Dr. Nick's - White Now Professional Quality Whitening - 3 Pack(s)

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Dr. Nick's White Now Professional Quality Whitening - 3 Treatments

Visibly Whiter Teeth In One ~10 Minute Application!
Dentist Formulated, Safe & Effective, 94% Natural Ingredients

Dr. Nick's WHITE & healthy Oral Care System, formulated by a dentist, is uniquely designed for people who desire a whiter, healthier smile. Dr. Nick's Professional Strength Whitening Gel provides the same whitening power as your dentist, in just minutes per day. Stained and discolored teeth caused by aging, coffee, tea and red wine can be restored to their original color by using Dr. Nick's WHITE & healthy? gel. Then Dr, Nick's WHITE & healthy Dual-Action toothpaste and Micro-foaming Whitening Mouthwash will keep your smile at its whitest and healthiest. Daily use of Dr. Nick's WHITE & healthy Tri-Angle Tongue Cleaner will remove deposits that cause bad breath, leaving your mouth clean and healthy. Why wait for a WHITE & health smile? Try all of Dr. Nick's WHITE & healthy products today!
    Dr. Nick's WHITE & healthy products provide a new, more natural way to whiter teeth and a healthier smile. Dr. Nick's products contain:
    • No Alcohol
    • No Artificial colors
    • No Artificial sweeteners
    • No Sodium laurel sulphate (SLS)
    • No Fluoride
    • Natural mint oil for fresh taste
Dr. Nick's products whiten teeth while helping to improve your overall oral health. Special ingredients fight plaque and gingivitis while killing germs and providing you with fresh breath. Our products may be helpful in alleviating symptoms of dry mouth. Free from alcohol and pH balanced, our safe and natural formulation soothes irritated tissues with Xylitol, wheat germ extract and the anti-oxidant Lycopene. Diabetic safe.


This quick and easy process requires a small sauce pan and your stove top. Fill a small pot with water to about 4 inches in depth. Heat to a full rolling boil. Remove the pan from the heat and set on a temperature safe surface. Take one mouth tray and hold it by the Dr. Nick’s tab. Immerse the tray into the hot water for four seconds. DO NOT leave the tray in the hot water longer than four seconds as this will distort the tray and ruin it. (We have provided a third tray as an extra value should you experience distortion.)

Remove the tray from the water
Immediately place the tray over your upper teeth. (Do not be concerned about the heated tray. The temperature will not create discomfort.) Be careful not to bend the edges of the “U” shape together. The tray will be warm and the edges can stick to one another.

Fitting the tray to your teeth

  • Bite firmly into the warmed plastic tray. Press the first three fingers of both hands to the tray’s front while maintaining a firm bite. This helps shape the tray to your mouth’s contour. Simultaneously press your tongue on the roof of your mouth and suck all of the air and water from the tray. This forms the tray to the teeth’s inside surfaces and along your palate.
  • Ensure that the tray covers all teeth. If required, you may reheat the tray for 2-3 seconds and repeat the process to ensure a correct fit. After customizing, place the tray in cold tap water for 30 seconds to complete hardening.
  • Repeat the process for the lower teeth, pressing your tongue against the back of the lower teeth as you suck the air and water out of the tray.


    Trimming the WHITE & healthy trays Once the trays have hardened, place them one at a time in your mouth to check for an accurate and comfortable fit. You may trim off the Dr. Nick’s tabs off the trays with sharp scissors. You may also further trim areas of the tray that may be extending over your gums too much as well as any other places that may feel bulky or uncomfortable to your gums. DO NOT trim too much, as all of your teeth must be covered. Remove the trays from your mouth when trimming.


    Whitening your teeth
  • Ensure your custom fitted dental trays are completely clean & dry before using. Dr.Nick’s White & healthy Professional Strength Whitening Gel works best on clean teeth. We recommend brushing with Dr. Nick’s White & healthy toothpaste prior to whitening and rinsing with our mouthwash after whitening.
  • Remove the cap from the applicator. While gently holding the tray, apply the gel to completely cover the inside area of the tray that will touch the front surfaces of your teeth. Apply a thin but sufficient strip of the gel.
  • Place the tray in your mouth and press gently so that the gel spreads over and covers the entire surface of your teeth. Dr. Nick recommends wearing your trays for about 15-20 minutes per session.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide, Glycerin, Carbomer, Trisamine, Phosphoric Acid, Sodium Saccharin, Spearmint Flavor, USP Purified Water.

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    About Dr. Nick's

    "My mission is to create products that provide a "clear and more natural choice with confidence." through exhaustive study of experimental research, my personal and professional interest and creative formulation; I can now offer unique, safe and effective products. I have formulated Dr. Nick's white & healthy products to be more natural, healthful and safe for everyday use. I am 100% confident my products will satisfy you while providing you a white & healthy smile." -Dr. Nick

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