:60  Vegetarian Capsules
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  • Servings:60
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Biotivia Immune Edge+ Immune Defense Support - 60 Vegetarian Capsules

Biotivia Immune Edge+ Immune Defense Support provides a unique combination of advanced polyphenols and traditional remedies designed to work synergistically to support your body's defenses. The efficacy of the ingredients contained in the formula have been confirmed in multiple peer reviewed published scientific studies and human trials.

Immune Edge+ Immune Defense Support
Advanced polyphenols and traditional remedies work to support your body's defenses and give them a powerful boost. This exclusive and powerful formula is designed to maximize the synergistic effect of its leading-edge ingredients. These ingredients have been confirmed for their efficacy in multiple, peer-reviewed, published scientific studies and human trials.

  • Immune Edge+ brings together for the first time, a unique blend of four botanical ingredients not found in other formulas --  to give your defense system a powerful boost.
  • 3 years of intensive research and testing went into our formulation of potent polyphenols and antioxidants; Black Elderberry Extract, Pure Star Anise Powder, Shikimic Acid andEleutherococcussenticosis, also known as Siberian Ginseng.
  • They developed a proprietary processing system which concentrates and stabilizes our scientifically proven ingredients.
  • Black Elderberry extract has been a traditional remedy for over 1000 years and now scientific evidence confirms its properties.
    Black Elderberry has one of the highest ORAC antioxidant values yet recorded for any North American food.
  • They add the special Shikimic Acid from Star anise, along with Star Anise powder and Siberian Ginseng.
  • Proven to greatly reduce severity and duration of indications in double blind university trials.
  • ImmuneEdge+ is an extraordinarily good value as you receive advanced immune support and superb antioxidant and polyphenol benefits.
  • Effective and safe for adults and children over 10 yrs.
  • Contains absolutely no fillers, expanders, glidants or other inert ingredients, only pure herbal goodness.
  • Packed in advanced all vegetable Pfizer V Licaps – which, unlike traditional gelatin capsules, keep out   oxygen, light and other contaminants that destroy potency.
  • Certified Vegan by the American Vegetarian Association.
  • Suitable for vegans, vegetarians and people who follow a gluten-free diet.

Why Use ImmuneEdge+ Immune Support
The building up of life’s  everyday pressures and environmental toxins in the air, food and water place untold stresses on the body that can lead to a negative impact the immune system. Between unhealthy colleagues in the workplace, people sweating in the gym and young ones who have yet to learn sanitation habits, you need to protect your immune system.

The unique blend of the four natural ingredients in ImmuneEdge+ has been formulated together for the first time to give your defense system a powerful boost. The potent polyphenols and antioxidants used have been shown in university studies to be both safe and effective. After spending three years intensively researching and testing the formulation, we developed a proprietary processing system which concentrates and stabilizes our scientifically proven ingredients.

The Elderberry extract used  has one of the highest ORAC antioxidant values yet recorded for any North American food. Star Anise extract 94%, Black Elderberry and Siberian Ginseng combine to make ImmuneEdge+  your finest source of advanced immune support polyphenols.

ImmuneEdge+ Advanced Immune Support Ingredients

ImmuneEdge+ is one your best sources of Advanced Immune Support Polyphenols. In fact the Elderberry extract in ImmuneEdge+ has one of the highest ORAC antioxidant values yet recorded for any North American food.

Shikimic Acid -- 94% --  Star Anise is the dried ripe fruit of Illicium verum Hook. f. (Fam. Magnoliaceae). Shikimic Acid (Natural extract of Star Anise, 94%)  This is the compound found in small amounts in all plants.  It functions as their immune system, protecting the plant from disease and stresses much as Resveratrol, another phytoalexin, does.  100mg

Black Elderberry Extract 80% -- Elderberry extract was recently annouced in a Journal of Science report to be an extremely effective remedy. It contains a similar healing compound (Anthrocyanin) that is found in Red Wine grapes and is also beneficial for oxidative stress and several other common conditions of modern living. The antioxidant value of Black Elderberry is one of the highest of any fruit found in N. America.      100mg

Pure Star Anise Powder -- The star anise is the unripe fruit that's been picked and dried. It's sold both whole and ground into an aromatic, red-brown powder. It's also known as anise star, takkola, and Chinese star anise.    200mg

Eleuthero, Also known as Siberian Ginseng -- Eleuthero is used widely in eastern Asia as a tonic to enhance overall well-being. Like members of the Panax (true ginseng) family of plants, eleuthero is considered to be an "adaptogen", a substance that may help individuals cope with physical and emotional stress and balance the immune system. This ingredient may help to prevent the immune system over reaction which occurs as a result of exposure to a new pathogen. 100mg Amounts above are per a single 500mg capsule.

