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DROPPED: MRI: Medical Research Institute - Pro-Nos Nitric Oxide Protein Shake RTD Chocolate Milk - 17 oz. CLEARANCE PRICED
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MRI: Medical Research Institute - Pro-Nos Nitric Oxide Protein Shake RTD Chocolate Milk - 17 oz.

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MRI: Medical Research Institute - Pro-Nos Nitric Oxide Protein Shake RTD Chocolate Milk - 17 oz.

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  • Brand:MRI: Medical Research Institute
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  • Flavor:Chocolate Milk
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MRI Pro-Nos Nitric Oxide Protein Shake RTD (Ready To Drink) Chocolate Milk (500 ml)

An RTD is just a drink that is ready for consumption. It's good to go. MRI Performance Pro-Nos Nitric Oxide Protein Shake RTD Chocolate Milk, in contrast, is a protein drink with a history of testing. Medical Research Institute Pro-Nos Nitric Oxide Protein Shake RTD Chocolate Milk is proven to go. That history originated behind laboratory doors at a publically-traded, international nutritional ingredients company that knows milk proteins like the Federal Reserve knows interest rates. They process well over 4 billion liters (about 16.7 billion cups) of milk every year. Some of that processing yields milk protein fractions with fascinating properties of intense interest to physique-minded athletes like you. One of these fractions, derived from whey, was supplied to MRI and given the name ACTINOS™.

Every bottle of Pro-NOS RTD contains ACTINOS. This unique whey protein fraction has been found to increase the activity of nitric oxide synthase (NOS), a family of enzymes required for the conversion of arginine to the potent vasodilator nitric oxide (NO)*. Activating NOS opens up the floodgates to NO production, allowing more arginine to be converted into NO.

Pro-NOS RTD also contains 35 g of 100% pure whey protein, just what you need to pump up your blood levels of amino acids quickly right after exercise. Combined with the vasodilating effects of NO, this creates a virtual amino acid nitrogen "bullet train" that helps your muscles rebound from your workouts with greater mass, strength and resilience, faster. Sounds like more than just a drink that is ready for consumption, doesn't it?

A Taste Oasis

Post-workout nutrition wouldn't be fun if it didn't taste good, too. That's why MRI's food scientists committed themselves to making each flavor of Pro-NOS RTD an oasis of taste. So don't drink it all in one gulp. Savor it.

Plus, Pro-NOS RTD contains no trans fats or aspartame. It also has no added creatine or arginine so that you are free to stack Pro-NOS RTD with whichever other supplements you choose. ™

The NO Dilemma

You face a dilemma. You're standing in the lobby of a restaurant waiting to be seated. It's a Thursday night. The head chef is in the house. The buzz is palpable. You've wanted to come to this restaurant for weeks. It's a total power scene, but that's not why you came. What really drew you in was the food. The steaks are said to be succulent and the desserts, otherworldly.

It truly is a bummer that every table is full. Now you have a choice. You can wait and hope --with scarcely a prayer-- to be seated, or you can go somewhere else where neither the ambience nor the food will be as good. What's it going to be?

Arginine* faces a similar dilemma inside your body, not just on Thursday nights, but every second of every day. There are a number of metabolic fates which arginine can succumb to when you ingest it or when your body synthesizes it on its own (i.e. arginine of endogenous origin). One such fate is conversion into the potent vasodilator nitric oxide (NO) by a family of enzymes known collectively as nitric oxide synthase (NOS). The dilemma is that there are only so many molecules of NOS available in your body at any given moment. More often than not, they are occupied. Not capable of idly waiting in line, arginine quickly gets "stolen" away by any one of a number of alternative metabolic pathways, many of which do not materially impinge on your physique. What you hoped would boost your vascularity, pump and overall muscle-building prowess thus often ends up doing nothing of the sort.

*NOTE: There are two forms of arginine, L-arginine and D-arginine. We use the:" ":potential for some serious biology. Start chopping away at milk's two major proteins, whey and casein, for instance, and you uncover a variety of fascinating properties, some of intense interest to physique-minded athletes like yourself. MRI learned that a particular fraction of whey protein we call ACTINOS increases NO production without the need for additional arginine. We put the ACTINOS fraction in every bottle of our new Pro-NOS ready-to-drink (RTD) so that you wouldn't have to worry about losing out on vascularity, muscle-pumping and other potential NO-related benefits simply because there aren't enough NOS "tables" ready to be seated by arginine.

