HealthForce Nutritionals - Vitamineral Earth Powder - 500 Grams
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  • Non-GMO

    Products free of organisms that have been created through genetic engineering.

  • 100% Natural
    100% Natural

    Ingredients extracted from plants and animals and contains nothing synthetic.

  • Raw

    Plant-based foods never heated above 115 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Vegan

    Products contain no animal or animal by-products which include flesh, bones, dairy, eggs, honey, fur, leather, wool or down feathers.

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    Excludes any ingredient that is a gluten-containing grain including wheat, barley, rye and triticale.

HealthForce Nutritionals - Vitamineral Earth Powder - 500 Grams

Perfect Grounding Complement
Item #: 119598
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HealthForce Nutritionals - Vitamineral Earth Powder - 500 Grams

  • Item# :119598
    UPC# :650786000055
  • Brand:HealthForce Nutritionals
  • Size/Form:500  Grams
  • Ship Weight:2.40
  • Servings:38
  • Dosage:2  Tablespoon(s)
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HealthForce Nutritionals Vitamineral Earth Powder - 500 grams

HealthForce Nutritionals Vitamineral Earth Powder is the perfect grounding complement to green foods. Health Force Nutritionals Vitamineral Earth is a foundational, therapeutic hard-core primal whole food herbal superfood complex for deep nourishment and balance. Health Force Nutritionals Vita Mineral Earth enhances regularity and is deeply nutritive and detoxifying. Health Force Nutritionals Vitamineral Earth supports the liver, kidneys, pancreas, brain, bones, muscles, colon, blood and immune functions. HealthForce Nutritionals Vitamineral Earth is 100% TruGanic and unlike any superfood you have ever had!

Healing and Nutritive:

  • Fatty Acids
  • Roots
  • Barks
  • Seeds
  • Herbs
  • Spices
  • Ancient Foods


Why does HealthForce package EcoFresh in amber glass bottles?
Their EcoFresh Nutrient Lock packaging system (glass bottle, airtight metal lid with rubber seal, and oxygen absorber in the bottle) effectively creates a vacuum inside the bottle, preventing oxidation of fragile nutrients. In addition, amber glass is UV resistant and can withstand heat much more than plastic. They work hard to source the highest quality products with the highest nutritional density. It is important to them that they deliver the product to YOU, the consumer, in its highest integral form.
Note that all plastic bottles and metal/foil pouches (and plastic lids on glass bottles) allow oxygen to pass through and come into contact with the product inside the bottle, slowly oxidizing valuable nutrients as the product sits on the shelf waiting to be purchased. In addition, plastic bottles and metal/foil pouches (worst and not recyclable) offgas volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that negatively affect our health, and are highly toxic to melt down. In contrast, their bottles do not offgas and can be easily recycled (non-toxic to melt down), or better, reused for dry or liquid food storage!

What are the purity standards for HealthForce products? Are HealthForce products organic?
TruGanic is a purist, hard-core, quality standard for sourcing and production that takes standards significantly beyond those dictated by USDA Organic. Their TruGanic products must pass tests to verify that they are 100% free of GMOs, irradiation, pesticides, and herbicides. The TruGanic standard was created by Dr. Jameth Sheridan of HealthForce Nutritionals to verify absolute purity. This came in response to a significant erosion and widespread dissatisfaction with organic standards as defined by the USDA.

Dr. Sheridan and the HealthForce team take the utmost care in selecting ingredients for use in their TruGanically-grown products. They have a general three-step process:

  • They ask the supplier of the organic or wildcrafted ingredients if they use any pesticides, herbicides, GMOs, irradiation, or EtO (ethylene oxide). They also ask the supplier for detailed information about their processing method in order to assure that it is of the highest quality and free of toxins. If they pass these verbal tests, then they request:
    • A Certificate of Analysis to verify purity. Once this has been approved, they next
    • Test for approximately 200-300 toxins. Once these tests comes back with zero detectable levels of contaminants, the ingredient is approved for use in HealthForce products.

Are HealthForce products gluten free?
Yes. HealthForce is a 100% gluten-free facility, and they guarantee all of their products to be gluten free. As an added measure of assurance, they have all raw materials tested for gluten contamination, before they enter their facility.

