DROPPED: Green Sprouts - Itsy Bitsy Mama/Baby Yoga Mat Lion Print Blue - 1 Mat(s)

    Green Sprouts - Itsy Bitsy Mama/Baby Yoga Mat Lion Print Blue - 1 Mat(s)

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    Green Sprouts - Itsy Bitsy Mama/Baby Yoga Mat Lion Print Blue - 1 Mat(s)

    • Item# :78104
      UPC# :715418662015
    • Brand:Green Sprouts
    • Size/Form:1  Mat(s)
    Green Sprouts Itsy Bitsy Mama/Baby Yoga Mat Lion Print Blue
    Lightweight, babysafe yoga mat. Perfect size for young children or mom and baby together. Packaged with an adorable instructional booklet featuring how to do several Itsy Bitsy Yoga poses - one for each developmental stage - babies, crawlers, walkers and talkers. Includes carrying strap.

    Size: 48 x 24
    Colors: Rose Bunny, Cornflower Lion, Sage Panda

    We all know how wonderful yoga is despite the lack of substantial medical research on its benefits for adults or for children. Helen Garabedian, however, has been blessed to share yoga with thousands of children between birth and age 4 since she conceived Itsy Bitsy Yoga in 1999. Parent participants, early childhood professionals, and yoga texts repeatedly report the following benefits:

      Baby Itsy Bitsy Yoga Benefits:
      • Deepen the parent/child bond
      • Help baby sleep longer and better
      • Improve baby’s digestion and ease tummy troubles
      • Relieve fussiness and colic
      • Discover ways to enhance your baby’s motor development
      • Strengthen the immune system
      • Encourage neuromuscular development
      Tot and Tyke Itsy Bitsy Yoga Benefits:
      • Deepen the parent/child bond
      • Improve body-awareness
      • Playfully relieve stress and frustration
      • Increase your child’s attention span
      • Provide an outlet for social interaction
      • Nurture self-esteem and creativity
      • Build a fit, healthy lifestyle
      Parent/Caregiver Itsy Bitsy Yoga Benefits:
      • Discover your child’s personality and learning style
      • Learn ways to calm your child
      • Build your confidence as a parent
      • Reduce your stress and anxiety
      • Create memorable moments with your child
      • Engage in a structured physical activity
      • Get more sleep!
    Why Yoga for Babies, Toddlers & Preschoolers?
    Helen Garabedian’s motto is “Fit baby=Fit toddler= Fit child=Fit teen=Fit adult.”
    Experts agree that good health and exercise habits need to be established at an early age. The first-ever physical activity guidelines for children from birth to age 5 were set forth in 2002 by the National Association of Sports and Physical Education (NASPE).

    The NASPE guidelines state, “Infants should interact with parents and/or caregivers in daily physical activities that promote and help facilitate the development of an infant’s movement skills.”
    According to NASPE, “Toddlers should accumulate at least 30 minutes daily of structured physical activity; preschoolers at least 60 minutes. Toddlers and preschoolers should engage in at least 60 minutes and up to several hours per day of daily, unstructured physical activity.”

    The problem is research shows most babies, toddlers, and young children do not meet these daily exercise requirements. Children need to build a solid physical repertoire during infancy and toddler-hood in order to grow a life-long appreciation of good health and a desire to participate in physical activity. With childhood obesity reaching epidemic portions, Itsy Bitsy Yoga offers parents a safe and fun way to exercise with their young. No previous experience in yoga is necessary to enjoy the effectiveness of the playful and structured program designed to deepen the parent/child bond and promote phy

    Itsy Bitsy Yoga is a developmentally-centered yoga practice for your baby from birth toage four. With Itsy Bitsy Yoga your baby can from birth to age four. With Itsy Bitsy Yoga your baby can enjoy the benefits of longer sleep, easier digestion and improved physical awareness/development.

    Gain a deeper connection with your baby and reduce your level of stress while teaching your young child the importance of exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

    BABY: Apana
    - Helps rid gas and constipation

    Lay your baby on a blanket with feet nearest you. Wrap your hands around your baby's uppermost thighs (fingers rest loosely on top of thights, thumbs are closest to mat).

    Sing & Do
    In - Float baby's knees in toward the chest
    And - Pause and hold baby's knees toward chest
    Out - Lower and extend baby's legs

    Repeat 3 to 10 times. When finished, allow your hands to lovingly caress down from baby's shoulders to toes.

    NOTE: With babies less than 10 weeks old, only bring knees to hip hight as the digestive tract is still strengthening.

    CRAWLER: Rolio
    - A nurturing way to increase whole body coordination and happiness

    Lay your crawler on a yoga mat with his feet nearest you. Ask your toddler to hold his feet or a small, soft toy that you place in his hands. Help him hold his limbs by placing your thumbs behind baby's heels; index and middle finger wrap around baby's wrists. The other fingers rest gently on baby's lower arm.

    Sing & Do
    Ro - Roll your baby to the left
    Li - Roll your baby to the center
    O - Roll your baby to the right

    Return to center and continue at a tempo that pleases both you and your crawler.

    NOTE: If you notice your crawler's ead doesn't follow his heart through the roll, try rolling more slowly.

    WALKER: Down Dog
    - offers a new perspective, invigorates the lungs and strengthens the upper body

    To teach your tot Down Dog, she'll need to see you do it first. Begin on all fours and make eye contact with your tot. Lift your hips up into Down Dog. Hands and feet (or at least the toes) remain on the yoga mat. While holding the pose, reestablish eye contact with your tot and cheerfully exclaim the words Down Dog several times. Come in and out of Down Dog several times and invite your tot to try it too!

    Extra Fun: Do Double Down Dog by asking your older toddler to do Down Dog underneath your Down Dog!

    TALKER: Up Dog
    - strengthens arms, hands and shoulders to increase fine motor skills

    Lay on your belly with a clear space in front of you. Place your fists under your chest with your elbows bent and out to the sides. Begin to army/belly crawl forward as you slowly count one, two, three and then Up Dog as you pop your head up with your palms pressing into the floor and arms fully extended beneath you. Eye contact and repetition is necessary when asking your toddler to mimic you. Playfully repeat and encourage your toddler as she begins to learn Up Dog!

    Extra Fun: Start Up Dog behind your yoga mat and then when your hands reach the top edge of the mat, pop up into Up Dog!

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    About Green Sprouts

    Green Sprouts focuses on protecting babies on the inside. Babies explore through their senses and are vulnerable to elements in their environment. Green Sprouts products are designed to protect them as much as possible from potentially harmful substances. All Green Sprouts products are free from PVC, BPA, and formamides.


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