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DROPPED: NutriWorks - Detox Patch-It Supporting Natural Detoxification - 20 Patch(es)
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NutriWorks - Detox Patch-It Supporting Natural Detoxification - 20 Patch(es)

For Cleansing and Revitalizing
Item #: 120069
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NutriWorks - Detox Patch-It Supporting Natural Detoxification - 20 Patch(es)

  • Item# :120069
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  • Brand:NutriWorks
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NutriWorks Detox Patch-It - 20 Patches

NutriWorks Detox Patch-It supports natural detoxification and provides a revilatizing cleansing. NutriWorks Detox Patch-It is the tried and tested original patch formula - it supports your body's natural capability for removal of toxins through normal channels such as sweat and urine. If these impurities are not effectively removed from the body, they may contribute to the development of aches, pains, fatigue, bloating, headaches, cellulite, digestive issues, skin rashes and a weakened immune system. Over time, these may lead to chronic conditions and disease.

  • Utillizes the Power of Reflexology
  • Cleansing & Revitalizing
  • East-To-Use Foot Patch
  • Promotes Healthy Metabolism
  • Faster Recovery From Physical Stress
  • Supports the Body's Natural Detox Functions

NutriWorks Detox Patch-It harnesses the power of reflexology, a popular and effective form of therapy originating in the Far East but practiced globally today, into an easy-to-use and convenient foot patch. Many nerve endings are concentrated on the hands and feet creating zones which reflect a map of the entire body, accounting for many benefits that can be felt following Reflexology therapy. Practitioners of reflexology apply pressure to these different zones to promote health in the corresponding part of the body, namely by improving circulation. Amongst many other benefits, healthy circulation promotes healthy metabolism, faster recovery from physical stress and supports the body's natural detox functions.

Ideally, the body removes toxins on its own. However, these natural detoxification processes are hindered by stress, poor diet, unhealthy eating habits, injuries, sleep deprivation and environmental toxins and struggle to maintain the normal cleansing process required for optimal health. NutriWorks Detox Patch-It can help your body get back on track.

The most effective use of Patch-It is to apply it to the soles of the feet before sleep as these are where reflexology zones are located. They may also be applied directly on point of discomfort or on alternate acupuncture points such as the back of the knee, on the shoulders etc. Avoid direct application on moving joints as the patch may easily detach.
Patch-It adheres to the bottom of the feet, like a large plaster. They should be applied right before bedtime and work while you sleep. For proper adhesion, clean and dry feet or point of application before use.

Key Ingredients
Every Patch-It has been formulated with a blend of 100% natural ingredients. At the core of each formula is NutriWorks' unique blend of Mandarin wood vinegar and Tourmaline. Mandarin wood vinegar is an extract from the Mandarin orange tree that is exclusive to NutriWorks and that has been produced via a renewable, eco-friendly process.

Vinegar has a long history of use. In Chinese Medicine, vinegar is regarded as having "warming" and "drawing" properties. When applied to the soles of the feet, the"warming" characteristic provides stimulation to the reflexology zones resulting in measurable changes in your body such as improved circulation. The "drawing" property promotes better perspiration via the bottom of the feet.

Every Patch-It also contains a small quantity of Black Tourmaline in the form of  very finely grounded nano-sized particles. Tourmaline has unique properties associated with healing and is widely used as a source of far infrared energy.

Detox Patch-It Frequently Asked Questions

Is Patch-It safe?
Patch-It has been widely distributed around the world with millions of patches sold over the last 10 years. Patch-It  does not deliver anything into the body so is not expected to interact with any medication nor does it have any known side effects. This means that it is safe for repeated use for continuous periods of time.
What is the best way to use Patch-It ?
Use Patch-It  according to your individual needs and body condition.? For example, an elderly person with more health concerns or who is on long-term medication should use Patch-It more regularly.