  • Myth : wheatgrass juice/fiber contains gluten.
  • Fact: HealthForce Greener Grasses blend (containing wheat and barley grass fibers/juices) is guaranteed 100% gluten free, verified by regular testing. They use mature grasses, which are gluten free, and also offer the benefit of being more bioavailable and nutrient dense. Young, tray-grown grasses can potentially have gluten contamination, by way of the actual berries being juiced with the grass. It is possible that even small amounts of gluten can affect someone with Celiac's disease, so it is best to only consume mature grown grasses to be on the safe side.

Are HealthForce products Vegan?
Yes, all HealthForce products are 100% guaranteed Vegan. Their entire production facility is 100% Vegan, with no animal products used (or consumed) anywhere on site. Jameth and Kim Sheridan (HealthForce founders and owners) have eaten a whole food Vegan diet for over 25 years and HealthForce is strongly infused with these values and principles. HealthForce also never uses labs that do animal testing, or purchases any products where animal testing was involved. They are proud to be a 100% Vegan/cruelty-free company, and their products are phenomenal for supporting a healthy and balanced Vegan and/or vegetarian diet.

Do I have to be Vegan to get benefit from HealthForce products?
You don't have to be Vegan to use HealthForce products and get health benefits. Their products offer nutrient density and therapeutic concentration that is usable to anyone on any diet. Though they recommend a diet with emphasis on high-water-content, raw, Vegan foods, they are not a "Vegans-only" company, and they are not in the business of telling you what you "should" eat. Their passion is simply making high-quality products that are Vegan and therefore suitable for everyone. They want you to be empowered to do what works best for you. If you are not Vegan, and aren't interested in Veganism, or have tried Veganism and decided it doesn't work for you, and/or thrive on any other diet other than strict Veganism, don't let "Vegan" turn you away. Ultimately, HealthForce products can be beneficial to anyone on any diet.

Are HealthForce products considered raw?
Yes, all of their superfood products are dried at low temperatures to preserve the integrity of the fragile nutrients, lifeforce energy, and enzymes. Vitamineral Green, Earth, Spirulina Manna, Spirulina Azteca, Chlorella Manna, Elixir of the Lake, Friendly Fats, Greener Grasses, Truly Natural Vitamin C, MacaForce, Fruits of the Earth, Warrior Food, Nopal Blood Sugar, and Elite Green Protein are all guaranteed 100% raw food.

Do I have to be a raw-foodist to benefit from HealthForce products?
No, you don't have to be raw to use HealthForce products and get health benefits. Their products offer nutrient density and therapeutic concentration that is highly beneficial for anyone on any diet. Dr. Jameth Sheridan passionately recommends a Vegan, high-water-content, whole food diet with an emphasis on raw foods, 50% and higher, as suitable for the individual/climate. Jameth has found that an emphasis on raw foods is generally healthier than adhering to a 100% strict raw food diet. Jameth believes that there are some cooked foods which are healthier than some raw foods, and although this may vary person to person, based upon his experience and research, following a vegan, whole food diet with an emphasis on raw and living foods, offers the healthiest long-term dietary approach.

How are the HealthForce herbs and superfoods dried and ground?
They source from the highest quality growers/harvesters/processors that use HealthForce approved processing methods (only low-heat drying and grinding processes). This is of paramount importance in selecting their suppliers. They choose low heat drying over freeze drying, because they feel that one processing method damages fragile nutrients less than two. In other words, they feel that freezing AND drying degrades fragile nutrients more than just low temperature drying.

Their formulas are designed to deliver maximum bioavailability, so they go for the finest grinds possible with every superfood and herb they work with. Finer grinding yields much higher therapeutic potency, as the body is able to assimilate so many more nutrients, compared to with similar products with coarser grinds. Fewer cells per particle is their goal. Because HealthForce superfoods are so finely ground, they mix easily, go down smooth, and challenge the belief (based on common experience) that green/superfood powders have to be "chalky" and/or unpleasant and gritty to consume. They frequently hear from their customers that their products are not only massively therapeutic, but also taste great. The purity and freshness of their ingredients, combined with the highest known quality processing, results in the highest therapeutic value they can deliver to YOU, the end consumer.

