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MedicMates - Acupressure Anti-Nausea/Motion Sickness Band

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Your MedicMates Nausea/ Motion Sickness Band are specially designed elasticized bracelets with an attached anatomically designed nugget. They are best worn as a preventative device. However, Medic Mates Nuasea/Motion Sickness Bands will also be effective if worn after the symptoms have occurred. If NauseaWay is being used to treat car sickness, put them on before the trip; for air sickness, before the flight; for sea sickness, before boarding the boat.

NauseaWay works because they apply a constant, deep but gentle pressure to the nei-kuan point as a method of treating the most agonizing symptoms of motion sickness and morning sickness displayed by nausea, dizziness, and cold clammy sweating. NauseaWay is amazingly effective and will comfort the most severe sufferer. They are completelynatural; there are no pills and no side effects.

Enjoy your new freedom!!!

To find your nei-kuan point, choose either arm and turn that hand palm upward. Locate the most prominent first crease dividing your palm from your wrist. Next, make a three fingered salute (See fig. 2). Now place the three Fingered salute over the wrist of the other arm so that the third finger is next to Crease. Your nei-kuan point is now under the first or index finger between the two major tendons that you feel at this location. The nei-kuan point is always between these two tendons, but may be located up or down from your first finger up to I inch either way. Concentrate your search, at first, near the first finger.

The nei-kuan point is deep between the two tendons. If you use a thumb tip or finger tip, or the nugget tip of your NauseaWay band to probe between the tendons, you will feel a "twinge". This is the nei-kuan point and it will feel as if you struck a nerve. If you search and can't locate it, try the other arm or use more pressure. The nei-kuan point is small - about the size of a BB and up to 1/2 inch below the skin. Don't give up. We all have a nei-kuan point in each wrist. The first time you locale it, mark the spot.

Place your NauseaWay around the wrist so that the lip of the nugget rests on and presses the nei-kuan point. Now fasten the Velcro closure. At first you will probably wear the NuaseWay too tightly – Don’t. The pressure that you needed to locate the nei-kuan point is much more than you need to make it work. Find a comfortable setting that DOES NOT shut off the blood flow to your hand. Watch your hand at first to make certain it doesn't turn red. Feel it to make certain it isn't cold. If either of these occur your Medic Mate Nausea/Motion Sickness Band is too tight. LOOSEN IT. Your goal will be to find the loosest setting that still allows the nei-kuan point to be effective.

Even though your NauseaWay are fairly loose, lake the thumb of your other hand and "seat" the nugget by pushing gently on the top so that it is between the two tendons. After you know where the point is, none of this probing will be necessary. You will simply put on your NauseaWay. Adjusting may be necessary occasionally, particularly if you are to use them for many hours at a time. It is possible for many persons to have a NauseaWay on one wrist only for complete relief of symptoms. EXPERIMENT! Also one wrist may "work" better than the other.

MedicMates Nausea/ Motion Sickness Band is designed solely to be worn, not tightly, around the wrist. Do Not allow babies or children to play with them. It is NOT a toy! It could cause suffocation around the neck of a small baby or pet. Use Only as intended.

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About MedicMates

Our patented acupressure bands have been anatomically engineered for effective relief of headache, menstrual pain/pms, insomnia, and nausea (motion/morning sickness). MedicMates aromatherapy line was developed after over a year of dedicated research and development, which included consultation with medical professionals including aromatherapists, md’s, naturopathic doctors, and herbalists. Every detail was evaluated for quality and effectiveness. The MedicMates patented inhalant is a unique approach to aromatherapy, which is a popular alternative with the consumer. MedicMates therapeutic aromatherapy products target symptoms of headache, sinus, stress, and drowsiness (alert).


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