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120 Vegetarian Capsule
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    Nutricology PhytoCort 120 Vegetarian Capsules

    Nutricology PhytoCort is a combination of reishi (Ganoderma lucidum), shrubby sophora (Sophora flavescens), Chinese licorice (Glycyrrhiza uralensis), and noni (Morinda citrifolia). This formula does not contain Ma Huang (ephedra). These nutrients are of the highest quality and purity obtainable, are free of all common allergens (antigens), and do not contain preservatives, diluents, or artificial additives.

    For thousands of years, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has utilized herbs to address conditions involving the lungs and the vascular system. Recently, researchers demonstrated the efficacy of a combination of three traditional Chinese herbs in supporting a healthy respiratory system, using a simplified version of a traditional Chinese herbal combination of 14 herbs. Overall, the herbal formula compared favorably to other standard treatments without the side effects.

    • Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum), a shelf fungus, has been known in China as Ling zhi (literally, herb of spiritual potency), prized for its beneficial effects on the heart and lungs and for its value as a tonic. Reishi is mentioned in the first Chinese herbal, Shen Nung Pen Tsao Ching, where it was called the "holy mushroom" and "mushroom of immortality", as it was thought to promote longevity. Reishi contains the polysaccharide lentinan (beta-1,3-glucan), which has been researched in Japan and elsewhere as an immune support substance, and it also contains two branched glucans that may participate in its actions. It is a source of triterpenes such as ganoderic acid that may play a role in maintaining cholesterol within normal levels, and promoting liver function. Reishi has been used empirically to enhance sleep, energy, and support digestion and normal immunologic mechanisms.
    • Shrubby Sophora (Sophora flavescens) (Ku Shen), also from Asia, is an important herb in TCM, where it is used to support the health of the skin and hair, the urinary tract and gastrointestinal tract. The root is astringent, bitter, carminative, diuretic, febrifuge, microbial-balancing and tonic. Recent research suggests Sophora may neutralize excessive build-up of glutamate and reduce the sensitivity of the excitatory N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor, potentially inhibiting an important cause of membrane hyperexcitability.
    • Chinese Licorice (Glycyrrhiza uralensis), also known as Gan Cao, is considered one of the 50 fundamental herbs in traditional Chinese medicine. It is utilized in most Chinese herbal formulations, because it helps to harmonize the activities of the other herbal components. It is a close relative to the licorice found in southern Europe, Glycyrrhiza glabra. The fibrous root of licorice contains the triterpene glycoside glycyrrhizin, which is 30-50 times sweeter than sugar. Glycyrrhizin has been used to support the health of the gut lining and as an expectorant. Licorice root also contains flavonoids, which have antioxidant activity, help protect the liver, and support the digestive tract. Licorice root is a sweet tonic that stimulates the corticosteroid hormones, neutralizes toxins and supports healthy blood sugar levels. Traditionally, licorice is considered to be antiphlogistic, antispasmodic, antitussive, cholagogue, expectorant, laxative and microbial-balancing. It can act as a demulcent, soothing and coating the digestive and urinary tracts. Licorice has traditionally been used to support healthy breathing, the digestive system, and normal hormone function, including cortisol levels. Licorice is usually used as in this form:" ":rtisol activity in the kidneys.
    • The use of Noni (Morinda citrifolia), or Indian mulberry, as food and medicine originated in China and India, and migrated to Polynesia, Tahiti, Malaysia and Hawaii. The fruit has traditionally been used to support the musculoskeletal system, to support blood sugar within normal levels, and as a tonic. During World War II, native Polynesians gave American soldiers noni fruit to sustain their strength. Noni's active ingredients include vitamins, minerals, scopoletin, octoanoic acid, terpenoids, alkaloids, beta-sitosterol, flavone glycosides, linoleic acid, amino acids, acubin, caproic acid, caprylic acid, ursolic acid and rutin. Noni is thought to help regulate cell function and support cellular energy production. It has been reported by researchers to have smooth muscle stimulatory activity and histaminergic effects. An impressive review of both the literature and recent research in noni was published in 2002 by Wang, et al, which summarizes scientific evidence supporting the Polynesians’ reports that noni has many benefits, including immune enhancement.

    Quality and Innovation - The NutriCology Tradition
    For more than thirty years, NutriCology has been known for the highest quality, most hypoallergenic, and most cutting-edge nutritional supplements available. Physicians and healthcare practitioners around the world depend on NutriCology for their patients' nutritional support. Originating with the ground-breaking oxidant/antioxidant work of Stephen Levine, Ph.D., NutriCology was one of the first to introduce truly hypoallergenic products to the market.

