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DROPPED: Pure Essence Labs - ProFema The Menopause Multiple - 60 Tablets
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Pure Essence Labs - ProFema The Menopause Multiple - 60 Tablets

Reformulated For Even Better Results!
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Pure Essence Labs - ProFema The Menopause Multiple - 60 Tablets

  • Item# :78300
    UPC# :659670008054
  • Brand:Pure Essence Labs
  • Size/Form:60  Tablets
  • Ship Weight:0.60
  • Servings:15
  • Dosage:4  Tablet(s)
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Pure Essence Labs - ProFema The Menopause Multiple - 60 Tablets

Pure Essence Labs ProFema The Menopause Multiple has been reformulated for even better results! For over 10 years, ProFema has been the world's premiere solution for women in their transitional years. Now, because many new ingredients are available, Pure Essence Labs can make it even better. Together, these improvements empower ProFema to calm midlife distress as no other supplement ever has while also serving as a superb, food based multiple vitamin and mineral complex.

  • Methylchalcone form of hesperidin (better absorption)
  • Super-potent cordyceps extract (more adrenal support)
  • Five times more gammy oryzonol (for hot flashes)
  • Expanded botanical base (for total menopausal support)
  • Improved whole food base (with both spirulina and chlorella)
  • Four tablets instead of six

Pure Essence Labs Pro Fema The Menopause Multiple is a quality assured dietary supplement. Hot flashes, mood swings and other discomforts stem from hormone imbalances. But, such imbalances don't just happen. As menopause nears, the ovaries begin to shut down. This leaves your adrenal glands as your only source of progesterone. If your adrenal glands are in perfect health, you'll make enough progesterone, under normal circumstances, to maintain hormone balance. If not, you will be progesterone deficient. Dr. John R. Lee (What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause) believes that nearly all hot flashes, mood swings, night sweats and other related problems are caused by adrenal related progesterone deficiency, or by excesses of estrogen that are caused by the estrogenic chemicals found in plastics.

While hormone balancing factors (like hesperidin and isoflavones) can help calm hot flashes, mood swings, night sweats and so on, they do nothing to strengthen the adrenal glands. Hot flashes, mood swings and so on are bad enough; adrenal weakness can also cause far worse problems in the future. Thus, it is vital to address this aspect of menopausal distress. If you already use a multiple and don't want to change, or have problems taking certain vitamins or minerals, use Transitions instead of ProFema. It is the same herbal formula as ProFema, but without the vitamins, minerals and other factors.

ProFema is still free of GMO's, sugar, soy, yeast, dairy, gluten and wheat, contains no artificial colorings, flavorings, filler or other additives. It is suitable for vegetarians, and is guaranteed to your complete satisfaction.

Features & Benefits:

  • Pro-Vitamin A - eliminates any toxic build-up.
  • Vitamin D3 - most active form of Vitamin D and more easily utilized by our body.
  • Vitamin B12 -more recognizable and therefore is more readily available by our body.
  • Vitamin C - Vitamin C that is less acidic and therefore gentler on sensitive stomachs.
  • Plant Enzymes - assist in the breakdown of proteins, carbohydrates, starches, cellulose, lactose, fats and sugars, which lessens the burden on digestive systems and conserves energy
  • Nutrient-Dense Super Foods Complex - provide anti-oxidant protection, immune and liver support.
  • Bioflavonoids - Supports healthy circulation in the body, protects blood vessels, protects LDL-cholesterol from oxidative damage and enhances the absorption of Vitamin C.
  • Chaste Tree Fruit - helps balance the body's levels of estrogen and progesterone.
  • Kudzu Root - gently supports a woman's hormonal balance.
  • Coleus Forskolii Root - helps to reduce typical menopausal symptoms.
  • Burdock Root - blood purifier
  • Motherwort Flowers :" ":gus Root, Rehmannia Root - kidney tonifying herb
  • Black Cohosh Root - reduces symptoms of menopause including night sweats and hot flashes, nervousness and irritability.
  • Eleuthero Root - used to help adapt to the changes that occur during menopause.
  • Poria Cocos - helps normalize mood.
  • Wild Yam Root - help support peri-menopausal and menopausal hormonal balances.
  • White Peony Root - blood purifier
  • Isoflavones - gently balance hormonal levels in women.
The Whole Food Revolution
Pure Essence Laboratories, Inc., is the result of over 50 years experience in designing the world's finest dietary supplements. In 1980, Jery Cochern and Pat Bailey established a small company to distribute the SuperFood known as Spirulina. A few years later, they started a larger firm to offer not only pure Spirulina, but complex formulations that were based in Spirulina, Barley Grass and other SuperFoods. These products were the industry's first Food-Based supplements. Food-Based has stood the test of time because whole food nutrition makes a difference you can actually feel. Whole food nutrition outperforms isolated nutrients for two reasons. First, whole foods contain nutrients in the exact forms and balance as they exist in nature. This gives cells the raw materials and catalysts they need to function. Second, whole foods are the only way to obtain the phyto-nutrients that protect cells from the damage caused by free radical oxidation, glycation, etc.