In vitro scientific studies involving human endothelial cells demonstrate that the whey protein fraction found in ACTINOS increases NO production by up to 9.5 times (950%). (Imagine if your favorite restaurant suddenly increased its seating capacity by 9.5 times.) Endothelial cells are a type of cell found in the lining of your blood vessels. When endothelial cells release NO, the blood vessel relaxes. This causes it to open wider (vasodilation), thereby allowing blood to pass through more easily.

The ACTINOS fraction includes peptides (i.e. chains of amino acids) of a particular range of lengths. These peptides may be activating NOS directly or indirectly. Scientists don't know for certain yet. What we do know is that the NO-elevating effect observed in endothelial cells is not dependent on supplementation with arginine. Of course, if you happen to be supplementing your diet with arginine (e.g. arginine-AKG as found in NO2 BLACK), then the activation of NOS supported by every sip of Pro-NOS RTD will allow for some potentially lucrative synergy to take place: With more NOS "tables" available, a greater proportion of available arginine can be converted into NO. In that sense, you can think of ACTINOS as a metabolic "fountainhead" of NO --just what the physique-minded athlete has been waiting for.

Whey faster than the other stuff.
The "No Lines" promise applies not only to NO production, but also the absorption of the 35 grams of whey protein found in Pro-NOS RTD. Every one of those grams is pure whey, the fastest-known milk protein in terms of its ability to raise blood amino acid nitrogen levels in humans. Immediately after training you want to transport nutrients into your tired muscles quickly in preparation for the swell of protein synthesis to come. Working together, ACTINOS and the 100% pure whey in Pro-NOS RTD serve as your "bullet train" for amino acid nitrogen. The ACTINOS fraction supports the activation of NOS, allowing more arginine (both of endogenous origin and supplied by the whey protein in Pro-NOS RTD) to be converted into NO. NO, in turn, brings about vasodilation so that amino acids, glucose, oxygen and growth factors can penetrate your muscles more quickly. The muscle cells pumped up by your workout can grab hold of these nutrients and begin using them to construct chiseled mass perfection.

Servings 14-28 (Days 7-14)
Assuming you have been taking Pro-NOS RTD as directed, and particularly if you are stacking it with other NO products (e.g. NO2 BLACK), you may see a pronounced increase in vascularity and definition somewhere between weeks one and two, if not earlier. Even small increases in vasodilation can have material effects on your physique over a period of days. When vasodilation occurs in muscle tissue, for instance, it becomes a sponge for nutrients and growth factors. This makes your muscles more responsive to your workouts. Tangible results such as engorged veins and enhanced muscle definition soon follow.

As with the use of other protein-rich MRI products (e.g. QUICK GAINER), you may experience an increase in thermogenesis (heat production) when using Pro-NOS RTD consistently. It costs energy to break that 35 grams of whey protein down into amino acids and turn them into muscle protein. Some of the amino acids supplied by the whey will instead be converted into glucose (blood sugar). This process, too, consumes energy. In both cases, the energy required will be supplied by the burning of fat. As the fat is burned, some of the energy is lost as heat. In this sense, you could say that every serving of Pro-NOS RTD stokes your metabolic fat-burning fires.

Servings 42-56 (Days 21-28)
So long as you aren't eating too much carbohydrate or too many calories overall, then it is quite possible to see a noticeable increase in whole-body leanness between weeks three and four. In this case, your muscles will look more defined, your pants will fit looser in the waist, you might have lost some weight (fat weight), or all three could well have taken place.

Keep using Pro-NOS RTD as directed beyond this point and you will have simplified your life enormously. How many regular foods can you think of that are guaranteed to expose your physique to 35 grams of pure whey and a NOS-activating whey protein fraction (ACTINOS) -all floating in an oasis of one-of-a-kind taste -and ready for instant consumption?9

It is recommended that athletes supplement their diet with 2 servings of Pro-NOS RTD daily. It should definitely be taken right after a workout, but you can also take Pro-NOS RTD as a nice source of protein for a snack. It's ready to drink when you are. No preparation is required.

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About MRI: Medical Research Institute

MRI is the manufacturer and has been in business since 1997. Ed Byrd is the founder of MRI and was the co-founder of EAS. They are known for creating Noz the #1 nitric oxide on the market. MRI is the leader in sports supplements with science and innovative technology. Science is the core of MRI; this comes from research and our product quality with emphassion innovation. The mission of MRI is to develop products that significantly impact the human metabolism.


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