Drink an extra glass of water when using Patch-It  and try to adopt healthy habits such as: eat lots of fruits and vegetables every day; drink at least 8 glasses of water every day; exercise regularly to get your blood moving; refrain from smoking, drinking caffeinated or alcoholic beverages; and most importantly, stay positive!
What is Far Infrared?
Patch-It contains a natural ingredient called Mandarin Wood Vinegar. This ingredient emits far infrared energy (FIR). Far infrared is part of the electromagnetic spectrum from 5.6 to 1000 micron wavelength. This band of light is not visible to human eyes but can be seen by special cameras that translate infrared into visible colors. The sun produces most of its energy in the infrared segment of the spectrum so that although you cannot see this energy, you can certainly feel its effects. Your body radiates infrared energy through the skin at 3 to 50 microns. Your palms emit infrared energy too, from 8 to 14 microns. Infrared energy penetrates tissues to a depth of over one centimeter.

Why Mandarin wood?
Wood vinegar can be extracted from all sorts of wood sources. The most common are Bamboo, Oak and Cedar. Aside from the method of extraction which has a substantial impact on quality, the level of organic acids varies between the various types of wood sources. Patch-It is unique in that it uses Mandarin wood as the source of vinegar. This is because the vinegar extract was originally developed as a healthy tonic drink and Mandarin wood has an organic acid level of about 16% (compared typically to 6% in Bamboo and 10% in Oak or Cedar).
How does Patch-It work?
Patch-It  has a dual action. These actions are "stimulation and absorption". In traditional Chinese medicine, vinegar has "warming" and "drawing" properties. This characterization of the ingredient in traditional use can in turn be used to understand the dual action of the patch. It also explains the "Spa-in-a-Patch" idea where cleansing is one of the intended secondary benefits. Patch-It does not ease aches and pains by means of heat (such as in a sauna). This is not like a chili plaster or the usual "deep heat" idea. Instead it uses far infrared to stimulate the reflex points on the soles of the feet. By so doing, the product can support natural whole body circulation. The other way of observing Patch-It 's effect is by reference to tests using a thermal imaging camera. In this instance, a specialized instrument called a thermograph is used and this device allows for observation of temperature changes due to the presence of the patch on the soles of the feet. What Patch-It does is to encourage "self-healing" by promoting improved circulation. Patch-It  does not heal or cure anything by putting an active ingredient into the body. When you cut yourself and the doctor puts stitches in, the stitch does not heal the wound - your body closes up the wound and the stitches simply allow time for your body to get the job done. Muscular aches and pains that result from poor circulation will ease up.

How does Patch-It help your body cleanse?
Improved circulation should mean better overall cleansing through all normal body channels such as sweat and urine. The "drawing" property of vinegar and the tendency for the patch powder to adsorb fluid assists in this. It should be noted that given the small patch size, only a fraction of what comes out of the body would be reflected in the patch after use.

Why is the patch sometimes wet and sometimes not?
The powder material attracts water. This effectively acts like a "sink" against the skin when using the patch. If there is excess fluid accumulation at the point of the body where the patch is applied or if used at the bottom of the feet where there is a concentration of meridian points, then the patch will most likely be wet. If the patch is applied to a joint or location where there is no excess fluid retention, then the powder will remain relatively dry even after several hours use. This does not mean the patch has no effect because the stimulation effect is still present when the powder in the bag remains dry. Patch-It is effective whether wet or dry after use. The patch turns brown when it is wet due to changes in the powder upon contact with water.

If the patch is dry can I re-use it?
No. Once a patch has been used, it will be slightly moist and for hygiene purposes, this is not recommended.
Is it safe to use?
Patch-It does not deliver anything transdermally into your body. It merely supports your body's own function and in that respect, is safe for regular use. The powder is mildly acidic but not more so than the natural acidity of the skin. Patch-It has been independently tested to ensure that it does not contain heavy metals like lead and mercury.
I used the patch and my joints hurt even more! Why is that?
This is most likely a "healing crisis." Users who experience this will most likely have chronic or "old" complaints. The stimulation of reflex points and associated healthy circulation will act to support the body in its natural recovery process. It is most likely that such users will find that the discomfort is tolerable and will disappear after a few days use of the patch. Another way to view this is to relate to the experience of those who have tried acupressure on the feet. It hurts a lot during the massage but recovery afterwards is promoted. Continue using the patches for few more days and the discomfort should lessen and may eventually subside entirely. If there is any uncertainty whatsoever though, stop use and consult your physician.
What do nano tourmaline and Green Tea do?
Tourmaline is valued as a healing crystal in alternative medicine and this material has found application in many health products such as functional fabrics for clothing. Patch-It is the world's first product of its kind to incorporate nano-tourmaline into the patch. A nano particle is basically very small and this size reduction in turn results in a large increase in exposed surface area of the crystal. Therefore although the tourmaline content in Patch-It  "Spa-in-a-patch" is relatively small, its effect has been enhanced through use of this advanced format. Green tea is high in polyphenols (a type of bioflavonoid) and has been added as an antioxidant as added protection for the skin when the patch is wet.