ImmuneEdge+, like all Biotivia supplements, contains absolutely no fillers, expanders, glidants or other inert ingredients, only pure herbal goodness.

Frequent Questions about Immune Edge+

How Many Capsules Should I Take?
ImmuneEdge+ usage is a very individual choice and depends on your weight, metabolism, individual body chemistry and your primary reasons for taking the product. In general the amount you take should be in proportion to your weight. For example a 200 pound man should take roughly twice as much as a 100 pound woman, all other things being the same. If you are taking the product because you are already addressing a health support issue, a higher usage may be recommended. They suggest taking 1 capsule of ImmuneEdge+ per day.

When Should I Take the Product?
When you are under stress, exposed to health threatening situations or want to maintain good health during the winter months, they recommend taking ImmuneEdge+ to strengthen your defenses and thereby strengthen your immune system. Their products may be taken at any time however early morning is when your body best absorbs most nutrients.

How Should I Store the Products?
Their products are very stable at room temperature, however refrigerate is always a good option to insure added longevity. Either way they will last for at least 2 years on the shelf after opening.

Why choose Biotivia?

  • With over 20 years of experience processing critical botanicals for the medical and functional food industries, Biotivia designs, formulates and manufactures unique natural herbal supplements which are backed by science and are the most efficacious available in their categories.
  • They have a staff of scientists, pharmacists, and physicians at the core of their company.
  • They offer high potency, HPLC tested, standardized extracts whose actions and modalities are based on peer-reviewed studies and the knowledge they have gained via collaborations with many of the world’s top universities and medical schools.
  • Purity is an obsession with Biotivia and higher purity equals higher potency and fewer side effects. They use the highest quality bio-active extracts and as a result their products are typically higher strength than ordinary supplements and therefore produce effects that you can actually feel.
  • They select ingredients for their formulations which have been shown to complement each other's properties.
    Each individual product is designed to address specific biological processes and to modulate cellular and genetic pathways known to improve health and wellness.
  • Biotivia Resveratrol Product are the overwhelming first choice of the scientific and medical communities doing human clinical trials in the US, Europe, Asia and Australia.

More reasons to choose Biotivia

  1. They created the world’s original high-potency Resveratrol supplements.  They are the Resveratrol specialists and use Trans-Resveratrol (the active form of Resveratrol) in most of their formulations because of its unique and astonishing range of benefits.
  2. They are the only company to have two Trans-Resveratrol products approved by an internationally recognized and respected independent testing lab. Transmax was the most potent product tested and Bioforte was rated the best value. There is no substitute for truly independent product evaluation.
  3. Their products are all natural, most are vegan and contain no animal products, preservatives, GMO's or fillers of any kind. No Sirt deactivators such as quercetin are used in any Biotivia supplements. Their capsules are all vegetable Pfizer Vcaps.
  4. Transmax, their 500mg pure Trans-Resveratrol product, is being used by prestigious universities and hospitals such as Albert Einstein Medical College, UC Davis and Ottawa Hospital for human clinical trials. Their Resveratrol is being used in more human trials than all other brands combined.
  5. Their products are highly bio-available and effective, as their scientific team understands that real benefits are only achieved when cellular concentrations are reached and maintained. The superior bio-availability of Biotivia Resveratrol has been validated by experts at the National Advertising Division of the US national BBB.
  6. They manufacturers their own products which are made in accordance with FDA GMP and USP standards in their own facility. They do not buy raw materials from brokers or re-sellers and simply fill capsules.
  7. Their product is being considered as an IND by the National Institute of Health. No other supplement has met the rigid quality control and purity criteria necessary for this certification.
  8. They pack their product in nitrogen to maintain its potency and insure at least a 24 month shelf life. They are also the only manufacturer or supplier to utilize a patented active packaging system and oxygen absorbing sachet in the bottle to absorb the free oxygen every time the bottle is opened. This prevents Resveratrol oxidation and preserves potency and bio-activity.
  9. Many of their customers are Doctors and Healthcare Professionals.
  10. The bottom line is "Their products work and you will feel the difference in your daily quality of life." Expect more energy, better overall health, clearer mental focus and concentration, better sleep and slower aging.