The Cellular Concept of Health
Everything our bodies do, they do by converting or producing chemicals in cells. The proteins that form muscles, tendons and ligaments are built in cells. The hormones that regulate stress response, sexual activity, the central nervous system, water retention and so on are built in cells. The conversion of glucose into energy happens in cells. The factors our immune systems make to fight infection or disease are made in cells. Oxygen reaches the blood from the lungs by traveling in cells. Foods are digested because enzymes and acids are produced, you guessed it, in cells. In short, without living, functioning cells, we could neither walk nor talk, speak nor think, nor so much as bat an eye. What does all this mean? That health is simply the reflection of how efficiently our cells do their work. And this is determined, in large part, by the nutrients they draw from our foods.

For many years, supplements consisted of vitamins and minerals -- and nothing else. The reason was simple. Research had not yet unlocked the wondrous world of phyto-nutrients. Phyto-nutrients (also known as phyto-chemicals) are factors that are found only in plants. Plants make them to protect their own cells against molds, yeasts, fungi, germs, viruses, bacteria, and the oxidation caused by free radicals. When we consume them, they protect our cells in the same ways. So far as medical science knows, there is nothing else on earth that can protect cells from damage, maintain efficient cellular function, and protect health. Dieticians, nutritionists and doctors agree that we should eat more fruits and vegetables because these foods are the most common sources of phyto-nutrients. Science now agrees that children should get at least five cup sized servings each day, adult women should get nine, and adult men should get up to 13. Yet, less than one in 10 Americans get even half of what they need. This creates a phyto-nutrient deficiency that undermines health by limiting every type of cellular function. Why don't we eat seven to 13 cups of fruits and vegetables each day? Because, it's hard to eat 13 cups of anything, and because fruits a:" ":ents. But, most supplements provide them only in limited varieties and amounts. Well designed supplements can deliver the amounts and varieties of phyto-nutrients we need to make a major difference in our health. But, to do so, they must include not only a wide variety of fruit and vegetable concentrates, but the world's great SuperFoods and Superior Herbs, as well.

Because of the success of products made by Jery Cochern and Pat Bailey, many companies started using small amounts of true SuperFoods in their supplements. Others began to use common table foods, like spinach and broccoli, and call them SuperFoods. While there are many wondrous foods that do taste good enough to eat, the term "SuperFoods" is reserved by nutritionists for foods that contain huge levels of completely digestible proteins, and that also provide valuable phyto-nutrient complexes. These foods include Spirulina (over 60% protein) and the juices of young Oat, Wheat and Barley sprouts (about 45% protein). These foods are all rich in chlorophyll. In addition, Spirulina provides phycocyanin (an antioxidant that is being studied for countless protective health benefits) and is the only known source of premade glycogen (the molecule the human body uses to store excess energy). The juice of grasses contain vast numbers of enzymes, including SOD, which is considered to be a master antioxidant (protects cells from free radical oxidation). Because these foods provide such large amounts of protein, plus a complete array of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, they give cells almost everything they need to produce energy. Because they also contain antioxidant phyto-nutrients, they also keep cells in top working order.

Superior Herbs
There are three major categories of herbs. The first is culinary, for use in cooking. The second is medicinal. These herbs are called "inferior" by Traditional Chinese Medicine, because their purpose is to be used temporarily while we recover from "inferior" states. The third is tonifying by Traditional Chinese Medicine because they build health, which is the "superior" state. Superior Herbs are the world's oldest and most profound dietary supplements. They have been used in holistic medical systems for nearly 4000 years. They are best defined as plants whose phyto-nutrients strengthen, invigorate or restore normal function to at least one major organ or gland. They are so important because they contain very unique phyto-nutrients that are found in no other plants on earth. Because these phyto-nutrients work on specific types of cells, you can use single (or small groups of) Superior Herbs to benefit a single organ or body function, or in larger groupings to support your cells as a whole. Superior Herbs are the superstars of the botanical kingdom. They are, in truth, the greatest of all the SuperFoods. They should play a significant role in everyone's daily supplement regimen.

Pure Essence Labs' Approach
Pure Essence exists for only one reason. That is to use Nature as the model by which to build and maintain good health. Using Nature means understanding Nature. And, understanding Nature includes respecting time honored holistic medical systems. There is no doubt modern science has wrought many wonders. It is important to take advantage of these advances. But, it is also important to keep them in perspective, and to use them with the wisdom of the age old traditions that are as true today as they have ever been. At Pure Essence, they do just that. Pure Essence Labs joins the best of the old with the best of the new, making it all available to you as the most holistic, and most effective dietary supplements and nutraceuticals ever offered. Pure Essence Labs hopes you'll accept their invitation to become part of the Pure Essence family.

