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DROPPED: MRI: Medical Research Institute - NO2 Platinum Performance-Enhancing Hemodilator - 180 Caplets
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MRI: Medical Research Institute - NO2 Platinum Performance-Enhancing Hemodilator - 180 Caplets

Perpetual Pump
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MRI: Medical Research Institute - NO2 Platinum Performance-Enhancing Hemodilator - 180 Caplets

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  • Brand:MRI: Medical Research Institute
  • Size/Form:180  Caplets
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  • Servings:60
  • Dosage:3  Caplet(s)
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MRI: Medical Research Institute - NO2 Platinum Performance-Enhancing Hemodilator - 180 Caplets

The product that started it all. "Perpetual Pumps-." "Hemodilation-." "Flash Recoveries-". MRI NO2 Platinum Performance-Enhancing Hemodilator introduced a whole new vocabulary within the sports nutrition world. Medical Research Institute NO2 Platinum broke all the sales record at the world’s #1 vitamin retailer. NO2 created an entire category of nitric oxide knock-offs. In fact, most people refer to nitric oxide as "NO2" products. The accolades go on and on.

Why? Because NO2 works. And it always has. You see, the difference between NO2 and every other product that came before it (and the copycats that came after) is the patented pHylex9- extended-release delivery technology that Ed Byrd (MRI Founder) applied to Arginine-AKG (not just L-arginine). It took Ed years to perfect the original Platinum formula. Pumps that last all day. Muscle recovery that begins the same day you workout. Enhanced strength (as proved by the famous Clinical Trial at Baylor University). Muscular endurance that never fades. It all has to do with increase blood flow and cell signaling. It has to do with extended-release nitric oxide.

The Extended-Release Nitric Oxide Basics
Nitric oxide is your muscle's "cell-signaling" molecule. It is responsible for blood flow, oxygen delivery, nutrient delivery to working muscles, glucose uptake into muscle cells, muscle velocity, and power output. By creating and then sustaining "trigger point" levels of nitric oxide in skeletal muscle, NO2 Platinum unleashes a cascade of powerful benefits.By safely elevating nitric oxide to levels previously unknown, increases glycogen and amino delivery, giving you "Flash Recoveries" - where your post-workout recovery occurs in minutes, not hours or days. You also experience "Double Density" muscularity, where your muscles become bigger and harder than ever before. NO2 Platinum's more powerfully susustained hemodilation (continuous and amplified blood-surge to the skeletal muscles) generates the Perpetual Pump.

Your pumps now come on fast and last all day. Plus, NO2 Platinum's "cell-signaling" ensures you can add new muscle even faster.

The Power of NO2 Platinum

NO2 Platinum supports N.O. production on two key fronts - "premium fueling" and "extended" production.

First, premium Arginine AKG supplies the "fuel" the body uses to generate loads of muscle-pumping nitric oxide. However, when developing the NO2 Platinum formula, MRI researchers were well aware of one undeniable dilemma - nitric oxide is very "short lived." So, even with premium Arginine AKG, the potential for extended nitric oxide production was greatly limited. In fact, only a short "spurt" of nitric oxide could be induced. Thus, the second "front" of nitric oxide amplification was introduced with pHylex9. pHylex 9 disperses the premium AAKG over time. The slow introduction of Arginine AKG promotes the now famous "perpetual pump" - the muscle-engorging surge of blood flow that can last up to hours. By creating and then sustaining "trigger point" levels of nitric oxide in skeletal muscle, NO2 Platinum unleashes a cascade of powerful benefits.

Safely elevating and maintaining levels of vasodilating nitric oxide may substantially prolong nutrient flow to muscles. The prolonged effects of N.O. production go far beyond typical vasodilation - thus the name "hemodilation." NO2 Platinum's powerfully sustained hemodilation (continuous and amplified blood-surge to the skeletal muscles) generates the famous Perpetual Pump, Post Workout Recovery and Muscularity.


Your 21 Day Transformation
If you've never taken NO2 before, you may be wondering just how fast it works, and what results to expect. Because every person's reaction time to NO2 Platinum varies somewhat, we can't break down what's going to happen hour by hour. But we can give you, within days, the results you'll likely start experiencing.

Days 1-3
The first benefit of NO2 Platinum you'll experience is the new Perpetual Pump. They usually start appearing around day two or three. After you start lifting, the Pumps comes on fast and last a long time. Your muscles will also feel "extra hard." You may also notice greater mental focus here. NOTE: Some bodybuilders report an "empty pit" feeling in their stomach. This is your body "searching for nutrients" as the NO2 starts to kick in. Your body is actively seeking help to start building new muscle. Here's a tip: Eat "clean" here. No junk food or greasy fast food. Try keeping your nutrient ration to 50% carbs, 30% protein, 20% fats (the good kind).

Days 4-7Somewhere between days 4 and 7 is when you should really start feeling the Perpetual Pump kick into overdrive. It may start out as a feeling of your muscles being more "taut" but it will quickly progress to noticeably larger pumps. During these days you may feel that your workouts progress easier. This is just the beginning of the increased muscular endurance you'll get over the next 14 days. NOTE: :" ": fit looser by day 10. (Women, taking lower doses and doing moderate training, often report big improvements in their shape and tone in the same time frame.) A few days later, however, hard-training athletes should notice increases in lean body mass. And remember, with NO2, the lean mass you put on is in the form of bona-fide fiber.

