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DROPPED: Harbinger - Big Grip II with Wrist Wrap Lifting Gloves - Small Natural/Black - 1 Pair CLEARANCE PRICED

    Harbinger - Big Grip II with Wrist Wrap Lifting Gloves - Small Natural/Black - 1 Pair

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    Harbinger - Big Grip II with Wrist Wrap Lifting Gloves - Small Natural/Black - 1 Pair

    • Item# :81706
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    • Brand:Harbinger
    • Size/Form:1  Pair
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    Harbinger Big Grip II Lifting Gloves- Small- Natural/Black The ultimate weight training glove for serious lifters.


    Harbinger’s patented WristWrap® has been the performance standard for strength training gloves for the last 15 years. They’ve established clear market leadership by combining unparalleled quality with the maximum in hand and wrist support, while minimizing injury due to hyperextension.

    For 2009, Harbinger is once again “raising the bar” with the Big Grip® II Advanced WristWrap® glove. We are excited to introduce a revolutionary new, patented WristWrap® design which integrates the entire hand into our existing hand/wrist support system. By fully integrating the hand with the wrist, this new, patented design takes the Harbinger WristWrap® to the pinnacle of weightlifting performance.

    The Advanced WristWrap® technology improves a lifter’s ability to lift heavier amounts of weight over a longer period of time. It does so by maximizing both comfort and support. It more effectively aligns the palm, fingers, and wrist in the proper position during lifting, reducing the risk of hyperextension for the lifter.

    Harbinger’s Advanced WristWrap® is the perfect integration of a new technology, built on proven performance with the athlete in mind.

    Harbinger Big Grip II with Wrist Wrap Key Features :
    • New, revolutionary, patented WristWrap® integrates the entire hand for maximum stability and support.
    • The graduated, patented WristWrap® insures proper positioning of the hand and wrist helping to prevent hyperextension.
    • "No-Slip" “Dura-Grip™” rubber pads on the palm and fingers grab the bar providing increased traction, cushioning and durability.
    • Innovative curved finger design fits the natural shape of the hand.
    • Exclusive machine wash & air dry "Comfort Tech" leathers and fabrics stay supple, comfortable and last longer.
    • NoSweat™ materials wick moisture away for increased comfort.

    Gloves enhance any training regimen by protecting your hands and increasing bar traction during lifts. They cushion your fingers and palm from the knurling (the metal teeth of the lifting bar). They also provide protection from skin abrasion, calluses and residual bacteria left on the bars. They give you added support (depending on the style of glove) for your wrists, fingers and palms. Gloves have a traction pad on the palm that holds the bar safely in place during lifting. Because they work so hard, you can lift longer and more comfortably!

    Harbinger gloves are generally more snug-fitting than other gloves. The leather is designed to break in and stretch out over the life of the glove. If you are between two sizes, we recommend that you select the larger of the two sizes. If you prefer a looser fitting glove, we suggest that you buy one size larger than you typically wear.

    Technical performance, quality manufacturing, and unique fabrics distinguish Harbinger from its competitors. Unfortunately, improper care can diminish our product's performance. Our care is extremely easy, just follow these simple instructions:

    Machine Wash and Air Dry
    Mach:" ":t, but make sure they are not in direct sunlight.

    What glove is right for you?
    Picking a glove is a very personal thing. There are many options so here are a few tips to make it easier and make the right choice:

    Ask yourself how will you use gloves?
    If you do any of these activities, training/fitness gloves are an important piece of equipment for you:
    • 1. Lifting free weights.
    • 2. Using training machines.
    • 3. Using cardio vascular machines (rowing, cycling, cross-trainers, etc.)
    • 4. Kick Boxing/Boxing

    How do I know what features are the most important?
    Generally, there are four key things to look for in a training glove:
      1. Does it fit your hand?
      Sounds simple but very important to note these things when trying on a glove:
      • 1. Does it fit snugly without binding?
      • 2. Can your fingers flex naturally and comfortably?
      • 3. Harbinger training gloves come in both half finger and the three quarter finger. Half finger covers to your first knuckle and the three quarter finger extends to your third knuckle. The three quarter finger helps protect against the knurling on weight bars.

      2. Is there enough cushioning on the palm when you grasp a bar or a handle?
      • 1. Palms should be flexible but feel cushiony.
      • 2. When you grip a handle or a bar, the glove palm and fingers should curl naturally around that surface.
      • 3. You shouldn’t feel the "teeth" of the bar or handle cut into your fingers or palm when the bar is firmly grasped.

      3. Is there enough palm traction to ensure a "sure grip" when lifting or training?
      • 1. Does the palm material look like it will provide you with added traction?
      • 2. Does the palm material have extra stitching and padding in those areas that will have direct contact with the bar or a handle?
      • 3. When gripping a bar or a handle, does your grip slip as you go through your training motion?

      4. Does the glove support my hand and my wrist during training?
      • 1. Does the glove feel natural but supportive?
      • 2. If you need additional wrist support are you wearing a WristWrap“ glove?
      • 3. Does your glove allow you maintain the proper hand, arm and body position when training?
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    About Harbinger

    Harbinger is the leading fitness company in the U.S. based in Napa, Calif., harbinger develops, produces, and sells a full range of innovative, high performance fitness accessories designed to enhance even the most rigorous training regimen. Harbinger's products include fitness weight training gloves, and training accessories such as stability balls, jump ropes, resistance cables, balance trainers, mats and more, which are distributed via supporting good retailers, fitness specialty retailers and fitness clubs.

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