Biotivia is now part of the AVA family of fine certified products

Biotivia is pleased to announce that the American Vegetarian Association (AVA) has certified Transmax, Bioforte, BioQuench, BioShape, BioSpan, Acai + and Immune Edge+ as Vegan approved supplements.

This is a great achievement as the AVA have tough guidelines and procedures to follow and this is testament that Biotivia go 'above and beyond' to cater for all our customers.

To be awarded this prestigious stamp of approval can give all our vegetarian and Hindu customers extra reassurance that Biotivia is the Number one Vegan supplement company.

About Biotivia Longevity Bioceuticals

Mission Statement
Biotivia is fueled by its relentless devotion to vitality, health and wellbeing. Our guiding principle is to develop botanical products that are safe, free of adverse side effects, and uniquely potent and efficacious, that contribute to a significant improvement in a person's quality of life.

In order for Biotivia to make a product there must exist a preponderance of definitive scientific evidence which demonstrates that a natural compound or combination of compounds has important and even necessary health benefits. Our formulas will always be based upon intensive research and collaboration with the scientific and academic communities.

Company Profile
Biotivia Longevity Bioceuticals, LLC is a leading formulator and manufacturer of high potency bioceutical supplements and DNA cosmetic rejuvenation products for the medical, consumer and functional food markets. The company offers products designed to address specific biological processes and to modulate cellular and genetic pathways known to improve health and foster vitality from both the inside out.

James Betz, PhD, Cell Biologist is the Managing Director, and along with his premier team of international longevity research and development scientists have focused on a polyphenolic compound called Resveratrol, demonstrating astonishing DNA repair and anti-aging properties. Biotivia created the first high-potency Resveratrol supplement.

High potency, HPLC tested, standardized extracts are developed into sophisticated supplement formulations with actions and modalities based on peer-reviewed studies. Biotivia products are manufactured in their own facility in accordance with FDA, GMP and USP standards. A patented active packaging system is used for supplement products in order to maintain, bio-activity, potency and insure extended shelf life. Advanced, all-vegetable Pfizer V Licaps are used for encapsulated products in order to prevent oxidation and contamination.

Founded in 1992, Biotivia was originally established in Vienna Austria as a supplier of natural raw materials and botanicals to the supplement and functional food industries and to researchers and scientific institutions worldwide. Biotivia maintains US headquarters in New York and offices in Kansas City, Kansas, Verona, Italy, London and Singapore.

The company has their own in-house scientists, pharmacist, and researchers dedicated to the foremost anti-aging discoveries. Additionally, they collaborate with scientists and universities worldwide on human clinical trials to prove the efficacy of their products. In-house scientists include:

James Betz, Ph.D  Cell Biology
Saurabh Shah, Ph.D  Biology and Medical Research   
Payal Shah, Ph.D Pharmacist
Philip Akers, Chemical Engineering and MBA
Serge Boileau, Ph.Ds  Chemistry and Biology and Professor of Biochemistry for 35 years
Abbas Green, MD and PhD, specializing in Endocrinology
Gloria Sabater, Ph.D  Pharmacist
Wolf-Dieter Rhewoods Ph. D  Professor in Biochemistry

Take 1 or 2 capsules with water daily.  Not intended to prevent cure, diagnose or treat any disease.

Biotivia - Immune Edge+ Immune Defense Support - 60 Vegetarian Capsules
Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings Per Container: 60
Amount Per Serving %DV
Black Elderberry Extract 100mg
Siberian Ginseng 100mg
Star Anise Extract 98% 100mg
Star Anise Powder 200mg
*Daily Value Not Established.
†Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your diet values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
1 River Place, Suite 1001
Manhattan, NY,
Phone: 1-866-459-2773 Email: Click here Visit website

About Biotivia

Mission Statement After 18 years of manufacturing raw materials and botanical extracts for the food, medical and supplement industries Biotivia entered the finished products arena for one reason. To design products that fit the space between generic vitamins and nutrients which are safe but only marginally effective, and prescription pharmaceuticals which are often effective but come with frequently serious adverse effects and high cost.

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