Days 8-12
Here's when the increase in your muscular endurance really kicks in. Some bodybuilders report they can now add an entire set to their training routine. Your fast-twitch muscle fibers now become more responsive, and you start experiencing increases in both muscle velocity, strength, and maximum power. In addition, around this time, you'll probably stop feeling burnt-out after those high-intensity workouts. In fact, you'll start noticing NO2 Platinum's flash recoveries, that's where you recover from your workout in minutes, not hours or days. Users of new NO2 Platinum report feeling "sore no more!". You may also experience a decreased training heart rate (yes, that's a good thing). Endurance athletes have reported that while on NO2 (and working at identical exertion), their heart rate goes down 7 to 15 beats per minute, on average.

Days 13-17
Here's where the "Double-Density" muscularity kicks in. Your muscle cells are now denser with both protein filaments and glycogen. Your pumps become rock hard - and noticeably bigger! You'll most likely start to notice gains in new muscle mass. Your strength takes a sharp turn upward, and you'll probably have to increase the weights you're using. Here too, many bodybuilders report a sense of well being. You may also finish your workouts in less time. Around this time, your recoveries may start happening even before you leave the gym. Soreness is something other people complain about - not And you'll most likely feel less sore the day after your workouts because your recoveries are full, complete, and fast. NOTE: A number of NO2 Platinum users have reported that simply carrying a couple of bags of groceries up a flight of stairs pumped them up!) Right around this time a very interesting phenomenon starts happening to many bodybuilders. The desire to workout increases. I've heard it described as an "antsy" feeling, as they wait for their next workout day. It's like an "itch" that only exercise can scratch. This is something, although odd, we keep hearing over and over. Don't be surprised if this happens to you too!

You could continue feeling hungrier than usual. Because of the increase in training performance, your body may "think" it needs more calories. But if your daily caloric intake is already well established - don't add one additional calorie. And relax, that feeling should soon pass as your body adapts.

Days 18-21
By day 21 you're in full swing. You may have already gained lean body mass of somewhere between 2.50-5.00% of your original body weight. Why the variation? Newcomers to bodybuilding will add lean mass much faster than guys who've been training for years. But either way, I believe the numbers are very impressive.

Days 22 and Forward
Here's the best part. Soon, you're going to find out why these first 21 days have given you more than just impressive gains. You'll understand how in these first three weeks you've actually created a "high-momentum" machine to keep your gains steamrolling forward. Starting from day 22 onward.

About MRI

Medical Research Institute (MRI) was founded in 1997 to develop nutraceuticals that combine novel active ingredients with cutting edge delivery technology so as to create the safest and most advanced performance products on the planet. MRI continues to push the limits of nutraceutical technology by providing exciting technology advancements in a growing number of product categories. Their products only make it to the shelf if they have been shown to help alter human metabolism and affect positive transformations in body composition and athletic performance.

Most importantly, all MRI products are in keeping with their industry leading standards for quality and safety. Products are manufactured at audited facilities that adhere to the FDA's Good Manufacturing Practices guidelines. All products pass tests for ingredient purity and integrity. They have relationships with NSF and the Banned Substances Control Group, non-profit agencies that test random lots of certain products and/or certify their manufacturing facilities.

Recommended amount of NO2 Black Nos-Enhanced Hemodilator is contingent on weight of user.

If weight is less than 120 lbs: take two caplets 30 minutes before breakfast and two caplets 30 minutes before lunch (2 + 2).

If weight is between 120 and 160 lbs: take three caplets 30 minutes before breakfast and three caplets 30 minutes before lunch (3 + 3).

If weights is between 160 and 200 lbs: take four caplets 30 minutes before breakfast and four caplets 30 minutes before lunch (4 + 4).

If weight is greater than 200 lbs: take five caplets 30 minutes before breakfast and five caplets 30 minutes before lunch (5 + 5).

You do not have to cycle off NO2. It may be taken year round.

MRI: Medical Research Institute - NO2 Platinum Performance-Enhancing Hemodilator - 180 Caplets
Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 3 Caplets
Servings Per Container: 60
Amount Per Serving %DV
Arginine alpha-Ketoglutarate (A-AKG) 3000mg *
*Daily Value Not Established.
†Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your diet values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
Ingredients: Dicalcium phosphate, glycerin, seaweed extract, polyvinyl acetate phthalate, corn extract, pectin (citrus fruit extract), magnesium stearate.

Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing. Consult your healthcare professional before use if you are being treated for high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction or heart disease. People who have had a heart attack (myocardial infraction)should not use NO2. Use this product with caution if you have a history of cold sores. Use of this product is not recommended in individuals allergic to corn products, gluten, or citrus fruits. Products containing ephedra may reduce the effectiveness of NO2 if taken concurrently, and their use is not recommended. If you are taking prescription drugs, consult your physician. Not intended for use by individuals under the age of 18 years.

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About MRI: Medical Research Institute

MRI is the manufacturer and has been in business since 1997. Ed Byrd is the founder of MRI and was the co-founder of EAS. They are known for creating Noz the #1 nitric oxide on the market. MRI is the leader in sports supplements with science and innovative technology. Science is the core of MRI; this comes from research and our product quality with emphassion innovation. The mission of MRI is to develop products that significantly impact the human metabolism.


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