Pure Essence Labs ProFema - 60 Tablets
Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 4 Tablets
Servings Per Container: 15
Amount Per Serving %DV
Vitamin A (as beta carotene) 7,500 IU 150 %
Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid) 1,000 mg 1,667 %
Vitamin D3 (as cholecalciferol) 1,000 IU 167 %
Vitamin E (as d-alpha tocopheryl succinate) 150 IU 500 %
Vitamin K (as phylloquinone) 40 mcg 50 %
Vitamin B1 (as thiamine mononitrate) 30 mg 2,000 %
Vitamin B2 (as riboflavin HCl) 34 mg 2,000 %
Niacin (as niacinamide, niacin) 100 mg 500 %
Vitamin B6 (as pyroxidine HCl) 40 mg 2,000 %
Folate (as d-biotin) 300 mcg 100 %
Vitamin B12 (as methylcobalamin) 200 mcg 3,333 %
Biotin (as d-biotin) 300 mcg 100 %
Pantothenic acid (as d-calcium pantothenate) 100 mg 1,000 %
Calcium (as Calcium citrate, pantothenate) 200 mg 20 %
Iodine (from kelp) 150 mcg 100 %
Magnesium (as Magnesium oxide, citrate) 200 mg 50 %
Zinc (as Zinc lactate) 15 mg 100 %
Selenium (as Selenium l-methyl selenocysteine) 150 mcg 214 %
Copper (as Copper sebacate) 2 mg 75 %
Manganese (as Manganese citrate) 2 mg 100 %
Chromium (as Cromium polynicotinate) 200 mcg 166 %
Molybdenum (as Molybdemum glycinate) 25 mcg 33 %
Potassium (as Potassium citrate) 30 mg <1 %
Complete ionic trace mineral complex, 25 mg, Boron (as B glycinate), 3 mg, Silica-rich bamboo leaf extract, 1 mg, Vanadium (as V glycinate), 25 mcg, An Average of Less Than 1 mg of Iron occurs Naturally in Whole Food Base
29 mg *
SuperFood Complex:
Organic spirulina, 720 mg, organic oat grass juice extract (30:1), 150 mg, north atlantic kelp, 38 mg
908 mg *
Herbal Extracts:
Kudzy root (10:1 extract, providing isoflavones), 100 mg, chaste tree fruit (0.5% agnusides0, 100 mg, black cohosh (2.5% total triterpene glycosides), 80 mg, dong quai root (1% lingustilides), 80 mg, burdock root (15:1), 60 mg, wild yam root (8% diosgenin), 60 mg, asparagus root (20% saponins), 40 mg, eleuthero root (0.8% eleutherosides), 40 mg, fo ti root (12:1), 40 mg, white peony root (4% paeniflorin), 40 mg motherwort (4:1), 30 mg, poria cocos (40% polysaccharides), 30 mg
700 mg *
Gamma oryzanol, 250 mg, mixed tocopherol complex, 150 mg, choline bitartrate, 100 mg, l-leucine, 80 mg, inositol, 40 mg, octacosanol, 300 mcg 620 mg
Bioflavonoids:hesperidin (as methyl chalcone), 300 mg, quercetin (saphora japonica), 50 mg, rutin, 50 mg
400 mg *
Digestive Aids/ Enzymes Broad spectrum, vegetarian, digestive plant enzymes, 25 mg, BioPerine (Piper nigrum extract 50:1), 2 mg 27 mg *
*Daily Value Not Established.
Other Ingredients: Silicon dioxide, croscarmellose sodium, stearic acid, cellulose.

Keep tightly closed at room temperature.

Caution: Not intended for use during pregnancy. Please keep all supplements out of children's reach.

PO Box 95397
Las Vegas, NV,
Phone: 1-888-254-8000 Fax: 702-990-7405 Visit website

About Pure Essence Labs

Pure Essence exists for only one reason: to use nature as the model by which to build and maintain good health. Using nature means understanding nature. And, understanding nature includes respecting time honored holistic medical systems. There is no doubt modern science has wrought many wonders. It is important to take advantage of these advances. But, it is also important to keep them in perspective, and to use them with the wisdom of the age old traditions that are as true today as they have ever been. We join the best of the old with the best of the new, making it all available to you as the most holistic, and most effective dietary supplements and nutraceuticals ever offered.

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At the suggestion of a friend, I tried this product a couple of years ago. The company I worked for was having financial difficulties and cut everyone's salary so I was forced to stop using it. Since then, things have picked up and I started trying other products but none have given me the results that ProFema has. I am going to start taking it again and am looking forward to once again reducing, if not eliminating, all the annoying side effects that this time of life brings.

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