Does Vitamineral Green contain any fillers?
No! Vitamineral Green is NOT diluted with inexpensive apple pectin, flax meal, fiber, rice bran, barley malt, F.O.S., oat bran, rice solids, lecithin, or anything else! Vitamineral Green is designed to be the most mineral and vitamin-rich product they could make that is still 100% food. As a result, Vitamineral Green is almost all green foods, as green foods are by far the most micronutrient-rich foods on the planet.

Why do they use both whole leaf grasses and dehydrated grass juice powder in their products?
Whole leaf grasses provide high levels of valuable micronutrients, as well as beneficial fiber. This fiber provides an important food source (prebiotic) for the probiotics in their products, and also serves to promote bowel regularity and detoxification.

Note that the cell walls of whole leaf grasses are made of cellulose, which humans cannot digest. Thus, whole leaf grasses must be ground finely enough to have their cell walls broken in order to make the nutrients found inside the cell bioavailable. Dr. Sheridan worked for years to develop a grinding process that breaks virtually 100% of the cell walls in their whole leaf grasses without any heat generation. Unlike many other whole leaf grass products on the market that are ground coarsely, the micronutrients in their whole leaf grass powders are totally bioavailable.

They also use dehydrated grass juice powders in their products, because grass juice powders provide highly concentrated levels of bioavailable micronutrients.

How is it possible for the probiotics to stay active, without refrigeration, even in a glass bottle?
HealthForce probiotics have been freeze-dried and are thus in a state of suspended animation. These probiotics are shelf-stable at room temperature as long as they do not come into contact with heat, oxygen and moisture. HealthForce EcoFresh Nutrient Lock packaging system effectively protects their probiotics so that they do not degrade. HealthForce's probiotics are guaranteed to retain their potency, and have listed amounts of CFUs at the time of opening the bottle (no "at the time of manufacture" deception). Once their shelf-stable probiotics come into contact with a liquid (e.g., you mix Vitamineral Green with coconut water), the majority of them come back to life and are then "live cultures".

Some probiotic supplements are already in the live culture state. In this case, the probiotics are alive and actively consuming the medium in which they reside. These probiotics must be stored in a refrigerator, as cold temps slow down their metabolism so they do not eat up all their food source and die. This is why things like yogurt, kefir, kombucha, etc. (all live culture products) must be refrigerated.

What is the HealthForce Energenesis Process?
The HealthForce Energenesis Process is part of an ever-evolving quest to offer the highest possible therapeutic value in their products. Leading-edge science, now becoming widely accepted by many people, suggests that all things exist in an energy realm that precedes the physical dimension. With this understanding, they know that all things can be affected on energetic, as well as physical levels. In addition to ensuring the highest levels of physical purity and potency possible, they work to optimize their products in the energetic realms as well.

The History of Earth
The deepest passion is for the Earth and all of its inhabitants to be healed on a core level. Compromise is not an option. Fluff is meaningless. Substance is everything. Great Spirit put the substances people need for healing on the Earth. It is HealthForce's great honor to assemble them for you. Their loyalty is to those who want to thrive, and those whose life situation requires them to thrive and to the end user. They wanted a completely different, grounding superfood with the best sources of essential fatty acids, cleansing and highly nutritive roots, barks, and colon detoxifying and supportive foods. Thus, Earth was born.

HealthForce Nutritionals
HealthForce Nutritionals is a 20-plus year, 100% hard-core, Vegan, therapeutic superfoods company. HealthForce was co-founded in 1990 by Jameth Sheridan, D.H.M (Doctor of Holistic Medicine) and Kim Sheridan, Naturopath, ethical Vegans and hard-core herbal medicine researchers. HealthForce Nutritionals empowers individuals to experience dramatic health improvements with verified TruGanic, Vegan, Raw, SuperFood products formulated and selected by Dr. Sheridan for vibrant health and wellness.

TruGanic is a purist, hard-core quality standard for sourcing and production significantly beyond Organic. The TruGanic standard was created by Dr. Sheridan to verify absolute purity. At HealthForce, they are on a mission to provide the absolute best products at the most affordable prices.

The foundational products are Vitamineral Green Vital Healing Food with a companion of Vitamineral Earth Sacred Healing Food, both designed to support excellent health, energy, and balance.