About NutriWorks

NutriWorks was officially launched in March 2000 in Hong Kong. Over the years, they have become one of the market leaders in Asia in the creation of natural, safe and effective supplements and external use health products. They are committed to providing their customers with "nutrition that works." All of their products are continually lab tested to ensure safety and specified without any fillers that have no health value. This ensures the quality and potency of NutriWorks' supplements.

In addition to supplements, NutriWorks is the manufacturer of the very popular Patch-It  , Flexi-Patch  and Easy-Flex range of products. These are based on their Mandarin wood vinegar technology that is unique to NutriWorks. The patch market has grown substantially in the last few years and NutriWorks is at the forefront of this technology providing a product that has been clinically tested. NutriWorks continues to invest in research associated with their patches and have recently launched a new product called Palm-Patch.

NutriWorks' product range will continue to grow over time as they identify and incorporate some of the latest technological breakthroughs in materials or ingredients.

NutriWorks Patch-It is now available in North America, Europe, the Middle-East, East and South East Asia. NutriWorks has also established bases in United Kingdom and Singapore as part of our international expansion. They welcome any interest in the distribution of their range of products in any country. 

Remove patches from their protective wrapper and apply to the sole of each foot before bed. If you find the patches come off due to movement, try wearing a pair of socks over the patches. When you wake up in the morning, remove the patch and dispose. Wash your feet if needed with soap and water. Use for 3 consectutive nights for optimum benefits and 10 consectutive nights every month as part of a long-term program.

Pyroligneous Acid (Mandarin Wood Vinegar), Dextrin, Tourmaline, Green tea (Carmellia sinensis).

Do not use on wounds, damaged skin, eyes, mucous membranes or on rashes. Though all measures have been taken to ensure Detox Patch-It is safe for your skin and dermatologically tested, stop using if redness or excessive skin irritation occurs. Seek medical assistance if in doubt. Not advisable for pregnant or lactating women. Product not designed for the prevention or cure of any illness or disease.

Unit 501, Swire & Maclaine House
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About NutriWorks

NutriWorks was officially launched on march 2000 in Hong Kong. Our primary objective is in the creation of safe and effective nutritional supplements and external use health products. The founders of NutriWorks are highly experienced in the complementary health industry. The demand and interest in preventative health has resulted in a massive growth in the market. At the same time, there is an overwhelming amount of information floating around and sifting through this is essential in order to identify genuine and interesting ingredients that may be incorporated into our products. NutriWorks believes that it is essential to offer its customers the best possible solutions as well as information to assist in establishing needs.

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By (McKinney , TX )

I have used this product for years and it is amazing. It is wonderful as a foot detox, but it is also amazing in supporting muscle recovery. My daughter recently pulled a groin muscle a week before her State Gymnastics Meet. We used these pads daily and although the doctor said she would take six weeks to heal, she competed and won Second place in the State of Texas. We also gave it to a teammate with a swollen lymph gland. The swelling went down in two days use. I do recommend keeping them on for six hours minimum and making sure the area you put them on stays warm for the best results, but I have used them for everything from insect stings to sprains, to a serious detoxing regimen. I always have these on hand.

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By (Carleton , MI )

Love this product! I will have a long day on my feet and I put one or two on at night - in the morning I feel refreshed and my feet don't hurt. They really make a difference!

Was this review helpful?Yes0No0Thank you for your response.

By (Carlisle , PA )

I have no idea if this really did anything, but the patches were more comfortable and less stinky than others.

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