    Superior Quality Control
    Since 1979, NutriCology has used only the purest raw materials available, and has implemented strict quality control procedures in every stage of production, including inspection of raw materials, manufacturing, packaging, and storing. NutriCology is licensed by the California Department of Health Services, Food and Drug Branch, registration number 0021150.

    GMP Standards
    Nutricology products are manufactured under the recognized principles of current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP), brought into final form by the FDA in June 2007. The GMP standards are applied to a wide variety of procedures associated with the manufacturing of dietary supplements, including receiving, testing, and approval of raw materials, production, and process controls, laboratory testing of labeled and packaged finished product, distribution control and accountability, and shelf life expiration testing to ensure freshness and potency.

    For many years they have used the same manufacturers to produce their powder formulas, capsules, tablets, softgels, gels, and liquid products to ensure consistency. All of Nutricology's certified manufacturers meet or exceed cGMP requirements established by the FDA, as well as state and local regulations. In their facility in Alameda, California, highly trained staff bottle, label, and ship finished products. Their newly installed automatic bottling line has multiple built-in quality checks, such as weight verification and metal detection, to ensure all finished packaged products have the pre-determined physical count and are contaminant-free.

    Unsurpassed Ingredient Quality
    NutriCology uses only the purest and highest quality raw materials available. For example, they use only Nattokinase NSK-SD, the first nattokinase introduced into the US market, which has established standardization and quality levels for all other nattokinase. Their MicroChitosan contains small-size chitosan oligosaccharide, and Prima Uña de Gato contains TOA-free Cat's Claw.

    Hypoallergenic Products
    Taber's Medical Dictionary defines "hypoallergenic" as: "Diminished potential for causing an allergic reaction". Nutricology defines hypoallergenic as "free of all common allergens", specifically, wheat, corn, soy, gluten, yeast, dairy, eggs, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, and peanuts. Many very sensitive individuals who react to supplements in general are able to tolerate NutriCology products.

    Since their inception in 1979, Nutricology has used only the purest, and whenever possible, the lowest allergy potential natural ingredients. And while many of the nutrients in their formulas are synthesized from natural plant substances, which as a whole may contain antigens, the synthesizing process removes the molecules of the desired nutrient from the original substance, and in the processing, a great percentage of the antigens and allergens are left behind. The final material then has extremely low allergy potential. This is not to say that no one will react to any of these hypoallergenic formulas, as some extremely sensitive people may. However, the potential for an allergic reaction is low, and the feedback from many extremely allergic and sensitive customers is that NutriCology supplements are often the only products they are able to tolerate.

    The FDA requires manufacturers to identify the presence of eight major food allergens on all product labels: milk, egg, fish, Crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soybeans, as well as any ingredient derived from those foods. When an ingredient may have been derived from a common allergen, we are required by law to list that allergen on the label as a source of the ingredient, even if it does not contain any of the actual substance. For example, 100%-pure glucosamine sulfate does not contain any actual shellfish, but we are required to indicate the source material (shrimp, crab, lobster) on the label. NutriCology fully discloses all ingredients, both active and inactive on every product label, so doctors can make fully informed choices for their patients' nutritional support.


    As a dietary supplement, 3 capsules three times daily to start, and 2 capsules two times daily for maintenance, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.


    Nutricology PhytoCort 120 Vegetarian Capsules
    Supplement Facts
    Serving Size: 2 Vegetarian Capsules
    Servings Per Container: 60
    Amount Per Serving %DV
    Proprietary Blend 1600 mg *
         Reishi Extract
         Shrubby Sophora (Root) Extract
         Chinese Licorice (Root) Extract
         Noni (Fruit) Extract
    *Daily Value Not Established.
    †Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your diet values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
    Other Ingredients: Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, L-leucine.


    Prop 65 Warning
    This product may contain one or more chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

    Warning Icon Prop 65 Warning

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    Allergy research group-Nutricology, Inc., established in 1979, is an innovative leader in research and the formulation of nutritional supplements. The company is recognized worldwide for the quality, purity and efficacy of its targeted nutritional supplement line consisting of more than 200 products. Over 4,000 physicians and health care practitioners worldwide currently purchase Nutricology's products and recommend these supplements to their patients.


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