The HealthForce Value
HealthForce products are exceptional values for several reasons. They offer their products in higher than standard potency. This allows the end user to get much greater benefits from a supplement. Many health products simply have little to no effects due to low potency. Their products sometimes have deceptively low prices. Putting more material per serving and more servings per bottle allows them to offer a lower cost per milligram. For example, their main antioxidant product, Açai Resveratrol Ultimate ORAC Antioxidant Complex, has over 13,000 TE Units of ORAC value per serving! This is a much greater quantity of antioxidants than is usually put into a product. This makes the product much more effective and affordable for you. Lowering the potency to 30% of what it is now would raise the cost per milligram of the product approximately 50 to 60%!

Their main superfood product, Vitamineral Green, contains 60 to 70% more superfoods than other products. However, Vitamineral Green costs the same as others while offering significant nutritional advantages.They have a lower than normal profit margin, thus further allowing our products to be more affordable. Their purpose in creating and offering our products is to empower you to achieve greater health. The entire focus of their products is to assist in returning all to the vibrant state of health that everyone should be able to take for granted.

They want to make choices for optimum health as available to everyone as possible. Therefore, they maintain the lowest prices they can while still producing the best products.

About HealthForce
In the field of health, there is a tremendous amount of information and mis-information to search through. The search can be overwhelming, as well as time consuming, and it can easily become a full- time job. That's where they come in. For over 25 years, Dr. Jameth Sheridan (D.H.M.) and Kim Sheridan, Naturopath, have been dedicated full-time to the search for true health and truly exceptional products for health and well-being, and with their formulations and products they are best able to share some of this information with you. They sincerely want to help everyone experience optimum health. Healthy people tend to feel better, and, therefore, have an easier time being happy. This helps make the world a better place, and that is their ultimate goal.There are many good, ethical companies offering quality, effective nutritional products. They feel that HealthForce Nutritionals is unique and truly offers the best of the best. HealthForce realizes that certain nutritional supplements can and do make a dramatic difference in one's state of health, or lack thereof. They have seen lifestyle changes (including diet and bio-compatible nutritional supplements) literally save people's lives, even after they have been given up for dead. They are on a mission to provide the absolute best products at the most affordable prices.

They are on a never-ending quest to make the greatest difference possible in people's health. Therefore, through much research, they have made themselves aware of little known nutritional concepts and truths. In addition to traditional lab data, they make use of live blood cell analysis and Kirlian photography to assist them in product development. Live blood cell analysis allows them to see the blood as it flows in the body. Many nutritional supplements actually cause the blood to be in a less healthful state than before taking them! Others can turn a stagnant, toxic, deficient blood stream and breathe new life into it. Kirlian photography allows them to actually see the life force around a food, person, animal, or supplement. Supplements with little or no life force field will severely drain the body; ones with large life force fields will enhance the body greatly. The unique knowledge we gain through our extensive research is reflected in their products.

There are many widely used ingredients that they will not use, because their research and experience prove to them that other, less common ingredients are far more effective to use, and without any compromises.Mother Nature is a guide for them. Their products are designed to re-create a state of true nature that everyone should be able to take for granted. They use superfoods/herbs/enzymes and other natural nutritional substances in their products. They also employ sophisticated, high-tech methods and formulations where appropriate to further their emulation of nature. They use no isolated or synthetic vitamins/minerals whatsoever.The purpose of HealthForce Nutritionals is to empower as many individuals as possible to experience greater health via unique products and information that are designed to bring us back to a state of nature that we should be able to take for granted. They are a team of dedicated Naturopaths that have been fervently studying health for more than 25 years.

The health industry has much to offer, yet many products are under-performing, over priced and actually have toxicities! This includes nearly all isolated and/or synthetic vitamin and minerals (the vast majority of which you will find in nearly all nutritional formulas). Through their years of research, they have been able to determine what is the best way to nourish the body completely, without any toxicity! Almost everybody is sick to some extent, or harboring sicknesses to come. In today's world, it is harder to be healthier due to poor environmental conditions and a less than optimum lifestyles, including poor food choices and lower quality food in the first place. HealthForce products and information can help to compensate for this.

They have no alliance to any company or philosophy. Their only alliance is to the Truth! They only offer what they feel truly feel is best (based on non-biased, actual research). They will not compromise a product by making it appear deceptively good, or simply following the market trend, if they feel the truth is something else.

HealthForce Nutritionals truly cares and is deeply committed to researching and providing the most effective, life enhancing, and non-toxic products for ultimate nutritional support. You deserve nothing less!You may be aware of many products that stay the same for years, decades or longer. Sometimes that makes sense. However, many product ingredients are not consistent with the current nutritional knowledge. This leads to less effective products, and oftentimes, problems with them as well. HealthForce products are designed to be ahead of their time, incorporating superfoods and unique nutrients to make them maximally effective with no toxicity. They are always expanding our minds and researching how to make their products even better.

HealthForce consciously uses recycled/recyclable materials as much as possible in production of our products. They also do not support or conduct any animal testing, which is often irrelevant and dangerously misleading when it comes to human health. No creature is abused, tortured, or murdered for HealthForce products. They do not use gelatin capsules since they are derived from boiled animal parts and simply nutritionally inferior to capsules made from vegetable material. All of their products are Vegan, and so are they.

Due to the cleansing nature of HeathForce Vitamineral Earth Powder, start with 1 teaspoon in 16-32 oz of water or juice & gradually increase to 2 or more heaping tablespoons per day. Earth can be used on its own as a grounding superfood blend, or ideally taken in the same day as Vitamineral Green for a balance of yin and yang.

  • Smoothies:  Will thicken and nutrify. 
  • Broth or Tea:  Add to warm water or make a tea (virtually all natives made teas of healing herbs with hot water).  Hot water tea produces a totally different flavor (with more phytonutrients). Drink all at once or throughout the day.
  • Savory Dishes:  Add to foods such as soups, salads, dressings, casseroles, etc.

HealthForce Nutritionals Vitamineral Earth Powder - 500 g
Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 2 Level Tablespoons
Servings Per Container: 38
Amount Per Serving %DV
Total Calories 47
Total Fat 1 g 1.5 %
Total Carbohydrates 7.3 g 2.4 %
Dietary Fiber 4.7 g 18.9 %
Sugars 1 g
Protein 2.5 g
Sodium 123.6 mg 4.3 %
Earth Below:
Astragalus Root , Burdock Root, Nettle Root, Marshmallow Root, Yacon Root, Dandelion Root, Carrot, Ginger, Rhubarb Root
5691 mg *
Earth Above:
Red Clover Blossoms, Slippery Elm Bark, Watercress, White Oak Bark, Corn silk, Kelp, Cinnamon Bark, Blessed Thistle, Sheep Sorrel.
2916 mg *
Earth Seeds:
Sprouted Flax Seeds, Sprouted Chia Seeds, Milk Thistle Seeds.
2783 mg *
Earth Broth:
Miso, Chili Powder, Paprika, Sage Leaf. Providing essential organic sodium and grounding spices of life.
1361 mg *
Massive array of both implantable lactobacillus species and NSOs (Natural Soil Organisms)
232 mg *
Actual Food Nutrient Array:
Chromium, Selenium, Molybdenum, Manganese, B-Vitamins, Beta-Glucans, and all necessary cofactors
15mg *
Shilajit + Magnetic, Homeopathic, Energetic, & Vibrational Enhancements. Magnetically sanitized and purified
2.65 mg *
*Daily Value Not Established
Other Ingredients: None
1835A South Centre City Pkwy. #411
Escondido, CA,
Phone: 760.747.8822 Fax: 760.747.8922 Visit website

About HealthForce Nutritionals

HealthForce Nutritionals is a 20-plus year, 100% hard-core, Vegan, therapeutic superfoods company. HealthForce was co-founded in 1990 by Jameth Sheridan, D.H.M (Doctor of Holistic Medicine) and Kim Sheridan, Naturopath, ethical Vegans and hard-core herbal medicine researchers. HealthForce Nutritionals empowers individuals to experience dramatic health improvements with verified TruGanic, Vegan, Raw, SuperFood products formulated and selected by Dr. Sheridan for vibrant health and wellness.

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By (Surrey , British Columbia / C )

Great complement to Vitamineral Green

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By (Degelis , Quebec / Quebec )

This is truly a SuperFood and it taste so good. I put it in my smoothies every morning. A must have so healing and nourishing.

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This is a nourshing, healing and regenerative superfood. I love to make into a tea and add a sprinkle of cinnamon and nutmeg. I love the roots, barks, seeds and herbs

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By (Port Saint Lucie , FL )

Absolutely love this in night time smoothie, calms me down, tastes wonderful.

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